When Radical Politics Trumps National Security: What Can Go Wrong? Everything…Addendum To:Americans Hope To Change The Occupant Of The White House…An Anti-American POTUS Runs An Un-American Campaign…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Under the stewardship of leaders whose ideologies are inimical ( and foreign ) to the interests of a nation’s foundation, it is impossible for them to govern with a secure and steady hand. It is on par with demanding that an actual foreigner must suddenly become as comfortable in their new surroundings as a long-time local.

It’s patently absurd.

And, the direct ramification of ushering in a Radical-in-Chief to the White House – Hail to the Chief Foreigner – has, in absolute terms, jeopardized national security. Its effects should be expected, not unlike a duck takes to water….a pig to sh-t…and a pimp to his whore.

Hardly a shocker.

‘General Demsey Forgets Oath, Plays Politics’ illustrates what transpires when the fish stinks from the head up, even causing high military officials to veer from their sacred oath.

“Has General Martin Dempsey, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, made himself a political shill for the Obama Administration?”

“According to Fox News, General Dempsey criticized a group of former military and intelligence operatives for its aggressive campaign against President Obama, telling Fox News that he is “disappointed” by such political activity, which he called “not useful.”

“Specifically, Dempsey denounced a group of former CIA agents, Navy SEALs and other military members, the Special Operations OPSEC Education Fund, who recently released a long-form political ad blasting Obama for security leaks on his watch, as well as suggesting he has taken too much credit for the SEALs raid in Pakistan that killed Usama bin Laden.”

“Those seem to be legitimate criticisms made by knowledgeable and experienced individuals.”

“Dempsey, however, said as the steward of his profession — the military — he thinks it imperative that the military remain “apolitical.”

“Nonsense. They are civilians.”


If the readers think they can stand more agita, view the following – ‘National Security Leaks: Are White House Politics And Not The Safety Of The Nation, The Primary Factors At Work?’ 

“President Obama has dismissed and derided the former military and intelligence officers who believe his administration passed out sensitive national security information for partisan gain. In a press conference yesterday, he said of the Special Operations OPSEC Education Fund and similar groups-“I don’t take these folks too seriously.”

“Unsurprisingly, the White House has been quick to attack the men behind these accusations instead of explaining to the American people that this administration has not leveraged defense secrets for positive press reports. The best Obama was able to muster in his defense yesterday was “this kind of stuff springs up before election time.”

“Of course, this does not adequately address accusations of leaks that many believe could amount to treason.  While the specific source of the leaks remains in question, as a former intelligence officer, I see why so many informed observers, including the OPSEC whistleblowers, smell something rotten at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Let’s press into the facts of the case.”

“From the start of the controversy, the news articles that leaked the information claimed that their sources were members of “Obama’s national security team.” That would seem the drain the pool of possible leakers rather quickly, but alas-no progress has been made on the White House-approved investigation.”

“Even without that massive clue, there is plenty of circumstantial evidence pointing to the White House as the source. The leaks are obviously political because they are positive. Leaks usually hurt administrations, but not these leaks. Whoever told the press about these sensitive national security matters had very high-level access and used it to lionize the President. From the Bin Laden raid details to the President’s so-called “Kill List,” the leaks bolstered the perception that Obama had transformed into a hawk.”

“In response to the OPSEC group’s accusations, media outlets often tout that Obama’s Department of Justice has brought more Espionage Act prosecutions-six and counting-than every President before him combined. They cite this to further a narrative that Obama takes leaking seriously, but that’s a misreading. The prosecutions have everything to do with appearances for Obama and very little to do with national security.”

“Leaks can create major political headaches, as seen during the Bush years. To blunt this liability, the Obama administration established an early precedent: leak, and Attorney General Holder’s DOJ will ruin your life.  This approach ensnared a range of offenders-from legitimately dangerous offenses to a case against former NSA analyst Thomas Drake that completely fell apart in court.”

“Thus the Obama administration has maintained a two-track enforcement approach to leakers. Senior political operatives seem to get away with them; working-level national security professionals cower in fear of DOJ’s wrath.”

“Instead of pulling clearances and firing alleged leakers, Obama’s DOJ jumped right to felony charges in these instances. Regardless of the trial outcomes, the message to all who have classified access and a political disagreement with Obama was heard loud and clear.”

http://www.familysecuritymatters.org/publications/detail/national-security-leaks-are-white-house-politics-and-not-the-safety-of-the-nation-the-primary-factors-at-work?f=must_reads#ixzz24RQL1av3 .

Supporting the above, a Commander-in-Chief who treats his troops with the same care as gum he scrapes from his shoes, this type of ideologue is hardly in a ( mental ) position to place the national interest above everything else.

‘The Anti-American Commander-in-Chief Tasks His Military Brass To Do What?…Pouring Fuel Onto A Combustible Flame…Law Of INTENDED Consequences’ displays his utter contempt for those who shield our nation, at the same time that he props up the Islamic enemy within, as well as those outside American shores.


To make matters even starker, ‘Shoring Up Barack Hussein Obama’s Second Term Plans….’ lays out in harsh detail The Thief-in-Chief’s second term plans to further bankrupt the nation.

As such, an economically bleeding nation is incapable of fighting back, particularly when guns are also confiscated.

Sounds nuts? Not by a long shot – https://adinakutnicki.com/2012/08/19/shoring-up-barack-hussein-obamas-second-term-plans-addendum-tobarack-hussein-obamas-deconstruction-plans-green-wise-via-the-economy-disarming-the-citizens-via-gun-control-commentary-by-ad/

In this regard, the following blog commentaries shore up the main thesis posited above, not from one direction, but from many vantage points.

‘The Thug-in-Chief…Hell Bent On Disarming Christian Patriots…Ordered His Racialist AG To Turn Up The Heat’ disarms anyone who mendaciously attempts to argue that the POTUS is a patriot, or even has a basic attachment to the Constitution – https://adinakutnicki.com/2012/08/20/the-thug-in-chief-hell-bent-on-disarming-christian-patriots-ordered-his-racialist-ag-to-turn-up-the-heat-addendum-to-barack-hussein-obamas-brave-new-world-second-amendment-pro-life-su/

As if.

And, to top it all off, the poser in the White House lays claim to being a Constitutional scholar, but only in his fevered, anti-American imagination. Nevertheless, he is hardly alone in his views.

VERY far from it.

This is how  ‘hope and change’ has become ‘economic doom and gloom’ for tens of millions of Americans, at the same time that Barack Hussein Obama ushered in a national nightmare of racial strife unseen in decades.

Unless…he is a healer of metaphysical proportions. After all, he has been called ‘The (Chosen) One’. Recall, the fainters….the swooners….the tinglers….


Therefore, ‘Americans Hope To Change The Occupant Of The White House…An Anti-American POTUS Runs An UnAmerican Campaign’ …. its title being the only positive part of the national trauma! – https://adinakutnicki.com/2012/08/20/americans-hope-to-change-the-occupant-of-the-white-house-an-anti-american-potus-runs-an-un-american-campaign-commentary-by-adina-kutnicki/.

November can’t come soon enough!!

6 thoughts on “When Radical Politics Trumps National Security: What Can Go Wrong? Everything…Addendum To:Americans Hope To Change The Occupant Of The White House…An Anti-American POTUS Runs An Un-American Campaign…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

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  4. I realize there are cultural and religious differences, but…
    Let’s be careful lumping the pigs, an important and healthful part of human nutrition around the world, in with the pimps and whores and treasonous people. They are not only intelligent, but they struck me as comical. For years their low-cost valves prolonged the lives of many who suffered heart disease.
    I started farming in the depths of the 1980’s farm crisis which of course coincided with the vicious interest rates and inflation that we may well face once again. The relatively quick turnover of investment in “mortgage lifters” was key. I could easily observe they preferred clean pens by their responses. When introduced to a clean pen they switched into “four wheel drive”. Horses, cattle, cows get sick from overeating or getting into certain crops, not pigs. Diving in puddles is their way to maintain their body temperature in the summer heat just as they can make a nest and dive into bedding to keep warm in cool weather. This a reply and is not criticism. You are entirely correct that our president is a radical. Thank you.

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