Benghazigate & Its Multi-Faceted Cover Up: Hillary FINALLY Testifies…Raising More Questions Than Answers…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

FAR be if for this blogger to indulge in conspiracy theories. There are more than enough real horrors to deal with, hardly necessitating an imaginary bugaboo. Besides, rational thought processes hold sway. Fanciful, magical thinking play no part. Never gonna happen on this end.

That being said, it behooves many to veer outside their comfort zones, thus, placing themselves deep within the leadership’s lying shoes. They tell tall tales just as reflexively as they breathe. That easily. So when nothing being presented makes sense (unless one is missing half a deck), and smoke is billowing before you, it is wholly rational to sift fact from fiction and dig beneath the murky surface.

From the onset, this is precisely what has taken place, at least at this blog. Up until Hill’s non-transparent testimony the trail ended here –…but continues below, as one attempts to peel back the layers of lies. Onion-like.

Before getting to the heart of the matter, please review a similarly posited theory presented herein, as the Blind terror Sheik was featured as a likely goal post for the mayhem in Libya, directly leading to Benghazigate. Think of it as a gift from the Islamist-in-Chief to his Muslim Mafia Brothers, though other regional factors were in play. A real “go to” guy –


JANUARY 23, 2013 BY  
“Hillary Clinton was on the Hill this morning, four months after the Benghazi consulate attack; Congress is still trying to find out what happened on September 11, 2011.

Obama vowed to get to the bottom of it; but instead, we got “Pin the tail on the anti-Muslim YouTube video” and a “Benghazi Accountability Report” authored by Islamic apologist Thomas R. Pickering that didn’t actually find anyone accountable.

The whole business stinks of a cover-up. And cover-ups give rise to conspiracy theories.

Enter the “conspiracy theory” that the attack on the Benghazi consulate was an Obama-orchestrated “October Surprise” to kidnap ambassador Chris Stevens and trade him to the Muslim Brotherhood for the Blind Sheikh and prop up his dismal 43% approval rating by acting the hero.

Except a retired four-star Admiral says this is exactly what happened:

The Washington Examiner, quoting retired Four-Star Admiral James Lyons, writes: “the attack on the American Consulate in Benghazi…was the result of a bungled abduction attempt…the first stage of an international prisoner exchange…that would have ensured the release of Omar Abdel Rahman, the ‘Blind Sheik’…

Enter the Algerian hostage crisis. Again, the Blind Sheikh enters the picture. Again, the kidnapping operation hits a snag. Again, the militants seem to have inside knowledge of the facility. The militants, headed by the al-Qaeda-linked “holy warrior” Mokhtar Belmokhtar, demand the release of the Blind Sheikh in exchange for the Americans being held. And again, there is a massacre.

Except this time, instead of four Americans dying, everyone dies (hostages and militants, eighty-one at last count), mowed down by a fleet of Algerian military helicopters.

And lo and behold, among the dead bodies, among the militants reportedly heading the mission are several blond-haired, blue-eyed westerners.

America, Obama is in bed with the Muslim Brotherhood. Obama is in bed with terrorists. Obama is in bed with the enemy.

When exactly America will wake up to this fact, however, remains to be seen.”

And for those who require additional insights, take a peek within – 

“To better help Americans determine to what extent Mrs. Clinton’s testimony is truthful, has compiled a comprehensive report and timeline that lays out all the most significant events that occurred before, during, and after September 11.

In this report, you learn that in March 2011, American diplomat Christopher Stevens was stationed in Benghazi as the American liaison to Libya’s “opposition” rebels — among whom were many al Qaeda-affiliated jihadists – who were fighting to topple the longstanding regime of President Muammar Qaddafi. In short, the Obama administration elected to support individuals and groups that were allied ideologically and tactically with al Qaeda…..” –

Aaron Klein skewers Hill too – ….and no one who knows the score could conceivably argue that he doesn’t know his way around terror nests – A slam dunk indictment.

EVEN the Jerusalem Post is seeing through Clinton’s gobblygook, and this is no small feat for a media outlet which has been turning leftward for quite some time –

DESPITE all the above, it remains to be seen whether Conservative American activists are outraged enough to hold their RINO reps accountable, thereby, resulting in actionable punishment. Perhaps utilizing Watergate (a kindergarten prank in comparison to Benghazigate) as a benchmark investigation but upping the ante, the criminals running Benghazigate (from their cushy confines in Washington) will finally receive the sentences they deserve.

Most significantly, this theater of the absurd – which passes as hearings on the Hill – will become more than a laughingstock if they do not mete out justice for the dead and their loved ones. For Americans as well. There is (or at least should be) only so much patriotic citizens are willing to tolerate.

7 thoughts on “Benghazigate & Its Multi-Faceted Cover Up: Hillary FINALLY Testifies…Raising More Questions Than Answers…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

  1. I am overjoyed to have discovered you yesterday,1/24/13 and read your work into the morning. Jihad Watch and Act for America help, but your work is helping me to connect the dots. Evil is thriving in America and we must fight to get the truth out and regain our freedoms. How do I reach you by email? Thank you for being a kindred spirit and keeping the light burning!

  2. “America, Obama is in bed with the Muslim Brotherhood. Obama is in bed with terrorists. Obama is in bed with the enemy. When exactly America will wake up to this fact, however, remains to be seen.”
    Thanks..really appreciate your blog and links! I’ve been wondering the same..oh, to be on the same page..yet it’s a wall of silence?

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