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BEFORE we delve into the heart of the matter, it is imperative to internalize who the main mischief makers are on American soil, in so far as mosque jihad is concerned. While many are familiar with Saudi Arabia’s Wahhabi-infused thrust into America, few have a clue about Turkey’s PM Erdogan, a major player in the Muslim Brotherhood Mafia and Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s BFF. So much so, he was front and center at this blogger’s global interview: The Muslim Brotherhood’s Quest For Global Dominance: An Interview With Adina Kutnicki. Clear as a bell.


Yet, if the above isn’t enough for the doubting Thomases, that’s okay too…peer within.

MOREOVER, it is an absolute waste of time and energy (this site’s resources too) to try and convince leftists – the red-set – to decouple themselves from their dangerous liaison with Islamists – the green-set. It is akin to repeatedly banging ones head against the wall, but expecting not to get brain damage in the process, or a very bad migraine condition as a result.  Fuggedaboutit!

The evidence regarding mosques in America (Canada and the rest of the west) leads to only one conclusion: they are a clear and present danger!

Let’s connect the dots…

Dot One:

Where to begin…how about here:American mosques are training for jihad; priming assaults on unsuspecting citizens!

Dot Two:

Indeed, jihadi training IS religiously garbed, yet leftist cohorts afford them dangerous cover. Can you believe it? You better.

Dot Three:

And if the recent jihad in Beantown didn’t spell out the dangers, then little more will. Its mosques were (are) DEEPLY in the fray:U.S. based Wahhabi-infused mosques and Boston’s jihad…rock solid!

Dot Four:

And since Marxist-loving NYC Mayor De Blasio recently castrated the NYPD’s surveillance demographics unit  – re the Muslim community/mosques – well, let’s just say that his new Police Commish was ordered to (effectively) UNDO all of ex Police Commish Raymond Kelly’s “infiltration & penetration”, to the degree in which NYC was kept safe under his tenure. Holy jihad!

Onto the swirling dangers…. they make NO secret of their intentions.


(Example of Hate/Violence Advocating Murder.  This manual was obtained by Dave Gaubatz at the Islamic bookstore connected to Imam Siraj Wahhaj’s mosque in Brooklyn)
Murder of Innocent People Being Taught in U.S. Mosques
By: Dave Gaubatz
1 May 2014


The murders of innocent people on our military bases by Major Nidal Hasan was not the first, but does one believe our Commander in Chief or Eric Holder (U.S. Attorney) are doing anything to prevent further murders from Muslims operating as Trojan Horses on our bases? The murders of innocent people on 11 Sept. 2001 will not be the last major physical attack in America.  Muslims will continue to murder innocent people all around the world. The Boston Marathon murders will not be the last.  The most important question any investigative agency or people should be asking is ‘where and who are teaching Muslims in America to murder others’?
The simple answer is inside U.S. mosques.  Mosques are safe houses.  The Imam’s no longer stand in front of a podium and instruct Muslims to murder innocent people, they now put their message on DVD’s and manuals..  They know our law enforcement and politicians consider anything written or spoken by a Muslim (even to call for murder) is considered a ‘First Amendment Right’.  Now if a 9 year old Christian or Jewish child were to come anywhere close to making any kind of threat in a public school, the almighty forces of Obama and Holder would rain down on them.  They insure all investigative steps are taken to find out who is teaching hatred and violence to them.
Regardless of what “news organization or Saudi supported Islamic organizations’ are reporting, the violent ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood is very active in America. The tragedy (murders) at Ft. Hood in 2009 by Major Nidal Hasan are the acts by what many Islamic scholars refer to as a ‘Pure Muslim’.  Of course Obama calls these murders workplace violence.
Individuals like Major Hasan are acting upon what they are being taught within many Islamic Centers.  Americans must demand our elected officials do their jobs and legally close down centers advocating violence against innocent men, women, and children. The following statements are examples of what Maj Hasan was being taught in America, and there are innocent Muslim children like Rifqa Bary who are trying to speak out, but are being shutdown by politicians who care more about the next election than they do our country and our children.
“Every Muslim should have the desire for martyrdom in his heart. If he is unable to go into the battlefield, he should certainly have the desire for martyrdom in his heart”
* Pamphlet: “40 Hadith on Jihad” page 7. Author: Maulana Abdus Samad Siyal. Published in Pakistan.
“It is learnt from this Hadith that physical jihad will continue right till the day of resurrection and will be waged as such in some part or the other of the world”. We do not deny the benefit of waging an academic and intellectual war. However, an intellectual war alone cannot be fought everywhere. There are special places and occasions for it. In short, despite waging a jihad with the tongue, pen, rationale and intellect, the Muslim community cannot be absolved of the duty of waging physical jihad”.
* Pamphlet: “40 Hadith on Jihad” pages 21 -22. Author: Maulana Abdus Samad Siyal. Published in Pakistan.
“The only reward of those who make war upon Allah and His messenger and strive after corruption in the land, will be that they will be killed”.
* Booklet: “Duties of the learned to Ignorant Muslims”, page 5. Author: Abdul Qadir Oudah (Muslim Brotherhood/Egypt). Published in Pakistan.
“Whatever is against Sharia, is unlawful for Muslims, irrespective of any Government which has declared it lawful or has ordered it to be acted upon because the right of legislation for any Government is restricted to the condition that the law framed by it should be in accordance with the Sharia, its fundamentals and legal spirit. Now, if any Government considers it lawful to exceed these prescribed limits, then because of this attitude of the Government, unlawful shall not become of this attitude of the Government, unlawful shall not become lawful and it would not be lawful for any Muslim to act upon or enforce laws against the Sharia. Rather in such a situation it becomes obligatory for every Muslim to refuse to accept those laws and abstain from acting upon them, for it is unconditional for the Muslims to obey the orders of men in power”.
* Booklet: “Duties of the learned to Ignorant Muslims”, page 34. Author: Abdul Qadir Oudah (Muslim Brotherhood/Egypt). Published in Pakistan.
In conclusion.  I have visited mosques all across America.  Violence and hate is being taught at these non profit organizations sanctioned by the IRS, yet they remain open.  The most dangerous mosque I have ever visited is in Brooklyn, NY.  Masjid At-Taqwa.  Link to At-Taqwa Site   The Imam is Siraj Wahhaj.  He has been CAIR’s man of the year (doesn’t take much to win this award) and although he advocates violence and hate, he has been called to Congress to give the opening prayers.  He then went back to his mosque and mocked Congress (well we do have that in common!)
The true teachings of Siraj Wahhaj will not be found on his website.  Wahhaj puts out lectures on DVD.  This is how he communicates with Muslims to hate America and non Muslims.
Readers should fully know that Muslims in the name of Islam have no problem murdering our children, in their schools.  My analysis of the Islamic threat concludes these type murders are soon to happen in America.  We are the only one’s who can prevent such attacks.
Assuredly, since there is no sense in reworking the wheel, to really grasp what is going on, pay particular attention to the kerfuffle, the insanity, going on in Canada. A nation known for its liberal tolerance, it is now in a fight for its existence against Islamists, egregiously (but hardly unexpectedly )given cover by leftists who lock-arms against Canada’s national interests – its very survival. Listen carefully to a SunNews video – Harper Bullying Khadr?? –
DESPITE all of the above, there is some hope, but it must become action-oriented in order to save America from its incipient death. It is duly described by the very same (premier) counter terror expert, Dave Gaubatz: ATTENTION Patriots:Operation Stop Islamic Terrorism Launched!


Think of it this way: imagine yourselves in a doctor’s office, staring aghast at a loved ones tumor-ridden body scan. Now, most people – after getting over their initial shock – will think of ways to address an almost fatal diagnosis. Most will at least seek out alternative paths of treatment, perhaps as a last ditch effort, to assist their nearest and dearest. This blogger would move heaven and earth.

So, on a national basis, what are patriots in America (Canada and the rest of the west) prepared to do about their internal CANCERS – mosques in their own backyards??

Remember: freedom of speech, freedom of religion is NOT a suicide pact. The Muslim enemy abuses these liberties, daring anyone to stop them. Never forget this!


  1. Members of the barbaric cult and ideology of the pedophile Moe-Hammered are even making their presence felt in the middle of the U.S. I live in a city of 50,000 in the middle of the Nebraska Sandhills, almost squarely in the middle of the country.

    And we have a halal meat store here! A halal store in a state known for its beef production. Good grief!

    For some time the NoBama regime was sending in Somali refugees. However, they went to work at the local packing plant and demanded time off each day for “prayers.” This is a right to work state and the company told them to take a hike, so they left.

    Now we are getting refugees from the Sudan via the Kenyan Communist/mooslim in the White House who will never assimilate here – but they are driving expensive SUV’s and living in subsidized housing, without working, of course.

    Heck, even Omaha, a true middle-American city, now has the largest population of Sudanese in the U.S. If this is happening in a very rural, conservative state like Nebraska, I can’t even imagine what is going on in the rest of the country.

    There is going to come a day of reckoning and we are going to pay a big price for letting those who hate us and want to kill us live among us. Sheer insanity. Comparable to letting Nazis move in during WWII.

  2. Don, and another thing…I am not sure too many have the stomach for this struggle and its attendant risks. More pointedly, those of us who work in this arena are “used” to certain threats, but some are more graphic than others.
    Let me put it this way: last week I received a “gift” of sorts (from an Iranian jiahdist) via my private message box: one of my online pics – featured at this blog’s “About” tab – was defaced with a bomb atop my head, a blood soaked knife at my throat and a red bulls eye on my forehead.
    The point being, as disturbing as it was, I immediately contacted several high level, trusted counter terror contacts – forget about “officialdom” – to deal with the matter.
    These jihadists are deadly serious. Westerners either have to buck up, or be prepared to submit. That’s the bottom line.


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