TARGETING Militant Islamic Jihadists:Denying Them “Paradise”, One Pig’s Blood Bullet At A Time. Follow This Site’s Template.Commentary By Adina Kutnicki


NO one with any sense of American history, let alone imbued with patriotism, would dare to suggest that General John J. Pershing wasn’t a supreme commander and the reason the U.S. triumphed during World War 1.

MORE specifically, the usage of pig’s blood to fight barbaric Muslims is a historical fact – like it or not.

The practice began in the Spanish period. A source as mainstream as the New Cambridge History of Islam informs us that, “To discourage Juramentados, the Spaniards buried their corpses with dead pigs.”

Juramentados was the Spanish term for the Muslim Jihadists who carried out suicide attacks against Christians while shouting about Allah. American forces, who had little experience with Muslim terrorists, adopted the term and the Spanish tactics of burying Muslim terrorists alongside dead pigs.

It was a less sensitive age and even the New York Times blithely observed that, “The Moros, though they still admire these frenzied exits from the world, have practically ceased to utilize them, since when a pig and a man occupy a single grave the future of the one and the other are in their opinions about equal.”

The New York Times conceded that the story “shocked a large number of sensitive people,” but concluded that, “while regretting the necessity of adopting a plan so repugnant to humane ideas, we also note that the Moros can stop its application as soon as they choose, and therefore we feel no impulse either to condemn its invention or to advise its abandonment. The scheme involves the waste of a certain amount of pork, but pork in hot climates is an unwholesome diet, anyhow, and the less of it our soldiers and other ‘infidels’ in the Philippines have to eat the better for them.”

Colonel Willis A. Wallace of the 15th Cavalry claimed credit for innovating the practice in March 1903 to dissuade the Muslim terrorist who believed that “every Christian he kills places him so much closer in contact with the Mohammedan heaven.”

“Conviction and punishment of these men seemed to have no effect,” Colonel Wallace related. After a “more than usually atrocious slaughter” in the marketplace, he had the bodies of the killers placed on display and encouraged “all the Moros in the vicinity who cared to do so to come and see the remains”.

“A great crowd gathered where the internment was to take place and it was there that a dead hog, in plain view of the multitude, was lifted and placed in the grave in the midst of the three bodies, the Moro grave-diggers themselves being required to do this much to their horror. News of the form of punishment adopted soon spread.”

“There is every indication that the method had a wholesome effect,” Colonel Wallace concluded….continue reading….

BUT whether or not one chooses to discredit the legendary war hero General “Black Jack” Pershing” – that he did, or didn’t, execute 49 Muslim terrorists in the Philippines with bullets dipped in pig’s blood – is neither here nor there. How so? Well, in reality, it is more than obvious that certain political agendas animate biases. Yes, those who are reflexively left-wing and bought and paid for gov’t shills are allergic to America’s triumph over her enemies – past, present and future. Like clockwork. Not only that, they are the foremost apologists for militant Islamic jihadists, and this too is a fact.


AND for a typical exemplar of said mental masturbation, look no further than to the lying words of the Islamist-in-Chief:

President Obama would have us believe Islam is truly the Religion of Peace. He condemned ISIS as completely un-Islamic when he spoke about their beheading of American journalist James Foley, before returning to the golf course to complete his round.

“So ISIL speaks for no religion. Their victims are overwhelmingly Muslim, and no faith teaches people to massacre innocents. No just God would stand for what they did yesterday, and for what they do every single day. ISIL has no ideology of any value to human beings. Their ideology is bankrupt. They may claim out of expediency that they are at war with the United States or the West, but the fact is they terrorize their neighbors and offer them nothing but an endless slavery to their empty vision, and the collapse of any definition of civilized behavior.”

Yet Obama, who openly declares his love for the Qur’an after studying Islam since his childhood, certainly should know Islam’s Holy Book actually encourages the behavior of ISIS.

Quran (8:12) – “I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them”

Continue reading….

Pigs on a farm

REGARDLESS, the retelling of General Pershing’s legendary tactic is less about proving that it occurred, and more about what it REALLY takes to defeat one’s mortal foes – going after the jugular and Achilles Heel!! 

IPSO facto, many are aware of the utter terror experienced by Allah’s Muslim Terrorists when pig’s blood is in play. Simply put, it is not for nothing that it is deemed Muslim Kryptonite.

Most Muslims won’t fight if they can’t expect a free trip to Paradise and 72 virgins (or whatever) if they die in Jihad.  And–if they die from a pig-polluted bullet or bomb fragment–they won’t be allowed into Paradise. That means no 72 virgins and perhaps an eternity of jerking off in Hell (or wherever Muslims go who don’t get into Paradise).

Lace your bullets with pig blood, and the Muslims won’t fight.  If the Muslims won’t fight, there is no war.  If there’s no war, there’s no bombing, there’s no depleted uranium bullets, and there’s no “collateral damages” (dead children).

Start infusing your bullets with pig’s blood and the “religion of peace” will become genuinely peaceful.

Add some pigs blood to your bullets (“a little dab’ll do ya!”) and a shooting war can be cooled down to the temperature of a spiritual war….continue reading…..

EVEN so, far too many believe that using pig’s blood is no longer tenable – PC-wise – therefore, what difference does it make! Well, a whole damn lot. In fact, learning said (historical and tactical) lesson becomes the fault-line between victory and defeat. Simple as that.

NOW, it is impossible to overstate the intrinsic value of who sits atop the helm. Garbage in, garbage out. Effectively, when the Commander-in-Chief (designated via Article II of the Constitution) is rooting for the other side, this and that operational plan is never meant to come to a successful conclusion. And if anything is proof positive of said charge, well, look no further than to HUSSEIN Obama’s purging of top-tier military commanders. As always, the questions are the two w’s: why? and to what end?

At a rally in Costa Mesa, CA, Donald Trump repeated the legendary story about U.S. General John ‘Black Jack’ Pershing dipping bullets in pigs blood, shooting 49 Muslims and letting the 50th off with a warning. The crowd in California erupted in applause as he told it.

Trump has used this story to illustrate how effectively you can combat Islamic terrorism if you refuse to be politically correct.


AND herein lies the reasoning for Trump’s historical reference, in so far as he understands – as do others – that to win a war one has to fight with victory as the ultimate strategic goal! Realistically, is there any better weapon to use against militant Islamic jihadists, other than bullets dipped in pig’s blood?? 

NOT from this perch.

MIND you, as an American-Israeli steeped in the intersecting arenas of geo-politics and militant Islamic jihad (specifically, the Muslim Brotherhood Mafia), little escapes these eyes and ears. This is why an unmasking of Israel’s Generals holds intrinsic value, at least to those who consider Zionism as key and core to the survival of the Jewish people. Indeed, pretending what is isn’t is a recipe for defeat. After all, what’s so hard about understanding that? Rhetorical. 

CONSEQUENTIALLY, when political leaders task military heads to hold back from obliterating the enemies – ala the “Pershing Method” – of the twin spears of western civilization, America and Israel, rest assured, they operate counter to their nation’s interests. Not for nothing. And while both countries are far apart in many aspects, the fact remains that up and down their respective chains of command they are infected with PC dictates.

TO wit, whereas HUSSEIN Obama is an Anti-American and comports the nation’s strategies and policy-making accordingly, Israel’s top leaders are infected with mental besiegement, that which renders them incapable of robustly defending the nation from enemies near and far, irrespective of their bloviating and machismo style posturing.

REGARDLESS, where is it written that average patriots can’t do the heavy-lifting, that is, if push comes to shove? And the last time this investigative journalist checked with her sources about this very topic, pig’s blood is not too hard to come by. Thus, follow this site’s template and improve your aims from there.

AS always, G-d helps those who help themselves – and this doesn’t refer to pagan moon-god Allah!

Inventor tried to patent controversial anti-terror device which sprays Muslims with pigs blood

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Boston’s Jihadi Probing(s); Europe’s “Sleepers” Unleashed; & America’s “Hidden” Cells On “Stand By”. The Proofs. Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

TRUTH dare be told, one thing is for sure: Allah’s Muslim Terrorists keep their promises, at least, when it comes to those dedicated to pagan moon-god Allah. On the other hand, ADD-afflicted westerners – even those who consider themselves accomplished in this and that – rarely exhibit the quality of staying the course. A damnable truth.

INTRINSICALLY, Muslims are mandated in the Koran to lie for the sake of Allah (like drunken sailors), thus, according to western norms they are incapable of being trusted. But no matter. Islamic deception enhances their goal-oriented objectives and that is that. Effectively, Muslims do not view truthfulness as a values-based tenet. Instead, their laser-sharp focus targets one, and only one, goal: Submitting the west to the will of Allah under a global Caliphate. Nothing is allowed to deter them one iota. Nothing. No one.

AND this is imperative for Americans (westerners) to internalize, in so far that countless have convinced themselves, yes, Islamic values are compatible with western ones, if Muslims are given leeway re this and that. In a pig’s eye. Never and never.

ALAS, why does this matter? Starkly, putting aside countless well executed terror attacks within America (the west at large) over decades, folks, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Not only that, if one has to point to two particular weak spots within America (among enumerable) which enables militant Islamic jihadis to fly under the radar, look no further than to the tens of thousands of legal and illegal Muslim immigrants (aka “refugees”), and the many thousands of foreign students from Islamic ruled countries, a preponderance of whom are unaccounted for and on the loose in America! Mind you, it matters not a whit that some are actually in attendance and housed in professional programs, thereby, “accounted” for. Wait and see.

Massachusetts State Police said they found Muhammad Mamun taking photos inside the tunnel at 5:00 a.m. on Sunday morning. 

“How could taking pictures put me in such a situation?” Mamun said. “People take pictures of Bunker Hill, they don’t get arrested. Why did I get arrested?” (Well, Duh!)

Muhammad Mamun

Mamun said he decided to go to East Boston on Sunday morning to take photos of the skyline and thought he could walk through the tunnel to get there. State Police said he walked by a “No Pedestrians” sign and they arrested him for trespassing.  “I’m not a terrorist,” he said. “They can take everything, I have nothing to hide.”

Mamun, 25, said he is a medical student in Bangladesh currently working with a program at Mass. General Hospital.

Al-Qaeda’s current leader who succeeded Osama bin Laden, Ayman al-Zawahri, is also a doctor, born in Egypt, and  graduated from University of Cairo Faculty of Medicine, with a specialty in surgery. Zawahri traveled to the United States and Europe to raise money for the Egyptian Islamic Jihad, which he headed from 1993. Over the next two years, EIJ carried out two spectacular operations. On June 26, 1995, EIJ operatives attempted to assassinate Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak in Ethiopia but failed. On Nov. 19, 1995, EIJ carried out another spectacular attack, this time succeeding. Two suicide bombers blew up the Egyptian Embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan, killing 16 as well as the two bombers.

Osama bin Laden (L) sits with his adviser and successor Ayman al-Zawahiri

Osama bin Laden (L) sits with his adviser and successor Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri (R)

Mamun said he was planning on going home to Bangladesh on April 1. Instead, a judge ordered that he remain in Boston until his next court date and put a GPS monitoring bracelet on his ankle.  “I’m a doctor, I’m a medical student,” he said. “I have an ankle bracelet like any other convicted felons.”

He said the FBI has already talk to him. Court records show his case was forwarded to the Joint Terrorism Task Force.

Watch the video of this report HERE

YES, once again, front and center, presenting, the jacked-up jihadi Bay State!! Dedicated readers won’t be shocked by this “non-terror” (do pigs fly??) surveillance and probing, since this site has documented reams of evidence involving a nest of Brotherhood Mafia front groups throughout the state and the nation at large. Not only that, the latter link features another ! militant Islamic jihadi doc from Boston too! What’s up with that?

ALONG the same trajectory, Americans must recognize that what happens in Europe doesn’t stay in Europe. Resultant, their explosions are a (soon to be) foreshadowing of MEGA ones within “any city USA.” Effectively, that which blows up in weak-kneed Europe serves as a “testing ground” for America, the ultimate target for militant Islamic jihadis. Believe it.

At its core level, decades ago, preparations were made for sleeper cells to burrow within Europe, so too within America. This is an absolute fact.

Faced with intense bombing by western forces of its territory in Iraq and Syria, the Islamic State (ISIS) – is now unleashing its hidden cells within Europe as part of its plans to exploit many hundreds of “Muslim NO-GO Zones” established in Europe as far back as 2012. And they will be aided and abetted by Eurotrash leftists.


According to a 99-page manifesto, ‘Black Flags from Rome’ — which intelligence agencies have been aware of since January 2015 — radicalized Muslims from who have been trained in Syria were told to form ‘sleeper’ cells in Europe — particularly in areas of cities and towns that were heavily populated by Muslims.

The manifesto states that: “While the experienced Islamic State fighters left Syria for Europe, the European Muslims who had emigrated to the Islamic State would train within the Training camps, and nobody doubted — neither the Islamic State, nor the West — that some of these trainees would be sent back to Europe to form their own secret cells to continue the Jihad and to seek revenge for the Western occupation of Muslim lands.


“They were quick to take the opportunity of entering into the different countries of Europe (most probably as early as 2012). All this was happening under the nose of the European intelligence services whose job during this time (2012) was only to prevent European Muslims from entering Syria. (This shows how quick the Islamic groups were in planning ahead. Years before Europe even knew where its Muslim citizens were going — experienced Islamic fighters had already found safety in Europe.)

“Europe and American intelligence agencies had never seen anything like this before in their war against Muslims in the West. When Al Qaeda was the threat (throughout the 2000s), they were looking for untrained and armed individuals who were lone wolves who were vulnerable,” the manifesto states.

The Brussels and Paris attacks were all centered on Belgium which is seen as a soft touch in Europe because of its fragmented government and law enforcement systems, leading to a lack of intelligence about Muslim communities.

Many of the Paris attackers came from — or had links with — the poor district of Molenbeek, in Brussels, which was also targeted by intelligence agencies following the Charlie Hebdo attacks in January 2015.


The mayor of Molenbeek dubbed a “terrorists’ den” because of the sheer number of jihadists living there in November admitted receiving a list of 80 suspected Islamic militants living in the area. It included Abaaoud, who was killed outside Paris, along with Salah Abdeslam and his brother Brahim, who blew himself up.



CONCOMITANTLY, just as night follows day, Allah’s Muslim Terrorists are preparing to “go operational” in America in the near future. Indeed. And the fact that the largest Muslim Brotherhood Mafia mosque in America has been “koshered” by HUSSEIN Obama in Lanham, Maryland, well, let’s just agree that this is one more hyper-symbol (and symptom) of their confidence in a planned takeover. Just sayin’….

AS stated in a recent commentary:

BE that as it may, Americans must internalize that Phases 1 – 3 are already a done deal. Full stop. Effectively, the Brotherhood Mafia’s leadership in America gave the orders to complete Phase 4 and to head to Phase 5 – final conflict and overthrow! Do not forget this latest warning.

MOST significantly, rest assured, the “see NO (Islamic) evil, hear NO (Islamic) evil” gangsters inside Obama’s regime won’t rein in the surrounding jihadi danger, even after they finally succeed in poisoning the nation’s water supply! Yes, you read that right.

The hackers had “ties to Syria,” and the attack, although the location of the utility has not been revealed and its name has been changed in reports, seems most likely to have taken place in the United States.

This is yet another indication of how determined jihad terrorists are to murder Americans in large numbers.

Revelation of this attack comes from the March 2016 security breach report published by Verizon Security Solutions, which referred to the water plant that was attacked with the alias “Kemuri Water Company (KWC).” It explained how the hackers had been able to burrow deeply and repeatedly inside the workings of the company. They were only stopped from doing massive damage by their ignorance of how water plants actually operated:

Our endpoint forensic analysis revealed a linkage with the recent pattern of unauthorised crossover. Using the same credentials found on the payment app webserver, the threat actors were able to interface with the water district’s valve and flow control application, also running on the AS400 system. We also discovered four separate connections over a 60-day period, leading right up to our assessment.

During these connections, the threat actors modified application settings with little apparent knowledge of how the flow control system worked. In at least two instances, they managed to manipulate the system to alter the amount of chemicals that went into the water supply and thus handicap water treatment and production capabilities so that the recovery time to replenish water supplies increased.

Fortunately, based on alert functionality, KWC was able to quickly identify and reverse the chemical and flow changes, largely minimising the impact on customers. No clear motive for the attack was found.

It has long been known that jihadis have considered poisoning the water supply in a major American city:

SO if anyone thinks that a “tipping point” will sway HUSSEIN Obama’s DHS (allergic to the words Islamic + terrorism) to act, well, yes and no. Yes, but not in the way the nation’s security apparatus is mandated to, that is, if their top leadership included patriots. As such, regardless of how many Americans Allah’s Muslim Terrorists kill, the FEDS will protect their communities at all costs, alongside each and every KNOWN and SUSPECTED militant Islamic jihadist.

ON the other hand, even if Trump manages to grab the White House from their clutches, a MAJOR root canal will be required to dig out every infected security official under DHS and its umbrellas – effectively, all of them – to save the nation. Non-tainted officials will be tasked to mitigate, frustrate, and arrest Islam’s barbarians within every crevice of America, regardless of any other PC-driven consideration. The core question is: Will it be too little too late? 

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America’s (West’s) Jihadi Students: Gang-Bangs Part Of Islamic Conquest! Halal. Satiating Allah. Commentary By Adina Kutnicki


THE consensus among qualified experts is that rape is a crime that is not, per se, about sex, but is about exerting power and control over someone else. Agreed.

ON the other hand, as always, when it comes to Islamic jihadis the crime is so much more complex. Alas, it is fatwa-driven. In fact, previous commentaries have been devoted to its underpinnings, it is that explosive. Mind you, is there any other ‘religion’ (although more of a political structure, as opposed to anything else, but let’s not digress) which ‘koshers’ sex crimes and more? Didn’t think so.  

MOVING right along, it must be understood that ISIS represents ‘pure Islam’, regardless of any hogwash spewed by Islam’s apologists. HUSSEIN Obama, surrogates alike, you got that? And even though a portion of Muslims (worldwide) have little interest in Islam’s basis, the fact remains that countless millions do, including approximately 25% of Muslim-Americans. This is hugely significant.

SO it is under this open-eyed prism that it becomes imperative to know what ‘pure Muslims’ believe, irrespective of any pooh-poohing by Islam’s apologists. Besides, pretending that their beliefs have no bearing on westerners, instead, dismissing their barbarism as acts perpetrated by a minority of ‘crazies’, well, said pathetic excuse-making is adding (to a maximum degree) to the threat level. Hence, the heavy-lifting at this site. No rest for the weary….

BE that as it may, it is accepted Islamic doctrine that if 10 Muslims rape a non-Muslim woman, she becomes Muslim! Readers, catch your breath, if necessary, but re-examine what this explosive statement really entails. Essentially, by WHATEVER means at hand, it is religiously incumbent upon Muslims to convert non-Muslims to Islam. Yes, nothing is more satiating to pagan moon-god Allah than ‘reverting’ all infidels into Islamic believers. Think of gang or singular rape-jihad as a pillar, an adjunct, to their da’wa efforts (personally described at the former link), all their Iftar food-fests placed aside. 

Apparently Islam is a lot like an STD. Except it’s transmitted through rape and mass murder. At least that’s what the Islamic State says. And who can question the Caliph?

Noor (not her real name) was sold into slavery after ISIS overran her village in the Iraqi province of Sinjar. The 22-year-old says the militant who picked her out raped her — but not before trying to justify himself.

“He showed me a letter and said, ‘This shows any captured women will become Muslim if 10 ISIS fighters rape her.’ There was a flag of ISIS and a picture of Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi.”

After abusing her, he passed her on to 11 of his friends, who also raped her.

Islamic State Jihadists had previously described raping non-Muslim children as a form of worship of Allah.

In the moments before he raped the 12-year-old girl, the Islamic State fighter took the time to explain that what he was about to do was not a sin. Because the preteen girl practiced a religion other than Islam, the Quran not only gave him the right to rape her — it condoned and encouraged it, he insisted.

He bound her hands and gagged her. Then he knelt beside the bed and prostrated himself in prayer before getting on top of her.

When it was over, he knelt to pray again, bookending the rape with acts of religious devotion.

“I kept telling him it hurts — please stop,” said the girl, whose body is so small an adult could circle her waist with two hands.

“He told me that according to Islam he is allowed to rape an unbeliever. He said that by raping me, he is drawing closer to Allah,” she said in an interview alongside her family in a refugee camp here, to which she escaped after 11 months of captivity.

Every time that he came to rape me, he would pray,” said F, a 15-year-old girl who was captured on the shoulder of Mount Sinjar one year ago and was sold to an Iraqi fighter in his 20s. Like some others interviewed by The New York Times, she wanted to be identified only by her first initial because of the shame associated with rape.

“He kept telling me this is ibadah,” she said, using a term from Islamic scripture meaning worship.

“He said that raping me is his prayer to Allah. I said to him, ‘What you’re doing to me is wrong, and it will not bring you closer to Allah.’ And he said, ‘No, it’s allowed. It’s halal,’ ” said the teenager, who escaped in April with the help of smugglers after being enslaved for nearly nine months….

Of course CNN throws in the obligatory claim that enslaving and raping women is un-Islamic. But that would make Islam’s Prophet Mohammed… Un-Islamic.

CLEAR enough? Yes, tears are flowing, even having to post this, but they are nothing compared to the suffering taking place under the boot of Islam!

BUT make no mistake, Islam’s jihadi barbarism is not constrained, nor confined, to physical boundaries. Thus, do not convince yourselves this is some far off scourge, awful as it is, endemic to the fiery Mid East. Therefore, this site keeps hammering home certain truths, and with no let up in sight. The dangers to American kiddies, in the forefront, couldn’t be any more stark, and its basis can be found within particular interview questions

STILL yet, to demonstrate that the threat is closer to America’s shores than most realize, let the following serve as a foretaste, even though it is hardly the first jihadi gang-bang on American soil. 

PROVIDENCE, R.I. — Four male Johnson & Wales University students have been arrested in connection with a reported sexual assault and alleged drugging of two female students at the university.

The police have charged Mohammed Alsaqer, a 20-year-old sophomore, and Yazeed Alasiri, a 23-year-old senior, both from Saudi Arabia, with assaulting the women at the young men’s residence in Pawtucket after meeting the women at a nightclub in Providence on Thursday night.

Late Tuesday night, Pawtucket police charged two more Johnson & Wales students — Mohammed Aljohani, 20, and Tareq Alharbi, 22 — with first-degree sexual assault.

Aljohani, a sophomore, enrolled at the university in the fall of 2014; Alharbi, a freshman, enrolled in March 2014, a university spokeswoman said.

All four accused students have been placed on interim suspension pending the university conduct board’s review of the case, the university said.

Alsaqer and Alasiri had danced with the women at the Colosseum nightclub in Providence and met them again late Thursday night, according to the police during a District Court appearance by the men Tuesday.

Pawtucket police Sgt. Mark Boisclair said during the court appearance that the men invited the women back to their apartment at 413 Central Ave., in Pawtucket, to smoke marijuana. The women agreed and were handed open containers of beer to drink during the ride back, Boisclair said in court.

The women later told the police that they smoked a hookah at the apartment and began feeling ill. One woman told the police that she went into a bathroom and was followed by Alsaqer, who covered her mouth and raped her, Boisclair said. She told the police that Alsaqer carried her into a bedroom, where she woke up to a different man raping her. Boisclair said the police have not yet identified that man.

The other woman said that she blacked out, but woke up to Alasiri groping her in a bed, Boisclair said in court.

Both women told the police that they were unable to fight back, leading investigators to believe they had been drugged, Boisclair said.

The police were called Friday evening after one of the women went to Women & Infants Hospital.

Alsaqer is charged with first-degree sexual assault, and Alasiri is charged with second-degree sexual assault. Magistrate Joseph P. Ippolito Jr. ordered Alsaqer held without bail and set Alasiri’s bail at $100,000 surety. The men were assisted by an Arabic-speaking interpreter.

The federal Clery Act requires that a university notify the community when it becomes aware of a threat to the physical safety of the campus community, even if the incident occurs off-campus, Frank D. LoMonte, executive director of the Student Press Law Center, said.

“Until [Tuesday], Pawtucket police requested that JWU not take any action or provide notice to the community so not to hamper their investigation,” JWU’s Pelosi said.

MOST significantly, do not believe, even for a nanosecond, that what took place in Providence is akin to ‘garden variety’ rapes. And this distinction couldn’t be more relevant, in so far as devoted Islamists – millions upon millions – truly believe that rapes are sanctioned by their diety!! So between the influx of tens of thousands of ‘refugees’, as well as an uptick in foreign students from jihadi -driven countries, well, does force-multiplier resonate? And this calculus does not even take into account a preponderance of Muslim-Americans who want nothing less than Shariah Law to replace the Constitution!


ATOP all of the above, as mentioned, instead of drawing down on the dangers – admitting less, rather than more, foreign students – the facts on the ground attest otherwise. Incontestably, the jihadi student danger has been addressed at this site enumerable times. But if one stands out as Exhibit Number One, the following should serve as an exemplar: ‘6,000 (plus) Jihadi Students On The Loose In America: MSA Their Spearhead, Boston’s (Marathon)Terror Attack Their Template.’

EXTRAPOLATING further, Shariah Law (in one form or another) sanctions rape, gang-bangs alike. Ominously, incoming ‘refugees’ and student jihadis stand ready, as Islam’s spearhead to conquer America. ‘Pure Islamists’ from the Muslim-American community will follow suit. Sleeper cells. Count on it.

SIMPLE as that.

(Foreign Saudi students in America, the latest in a line of jihadi gang-bangers!)

4 Saudi Muslims Drug and Gang-rape 2 girls in U.S.

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RAPE-JIHAD EXPLODES: ‘Refugees’ Violate Kiddies & Women. Americans, WATCH Out! Fatwa-Driven. Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

BY emulating ‘prophet’ Muhammad – a pedophile, rapist and murderer, whose soldiers for moon-god Allah pillaged their way to imperial conquest – Islam’s followers are mirroring his bloody swathe all across the globe. Yes, this is the G-d’s honest truth. Sans a scintilla of a doubt, it is precisely why Islam’s barbarians are committing genocide, thus, leaving behind rivers of blood wherever they set foot. This is key and core – hogwash aside.

SIGNIFICANTLY, it is the masking of this truth (via the fallacious argument and mantra that ‘Islam is a religion of peace’ ) and its concomitant unmasking, conjoined threats, which embody the most pressing tasks of our time. Bookends. Ominously, HUSSEIN Obama’s nuclear arming of Shia Iran, in conjunction with the above, constitutes the west’s death knell.

AS is said in Israel: היזהר ! BEWARE!

IN this regard, millions of this site’s readers have been apprised of the fatwa-driven mandate of rape-jihad…a twin-cousin of sexual-jihad….disquieting as it is. Even so, for those newly on board, the following serves as a recap:


ALAS, sexual-jihad is a religious fatwa, and it ‘koshers’ the sale of kiddies and wives. 

ONLY within a parallel universe would it appear “normal” to dictate to the female population – even those barely out of kindergarten – to cover themselves from head to toe, and then kosherize, via fatwa, the gifting of said body to one man after another. Say what? Has this American-Israeli lost her marbles, spouting such insanity and doublespeak? Far from it.

NOT only that, Islam, a political/religiously-cloaked doctrine, is responsible (via its Koranic-dictates) for a rage-fueled, sexually repressed male population. From their earliest interactions with their mothers, women are blamed for giving them “impure” desires to begin with! This devastating truth is duly explained within:Symposium: Murdering Women For “Honor”.

NEED more evidence of the Koranic devil? Well, the fact-based revelations gleaned within the following commentary (via its linked policy paper) can cause a sane person to howl at the moon: Islam & Blood. Imbibe it.

But before you lose your bearings, please also read the predecessor to the latest “news” found below:SEXUAL JIHAD The New Rage, The Latest “Weapon” Waged To “Assist” Islamic Warriors. Where Is This Rooted?continue reading

DEAR heavens….


AND just like everything else Islamic related, the fatwa reached a feverish pitch, in so far as battlefield sex was mandated! 


BUT despite all the above, there are cultural ‘explanations’ for said jihadi barbarism: The Madonna-Whore Complex!


STILL yet, for those who require Koranic back-up, well, sexual-jihad and slave-jihad are inspired by Muhammad. 




RESULTANT, this site warned (back in Dec. 2014) that US rape stats will (sooner than later) mirror Europe’s ala its rape-jihadi epidemic. The open question lingered: What will be its impetus? Hint: Swarming Islamic ‘refugees’ all across America! 


INDEED, creating an even more incendiary landscape for Americans (westerners at large), HUSSEIN Obama (and his Euro counterparts) lends Islam’s barbarians cover. Evil, the devil incarnate – Islam’s monsters and US/western leadership.

IN this regard, guaranteed, the danger to America’s kiddies and women couldn’t be any starker, as the same fate awaits. 

Authorities in Germany are deliberately keeping quiet about crimes occurring in refugee shelters, especially those involving brutality against women, as the country’s policy of taking in asylum-seekers and providing them with sustenance and a monthly stipend has enraged many, who see the massive influx of young, mostly male Muslims as a threat.

50b1c97f_oGermany is failing to control rampant crime among its new refugee population, but authorities are afraid to disclose the matter to the press. The influx has already enraged many ordinary Germans, who made their opinions known in Dusseldorf and other cities for the first time last year during anti-Islamisation protests.

The country is expected to take in 1.5 million refugees in 2015, according to the Telegraph, which cited leaked government figures on Monday. For comparison’s sake, Germany’s largest city, Berlin, had a population of fewer than 3.5 million in 2010, when its third largest city, Munich, had a population of about 1.35 million.

Planned Muslim refugees home was burnt down in Remchingen, Germany

Adult men account for almost three fourths of all asylum seekers in Germany; women and children account for the remaining fourth. Women, who comprise the minority, often become victims of an increasing number of crimes, especially sexual assault, rape and, reportedly, forced prostitution.

For now, the general line for German officials is to wage war against anti-Islamization groups by giving speeches in public. The aim is to disperse rumors circulating all over the country and around the social media regarding how dangerous migrants from Middle East are.

Germans are furious, as protests continue to rise and arson attacks on refugee centers increase – revolution next?


MOST urgently, readers must fully internalize the toxic relationship between leftists and their Islamic counterparts (in so far as the insidious, corrosive, intimidating and collusive tactics they employ, in their quest to make sure that NO BORDERS exist between Islam and the west), to understand the grave dangers that are approaching at warp speed!! 

A young, female ‘No Borders’ activist working in a migrant camp on the France-Italy border remained silent about her gang rape by Sudanese migrants for over a month because “the others asked me to keep quiet.”

Colleagues are alleged to have said that reporting the crime would set back their struggle for a borderless world.

The ‘No Borders’ activist had dedicated a month of her life to helping migrants. Her group was stationed between Italy and France in Ponte San Ludovico in Ventimiglia when the atrocity occurred, according to reports from local papers La Stampa and Il Secolo XIX, and now reported in the major Italian national Corriere Della Serra.

One Saturday night, as loud music played at a nearby party, the woman was reportedly trapped in a shower block set up near the camp in a pine forest know as Red Leap.

A gang of African migrants allegedly raped her there, and her cries for help are said to have gone unheard because of the music.

La Stampa reports that the woman, around 30 years of age, would have reported the horrific crime were if not for her fellow left-wing activists, who convinced her that if the truth got out it could damage their utopian dream of a world without borders….continue reading

INTRINSICALLY, due to the fact that HUSSEIN Obama is in the midst of implanting upwards of 100,000 Islamic so-called ‘refugees’ into America (actually, ala Islamic hijrah), over 180 cities are in their cross hairs. How much worse can it get? Rhetorical.

SACH ha’kol…סך הכל…at the end of it all…this American-Israeli defies (and challenges) anyone to disprove said truths re Allah’s insatiable monsters, as they mimic Muhammad in all his savagery! 

IF you dare…


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Oregon Shooter’s Nexus To Islamic Terror: Critical Component Masked By Media & Obama Inc. Commentary By Adina Kutnicki


(UPDATE: Apparently, others are joining this site’s analysis…connecting up some jihadi dots…3 days after this was written….)

LET’s get this straight: From the get go, one needn’t be a bonafide Muslim to perpetrate jihad on behalf of moon-god Allah. In fact, if one is a ‘sympathizer’ it is all the impetus required to kill infidels. And, one needn’t receive ‘orders’, per se, from another jihadi, hence, the ‘lone wolf’ appendage. Understood?

NOW, time will tell whether or not Chris Mercer was an actual Muslim, but no matter. Rather, his actions, connections alike, underlie why he opened fire and targeted Christians for slaughter. Mind you, had this area been known for its Jewish presence, well, they too would have been singled out for Islamic sacrifice.

INDEED, like night follows day, the captured media is running interference, quarter-backing, with a scripted narrative (yes, you read that right, scripted) as a form of distraction, yup, ‘the gun’ made him do it! So along comes the killer’s papa, opining: “That’s what guns are, the killers.” In other words, if folks are to believe that 1 + 1 = 3, along the same tortured and twisted calculus, cars should be banned because more people die in car accidents, as opposed to shootings. Alas, instead of blaming the driver – who may be drunk, otherwise impaired, distracted, speeding, etc. – or poor weather conditions, let’s ban cars! It is akin to the same knee-jerk vomit, that which benefits the criminally inclined as well as totalitarian leaders, leaving the truly innocent in the cross hairs. 

NOT only that, an armed air force vet, a student at the college with a concealed carry permit, was stopped from intervening by school officials! Who knows how many lives could have been spared, had he been allowed to assist. Mind blowing.

MOREOVER, forget about Obama Inc. and surrogates jibber-jabber, but do concentrate on the fact that he shared a ‘friendship’ with an absolute jihadi, an ISIS devotee. Coincidentally, said nexus went down the rabbit hole, still yet, the screen shots were captured by certain eagle eyes. 

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 1.56.25 AM

On his myspace page, Chris Harper-Mercer, 26, posted a photograph of himself holding a rifle, alongside images of masked IRA gunmen and an IRA terrorist video. The IRA and Palestinian terrorism have a long history.

He has just two friends — a girl and a jihadi. Check out the terror sympathizer’s page  praising:
“The brave Mujahideen heroes”
“The Mujahideen freedom fighters of Palestine. My brothers and sisters keep on doing your thing. Allahu Akbar.”
“my brave soldiers keep on fighting for the liberation of Palestine against Israel. f*ck Israel. Kill the Jews. jews are the only infidels.”
“The Quran ….. holy book of muslims”

The media has avoided mentioning this at all.

There is not much else — a profile from a “long dormant” dating site and a couple of random posts, that frankly give little to no insight into motive.

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 9.13.03 PM

Mahmoud Ali Ehsani’s Page looks like this:

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 9.12.32 PM

YOU got that?

NOT to be overlooked, once again, Obama Inc. refused to investigate a terror watch list from Russia, one which included Mercer as a ‘person of interest’! Is this not the same grave malfeasance which helped to facilitate Boston’s marathon jihad, duly reported at this site in April 2013, when a Russian tip-off was ignored??

AND, if there are those who are foolish enough to pooh-pooh said dereliction of duty by HUSSEIN Obama’s FEDS, well, they haven’t been paying attention to this site. As reported in May 2015, this investigative journalist possesses first-hand knowledge re said refusal to nip ongoing, active jihad in the heart of Massachusetts (elsewhere alike), one which will indubitably blow back onto innocent American civilians. Mind you, the hand-wringing will begin with: How did this happen? Reflexively, the media and Obama Inc. will do what they do best….spin and spin….blah, blah, blah…. 

EVEN so, for the most incisive analysis to date, that which duly ties in Mercer’s jihadi targeting of Christians, one must be knowledgeable (and brave) enough to step up and decimate the prescribed narrative. 

What is your Religion????
3 Oct 2015
Nov. 26, 2008, at a tourist hotel in Mumbai, India, a group of Islamic terrorists murdered 266 innocent people and injured over 250 more.  Their common question to the tourist’s at the hotel was “What is Your Religion”?  Christians and Jews were murdered because of their religion.  Muslims, for the most part, were allowed to live. Islamic terrorist’s Murder Jews & Christians.
On 1 Oct 2015, Chris Harper-Mercer entered a community college in Oregon and murdered 9 people and injured many more.  He asked students, “What is Your Religion”?  Regarding an article by Pamela Geller Oregon Shooter Islamic Ties,
have you heard any discussion on the major news outlets about Chris Harper-
Mercer’s religion or his ties to Jihad support?  Have you heard any Oregon law enforcement discussing Harper-Mercer’s ties to Islam?  Anything from the FBI or our pseudo President Obama?  No, and you will hear little of anything about Harper-Mercer’s ties to Islam and his support of jihad (murder) against non-Muslims at the Oregon community college.
America will continue to have Islamic supporters murder our children in their schools for many years to come.  I have written several articles since 2003 about Islamic terrorists who have openly stated they will target our children in America. (blogger’s note: Read a tag-team interview at Inquisitr featuring Dave Gaubatz and Adina Kutnicki, where he discusses their plans to specifically murder – and indoctrinate – US children, an outgrowth of his interrogations of al-Qaeda terrorists in Iraq.)
What can be done?  In reality very little can be done to prevent these type of murders because our senior law enforcement and politicians led by America’s Number One Islamic supporter (Obama) will not allow common sense security measures to be implemented.
It is common sense that if one military force has an enormous supply of weapons and the other side has virtually none, the more heavily armed will conquer their foe.    Instead of limiting the number of law-abiding Americans who can own and legally carry/store in their homes and allowed to carry openly and concealed in public, such arming must increase.  Obama and the media (to include FOX News) will never advocate or encourage every lawful American over the age of 18 to carry a firearm with them at all times.  This means at schools, work, sporting events, and, yes, even our military on U.S. bases and recruiting centers.  Seems strange we should even have to discuss U.S. military personnel being allowed to be armed in America.  Seems common sense to me.
The vast majority of Americans are law-abiding and the number of mass murderers are minimal.  If every lawful student in the Oregon college had a firearm do you think the murderer would have been able to kill nine and injure even more?  If criminals knew every American homeowner had firearms, every student in higher education schools had a firearm, every person in a bank had a firearm, every person at a sporting event had firearms, and every teacher and administrators in our elementary and high schools had firearms, do you think they would second guess themselves before planning a criminal act using a firearm.  Of course they would.
Islamic based terrorists and their supporters at all levels will continue to attack and murder innocent Christians and Jews around the world, and, yes, there will be more school type attacks in America.  Unfortunately there will continue to be Islamic terrorist supporters at the top-level of our political chain who will continue to provide more rights for Muslims than they will for Christians and Jews.
America needs a leader who is strong such as Russia’s President Putin.  We need someone such as Donald Trump, otherwise America will fall just as Rome fell many years ago.

IN tandem with all of the above – coupled with Dave Gaubatz’s on target analysis – is it any wonder that the same media surrogates who regularly bastardize the truth on behalf of Obama Inc. executed a figurative white-wash on an obvious bi-racial jihadi killer, one whose own selfie didn’t even hide his black heritage? 

(On the left is the selfie Christopher Mercer uploaded to his social media. On the right is how CNN presented the same selfie in broadcast stories about him. Why did CNN need to change the complexion (color) of their broadcast? Why is no-one showing pictures of mom, Laurel Margaret Harper? His online profiles have been erased since the shooting.)

mercer cnn

BOTTOM LINE: Make no mistake, the likes of Mercer (alongside ‘garden variety’ criminal types) will always get their hands on weapons, yet, the average American – if HUSSEIN Obama has his way – will be more than sitting ducks. Think about it. Patriots, you know what you have to do….

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Islam’s Barbarism Inherent To ‘Prophet’ Muhammad: Dispelling The (‘Peaceful’) Lies Will Save The West! Commentary By Adina Kutnicki


WHEN ones toddler spins a tall tale, few can help but suppress the urge to laugh and think: The kiddo is so cute … ילד חמוד … and has a good imagination to boot! However, most parents, grandparents alike, try to teach them that lying is wrong. This lesson, hopefully, sinks in by the time they outgrow toddlerhood. Yes, a 2 and 3 year old’s sense of reality is based upon ‘me, myself and I.’ Alas, once they receive their nursery school diploma, well, it’s time to tell the truth! 


Preschool Graduation Certificate


AND while one may rightfully inquire, “what does the above have to do with today’s thesis,” the fact remains that it is totally germane. Oh, really? 

IN no small measure, the lies proffered re Islam can hardly be compared to (harmless) yarns spun by toddlers. Rather, they are earth-shattering, and this is not an exaggeration nor hyperbole. If only.

RESULTANT, each and every time the Liar-in-Chief (and surrogates) opines, “Islam is a religion of peace,” he sets back the ability of Americans to defend themselves against Islam’s onslaught. He is Islam’s shield and sword.

President Obama would have us believe Islam is truly the Religion of Peace. He condemned ISIS as completely un-Islamic when he spoke about their beheading of American journalist James Foley, before returning to the golf course to complete his round.

“So ISIL speaks for no religion. Their victims are overwhelmingly Muslim, and no faith teaches people to massacre innocents. No just God would stand for what they did yesterday, and for what they do every single day. ISIL has no ideology of any value to human beings. Their ideology is bankrupt. They may claim out of expediency that they are at war with the United States or the West, but the fact is they terrorize their neighbors and offer them nothing but an endless slavery to their empty vision, and the collapse of any definition of civilized behavior.”

Yet Obama, who openly declares his love for the Qur’an after studying Islam since his childhood, certainly should know Islam’s Holy Book actually encourages the behavior of ISIS.

Quran (8:12) – “I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them”

The viewpoint of ISIS echos throughout the Islamic world. Mawlana Abul Ala Mawdudi, founder of Pakistan’s Islamic Fundamentalist Movement, which boasts hundreds of thousands of members, spoke openly and honestly about the religion of Islam.

“Islam is a revolutionary faith that comes to destroy any government made by man. Islam doesn’t look for a nation to be in better condition than another nation. Islam doesn’t care about the land or who own the land. The goal of Islam is to rule the entire world and submit all of mankind to the faith of Islam. Any nation or power in this world that tries to get in the way of that goal, Islam will fight and destroy.”

While we can always agree to disagree on religious interpretation, Obama has a history of deliberately distorting or misrepresenting the Qur’an, and he lied to the world with his “Islam Is The Religion Of Peace” comments after the Boston Marathon bombings. David Wood produced an absolutely outstanding video on Obama’s post-bombing comments and made of a mockery of the President’s dishonest speech about “Peaceful Islam.” Every single American needs to watch this video and find out for themselves about the never ending program of Islamic deception that goes all the way to the Oval Office of Barack Hussein Obama.


To further illuminate the difficult subjects we are discussing, we asked Israeli journalist Adina Kutnicki and American investigator and security specialist David Gaubatz to weigh in on the threat from ISIS and the expanding Islamist army.

Adina is an expert on the Muslim Brotherhood and her previous interview about the expansionist ideology of the organization sent shock waves across the internet. Adina is an editor of several websites that examine the growing violence in the name of Islam, and she is the creator of a popular Israeli blog. Her insights into the conflict between Israel and the Islamic terrorists of Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas and the Palestinian Authority will give our readers an opportunity to find out the truth about the Middle East without the Israel bashing propaganda of the mainstream media.palest14

continue reading….

THUS – plus so much more – HUSSEIN Obama contributes to the endless bloodshed, as other western leaders follow his mendacious lead. Not only that, he heaps one danger atop another by implanting more and more of Islam’s barbarians into the heart of America, and with no end in sight. Indeed, to the tune of upwards of a quarter of a million annually, and this does not include those who infiltrate into the country ‘unawares.’ Could the perils be any more acute and obvious?

In 2013 alone, 117,423 migrants from Muslim-majority countries were permanently resettled within the United States— having been given lawful permanent resident status. Additionally in 2013, the United States voluntarily admitted an extra 122,921 temporary migrants from Muslim countries as foreign students and foreign workers as well as 39,932 refugees and asylees from Muslim countries.

Thus, twelve years after the September 11th hijackers were invited into the country on temporary visas, the U.S. decided to admit 280,276 migrants from Muslim countries within a single fiscal year.

To put these numbers into perspective, this means that every year the U.S. admits a number of Muslim migrants larger in size than the entire population of Des Moines, Iowa; Lincoln, Nebraska; or Dayton, Ohio.

The rate of Muslim immigration has been increasing since September 11. Between 2001 and 2013, the United States permanently resettled 1.5 million Muslim immigrants throughout the United States. Unlike illegal immigrants, legal immigrants granted lifetime resettlement privileges will be given automatic work permits, welfare access, and the ability to become voting citizens.

Experts believe these numbers will only continue to increase.

The Middle East represents the fastest-growing bloc of immigrants admitted into the country on visas, according to a census data-based report authored by the Center for Immigration Studies. Student visas for Middle Eastern countries have similarly grown enormously, including 16-fold increase in Saudi students since 9/11. Arabic is now the most common language spoken by refugees, and 91.4 percent of recent refugees from the Middle East are on food stamps….continue here

WE are not done yet, if your heart can withstand additional dire news. Sorry for that. But despite the precipitous dangers, nothing thwarts the Islamist-in-Chief from his goal of transforming the United States of America into the Shariah States of America, even when threat after threat emerges.


“Today hacking, Tomorrow killing…Happy 9/11’: ISIS threatens to kill 100 US military officers,” by Supriya Jha, Zee News, September 14, 2015:

Washington: An ISIS-affiliated group that calls itself ‘Islamic State Hacking Division’, has released a second kill list of 100 US military personnel, releasing online their photos, names, divisions, and addresses, SITE Intel Agency reported.

This is not the first time, that the ISIS-linked hackers have done so.

Earlier in March this year, the ‘Islamic State Hacking Division’ had issued their first kill list of 100 members of US Army, Air Force and Navy, urging Muslims of the US to kill them for they had participated in US airstrikes against the ISIS.

The latest ISIS threat saying “Happy 9/11” came on the occasion of the 14th anniversary of September 11 attack.

“Today hacking…Tomorrow killing,” the hackers threatened in their post as tweeted by the head of the terror tracking SITE Intel agency Rita Katz….

IN this regard, is it even remotely truthful to posit: “ISIS is not Islamic” because “Islam is a religion of peace!” You decide.

In an article titled “Death by Fire Is an Islamic Punishment,” Yasmin Al-Khatib, a liberal Egyptian writer and artist, criticized the fact that, following every brutal execution carried out by the Islamic State (ISIS), Muslims around the world are quick to claim that these actions have nothing to do with Islam. She noted that Muslim history – including the history of the Prophet and his followers – is rife with stories of grisly executions and beheadings, which indicates that such actions are not foreign to Islam.



MORE pointedly, Yasmin notes: “People who claim that ISIS brutality has “nothing to do with Islam” are liars.”



MOST significantly, despite the fact that Islam, on its face, is the gravest threat the west has ever known (even more so than Nazism, in that the civilized world finally identified it for what it was….unlike Islam, which is shielded by its ‘religious’ veneer), the fact remains that the leadership of the heretofore free world is doing everything to ensure that Islam’s true basis never comes to the fore. 

NOW, as many readers are aware, their reasons are manifest. However, their lies do not absolve this generation from setting the record straight. To the contrary. It is due to grave malfeasance attributed to Obama Inc. that the burden falls to American (western) citizens, and there is not a second to lose.

SO even when it appears much too overwhelming to tell the truth, please, don’t despair. This is precisely why this site is ongoing, and why certain ‘in the know’ professionals keep feeding this and that in this direction. To wit, it was ‘suggested’ that a laser-focus be kept onIslam’s Pedophile Monsters Mirror ‘Prophet’ Muhammad, as well as Michiganstan Bows To Moon God Allah.

STILL yet, for a more scholarly and devastatingly truthful rendition, this one is the winner hands down: Islam & Blood.

CONSEQUENTLY, after the lessons learned from the above tutorials, is there any doubt left as to whether or not ISIS IS Islamic, as are each and every other Islamic hydra, be they Sunni or Shia??

Juliet Schwartz-Martinez's photo.

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ISIS Confirms “Refugee” Crisis’s Knock-On Effects: Smuggling Jihadists Into West Ala Hijrah! Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

SOME people need to be smacked across the face (as many times as it takes…wouldn’t mind taking a crack at them…) to finally understand what’s what, including those who consider themselves part of the oh so “smart set.” In this regard, they are truly dumb as oxen – a generous assessment – when it comes to their twisted protection of pagan Moon God Allah’s followers. Leftist elitists, (w)academics alike, you will rue the day. Listen up!

Bill Looman's photo.

ATOP said (moral and mental) obtuseness, the aforementioned useful idiots will be eliminated in the same gruesome manner(s) as so-called “Islamophobes.” Without mercy. 

NOW that we have that settled, yes, it will explain how we came from there to here, relative to the most recent (boastful but truthful) claims made by ISIS smugglers. But let’s be very clear: Smack-talk, if the case, is always recognized at this end. 

ALAS, this site has repeatedly given readers a steady stream of analysis, as to the whys and wherefores of HUSSEIN Obama’s illegal war in Libya. The pre-designed anti-American/western “gift” that keeps on giving; Hijrah, transforming western nation-states, as commanded by the Quran! 


AS reported within these pages (March 2015, and previously) via “Obama’s illegal war catapulted ISIS into America and Europe; maritime piracy and global blow back”:

WHEN global leaders purposefully ignite certain fires – domestic or foreign – they do so with the full expectation that some of the blow back will be unanticipated. On the other hand, their main goals are usually met – even if not to an exactitude – due to the massive resources at their disposal. Geo-political chess games are more of an “art”, as opposed to a science. Understood?

SO as westerners stare agape at the bloody catapult of ISIS (and their aligned surrogates), don’t bother scratching your noggins to wonder: How the hell did this happen? Instead, ask the polar opposite side of the geo-political equation: How could it not?

Islamic State has set its sights on taking over Libya as a bridgehead to eventually waging war all across southern Europe, the British Telegraph is reporting on Wednesday.

The newspaper cited letters written by ISIS supporters. According to the report, ISIS jihadists plan to “flood Libya with militiamen from Syria and Iraq, who will then sail across the Mediterranean posing as migrants on people-trafficking vessels.”

ISIS “would then run amok in southern European cities and also try to attack maritime shipping,” the Telegraph reported…read the whole thing

RESULTANT, all of the above (plus so much more) led DIRECTLY to ISIS’s ability to execute their threats, previously warned at this site! Please read the latest (aforementioned) warning re smuggling – explaining its knock-on effects into America and Europe – and it is only the beginning. It dovetails completely with this site’s cumulative assessments.

As the migrant-train standoff entered its second day in Hungary, with thousands of mostly Syrian refugees seeking passage to Germany, it’s time the West recognized this shift in Muslim populations for what it is, say American activists who have been warning of a “fifth column” for years.

Author Robert Spencer wrote Sept. 4 in Front Page Magazine, “This is no longer just a ‘refugee crisis.’ This is a hijrah.”

Hijrah is the Islamic doctrine of migration, which is a form of stealth jihad.

“To emigrate in the cause of Allah – that is, to move to a new land in order to bring Islam there, is considered in Islam to be a highly meritorious act,” Spencer wrote. He cited the following Quranic text:

“And whoever emigrates for the cause of Allah will find on the earth many locations and abundance,” says the Quran. “And whoever leaves his home as an emigrant to Allah and His Messenger and then death overtakes him, his reward has already become incumbent upon Allah. And Allah is ever Forgiving and Merciful” (Quran 4:100).

And now, looking at Europe and America, a migration invasion of a much greater magnitude is underway.

Evidence of that invasion came in February when an ISIS operative confirmed what many already suspected – the Islamic State is using the refugee crisis to form a fifth column of Muslim fighters inside Western nations.

The Syrian operative claimed more than 4,000 trained ISIS gunmen have already been smuggled into Europe – hidden among innocent refugees, reported the Express, a British newspaper.

Hungary’s prime minister, Victor Orban, was lampooned in the European media Thursday for writing an op-ed in which he stated Hungary was blocking the Muslim migrants to preserve its Christian heritage.

But more European leaders should be as astute as Orban, says Clare Lopez, a senior Middle East analyst for the Center for Security Policy.

“Today, it is the nation-state system and any concept of national sovereignty that is under concerted attack by the forces of the global jihad movement,” Lopez told WND. “Jihad is not only a violent phenomenon but can be pursued by many other means, including hijra.”

The ISIS smuggler, in his 30s with a neatly trimmed black beard, revealed to BuzzFeed that the ongoing clandestine operation has been a “complete success.”

“Just wait,” he smiled. “It’s our dream that there should be a caliphate not only in Syria but in all the world and we will have it soon, God willing.”

“They are going like refugees,” he explained. “Others just go to Europe to be ready.”

The Islamic State operative spoke exclusively to BuzzFeed on the condition of anonymity and is believed to be the first to confirm plans to infiltrate Western countries, although similar statements have been made through unconfirmed ISIS Twitter accounts.

ISIS is believed to be actively smuggling covert gunmen across the 565-mile Turkish border and on to wealthier European nations, the smuggler told BuzzFeed.

He said ISIS now has more than 4,000 fighters “ready” throughout the European Union.

ISIS operatives are taking advantage of Western nations’ generosity toward refugees to infiltrate Europe, he said.

The ISIS fighters use local smugglers to blend in and travel within the ranks of a tidal wave of illegal migrants flooding into Europe, both by boat from North Africa and on land through Hungary and Austria into Germany, Belgium and Sweden.

Persecuted Christians stay behind

More than 1.5 million have migrated into Turkey alone, with millions more refugees in Lebanon, Jordan and outside their homes in Syria itself. Almost all of the migrants flooding into Europe are Muslims.

Most of the Christians have been hiding in churches and homes in the Middle East, afraid to venture to the United Nations refugee camps, which tend to be managed by Muslims, WND has previously reported.

“The Christians are afraid to venture into these camps, because they believe they will be harmed” said George Marlin of Aid to the Church in Need, a Catholic group that is sending aid to persecuted Christians in the Middle East.

From Turkish cities such as Izmir and Mersin, the Muslim refugees venture across the Mediterranean aiming for Italy, the smuggler said.

Then the majority head for the most welcoming nations – Sweden and Germany – turning themselves over to authorities and appealing for asylum.

Plans to conquer Europe from within

The jihadist smuggler said ISIS has laid ambitious plans for the future of Europe.

“It’s our dream that there should be a caliphate not only in Syria but in all the world,” he said, “and we will have it soon, God willing.”

“There are some things I’m allowed to tell you and some things I’m not,” he said.

The revelation came just days after a spokesperson for Islamic State called on Muslims in the West to carry out terror attacks.

The jihadist told Western followers if they had the opportunity to “shed a drop of blood” in Western countries – then they should do so.

The U.S. has agreed to take up to 8,000 Syrians, but that’s not nearly enough, according to the International Rescue Committee.

David Miliband, CEO of the New York City-based IRC, demanded in a press release on its website that the U.S. accept 65,000 Syrian refugees by the end of President Obama’s term in office. Miliband’s organization made no mention of the persecuted Christians in Syria.

FBI counter-terrorism expert Michael Steinbach told Congress in February it has no reliable way of vetting the Syrian refugees and FBI Director James Comey told Congress the agency already has its hands full with active ISIS investigations in all 50 states.

Yet the call for the U.S. to take more Syrian refugees has been incessant since last year, with the most public demands coming from Miliband’s organization as well as from the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service and the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, which started out as a rescue mission for persecuted Jews but now relocates mostly Muslims to the U.S.

The Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service sent out an alert to its supporters this week asking them to pressure the Obama administration to accept 200,000 foreign refugees in 2016, including 100,000 from Syria.

Like the IRC and the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, the Lutheran group gets paid by the federal government to resettle refugees in U.S. cities and towns.

Sign the national petition telling Congress to stop all refugee resettlements unless first approved by the local receiving community.

ISIS leader praises terror attacks on West

ISIS, meanwhile, continues to take advantage of Western blind spots, where mere mention of the word “refugee” tugs at the heartstrings of well-meaning Christians and Jews.

ISIS spokesman Abu Mohammed al-Adnani this week praised the recent terror attacks in Australia, Belgium and France.

“We repeat our call to Muslims in Europe, the infidel West, and everywhere to target the Crusaders in their home countries and wherever they find them,” he said.

“We will be enemies, in front of God, to any Muslim who can shed a drop of blood of a Crusader and abstains from doing that with a bomb, bullet, knife, car, rock or even a kick or a punch.”

He said since Europe accepts few refugees through legal channels, the demand for smuggling has increased.

“Illegal migration has been an important issue and Turkey is effectively fighting against it,” the official, who declined to be named, confirmed.

“Of course the most effective way to put an end to all these problems would be immediate action by the international community to solve the Syrian conflict.”….continue reading….

STILL yet – and despite all of the above disinfectant – there are countless who pooh-pooh said truth-telling. Well, if they are “lucky”, they may (emphasis placed) be able to pay jizya – or they will be murdered. 

PRAY tell, how will Americans (Europeans alike) feel about being forced to sign actual contracts to their Islamic overlords, as Mid East Christians (minorities) are forced to do as this is being written? 

On September 3, 2015, the media office of the Damascus province of the Islamic State (ISIS) published a photo report showing dozens of Christians from Al-Qaryaten city signing a Dhimma contract, requiring each of them to pay the jizya poll tax, abide by Islamic rules and refrain from certain activities.

In return, under the 11-article contract, which was published on the leading ISIS-affiliated jihadi forum Shumoukh Al-Islam, ISIS will protect them and their property, and they will neither be forced to convert nor harmed. The contract adds that anyone violating any of the articles will be treated as a combatant.

The following are the contract’s 11 articles:

1.   Christians may not build churches, monasteries, or hermitages in the city or in the surrounding areas.

2.   They may not show the cross or any of their books in the Muslims’ streets or markets, and may not use amplifiers when worshiping or during prayer.

3.   They may not make Muslims hear the reciting of their books or the sounds of church bells, which must be rung only inside their churches.

4.   They may not carry out any act of aggression against ISIS, such as giving refuge to spies and wanted men. If they come to know of any plot against Muslims, they must report it.

5.   They must not perform religious rituals in public.

6.   They must respect Muslims and not criticize their religion.

7.   Wealthy Christians must pay an annual jizya of four gold dinars; middle-class Christians must pay two gold dinars, and the poor must pay one. Christians must disclose their income, and may split the jizya into two payments.

8.   They may not own guns.

9.   They may not engage in commercial activity involving pigs or alcohol with Muslims or in Muslim markets, and may not drink alcohol in public.

10.  They may maintain their own cemeteries.

11.  They must abide by ISIS dress code and commerce guidelines.


TO top off how “successful” ISIS’s smuggling-racket is, just consider their financial gains to boot. (un)Holy jihad.

MIND you, once the sh-t hits the fan in America (the west at large), rest assured, it won’t just be ISIS dictating this and that. Effectively, Shariah Law will demand it! 


(ISIS fighters like these, 4,000 of them, are already in place in Western nations, a jihadist smuggler confirmed.)

ISIS fighters like these, 4,000 of them, are already in place in Western nations, a jihadist smuggler confirmed.

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