When Intellectual Honesty Smacks Up Against Leftist Delusions…..A Nation-Saving Prescription To Beat Them Back…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

The (peace) science, as is said, is settled, at least according to Israel’s resident fantasists, foreign media poohbahs, and their international (mega) financial supporters (think:Peres Peace Center , for starters….). They continually opine, if only Israel did such and such, this or that, surrendered this piece or that piece, peace would be attainable. In a pig’s eye.

The insidious implication is that it is the fault of stubborn, right wing, nationalist Jews who keep peace at bay, never mind the trail of death and destruction, courtesy of the progenitor of the “peace” process-the Oslo Peace/Death Accords . These dreamers would have the world believe that “recalcitrant” nationalists are in denial, that they are the ones dreaming, some may even be hallucinating, perhaps sleepwalking, even as a verifiable body count is at hand. Sheesh…

The pile up of thousands of dead Jews, and many more who are maimed for life-ever since signing onto their bloody peace bandwagon-is not even enough to convince them of the errors of their ways. At the very least, a collective mea culpa is in order. You would think, wouldn’t you? Even more enraging, thousands of fellow Jews-dead and wounded-are callously termed, “sacrifices for peace” ! Good going, President Peres, thanks for coining such a catchy phrase. Jews/Zionists are eternally in your debt.

For further edification on their implacable delusional state, view this eyeopener – http://www.amazon.com/Oslo-Syndrome-Delusions-People-Under/dp/157525557X. Personally, having read it when it was hot off the presses, couldn’t put it down. Finally, a cogent historical and psychiatric explanation, regarding what heretofore seemed inexplicable. More than worth the read. Dr Kenneth Levin, the world owes you a debt for “settling the (delusional & historical) science”.

Despite the above, the dreamers would further have the world believe that thousands of missiles/rockets flying out of Gaza for well over a decade-but exponentially more so, since ex PM Sharon surrendered Gaza in August 2005, declaring it Judenrein, thereby handing the PA/Hamas terror junta the keys-is nary a factor, nor a blip, in the “peace” process. Per chance, who are we-the ones who inexplicably still need to be dragged to the “peace” table, albeit kicking and screaming-supposed to make peace with? An op-ed –‘The Bitter Fruits of Disengagement’ – written in memory of the sixth anniversary of the wholesale destruction of Gush Katif and parts of the northern Shomron, is a cogent reminder to all peace obsessed folks who still don’t get it – http://honenu.org/articles/the-bitter-fruits-of-disengagement/, mopping up tears as it was written.

However, if one truly wants to learn from the master, understanding to a tee, exactly how destructive the “peace” process has been, one and all, the inestimable, Dr Martin Sherman . Just as a foretaste, please see his impeccable credentials in strategic studies at the link below. But don’t rely only on my high praise, just read for yourselves the endorsements to Dr Sherman’s security concepts/strategy. To glean a valuable overview, please go to the head shots at his HOME page. Click them on, see who stands behind his strategic acumen – www.strategic-israel.org/. If there is any link worth perusing, regarding Israel’s national security situation, this is it.

And the links below provide more pearls of wisdom from Dr Sherman, specifically culled from his weekly column at The Jerusalem Post, ‘Into The Fray’ . Not exaggerating when suggesting the following-for Israel to survive intact the main address is his security policy center, The Israeli Institute For Strategic Studies . Again, it is not just this American-Israeli who thinks so, his illustrious endorsers (found at his site) feel the same.

For your reading pleasure (but there will be some pain too, in terms of heartburn),  recommending to start here – http://www.jpost.com/Opinion/Columnists/Article.aspx?id=276448

then here – http://www.jpost.com/Opinion/Columnists/Article.aspx?id=266797

to here – http://www.jpost.com/Opinion/Columnists/Article.aspx?id=276448 .

here too –http://www.jpost.com/Opinion/Columnists/Article.aspx?id=277325

The above intellectual masterpieces (and scores more by Dr Sherman, found all over the web) make mincemeat out of the “never say die” peace brigades. These die-hards hail from the top of the heap ala President Peres-the penultimate fantasist in Israel’s midst-to the smug, self important blowhards – you know the kind – leftist media-types, posing as intellectual denizens over the rest of the unwashed masses.

Reading Dr Sherman’s columns is akin to walking into the light, finally taking off the (anti-historical) blinders.

Full disclosure: I work shoulder to shoulder with Dr Sherman, but make no mistake, he is the teacher (a professor’s professor), and I am the student, despite my many years fighting in the fray!

7 thoughts on “When Intellectual Honesty Smacks Up Against Leftist Delusions…..A Nation-Saving Prescription To Beat Them Back…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

    • Yes, we are all VERY concerned….at least those who are not blinded by PC mandates! Thankfully, I am in league with those who see what the reality is-as dire as it is- and not what they wish it to be.

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