The Politicizing of DHS…Rendering It Ineffective…& A Danger To National Security…Addendum To: Black Hawks Swirling Over U.S. Cities…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

The Department of Homeland Security is supposed to have a main mission; to ensure the security of American citizens.  Washington’s leadership continually exhorts that they are up to the task.

To the contrary.

NOT only is it a mismanaged behemoth, rendering it ineffective in the bureaucratic realm (let’s get real, most gov’t entities aren’t worth a hill of beans), but its focus has been perverted by a very radical regime. Thugs-in-suits. Pants suits too.

There is ample evidence to support said charges, with even more revelations in the offing. Consider their recent activities : DHS’s Director, Janet Napolitano, calls Iraq veterans terrorists –, then double downs trying to defend her statements, as backlash ensues. ‘Napolitano Defends Right-Wing Extremist Threat Report’ –

Appalling. Disgraceful. Ungrateful. More to the point, anti-American!

A non-radical leadership would intuit the following: yes, there are right-wing terrorists, so too are there left-wing terrorists. Has the left been the object of their witch hunt? Nope. Regardless, within any rational discourse, lumping the right-wing as synonymous with terror is more than irresponsible. It is inciting and inflammatory. It is banana republic politics at its core.

Most tellingly, DHS shuns – like the plague – any mention of terror in combination with Islamic/Muslim. Now, color this blogger none too bright, but which group is going all over the world screaming Allahu Akbar, as its adherents explode themselves in fealty to their death cult? 

Hint : not your average right-wing patriot; whether Christian, Jewish or another non-explosive creed. 

Therefore, it is entirely implausible ( no one can be that out of touch ) that the Director of DHS – and her surrogates – is clueless, regarding the above jihadists. Besides, if they are, surely they are incapable of protecting chicken coops, let alone a nation the size of America! 

So, putting one clue atop the other, isn’t it obvious why Black Hawks are swirling over U.S. cities; stockpiling inordinate amounts of ammo; after laying the ground work, labeling right-wing patriots as domestic terrorists?  –

Their targets…clear as a bell.

Is it then shocking to find out the latest news re DHS, that is, the Senate (quietly) released an explosive report, involving severe violations of practices and procedures at the agency? It shouldn’t be, at least to those paying attention.

‘Explosive findings about DHS operations in congressional report’

Northeast Intelligence Network

3 October 2012: “An explosive 141-page investigative report was quietly released just after midnight by the U.S. Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs is an indictment of the practices and procedures of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. While this report provides details of the investigation of “fusion centers,” or intelligence centers across the country under the control of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, it provides critical insight into the workings of the DHS itself.

The report, available here in PDF format, notes that a review by subcommittee investigators of 13 months of reports issued between April 1, 2009 and April 30, 2010 identified no reports that “…uncovered a terrorist threat, nor could [subcommittee investigators] identify a contribution…to disrupt an active terrorist plot.”

The report details a governmental agency led by upper management who are out of touch and out of control. Some explosive findings include:

  • The Department of Homeland Security (DHS)-assigned “detailees” or agents to fusion centers often issued shoddy and untimely reports that sometimes endangered citizens civil liberties and protections under the Privacy Act;

Of the 386 unclassified reports reviewed during this investigation, only 94 were found to relate “in some way” to potential terrorist activity, or the activities of a known or suspected terrorist. Of those 94 reports, the usefulness of those reports were deemed as “questionable.”

  • DHS intelligence reporters overstepped legal boundaries, including reporting on First Amendment-protected activities lacking a nexus to violence or criminality, and reporting on or improperly characterizing political, religious or ideological speech that is not explicitly violent or criminal.

The subcommittee investigation noted three specific reports that were based on inaccurate, false or misleading information, including the 2011 alleged Russian cyber-attack against an Illinois water plant, which never happened in the manner portrayed by the DHS.

Additionally, the subcommittee found false and misleading information about the alleged “anti-government, anti-Semitic and pro-Constitutional  connections” of Jared Loughner in the shooting of Arizona Representative Gabrielle Giffords and 18 others. The subcommittee found that Loughner never had any such connections. Lastly, the subcommittee found that the very controversial 2009 Missouri Information Analysis Center Report, more commonly known as  the MIAC Militia Report, was based on inaccurate and misleading information.

  • The DHS officials who filed useless, problematic or even “potentially illegal” reports generally faced no sanction for their actions. In fact, the subcommittee investigation was able to identify only one case in which an official with a history of serious reporting issues faced any consequences for his mistakes – he was required to attend an extra week of reporting training.
  •  The Department of Homeland Security lacked accountability for the federal funds budgeted, even to the point of lying about the existence of some fusion centers;

The Department of Homeland Security leaders deliberately hid their internal assessment reports from congressional oversight, first denying that any reports even existed, then disputed sharing their findings with congressional investigators before ultimately providing committee investigators with the reports initially requested.

  •  The Federal Emergency Management (FEMA), a component of DHS, distributed hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to support state and local fusion centers yet could provide no accountability on how the funds were spent. The subcommittee investigation found that the total amount of federal dollars spent on fusion center activities from 2003 to 2011 ranged from $289 million to $1.4 billion. Much of the money was apparently used for surveillance equipment well outside the scope and intent of the analytical activity of the fusion centers.

Based on this investigative report alone, it is apparent that the Department of Homeland Security is mismanaged at the highest levels to the point of threatening the civil liberties of every American citizen while failing to uncover any domestic terror threat or plot.”

The real scandal is that nothing…nada…zippo…zilch…involving the most lawbreaking regime in U.S. history, is at all shock-worthy. It is as if their malfeasance has raised the bar, not in terms of excellence in stewardship, but in what constitutes criminality and level of brazen lawlessness.  

It will take years for their stench to wash off from the body politic. The open question remains: Will there be anything left to save, once their stink bombs are fully released, regardless of the outcome of the election?

This American-Israeli blogger has a bad taste in her mouth…and it has nothing to do with stinky cheese!

8 thoughts on “The Politicizing of DHS…Rendering It Ineffective…& A Danger To National Security…Addendum To: Black Hawks Swirling Over U.S. Cities…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

  1. Your article rings so true with me! This administration has blatantly attacked our constitution and freedoms to the point that one has to ponder if there is a war on terror or on American citizens?? How quickly our fellow left wing Americans and government forgets about past horrors such as 911. We are not allowed to use the words terror or terrorism, not allowed to profile, and yet we subject ourselves to ridiculous searches and procedures that do not make us safer.

    The USA shares a southern border with a failed state, Mexico. This alone invites trouble. The border is not secure. Throw in a scandal such as Fast and Furious and I submit to you that my original question was correct.

    Why does the Social Security Administration need 450 million hollow point bullets? What on Earth does the National Weather Service need 450 million hollow point bullets for? Everything is adding up to a war on US, THE AMERICAN CITIZENS!

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  3. Adina, if you add up the number of deer hunters in the United States, you get an army larger than Obummers army. This is comforting to me. The radical-in-chief is trying his best to round up all of our weapons by getting rid of the second amendment. We are armed citizens and will never become subjects. History shows that we have been there and did not like it so much. Now, if we can pass this information to our dumbed-down kids, we may just make it.

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