The Continued Desecration Of 9/11/01:Sacred Site Defiled By Islamic Supremacists, NYC Submits. How Did This Happen? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

WHILE 9/11/01 holds a special place in many hearts, it is especially resonant for those of us born and bred in NYC, even if ex pats.

TO those who lost their lives, and to others whose amazing heroism still stands as a testimonial to brave-hearts all across America, the powers that be in Marxist infested NYC are spitting on graves and in faces. Simply put, they are Allah bent on imposing Islam’s triumph over the nation. None of what you will read below has anything to do with garden variety real estate development. None of it.

AND at this end, having this and that connection to that fateful day – one which will be forever etched in stone – ensures that Islam’s barbarians will NEVER be forgiven, nor the memory of close to 3,000 incinerated souls forgotten. If anything, the passage of time only stiffens this spine to fight against Allah’s Muslim Terrorists even harder. Exposing them.

AS was written at Joe For America….

Islamic Jihad is alive and well at 9-11 ″Ground Zero” in New York and Western Civilization is at stake! As time fades and recedes into the historical background, 9/11/01 is in danger of becoming little more than a footnote in American history. GRAVE error.

And even though most view it as the opening shot of jihad on U.S. soil (though some see the 1993 attack on the World Trade Center as their first blow), both assessments are incorrect. For the absolute record, Islamic jihad dealt its initial blow on American ground back in 1990, with the assassination of Rabbi Meir Kahane, at Manhattan’s Marriott Hotel in midtown.

Be that as it may, the fact of the matter is that Islam’s thrust into America has grown exponentially, instead of muting. So it is with this understanding uppermost in mind that one must view all the “memorials” under the “guidance” of Muslims and their Marxist helpers – Islamic supremacists and anti-Americans executing jihad! Continue reading….

SHARIF, you Allah-bent bastard, shut the f-ck up.

STILL yet, requisite due diligence is always front and center at this site. Thus, let us explore and expose how a waiter and his brother – who between them couldn’t rub two nickels together…didn’t have a pot to piss in – managed to amass millions for a requisite deposit, 4.8  mil to be exact, to buy up properties at “targeted” sites. Hmm.

AS always, the Muslim Brotherhood Mafia rears its tentacled head, a subject that is a specialty at this site. Its terror apparatus is like second skin, that close.

More specifically, the VERY same Saudis who “sponsored” a preponderance of the hijackers fronted for some of the cash, and this was where Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, who owns 7% of FOXNews, entered the fray. Not only that, the guarantor of El-Gamal’s 39 mil mortgage is a jacked-up Brotherhood operative, Egyptian-born Hisham Elzanaty.

IN a very smooth way, he utilized the “art” of money-jihad. Even though eventually charged with insurance fraud (he set-up a sophisticated scheme in the Bronx, NY via layered front companies incorporated as PC’s which served as the “corporate veil” for his multi-mil fraud, and conspired with crooked docs and others through medical clinics to defraud via no-fault insurance laws), it didn’t slow him down a bit. Said ill-gotten monies have long since been laundered – the Sharia Law way! 

AND as one who recognizes the ins and outs of said matters, it was immediately understood what went down: he defrauded F/B/O furthering the ummah, with the expectation of being able to serve Allah via a “higher calling.” Its basis became the “9/11/01 submission project”, regardless of all their lies to the contrary, with the help of jive-talking apologists, some of whom are useful idiots too. 

READERS, do you recall an infamous jihadi, Al-Awlaki? He says that taking money from disbelievers is the “best and purest form of income” and quoting a Hanafi scholar, that stealing from people in the dar al-harb “is considered mubah (permitted) just like hunting or wood gathering.”

ON the other hand, as a matter of record, 9/11/01 families for are asking some salient questions, notwithstanding that it is highly doubtful any of them are experts on the Muslim Brotherhood Mafia’s hydras and roots. High-fives to them all around.

ALAS, oh, what a tangled web of front groups. Yes, they are fraught with layers upon layers of inter-related parties. Mind you, a goodly portion of America’s Brotherhood Mafia orgs are tax exempt, despite having inter-related parties within each entity, a no-no within the IRS’s non-profit regs. But let’s not even go there, rules and regs aren’t applied to Islamic “charities.” 

BE that as it may, voilà, a rags-to-riches “property developer story” was weaved overnight! Well, the tale of their self-made “success” is as true as this investigative journalist being an Islamist plant, and not really a Conservative American and a Zionist Israeli patriot to boot. Oh yeah.

MOVING right along…. 

The developer of the failed Ground Zero Mosque has nailed down “Sharia-compliant financing” for a new, luxury condominium tower and Islamic cultural museum on the same site, he and his banking partners said Wednesday.

The $174 million dollar project features a three-story Islamic cultural museum at 51 Park Place and 48 high-end residential condos in a 43-story tower at 45 Park Place in the Financial District.

Sharif El-Gamal

The “Sharia-compliant” financing means the deal complies with complex Islamic laws that govern lending and borrowing, including a prohibition against accepting interest or fees for loans.

Manhattan developer Sharif El-Gamal’s 2010 plan for a 15-story Islamic cultural center sparked protests from opponents who dubbed it the “Ground Zero Mosque,” although it was four blocks away.

He abandoned that plan in 2011 and there has been little apparent opposition to the smaller museum or the development itself.

The project now includes two multi-story penthouses on the top four floors along with a pool, gym and kids’ playroom.

The deal, finalized Tuesday, was funded by the London branch of Malayan Banking Berhad.

The project was designed by Michel Abboud of SOMA Architects, along with Ismael Leyva Architects, and will include a 2,821 square-foot public plaza, green space and a retail shop.

AS is said, “read these lips”, even though not face to face: Islam’s supremacists will have a mosque within the museum on a scaled-back basis, despite the above puff piece and notwithstanding their denials. Having learned from past mistakes, they prefer to stick to more palatable terminology: cultural-museum-like. Do pigs fly? But going from a mega mosque to its lesser scale is neither here nor there for The Plan at this time. Intrinsically, as long as Shariah Law is part and parcel of the entire project they win and New Yorkers (Americans at large) lose. It is that simple. 

FURTHERMORE, it must be internalized that Allah’s Muslim Terrorists run circles around the average westerner, despite the so-called breed of street smart New Yorkers. The facts of the matter are patently clear: even if it appears that one door is shut in their faces – temporarily slowing them down in imposing Shariah Law’s supremacy over the entire nation – as always, they barge through another, come what may. They NEVER give up, for Allah mandates they charge forward, and that is that.

EVEN so, let there be NO doubt: the desecration of sacred ground in NYC would never be tolerated, if the likes of former Mayor Giuliani (despite this and that flaw) held the reins. In fact, any building application for such a monstrosity – albeit, couched in condo-speak and an Islamic “museum” – would become DOA within the city’s bureaucratic red-tape, that which no one can do an end-run around, that is, unless heavy-hitting “sympathizers” are on site to do their bidding. And that’s where it is at.

MOST audaciously, the fact remains that a double crime against non-Muslim Americans is being committed, and all “credit” (within NYC’s sphere of influence) should be given to revolutionary commie/Marxist and Islamist imbued Mayor Billy boy de Blasio and his kool-aid drinking predecessor, Bloomberg, who happens to be king of Shariah Law compliant financial instruments. 

AS this investigative journalist already proved at Joe For America via the linked expose’, the following snippet stands as part of an overwhelming indictment. It is more than enough to nail de Blasio’s butt to the wall. Yes, his alliance with the most retrograde forces threatening America – ala co-joining between Islamists and Marxists – is a done deal!

INCREASINGLY, since many Americans are interested in finding out what’s what, therefore, a full forensic accounting is mandatory akin to a colonoscopy. Trust, when one supports the Brotherhood Mafia (its progeny, Hamas/CAIR…etc.), it stands to reason that intersecting associates are hardly pro-American and anti-jihad. You think?

AS always, “follow the money” via the inter-related (hydra-like) parties! Oh, expect comrade de Blasio to lend the terror org. full-blown cover.


MAY he get his comeuppance, one way or another, as he falls on his sword for Islam! 

SO not only is sacred land, already defiled by 9/11/01, in danger of additional desecration, but the full-on entry of Shariah Law’s application into said monstrosity (or within any American sphere, yes, Shariah Law finance compliance is rife, but let’s not digress) ensures that this hallowed ground will be lorded over by those who brought down the Towers to begin with! 

MOST significantly, Islam couldn’t exist without its oxygen, Shariah Law. Hence, empowering ANY aspect of Shariah Law not only cements its stranglehold over Americans, but lends Muslims the tailwind to soldier on, thus, submitting America – the most central goal of all – to Islam’s boot and sword!

PATRIOTS, once again, you are forewarned.

(SEAR this ground zero site into your brain, 51 Park Place/45 Park Place, as Allah’s Muslim Terrorists won their attempt, once again, to defile its sacred ground! It was damaged by Mohamed Atta’s 9/11 airplane’s landing gear and aircraft undercarriage that scooped up human bodies when the pieces fell from the World Trade Center into the roof of the old factory. Even though six-hundred feet from the Trade Center plaza, the site is very much in Ground Zero itself.

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6 thoughts on “The Continued Desecration Of 9/11/01:Sacred Site Defiled By Islamic Supremacists, NYC Submits. How Did This Happen? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

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  2. Stop Sharia Law! Thank you for the disgusting details about 45 and 51 Park Place in NYC. I was furious, when I first heard about it, but appreciate the inside story. We are inundated in America by useful idiots and truly evil people. God help us all. Stay safe.

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