Trudeau’s Canada Poses GRAVE Islamic Threat To America, Despite Naysayers. What’s Going On? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

With all the brouhaha surrounding President Trump for (rightfully) taking aim at Canada’s tariffs on US imports (specifically, a 270% tariff on dairy products, plus, varying percentages on other goods), it must be understood that a looming threat – one which has exploded under Trudeau’s reign – must be exposed and paid heed to. Post haste.

Stipulated, America’s northern neighbor has been a friendly one, and vice versa. But the Canada of yesteryear is now overrun with Islamists, most of whom land at Trudeau’s (MP) doorstep. Literally.

  1. Omar Alghabra
  2. Iqra Khalid
  3. Salma Zahid
  4. Arif Virani
  5. Majid Jowhari
  6. Ali Ehsassi
  7.  Yasmin Ratansi
  8.  Ahmed Hussen
  9. Maryam Monsef
  10. Marwan Tabbara
  11. Ziad Aboultaif….and so on and so for….

But before this week’s jihadi aim was taken by America’s (DHS) poohbahs – straight toward Canada, the nation’s northern neighbor and border – know that its basis was first laid out at, as far back as August 2015. It was in anticipation of Trudeau (Canada’s leftist and Islamic-bent “pretty boy”) grabbing the reins, having been the Leader of the Liberal Party since 2013. Part of its underlying thrust can be read at “America’s Neighbor, Canada, Meets ISIS Nightmare: What’s The Upshot?“, and with its essence fleshed out and shored up within the following:

Mind you, a centerpiece at LinkedIn can be found within “Trends/Adaptations In Jihadi Tactics”: Intel Overview, Feb. 1, 2018. It more than hinted at the impending danger – vis-à-vis the mandatory (American intel) eyes peeled and targeted toward the northern border. Resultant, an encapsulation is highlighted under “generalized overview.” The following was stressed:

  • Of special note: The dangers accrued from Islamic students (native and foreign- born) on U.S./Canadian campuses was discussed at great length. They were given as much dissection time as Arab “Palestinians” within Israeli campuses, Israel’s cross to bear. A fixed target was placed on U.S./Canadian universities via their alignment with the MSA (Muslim Student Association); one of the very first front groups set up by the Saudi-backed Brotherhood Mafia. Know that the MSA has a ubiquitous (and very powerful) presence on almost every campus across North America. Inextricably, said students are able to “fly under the radar”, that is, until they become infamous. MIT’s Aafia Siddiqui, a 9/11/01 plotter, is Exhibit Number One, having been on the Board of its MSA – one of many such “accomplished” Jihadis!

In this respect, is it at all shocking that, just this week, Trump’s peeps sounded the (northern front) alarm:

The Department of Homeland Security has released a report called “Department of Homeland Security Northern Border Strategy.”

The Federation of American Scientists describes it as the DHS moving “to protect U.S. against threats from Canada.”

“The Department of Homeland Security today unveiled a ‘Northern Border Strategy’ to protect the United States against threats originating in Canada,” commented Steven Aftergood. “The new Trump administration strategy acknowledges that ‘the Northern Border remains an area of limited threat in comparison to the U.S. Southern Border.’”

But it says “the Northern Border is not without safety, security, and resiliency challenges.”

The report cites drug trafficking, as well as “homegrown violent extremists in Canada who are not included in the U.S. government’s consolidated terrorist watch list and could therefore enter the United States legally.”

The report addresses the need for commerce, travel, tourism and more but also includes “a clear vision and discrete actions that will collectively improve DHS’s efforts to safeguard the Northern Border against terrorist and criminal threats.”

“The international border between the United States and Canada separates two friendly nations with a long history of social, cultural, and economic ties. At 5,525 miles – 1,500 of which are shared by Alaska with British Columbia and the Yukon Territory in Canada – the border is the longest land boundary between two countries in the world,” DHS said.

That means each portion presents its own detection and interdiction issues.

“The Northern border is not without safety, security, and resiliency challenges. The most common threat to U.S. public safety along the Northern Border continues to be the bi-directional flow of illicit drugs,” the report said.

Individuals who pose a national security risk, the report explains, could enter through “the long stretches of difficult terrain between ports of entry…..continue reading here….

Now, not to be a nit-picker, but Trump’s DHS only got it partially right, if, at that. Effectively, the northern border – in comparison to the southern, in that ISIS & offshoots are decamped within spitting distance….painstakingly, revealed in Aug. 2015  is less on fire.

On the other hand, even under Trump, any assessment from the “see no (Islamic) evil, hear no (Islamic) evil” DHS must be viewed as understated (and “less than”), as opposed to right on target. Consider: Intrinsically, DHS’s Kelly (prior to reassignment as Trump’s COS) parroted (still does) that Islam is a religion of peace! Yes, he mirrors HUSSEIN Obama’s dangerous mantra.

The rhetoric of Department of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly suggests the government’s fundamental assumptions about the threat haven’t changed.

Kelly told the House Homeland Security Committee Thursday that the perpetrators of attacks during the Islamic month of Ramadan have “corrupted” Islam, and he suggested Christian and Jewish beliefs are also causing terrorismBreitbart reported.

“As far as Ramadan goes, you know, first of all, the uptick in violence and activities is done by a very, very small percentage of people who have just corrupted the whole concept of Islam as a religion; but it is what it is,” Kelly told the chairman of the committee, Rep. Michael McCaul, R-Texas.

Even more so, the Feds – with DHS acting as its titular head – are “spiriting” illegals across the country under HHS (Health & Human Services) cover! The proofs can be found at another expose’, Jan. 25, 2018.

Beyond enraging. Orwellian.

All of which is (still) taking place, even as DHS Head Kirstjen Nielsen exhorts: ” We have ‘zero tolerance’ for illegal immigration!”

Is that so??

Most significantly, since America’s southern border is considered (by so-called patriots) hotter than hot, yet, so much is being tolerated, glossed-over and walked-through alike, does anyone (with a rational thought process) believe that the “lesser” northern threat (according to DHS, no less) will be protected from their most recent and long overdue “action plan”: The Department of Homeland Security has released a report called “Department of Homeland Security Northern Border Strategy.”

You decide.

Image result for pics of trudeau with muslims
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6 thoughts on “Trudeau’s Canada Poses GRAVE Islamic Threat To America, Despite Naysayers. What’s Going On? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

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  2. Anyone who thinks you can fight Isis with group hugs & haikus is beyond stupid for Trudeau being stupid would be a step up he is psychotic & delusional.

    • Exactly. Islam means obey/submit. The only antidote to that is RESIST. The Bible says Submit yourselves to God, resist the devil and he will flee.
      I can’t imagine a more satanic ‘religion’ than actual satanism itself.

  3. Build a Wall for Canada too! We don’t want their satanic terrorists coming into our nation! They are the occupiers of the Temple Mount, not even mentioned in their Koran! They are jihading the earth! Get them out!

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