Israel’s Leadership Self-Abasement & Its Bloody Knock-On Effects: Arab-Israeli Military Jihad. What’s Going On? What’s To Be Done? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki


(PM Netanyahu is being asked in an interview: How do you want your premiership/leadership to be remembered? He intones: As the watcher, faithful, to Israel’s security!)


(UPDATE: Only a day after this analysis was posted, the Third Intifada spread to other parts of the country, as stated that it would in the opening paragraph: ‘Anti-Israel Rioting In Jaffa: Backlash From Netanyahu and Ya’alon’s Ineffective Anti-Terror Tactics‘) 

TRUTH dare be told, JEWISH self-abasement ties DIRECTLY into domestic Military Jihad igniting within Israel. In particular, Jerusalem, its capital, as well as Judea and Samaria, Israel’s heartland, are on fire. They are Israel’s Arabs main targets – for now. No doubt, the rest of the country will feel its knock-on effects. Yes, the Third Intifada is exploding!

NOW, being on the ground in Israel – and in touch with certain folks whose boots are operating inside and outside officialdom, most recently, through a lengthy conference call re said situation….aka the ‘matzav’…מַצָּב – it has been confirmed that the following analysis is spot on. Yet, none (for various reasons) would go on the record attesting to the same. Regardless, the unspoken word was: Get the truth out! 


YET, before we proceed, the following private message is decidedly noteworthy, even though this Israeli – a highly respected and veteran defense-related journalist – was not part of the aforementioned conference call. Nevertheless, this is what he said, regarding Israel’s leadership, in relation to the stepped up Military Jihad from the domestic fifth column:

ביבי ממשיך לחלק ראיונות בארהב…מאופר ומסורק…וכאן רוצחים יהודים…זה יופי של סידור עבודה…..האמת היא שגם שהוא כאן הוא לא מביא הרבה תועלת….למעשה אפס תועלת…אז תשאר שם עוד שבועיים …אולי בלעדיך מישהו יזיז את התחת ויטפל בטרור …מעולם לא היתה בישראל ממשלה של אימפוטנטים כאלה……מאיפה אספו אותם

FOR those who require a translation from the Hebrew message:

While Bibi continues to divide himself between boastful (US) interviews, here (in Israel) they are murdering Jews….a great working arrangement (for the enemy)…the truth is that even if he was in Israel it would hardly result in any benefit…actually, zero benefit,…so, let him stay there (in the US) another 2 weeks…perhaps, without him here someone will move their ass and deal with the terror….never has there been such an impotent government such as this….from where do we find such leaders???

AGAIN, this is from someone whose professional perch revolves around analyzing the defense establishment. The political leadership alike. Them’s fighting words…duly explained at this video link….

REGARDLESS, too many (inside and outside Israel) appear totally perplexed by the ‘sudden’ outbreak of Military Jihad within Israel, as if it came like a ‘bolt out of the blue.’ Newsflash: Not only was it expected, it was announced in advance! 

WITHOUT a doubt, Abbas, Arafat’s terror protégé, Israel’s putative ‘peace partner’ – the PA’s main mouthpiece address – green-lighted the start of ‘renewed’ Military Jihad. In fact, the ever cautious and knee-bent Anti-Defamation League (terrified to anger powerful Arabist forces in Washington, as well as their leftist power base) couldn’t help but put out a statement, relative to the orchestrated Military Jihad plaguing Israel:

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas implicitly gave the green light for renewed violence against Israeli civilians with a wink and a nod” during his U.N. address last week, setting in motion the string of Palestinian attacks against Israelis over the past week, the Anti-Defamation League said on Sunday.

Abbas’ more incendiary comments centered around the Palestinian leader’s threats to cease cooperating with Israel under the framework of previous agreements, such as the Oslo Accords struck by his predecessor, Yasser Arafat, as well as his refusal to acknowledge Jewish links to the religion’s holiest city of Jerusalem, where an attack by a Palestinian left two Jewish Israelis dead on Saturday.(On Thursday night, Eitam and Naama Henkin were killed in cold blood by Palestinian terrorists who drove by their car and riddled them with bullets. The incident would have caught the attention of the Israeli public in any case. But the fact that the couple was gunned down in front of their four children — aged 9 and under, with the youngest being a 6-month-old baby — made the attack that much more heart-wrenching.)

“The attacks by Palestinian terrorist groups in the West Bank and Jerusalem come just days after Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’s highly inflammatory speech at the United Nations, where he called the Oslo Accords defunct and denied the Jewish connection to Jerusalem, among other spurious claims,” declared ADL National Director Jonathan Greenblatt.

SAY it ain’t so….and this statement was made before said Military Jihad took the lives of additional Jews on Sunday, Oct. 4:

Jerusalem, or at least the area around the Old City, has become something of a war zone over the past few days.

In at least two separate attacks, two Israelis have been knifed to death, a Jewish toddler has been stabbed, and several more people have been wounded for no other reason than walking in certain areas while being Jewish.

And how have Israel’s peace partners in the Palestinian Authority responded? By blaming Israel, naturally.

When a 19-year-old Palestinian man mercilessly killed two Israeli men, critically wounded the wife of one of the victims and stabbed their helpless 2-year-old child near Lions’ Gate on Saturday, he was shot and killed by soldiers responding to the scene.

Similarly, when another knife-wielding terrorist stabbed and seriously injured a 15-year-old Israeli near Damascus Gate on Sunday, he, too, was gunned down to prevent any further bloodshed.

The statement released by the Palestinian Authority in the wake of these attacks insisted that the “killing of two young men in occupied Jerusalem” was part and parcel of Israel’s “policy of escalation.” The regime of Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas urgently called upon the international community to intervene against Israel.

NOT only that, this site reported (most recently, on two separate occasions, and throughout these pages) on a critical component that fuels Military Jihad, one which is entirely within Israel’s decision-making echelon to adjust and correct. To their eternal shame, certain truths are considered verboten in Israel’s chattering classes. Resultant, due to the power that said elitists have over Israel’s political echelon, their strategic calculi, such that it is, produces horrific knock-on effects; exploding Jewish body parts! Indeed, more of the same can be found within ‘ISIS & The Israeli Arab Nexus: How Did This Happen & What Can Be Done?’, in tandem with ‘Israel’s Appeasement Gone Wild: Jews Arrested For ‘Upsetting’ Arabs!’

GRANTED, one may rightfully inquire: What the hell does the above have to do with Jewish self-abnegation and its knock-on effects relative to Military Jihad? Everything.

IT is a given that groveling for ‘peace’ is a recipe for disaster, especially in the fiery Mid East where ‘strong horses rule.’ And the fact that Israel has the strongest military in the region makes matters worse. For if a leadership is terrified to use its military might to crush those who seek nothing less than their national destruction, what message does that send to the enemy within and outside its borders? If interested, this topic has been fully analyzed within a global interview, and it can be found here.  

MORE pointedly, the very fact that it is considered nothing short of ‘incitement’ to utter the words, ‘Kahane Was Right’, attests to why a continuously apologetic, abject, yes, self-abasing leadership is a recipe for national disaster. Concomitantly, Jewish victory is equated with the plague!

AND for those who want a brief introduction to what Rabbi Meir Kahane, z”l stood for, the following is a basic encapsulation:

  • AHAVAT YISROEL – Love of Jewry
  • HADAR – Dignity and Pride
  • BARZEL – Iron (Fist)
  • MISHMAAT YISROEL – Jewish discipline and unity
  • BITACHON – Faith in the indestructibility of the Jewish people

MOST significantly, he was continually persecuted and prosecuted while living in Israel, all for the ‘crime’ of speaking (as a private citizen, as well as a member of the Knesset) truth to power about the fifth column in Israel’s midst and at its throat. Mind you, the real fifth column leadership, duly ensconced as part of Israel’s Arab representatives in the Knesset – despite the fact that they regularly meet with enemy leadership and worse – are allowed to remain in their seats. Pray tell, why? Hint: Jewish self-abasement.

THOUGH his actual assassination took place in the US (while on a speaking tour at New York City’s midtown Marriott Hotel), unconscionably, Israel’s political leadership (its chattering classes alike, in league with the Arab public) breathed a sigh of relief. In effect, saying, yes, an authentic right-wing thorn was removed from their sides. Believe it.

NOT unexpectedly – at least for those who understand the Islamic enemy for what they are, and wherever they are – his assassination was the ‘opening of Military Jihad on US soil.’ This is a provable fact.

CONSEQUENTIALLY, while Islamic jihadists live to kill Jews (Christians alike), it is imperative not to let Israel’s leadership off the hook, that is, to place the rightful onus atop the heads of the government and its back-benching self-appointed elitists.

MEMO to Jewish brothers and sisters who live in the diaspora: Jewish identity involves much more than paying lip service, proclaiming membership in the ‘tribe.’ It goes way beyond writing out a yearly check (whether large or small) to whatever org. has in its title Jewish or Israel, pretending as if ones duty is done. Not by a long shot.


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15 thoughts on “Israel’s Leadership Self-Abasement & Its Bloody Knock-On Effects: Arab-Israeli Military Jihad. What’s Going On? What’s To Be Done? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

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  2. Hag Sameach and Shanna Tova.

    Thank you for your marvelous news.

    Bibi is just a traitor and Israel’s bamboozeled people are a total mess. They need to wake up fast. Talking to a ywning world is a useless chilul Ha Shem. Thunder raining down on our enemies with concomittant destruction everywhere is what is appropriate.

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