America Could Lose The “Fourth World War”…By:Professor Paul Eidelberg…No Commentary Warranted…Adina Kutnicki

America Could Lose the Fourth World War

Prof. Paul Eidelberg

“Day after day we see or learn of more and more international anarchy and moral confusion. This dangerous state of affairs has many causes, but none is more obvious, and none bodes more ill, than President, Barack Hussein Obama—a fool as well as a multicultural moral relativist.

America’s “post-American” president is oblivious of a most important fact.  A superpower like America cannot apologize for its once decisive role in international affairs on the one hand, and curtail its military expenditures on the other, without shirking the responsibilities that come with being a great and powerful nation.

Indeed, America’s responsibilities are of world-historical significance. Intelligent and decent people in many nations are aware of this.  They know of America’s crucial role in the three world wars of the twentieth century.  In the First World War, America prevented Imperial Germany from overrunning Europe. In the Second World War, America was indispensable in the conquest of Nazi Germany, a totalitarian regime having global ambitions. In the Third World War, America, almost single-handedly, brought about the collapse of Communist Russia and Imperial Japan.

Today, America is involved in a Fourth World War, the greatest war known to civilization. America could lose this war because of her government’s failure to understand and identify her Jihadic enemy: Imperial, Totalitarian Islam—a theologically encrusted ideology more insidious than the atheistic creeds mentioned above, Nazism and Communism.

Since Barack Obama is a multicultural moral relativist, he is mentally incapable of recognizing the immoral nature of America’s enemy, nor of defending in lucid and energetic manner what America stands for as a nation, a nation whose foundational principles are rooted in Judeo-Christian civilization. Besides, as a self-professed “cosmopolitan,” Barack Obama is not only a post-American president; he is quite literally “a man without a country.”

Nevertheless, he is the president of the only country that can save mankind from a New Dark Age, an age dominated by a nuclear-armed Islamic Caliphate.

To be more precise, I am alluding to the theocratic and global ambition of Iran, historically known as Persia, one of the most powerful empires of antiquity. The Mullahs of Iran despise Obama’s “outreach” foreign policy, a euphemism for appeasement.

As is well known, Iran is well-situated to control the oil resources of the Middle East. This would enable the Mullahs of that despotic Islamic regime to spread their deadly hatred of the West throughout Islamdom. Bear in mind that of the world’s 1.5 billion prolific Muslims spread among some 50 nations, conservative estimates indicate that hundreds of millions of these Shiite and Sunni Muslims, faithful to the dictates of Allah and the Quran, support Jihad. Many nations across the globe live under the threat of Muslim terror and Islamic imperialism.

The threat to these nations and the resulting international turmoil can only be aggravated by a U.S. policy of “detente” vis-à-vis Islam with cutbacks in U.S. military expenditures. That was America’s policy vis-à-vis the Soviet Union during the Carter Administration, hence before the presidency of Ronald Reagan. Reagan did two things to hasten—I repeat hasten—the collapse of the Soviet Union. First, he increased U.S. military expenditures against which the Soviet Union (already weakened by its debacle in Afghanistan) could not compete; and second, he called the Soviet Union “the Evil Empire,” which shamed Russia and undermined the prestige of Communism throughout much of the world.

Obama has taken the opposite course. He has reduced U.S. military expenditures and has fawned over Islam, most conspicuously by bowing to a despot, Saudi King Abdullah.

It is in this light that we are to understand the increasing moral confusion and international anarchy that has occurred since Barack Obama entered the White House, and this will only grow worse if this fool wins the November election. Indeed, America could lose the Fourth World War. ”

And, this is why I am honored to be part of his circle.

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  8. Adina, I don’t agree with everything you say, but your heart’s in the right place. Am Yisroel chai!

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