Brotherhood MEGA Mosque Opens in Maryland, HUSSEIN & Erdogan “Officiate”.Egypt Given The Finger, In Quest For Support Against ISIS: The Nexus.Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

EXACTLY a year ago, this site reported on an impending disaster within the outlying recesses of the U.S. Capitol, warning, it will have MEGA ramifications for the entire nation. The west at large. As is said, the (Islamic) chickens have come home to roost.

SPECIFICALLY, in April 2015, it was duly evidenced:

IN the shadow of America’s Capitol in Washington, DC, in fact, a mere 13 miles away, the largest mosque (aka Islamic “cultural” center) in the western hemisphere is due to open in Lanham, Maryland. G-d have mercy.

BEFORE we delve into the heart of the matter, it is imperative to internalize who the main mischief makers are on American soil, in so far as mosque jihad is concerned. While many are familiar with Saudi Arabia’s Wahhabi-infused thrust into America, few have a clue about Turkey’s PM Erdogan, a major player in the Muslim Brotherhood Mafia and Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s BFF. So much so, he was front and center at this blogger’s global interview: The Muslim Brotherhood’s Quest For Global Dominance: An Interview With Adina Kutnicki. Clear as a bell.

YET, if the above isn’t enough for the doubting Thomases, that’s okay too, just peer within.

THE evidence regarding mosques in America (Canada and the rest of the west) leads to only one conclusion: they are a clear and present danger!

LET’s connect the dots:

Dot One:

WHERE to begin? How about here: American mosques are training for jihad; priming assaults on unsuspecting citizens!

Dot Two:

INDEED, jihadi training IS religiously garbed, yet leftist cohorts afford them dangerous cover. Can you believe it? You better.

Dot Three:

AND if jihad in Beantown didn’t spell out the dangers, then little more will. Its mosques were (are) DEEPLY in the fray: U.S. based Wahhabi-infused mosques and Boston’s jihad…rock solid!

Dot Four:

MOREOVER, since Marxist-loving NYC Mayor De Blasio recently castrated the NYPD’s surveillance demographics unit  – re the Muslim community/mosques – well, let’s just say that his new Police Commish was ordered to (effectively) UNDO all of ex Police Commish Raymond Kelly’s “infiltration & penetration”, to the degree in which NYC was kept safe under his tenure. Holy jihad!

ONTO the swirling dangers…and they make NO secret of their intentions….continue reading….

IN this regard, Erdogan, a “made man” in the Muslim Brotherhood Mafia (don’t even bother to contest otherwise because the evidence is irrefutable….beyond reproach….rock-solid….) has penetrated the U.S. via a cadre of high-level operatives, in the quest to bring down America through various intersections. Most significantly, he funnels millions into building mosques, and this is atop all the rest which are under the auspices of Wahhabi-based Saudi Arabia. Yes, in no uncertain terms, HUSSEIN Obama has been his biggest champion of all, and this too is beyond dispute. 

SO the fact that the Islamist-in-Chief feels confident enough to inaugurate Erdogan’s biggest “project” to date – at the last leg of his second-term reign of destruction – is beyond indicative. Not too coincidentally, it is the largest – out of scores – Brotherhood mosque in America. Hmm. In a nutshell, HUSSEIN Obama is signaling a few major messages, and it is past time that Americans pay heed, regardless of any jibber jabber by the captured media.


HUSSEIN Obama is FINALLY “coming out of the closet” as a Muslim devotee. He is doing so in an in-your-face, F U manner. Not only that, in true supremacist fashion, this (100 million plus price tag) MEGA mosque symbolizes the ultimate submission of America to Islam, and Muslims understand as much. This is key and core.

President Obama will be opening America’s largest mosque complex in Maryland next week. It will sport not one, but two minarets. With him will be Erdogan of Turkey, who is proclaiming that the Ottoman Empire is rising again along with the Caliphate. Erdogan is Obama’s best bud. The mosque cost a cool $100 million. America’s largest mosque complex, officially known as the Turkish-American Culture and Civilization Center, was built with Turkish funding under the supervision of the Turkish religious foundation (Diyanet). Almost all $100 million for the mosque was funded by the Religious Affairs and the Religious Foundation of Turkey. The mosque is part of the Turkish-Islamic Center also known as the “American Religious Center,” built on a large area in Lanham, Maryland that will have the capacity to host 3,000 Muslim worshippers indoors and outdoors. How’s that for changing the demographics of our nation? ISIS anyone? Obama is keeping his promise and turning us into a Muslim nation. I wonder if the feds will conduct surveillance on the mosque. Probably not.

America’s largest mosque complex, officially known as Turkish-American Culture and Civilization Center, was built with Turkish funding under the supervision of the Turkish religious foundation (Diyanet). The $100 million mega mosque in Lanham, Maryland, will soon be open for Muslim worshipers in the Washington, DC area, as their link shows: Turkey’s President Tayyip Erdoğan and US President Barack Obama are expected to open the mosque.”

I guess you can learn about your president’s next step towards building Islam in the U.S., not from your media, but from Erdogan’s official media Yeni Safak instead:


Do you see “US Double Minaret Mosque” above in the article Erdogan published? Why “Two Minarets”?

An Ottoman sultan is addressed as such in prayer: “O God, assist the Sultan, son of the Sultan, Sovereign of the Two Continents, of the Two Seas, Destroyer of Two Armies, Sultan of the Two Iraqs, Servant of the Two Sanctuaries [Mecca and Medina]” (Ibn Iyas, 195-1960). Muhammad II was “Sovereign of the Two Seas, the Black Sea and the Mediterranean.”

Turkey is an empire that will arise TWICE, once after it is wounded and another for its glory.

Even Daniel the prophet recognizes this feature, Antichrist loves to have his established castles between the “two seas”:

“And he shall plant the tabernacles of his palace between the [two] seas in the glorious holy mountain; yet he shall come to his end, and none shall help him.” (Daniel 11:45)

Will the West ever awake its slumber and learn just how packed each verse is in the scriptures?

Turkey’s mega mosque in Maryland will include a community building, a guest house, traditional Turkish houses, library, conference and exhibition halls, meeting rooms, reception, museum of Islamic art, coffee house, gift shops, cultural center, amphitheater, computer lab, library and even Turkish baths in the old Ottoman style … the works. It “aims at bringing all Muslims together, to enlighten people about the facts of Islam and guide believers to a correct way.” This is part of an effort by Erdogan to revive and grow Islam across the planet. Obama is intent on helping him do so and to redistribute American wealth to Muslim nations. Terror be damned. Just look at Iran. A state-sponsored program to build mosques in countries from Kazakhstan to Cuba has emerged as a foreign policy instrument for Turkey, boosting the country’s claim to a place on the international stage as a leader of the Islamic world that looks after Muslims everywhere. There are rumors out there that Erdogan is about to be ousted in Turkey. I highly doubt that, but we’ll see. He’s on a global conquest for Islam and the Caliphate and he intends to rule over all.

INHERENTLY, the screaming truth is that Turkey is deeply “in bed” with ISIS, as is HUSSEIN Obama alike.

Turkey, as has been previously reported, is playing a dangerous and duplicitous game with the West. As Clarion Project has wrote, Turkey’s arms transfers to al-Qaeda-linked Islamist jihadis in Syria have been long-documented, yet largely ignored by the Western media. A major raid by the U.S. on an Islamic State safe house in Syria in the summer of 2015 gleaned large amounts of intelligence undeniably linking Turkey to the Islamic State.

Similarly, the fact the Turkey has been the top financial sponsor of Hamas since 2012, with Erdogan arranging for the transfer of $250-300 million to this U.S.-designated terrorist group annually, is another oft-ignored inconvenience. Similarly, the West has brilliantly avoided confronting Turkey on its abysmal human rights record.

Using air-tight documentation, Nafeez Ahmed, editor of InsurgeIntelligence, writes about the many reasons the West has chosen to look the other way while Turkey facilitates oil sales for the Islamic State, which guarantees its strength and viability.

“There are many explanations,” writes Ahmed, “but one perhaps stands out: the West’s abject dependence on terror-toting Muslim regimes, largely to maintain access to Middle East, Mediterranean and Central Asian oil and gas resources.”

Since 2013, the Turkish government has been building a $100 million mega-mosque in Lanham, Maryland, taking Turkey’soutreach” in America out of the realm of the subtle. This week in America, U.S. President Barack Obama will join Erdogan at the opening of the mosque, the largest in the U.S.


AND to bring to bear how out-sized the MEGA mosque complex is, keep in mind Lanham’s ENTIRE population is under 11,000, more than half affiliated with various Christian denominations. Now, why in heavens name would a small town, with an even smaller Muslim community, require such a behemoth??

BUT there’s more. Alas, this is where HUSSEIN Obama’s nexus to the Brotherhood (Turkish or otherwise) ties-in. Damn them all to Allah’s hell-hole.

READERS, recall that Egypt’s President El-Sisi is in a struggle to the death against the Brotherhood Mafia. More specifically, ISIS spawned from al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, whose parent is the Brotherhood Mafia! In other words, they are all less than 3 (not even six) degrees separated from another.

THAT being the case, it is more than established that HUSSEIN Obama is neck-deep embedded with the Brotherhood Mafia. Resultant, his administration is stacked with related operatives. Incontestably. 

THUS, imagine how desperate the situation is in Egypt that he sent an SOS to HUSSEIN Obama for assistance to beat back the encircling ISIS menace, knowing full well that he “hearts” with the Brotherhood Mafia! In geo-political terms, since it was via HUSSEIN Obama’s orders that Hosni Mubarak, an anti-Brotherhood leader, was toppled – which paved the path for Morsi, another Brotherhood “made man” to take over Egypt, subsequently, toppled due to popular uprisings, etc. – what are the chances that he would come to Egypt’s aid under an anti-Brotherhood al-Sisi? Rhetorical.

ACCORDING to DEBKAfile Intelligence: 

Egyptian President Abdel Fatteh El-Sisi has sent a secret missive to President Barack Obama asking for urgent US military intervention in support of Egypt’s war on the Islamist State in Sinai, before the jihadis pose a real threat to Cairo. DEBKAfile’s exclusive intelligence and counterterrorism sources report that El-Sisi has come to the conclusion that Egyptian army lacks the ability to eradicate the terrorist peril without direct US military support.

In his note, he asks Washington to replicate in Sinai the format of US intervention in the war on ISIS in Iraq and Syria, namely, to send in special operations forces to establish bases and operate drones against jihadist targets. Unless stopped, he warns, the Islamic State is on the point of transforming the Sinai Peninsula into its primary forward base in the Middle East, bolstered by its branches of terror across North Africa, especially in Libya. US intervention is necessary to avert this.
So far, Sisi has received no answer from the White House and no sign of one in the pipeline.

Our military sources note that, given his record as former defense minister and a much-decorated general in the Egyptian army, an appeal to a foreign power for military assistance is out of character and would normally be found unacceptable in his own milieu. It must therefore be seen as a sign of extreme distress over Cairo’s failure to vanquish – or even contain ISIS, which now poses a strategic threat to Egypt proper.
In this situation, the generals in Cairo were dismayed to read a New York Timesleader on March 25, captioned “Time to Rethink US relationship with Egypt,” which faults the Egyptian regime’s human rights record and suggests that the relationship does Washington more harm than good.

The NYT concludes by saying, “Over the next few months, the president should start planning the possibility of a break in the alliance with Egypt. That scenario appears increasingly necessary.”

Since this article appeared out of the blue, it is feared in Cairo that it is President Obama’s way of spurring the Egyptian president’s SOS.
Some high-ranking military figures in Cairo have started talking about alternatives: If Washington refuses to come up with military assistance for fighting the Islamic State, perhaps the time has time to go elsewhere.

An Egyptian appeal to Moscow cannot be ruled out.

TO wit, could it be any clearer which side HUSSEIN Obama is on??  



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