U.S. Media’s OMERTA Re Islamic-Euro (Immigration) Hijrah Invasion. What’s Going On? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki


IF one still believes that America’s media isn’t bought and paid for, in the tank, so to speak, good luck with that fantasy. And, don’t get this American-Israeli started on Israel’s leftist/Arabist-bent media, a total cesspool. A sewer. Phew! Indeed, in-depth investigative journalism – and fluency in Hebrew – qualifies for said (harsh) judgment. No sense placing lipstick on both (media) pigs. 

STILL yet, media-wise, in order to internalize what’s really going on in America, how about the following commentary as supportive evidence:

THE directional markers have always pointed towards America’s media outlets being in bed, completely in lock-step, with several big corps. It is this corp/media relationship which is, to one degree or another, bought and paid for by powerful interests within Capitol Hill. Effectively, the so-called free media is not exactly free. And since there are less than six degrees separated between Demsters and faux Repubs, well, let’s not waste precious time splitting hairs as to “what difference does it make” kinda hogwash, depending upon which party is in power. Garbage in, garbage out.

THAT being established, whatever took place prior to HUSSEIN Obama pales in comparison to the past 7 years. In other words, even the veneer of impartial journalism is no longer in place because Obama’s America is shaped by Obama’s Media. Period.

IN this regard, let’s line up the most relevant markers to date and finally unmask what has long been apparent. Proofs in the pudding.

IN years gone by, would anyone have believed that U.S. media giants were (still are) actually paid ! to plant stories, ones which were (still are) in line with the administration’s narratives, as well as bought and paid for by foreign governments alike?? Believe it.

According to Amber Lyon, a three-time Emmy award-winning journalist, CNN is routinely paid by the US government and foreign governments to selectively report on certain events. Furthermore, the Obama administration pay CNN for editorial control over some of their content.continue reading

ALAS, the so-called “Fourth Estate” must be avoided for reliable information, at least for those whose brain cells are still operating. However, if one is seeking evidence of how far down the rabbit hole they have gone, their addresses are where it’s at. Examine for yourselves.

IN any case, Islamic immigration/migration, aka Hijrah, a Koranic mandate, has always taken place. However, few understood its basis, and little has changed. Westerners, time to catch up to speed! Yes, the colonization of the west is almost encircled, and this is where America comes in.

Migration for the Cause of Allah

NOT only that, the stage has been set through collusive Euro leaders, and this betrayal has a name: Eurabia. It is fact-based.

STILL yet, for further clarification, a recent commentary attests to much of the same, indicting not only Euro’s bastard leadership, but America’s. Yes, the lying media is equally culpable. May they rot in hell. Mind you, ISIS (and attendant Islamists) are the ones telling the truth! “ISIS Confirms Refugee Crisis’s Knock-On Effects: Smuggling Jihadists Into West Ala Hijrah.” Clear as a bell.
IN this regard, in even starker terms – before this site sets the record straight – let’s view what NBC “reported”, as to what the Arabist-captured State Dept. is demanding. Mind you, Obama Inc., and its whipped-dog media, feels entitled to keep Americans in the dark, as to what awaits their fate once the Hijrah settles! Indeed, they parrot the administration’s spoon-fed lies and lines.

A State Department refugee official said on Saturday that U.S. leaders are committed to bringing more Syrian refugees to the United States and that she would like to see a steep increase in their numbers in 2017U.S. Willing to Accept 10,000 Syrian Refugees Next Year….

Anne Richard, assistant secretary of state for population, refugees and migration, told National Public Radio the Obama administration would like to see the refugee process move more quickly and is trying to streamline the vetting process without cutting corners on security.

The United States has taken in 1,500 refugees since the start of the Syrian war in 2011, and President Barack Obama last week committed to accepting 10,000 more over the coming year.

Four million refugees have fled the four-year-old civil war in Syria into neighboring Middle Eastern countries and are spilling into Europe in what has become the continent’s worst refugee crisis since World War Two.

“I think that the most senior leadership at the State Department, the National Security Council and the White House want to bring more refugees and so that’s something that we’re very focused on right now,” Richard told NPR.

“Well, next year the president has said we will bring 10,000. So the year after that I’d like to see a steep ramp up,” she said.

A number of U.S. lawmakers and humanitarian groups have asked Obama to bring in 65,000 to 100,000 Syrian refugees.

U.S. officials have recognized the process for admitting Syrian refugees can take up to 18 months, largely because of vetting to make sure they do not pose a security threat.

Refugee applications referred to the United States by the U.N. refugee agency undergo multiple security checks by several federal agencies.

Richard said U.S. authorities were looking for ways to streamline the process. “We can make a home for many, many refugees in the United States — I’m convinced of it,” Richard said.

OKEY dokey.
NOW, while NBC (a “mainstream” font of talking points, alike others) reiterated State’s plans, the fact remains that they FAILED to inform the public of what this stampede…invasion…colonization…Hijrah….entails! Where are the investigative reporters??
ON the other hand, a few alternative media sites (all of whom happen to be conservative) tell the dastardly tales. Absolutely, Americans (westerners) owe them a debt. For the record, this investigative journalist collaborates with a goodly portion of them. American Thinker reports:

AS Muslims swarm into Europe, the long-term implications are clear as violence erupts and demands are made.

For example, the tiny Greek island of Lesbos, situated 6 miles from the Turkish shore, has a population of 85,000. But life for Greeks who live there has changed in hideously threatening ways, as they have been overwhelmed with 25,000 Muslim invaders. With no end in sight. The invaders arrive on inflatable boats, which they slash once they reach the shore. Breitbart reports on German news coverage (RTL)…continue reading

AND, if death through jihad doesn’t tell the tale, well….

SO as today’s commentary lays the blame at a compliant, whore-like media, it behooves querying, as many times as it takes: Why won’t American media show you how Muslim “insurgents” are making themselves at home in Europe? Why, indeed.

After all, the Democrats are petitioning Obama to bring 200,000 more of these so-called ‘refugees’ into America at taxpayer expense. The least they could do is show you what you’ll be getting for your money.

ALAS, if you want the truth, segue to DC WATCHDOG, a site which links to this investigative journalist on a regular basis, and it is not for nothing. Yes, the following is the first list of U.S. cities Obama will dump invading Muslim “refugees.”

EVEN so, the more visually inclined may require the following to jolt them into action. Here’s hoping that said visual aids will move patriots to take to the streets en mass, to stop the absolute Islamic invasion of America!

BUT for Americans who are passionate about animals, this one is for you. Patriots, it’s closer to home than you know: Canada!

Yes, CANADA! This man was arrested for ‘offending Islam’ by walking his dog in a public park where Muslims were holding an anti-Israel rally. 

Apparently, Muslims do not like dogs. I was warned by a few Muslim demonstrators not to go near them. Of course I ignored them and reminded them this is Canada, not Pakistan. Well, I was assaulted and returned the favor in kind.

At that point I was jumped by four COPS, dragged off and hand cuffed. Oh my, the police were so angry! They said I was, “insensitive” and “inciting a riot”. Thirty minutes later they cut me a big deal. No charges if I left. So I left.

Unbelievable that this could be happening in Canada. Walking a licensed dog on a leash in the park in front of our Provincial Legislature and being arrested for that simple act!”

NOTE: This is a therapy dog. Works at hospitals.

Apparently, you can also be arrested for waving an Israeli flag on your bike, when Muslims are around.




BOW WOW. Indeed, are you ready to bow, to submit, to Islam??

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