The Dangerous Morphing/Twinning/Sell-Out Of Israel’s Leftist Media…With A Lethal, Leftist Washington Regime…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Americans ( and other westerners ) are getting used to the idea that many of their media outlets are working in concert with their political masters. They are at their service.

NEVER mind that such twinning runs contrary to all democratic principles in a free society.  In fact, alternative media are up-in-arms about this dangerous collusion. There exists very strong evidence – pointing towards several US media giants – demonstrating that they have leaked national security secrets at the behest of Barack Hussein Obama’s radical administration. As expected, the erstwhile Commander-in-Chief feigns plausible deniability.

And pigs do fly.

Be that as it may, and evidenced by several commentaries at this blog (to be cited below), Israel has more than its share of radical leftists. They work in service of “so and so” within the Israeli government, as well as aligning with several western governments – chiefly, the gallery of rogues in Washington.

Now, as dangerous as it is when US media feeds the enemy intel ( and it is! ), imagine how much more so ( as is said in Israel, kal v’chomer ) it becomes when Israel’s internal traitors ply their wares. After all, Israel’s width and depth can fit within the blueprint of Lake Michigan, NJ or similar sized allotments. In other words, the damage wrecked is potentially existential.

Therefore, though we are all “used to”, and repulsed by, traitors in our midst, the situation has become intolerable due to the dangers posed by Iran’s Hitlerite regime.

Aside from their decades long worldwide terror campaign – specifically targeting Israelis/Jews/Americans, as well as their ritualistic exhortations to ‘wipe out the Zionist entity/cancer’ – their most recent threats bears complete internalizing.

‘Iran Admits Giving WMD’Ss To Terrorists, Rogue State Threatens Israel Over Syria’ 

“Israel will be obliterated by chemical, microbial and nuclear bombs, Iran is warning, but those weapons of mass destruction will be used first on Tel Aviv by Hezbollah and Islamic Jihad at the start of a decades-old Muslim dream of destroying the Jewish state.”

“An alarming commentary last week in Mashregh, the media outlet of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, confirmed that the Islamic regime not only has WMDs but has armed its terrorist proxies with them. Mashregh speaks for the regime.”

“It warned Israel that if the fighting in Syria does not stop, an all-out attack on the Jewish state will be launched and that at zero hour, Tel Aviv will be the first city to be destroyed.”

“The threat to retaliate against Israel with weapons of mass destruction is credible,” said Dr. Peter Vincent Pry, executive director of the Task Force on National and Homeland Security, who previously served on the House Armed Services Committee and with the CIA. “A highly credible source in 2005 warned that a decision had been made at the highest level of the Iranian government to arm numerous ballistic missiles with chemical and biological warheads to retaliate against Israel if Iran’s vital interests were endangered. The fall of [Syrian President Bashar] Assad would constitute endangerment of Iran’s vital interest.”

“The commentary said that for 18 months, Israel, with all its power, has tried to reshape Islamic movements that have targeted the “Zionists” into a conflict between Muslims, with Syria at the center of its efforts.”

“The Mashregh column charged that Israel is behind the Syrian crisis in order to strategically change the geopolitics of the region and defeat one of the main players in the Islamic world’s “resistance front.” It warned Israel that with the direction it has chosen, “There is a dead end, and the threat of mass killing awaits.”

“The commentary recalled the doctrine of the founder of the Islamic revolution, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini: “If they stand against our religion, we will stand against their world. If all this bloodshed is to provide a better future for Israel, we will destroy their world.”

“The lengthy analysis claimed that several forces are involved on both the diplomatic and military fronts to break the Syrian “resistance front.”

“It cited Turkish forces on Syria’s border with that NATO country but also claimed there are American forces along the Golan Heights and in Jordan, and Saudi, Qatar and French forces at the Syrian border with Lebanon.”

“Their defeat from the fronts within [Syria] and the movement of their forces on the borders are signs that the world’s Zionists have lost hope on the capability of [anti-Assad] terrorists against Syrian forces and now are looking for an opportunity to get the armed forces of others involved,” the commentary said.

“A strategic look at the situation in Syria, it said, shows that in order to safeguard Damascus and Bashar Assad’s regime, it is necessary to destroy “the center responsible for these destructions, which will force the enemy to retreat.” To that end, Iran will break “the security of Israel by targeting Tel Aviv.”

“The commentary, citing the weak economies in America and Europe, said that in an all-out confrontation between the “resistance front” and Israel, the West will stay out of it, not wanting to fight Syria with a military of 220,000 military personnel and 240,000 reserves, Iran’s massive forces and Hezbollah.”

“Should Israel and its allies succeed in unraveling Syria so the legitimate Assad regime loses control, the commentary said, there are but two scenarios:

“Groups armed with weapons of mass destruction (chemical, microbial and nuclear bombs), which have been obtained on the black market, will surely target Tel Aviv.” .

Thus, a reasonable question becomes : what does the above report have to do with Israel’s traitor-like media?


‘Obama Using Israeli Paper To Foil Israeli Strike?’

“The United States is colluding with a top Israeli newspaper to stymie Israel’s efforts to strike Iran’s nuclear weapons program, according to a leading nationalist pundit.”

“Writing in Friday’s edition of Makor Rishon, one of the Israel’s veteran journalists, Amnon Lord, paints a picture of intense U.S. meddling in internal Israeli political and security-oriented processes in an effort to prevent a successful Israeli strike on the weapon program meant to make it extinct.”

“From a technical military point of view, Israel does not require any kind of coordination with the Americans,” writes Lord regarding the plan for a raid on Iran. “There is a concern that the Americans will learn of the date for an attack and try to prevent it in different ways. The Americans have not given the Israelis a feeling that they are truepartners in the operative arena, in the past two years. On the contrary, the IDF has identified preventive American activity against an Iran operation.”

“This is particularly evident in the grave matter of the leaks regarding Azerbaijan in the past, about the Kurdish region, and recently in the publication of the flight paths to the target. All this is the product of our ally, with the cooperation of one of the largest media platforms in Israel, which serves and assists the Obama administration against the government of Israel. The Americans are the ones who are feeding some of the arch-pundits with damaging information.”

“Lord – who was formerly Makor Rishon‘s editor-in-chief and currently writes a weekly column and is a senior editor – does not name names, but most informed Israeli readers would have no doubt that he is referring to the Yediot Aharonot media empire. In essence, he is accusing the newspaper of colluding with an external force – the Obamaadministration – against the Israeli government and the IDF, in an existential matter of national defense.”

“Lord states that Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz, the IDF Chief of Staff, is hard at work preparing the IDF strike on Iran and that reports that he thinks such a strike is beyond the abilities of the Israeli military are “simply a disinformation campaign by media people who disguise the fact that it is motivated by a political view.”

As noted above, this blog has amply addressed the dangers posed by Israel’s internal left. Its chief culprits include : leftist parasites from the media, academia and judiciary/legal system.

‘The Paradox & Pitfalls of Liberal Democracies…In a Time Of (im)Moral Relativism.. The Havoc Wrought By Leftist Academia’ applies succinctly to Israeli academia and (most other) western institutions of higher learning. However, this writer specifically addresses US and Israeli campuses.

Moreover, ‘What Happens When Resident Leftists/’Peace’ Fantasists Hold The Reins Of Power…Regardless of Which Party Holds Sway?’ evinces the out-sized role media plays in capitulating to our enemies, through blaring their ‘peace at all costs’ fixation. IF only yours truly ( or another ) could quantity how many dead and maimed Jews land at their doorsteps! In fact, this is exactly the same modus operandi detailed in the thesis of today’s commentary.

In tandem, ‘Israel’s Ship Of Fools..Led By Delusional Leadership…Caroline Glick Skewers Them..Barack Hussein Obama Too’ exposes the mendacious relationship between Israel’s leaders – regardless of which party holds sway – and its corrosive media, plus the ( often hidden ) part the POTUS plays.

If further proof is required – ‘When Intellectual Honesty Smacks Up Against Leftist Delusions…A Nation-Saving Prescription To Beat Them Back’ is as much about the media as it is about academia, detailing the catastrophic damage they have wrought upon half of world Jewry.

And the ( depressing ) fact of the matter is that leftism is a parasitic host with no remedy, nor address – to date – to kill it off. ‘Leftist Dogma The Same World Over…Freedom Loving People, Beware’

Just substitute post-Zionist academics with post-Zionist media, and the rest flows from there – ‘Post-Zionist Academics Further Israel’s Delegitimization’ –

And if the reign of terror from Israel’s left wasn’t operating in full force, would the following commentary be necessary ? ‘Is Justice (Ideologically) Blind In Israel, Or Not? You Decide.’


This blogger would rest easier if the topic at hand no longer required said services.

And realizing that a major Israeli news outlet is in service of The Islamist-in-Chief, it is hardly realistic that this effort will no longer be required.

Those who question : is Amnon Lord’s report true, are simply not in tune with reality on the ground.

The above report  is surely the tip of the media giant’s – Yediot Aharonot – corrosive/collusion, in the service of Barack Hussein Obama! To be sure, the Arabist-leaning/fire breathing, Ha’aretz ( a major daily, quoted by all of Israel’s enemies ) is in the tank too.

Treason, by any other dressage, is still treason!

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