INTEL HAUL RE ISIS A GAME-CHANGER: Will FEDS Be Ordered To “Stand Down” Akin To Benghazi? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

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REGARDLESS of anything else, whatever intel caches are retrieved within other spheres, trust that Washington’s agencies will gain access – by hook or by crook. Besides, for now, they are still considered the “gold standard”, albeit, more than tarnished. Compromised.

BUT what is even more worrisome than a dearth of intel is the amount of untold damage that can accrue under HUSSEIN Obama’s Islamic-captured FEDS, especially when they are in possession of this and that and its contents are purposefully “mishandled.”

MIND you, this is a regime which GIFTED Iran’s Hitlerite leaders the green light to amass a nuclear arsenal, in tandem with billions to continue their worldwide terror campaign, a portion of which is aimed DIRECTLY at America and its overseas interests!

AS reported at House of Bribes:

DEDICATED readers (numbering in the millions…thanks for that) are aware that this investigative journalist enjoys a myriad of “relationships.” Some, though not all, are detailed within. And this is important to understand for various reasons, least of which are the shared confidences between parties.

NOW, one such relationship exists with USA Transnational Report. Accordingly, this site unreservedly recommends the most comprehensive report to date on the (purposeful) nuclear-arming of Iran. Its documented basis will clear through the smoke and mirrors, that which HUSSEIN Obama’s regime blew in the direction of the free world.

ITS contributors include: 

Adina Kutnicki, Andrea Shea King, Dr. Ashraf Ramelah, Benjamin Smith, Brent Parrish,Charles Ortel, Denise Simon, Dick Manasseri, Gary Kubiak, Hannah Szenes, Right Side News, Marcus Kohan, General Paul E. Vallely, Regina Thomson, Scott Smith,Terresa Monroe-Hamilton, Colonel Thomas Snodgrass, Trevor Loudon, Wallace Bruschweiler, and William Palumbo.

WITHOUT further ado,“House Of Bribes: How The United States Led The Way To A Nuclear Iran.” (pdf here)

“I think that the American companies will be welcomed in Iran… This is not a game for junior companies, and I call juniors anything below a billion-dollar market cap. This is a big-money game.”
– An American Portfolio Manager, July 2015

Table of Contents

Executive Summary
The Trailblazers: Namazi & Nemazee
National Iranian-American Council (NIAC)
The Open (Iranian) Society of George Soros
Valerie Jarrett – The Puppetmaster
Complicity of the GOP

Executive Summary

The Iranian nuclear deal is a full capitulation to Iran’s terrorist mastermind Mullahs, and the latest in a series of betrayals of the American people and allies by the Obama administration.  At the highest level of the administration, Barack Obama’s Senior Advisor, the Iranian-born Valerie Jarrett, prioritized rapprochement with the terror state.  Throughout the process and negotiations, she had the backing of billionaire investor (and Obama-backer) George Soros, and his multi-headed network of tax-exempt foundations.  Their efforts were driven by deep-rooted anti-Semitism and personal greed.  Meanwhile, since the mid-1990s, a small but very connected Iranian lobby (funded, in part, by George Soros) has been laying the groundwork for normalizing relations with Tehran.  Operating through a variety of non-governmental organizations and political action committees, the lobby courted Democrat and Republican politicians.  With the election of (Soros-backed) Obama in 2008, the Iranian lobby had very receptive ears in the White House.  International business interests were courted and effectively bribed with access to Iranian markets, until finally the deal was realized, approved, and sealed by a vote of the United Nations Security Council.


Thus far, the reports and exposés issued by the New Coalition of Concerned Citizens* have focused on the threat posed by Islamists to American sovereignty.  The Qatar Awareness Campaign brought to light extensive influence network of the State of Qatar and their ruling al-Thani family.  The Betrayal Papers explained the Muslim Brotherhood’s domination of the Obama administration’s agenda and policies, foreign and domestic.

This report will detail the sinister influence of the small, yet well-connected and very powerful, Iran lobby.  Though the Iran lobby’s highest level contacts are prominent Democrats, their reach spans both major political parties.  Like previous exposés, this investigation will mention familiar names, including George Soros, Valerie Jarrett, and the United Nations.

Iran is widely regarded by counterterrorism experts as the heart of Islamic radicalism, and the point of origin for terrorism with a specific geopolitical agenda (i.e., the creation of an Islamic Caliphate, much like the Islamic State, but dominated by Shiites, not Sunnis).  With the eager embrace of a legacy-hungry Obama administration, the Iran lobby managed to achieve a deal which makes the United States the de facto most powerful backer of Islamic terrorism in the world.

How did this happen?…continue reading….

NOT only that, we all know that Israel is in Iran’s DIRECT cross hairs, even to the point of showcasing their genocidal intent after securing their booty from HUSSEIN Obama!  

Iran test-launched two ballistic missiles Wednesday (March 9, 2016) emblazoned with the phrase “Israel must be wiped out” in Hebrew, Iranian media reported, in a show of power by the Shiite nation as U.S. Vice President Joe Biden’s visited Jerusalem.

ATOP it all, it is hardly a state secret that Jews (world over) are hunted down like prey by Iran’s proxy pawns. Incontestably, for decades, this has been their modus operandi. Indeed, as their latest show of contempt for America and Israel demonstrates, trust, there is no end in sight.

IN other words, the fact that Obama Inc. operates hand-in-hand with the Sunni Brotherhood Mafia, as well as with Shia Islamic terrorists, well, would a rational person trust them with a treasure trove of info re ISIS’s many thousands of worldwide recruits (including the names of those who slaughtered infidels in Paris) with the end goal being to finally take them down? 

Tens of thousands of documents, containing 22,000 names, addresses, telephone numbers and family contacts of Islamic State jihadis, have been obtained by Sky News.

Nationals from at least 51 countries, including the UK, had to give up their most personal information as they joined the terror organisation. Only when the 23 question form was filled in were they inducted into IS.

A lot of the names and their new Islamic State names on the registration forms are well known.

Abdel Bary, a 26-year-old from London joined in 2013 after visiting Libya, Egypt and Turkey. He is designated as a fighter but is better known in the UK as a rap artist. His whereabouts are unknown.

:: Who Are The Britons In The Islamic State Files?

Junaid Hussain And IS Document screengrab

Play video “Thousands Of IS Jihadis Identified”

Thousands Of IS Jihadis Identified

Another jihadi named in the documents, now dead after being targeted in a drone strike, is Junaid Hussain, the head of Islamic State’s media wing who along with his wife former punk Sally Jones, plotted attacks in the UK. Her whereabouts are unknown.

Reyaad Khan from Cardiff, who also entered in 2013, is also among those found among the registration forms. He was well known for appearing in a highly produced Islamic State propaganda video. He was later killed.

But the key breakthrough from the documents is the revealing of the identities of a number of previously unknown jihadis in the UK, across northern Europe, much of the Middle East and North Africa, as well as in the United States and Canada.

Their whereabouts are crucial to breaking the organisation and preventing further terror attacks.

Many of the men passed through a series of jihadi “hotspots” – such as Yemen, Sudan, Tunisia, Libya, Pakistan and Afghanistan – on multiple occasions, but were apparently unchecked, unmonitored and able to both enter Syria to fight and then to return home.

A top image for an explainer on the impact of the IS files

Play video “The Impact Of The IS Cache”

The Impact Of The IS Cache

One of the files marked “Martyrs” detailed a brigade manned entirely by fighters who wanted to carry out suicide attacks and were trained to do so.

:: IS Files: A ‘Goldmine Of Information’ For Intelligence Agents

Some of the telephone numbers on the list are still active and it is believed that although many will be family members, a significant number are used by the jihadis themselves.

The files were passed to Sky News on a memory stick stolen from the head of Islamic State’s internal security police, an organisation described by insiders as the group’s SS. He had been entrusted to protect the organisation’s core secrets and he rarely parted with the drive.

The man who stole it was a former Free Syrian Army convert to Islamic State who calls himself Abu Hamed.

Marlin Stivani Nivarlain

Play video “Swedish Teen On Life Under IS”

Swedish Teen On Life Under IS

Disillusioned with the Islamic State leadership, he says it has now been taken over by former soldiers from the Iraqi Baath party of Saddam Hussein.

He claims the Islamic rules he believed have totally collapsed inside the organisation, prompting him to quit.

I met him in a secret location in Turkey, and he said IS was giving up on its headquarters in Raqqa and moving into the central deserts of Syria and ultimately Iraq, the group’s birthplace.

He also claimed that in reality Islamic State, The Kurdish YPG and the Syrian government of Bashar al Assad, are working together against the moderate Syrian opposition.

Asked if the IS files could bring the network down he nodded and said simply: “God willing”.


Play video “Fighting Islamic State In Raqqa”

Fighting Islamic State In Raqqa

From the attacks in Tunisia and the Bataclan massacre in Paris it is clear that IS is refocusing its base of operations abroad and is intent on carrying out high profile attacks in Western countries, something that security chiefs across Europe are warning about right now.

Sky News has informed the authorities about the haul.

MOST significantly, it goes without saying, the very fact that HUSSEIN Obama tore apart Libya F/B/O the Brotherhood Mafia – and this has been demonstrably proven – isn’t it more than probable that with the aforementioned intel in hand that the FEDS will “stand down”, akin to the orders given to the Pentagon’s assets which led to Benghazigate?


SINCE Obama Inc.’s captured FEDS were caught scrubbing Islamic terror records – in order to assist their infiltration into America as “refugees” – how secure should patriots be that the newly acquired intel cache will be utilized to secure the national interest? Not very. 

MORE pointedly, internalizing that the FBI is instructing high schools to inform on “anti-government” students, and knowing what you know about their Islamic bent, does anyone believe that their intent is to keep an eye on “budding” militant jihadists? Anyone? And understanding that the FEDS repeatedly target patriots as America’s number one threat, isn’t it conclusive that trusting them is akin to having faith in flying pigs? If not, why not?

IS Docs


ISIS’S REDLANDS TARGET:”INFIDEL” CHRISTMAS. The West Vs. Islam’s Quranic “Holy” Jihad! Follow Anaheim, CA Template, CAIR Be Damned. Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

IT is absolutely impossible to win any battle without FULLY IDENTIFYING the enemy. Bulls-eye. But when it involves “the mother of all battles”, suffice to state that all will be (eventually) lost, if the calculus isn’t changed. Post-haste. Still yet, when a myriad of worldwide western apologists work 24/7 to lend it back-benching coverage, well, it appears (emphasis placed) as if it is a lost cause. Not so fast.

NOW, ISIS has proven to be the most adept Islamic killing machine, we get it. Mind you, ISIS has no shortage of barbaric contenders, namely, al-Qaeda, its Brotherhood Mafia offshoot and progenitor. Likewise, Hezbollah, its Shia rival, et al. are top Islamic dogs. Regardless, the fact remains that they are all underlying symptoms of the same metastatic disease: Islam!

IN this regard, many have heard the expression “fight fire with fire”, and it couldn’t be more resonant and mandatory. Incendiary. Its core basis applies to every American (westerners at large, and doubly for Israeli Zionists) patriot of majority age. A nation-saving obligation. Call-up.

SO, as militant jihad exploded in San Bernardino on Dec. 2, how coincidental was it that merely 2 days beforehand, this week’s commentaries dealt exclusively with said impending American jihad? Foreshadows. 

CONSIDER the following (written Dec. 1) as more than prescient:

“FBI Tracking ISIS Suspects 24/7, Juxtaposed Against HUSSEIN Obama Threatening States Refusing “Refugees.” What’s The Upshot?”

THE precipitous dangers were so glaring that they necessitated a hot on the heels follow-up on Dec. 2, and this was hours before the reported shooting hit the airwaves. Said alarm bells shrieked: “Calling All (Former) Marines: “Deal” With ISIS In America, Lead The Charge! Semper Fi.”

YES, the warnings within this site go on and on….

AND, just like in every war, there are winners and losers. Therefore, the very fact that Islam’s monsters came armed to the teeth to take out infidels during a Christmas celebration, what conclusions must be drawn? Moreover, is it finally sinking in that there is no room for 7th century barbarians to co-exist with American (western) freedom lovers, as “neighborly” or “collegial” as they may appear? More specifically, do the following Islamic mandated tenets explain how Farook was able to slaughter those very same colleagues who threw him and his wife a baby shower? 

Forms of Islamic Deceit

  • Taqiyya (Shia) or Muda’rat (Sunni): tactical deceit for the purposes of spreading Islam. [4] [5]
  • Kitman: deceit by omission.[6]
  • Tawriya: deceit by ambiguity.[7]
  • Taysir: deceit through facilitation (not having to observe all the tenets of Sharia).[8]
  • Darura: deceit through necessity (to engage in something “Haram” or forbidden).[9]
  • Muruna: the temporary suspension of Sharia in order that Muslim immigrants appear “moderate.” So through the principle of Hijra (Muslim Immigration), the early Muslims are a “red herring” or a Trojan Horse. The Kafir or Kuffar community gets the false sense that the early immigrants are not a threat, at least until the Muslim community has gained strength.[10] 

Syed Farook, 28, a devout Muslim, stormed out of the festivities and later returned with his new wife, Tashfeen Malik, 27. Both wore dark tactical gear and masks while toting assault rifles and handguns, police said.

The murderous duo sprayed bullets inside a conference room, slaughtering colleagues who earlier this year had thrown a shower for their new baby.

ALAS, as repeatedly warned at this site, it became crystal clear that a massacre was imminent. Yet, it required symbolic (hence, the Christmas celebration was chosen) piggybacking after Paris’s explosion. Hmm.

IT goes without saying that ISIS’s (Islamic jihadis in toto) “bragging rights” are not unwarranted. In other words, when they claim this and that, well, believe them! Alas, they crowed that they implanted ISIS battle hardened sleeper cells in Europe (as far back as 2012), and this is precisely what they did. Most recently, their signature handiwork was exposed in Paris, but it was hardly the first time.

MOST significantly, and it cannot be overstated: Patriots, recognize that Paris was hit before “any city” USA, and this was not happenstance.

EFFECTIVELY, since it has already been established that ISIS (with their accomplices…safe houses alike) is deeply implanted within Americasome may query: Why hit Paris first, since it is clear that the U.S. is their top target? Actually, it makes a whole lot of jihadi sense. Just like in any high stakes endeavor, certain methods and kinks have to be worked out for maximum efficiency and risk/reward benefit. So, think of them as jihadi entrepreneurs, as they “test run” this and that before they take their mega hit!

INDEED, so consider Paris as their laboratory experiment, and it was a resounding “success.” The fact that it made a worldwide splash – and then some – indicated that their carnage paid off…continue reading….

NEVERTHELESS, as the details emerge in San Bernardino’s jihadi slaughter, it must be understood that what took place was “only” supposed to be their opening shot. In fact, what was really planned was meant to make Paris’s carnage pale in comparison! 

Fifteen pipe bombs and thousands of rounds of ammunition were recovered by authorities investigating the husband and wife team who stormed a workplace holiday party in a San Bernardino and opened fire, killing 14 people and injuring 21, officials said Thursday.
Investigators found many of the items during a search of a residence that was rented by the two suspects, 28-year-old Syed R. Farook and 27-year-old Tashfeen Malik, who were both killed in a firefight with police as they fled the home.

Authorities declined to say Thursday whether the shooting spree at the Inland Regional Center was motivated by terrorism, but San Bernardino Police Chief Jarrod Burguan said the attack had some obvious evidence of pre-planning.
“There appears to be a degree of planning that went into this,” Chief Burguan said. “Nobody just gets upset at a party and goes home and plans an attack like that.”


BUT never mind, the (Islamic captured) FEDS are on the case!! As such, consider the fact that CAIR, a chief “adviser” to the FBI – the Brotherhood Mafia’s propaganda mouthpiece – demands an investigation, but not into San Bernardino’s carnage!

When the owners of the Al-Farah Islamic Clothing store in Anaheim, California, came to work yesterday, they found an English translation of the Quran hanging on the shop’s door. But there was something noticeably wrong — the holy book had been punctured with what appeared to be multiple bullet holes.

The owners contacted the Anaheim police and the Los Angeles chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, the organization said Wednesday. CAIR, is now asking the FBI to investigate the incident as a hate crime.

CAIR-LA Executive Director Hussam Ayloush said in a statement Wednesday. “If you shoot up a Quran on your own property, that is bigoted freedom of expression. If you deliver that bullet-riddled Quran to a Muslim home or business, that is an act of intimidation and a hate crime.”

This episode comes amid a wave of apparent anti-Muslim incidents around the country over the past few weeks. Since the Nov. 13 terror attacks in Paris claimed by Islamic State group militants, Muslims in the U.S. have experienced a rise in Islamophobic sentiment that many say reminds them of what they saw after the Sept. 11 attacks in 2001.

BE that as it may, patriots must be able to “see the forest for the trees.” In other words, whereas CAIR’s “Islamophobia” mantra has been proven to be the Brotherhood’s concocted weapon to silence all criticism of Islam’s barbarism, it doesn’t mean that what precipitated this go around of whining can’t have intrinsic value. Not at all. So, please refer to today’s conclusions (cited below) for further edification. 

IN any case, let this be EVERY patriot’s newly enshrined doctrine: 

The western world is at war with Islam.  We must put a bitter taste in people’s minds when they hear anything associated with Islam, just as we were able to do with the Nazis.

EQUALLY pressing, the Jihadi-in-Chief (damn him for all eternity) trotted out “gun control” as the “antidote” to the carnage in Redlands, CA! Not exactly unexpected…

“President Obama called today for a bipartisan effort at every level of government to address mass shootings,” he said, Mediaite reported.

Smith then quoted Obama, reading: “[Obama said] we don’t yet know what the motives of the shooters are, but what we do know is that there are steps we can take to make America safe and that we should come together on a bipartisan basis at every level of government to make these rare as opposed to normal. We should never think that this is something that just happens in the ordinary course of events because it does not happen with the same frequency in other countries.”

Middle finger dancing banana animated emoticon

IN point of fact, militant jihad never passed the Bastard-in-Chief’s lying lips. Regardless, all patriots understand this truth: If even one person within Inland Regional Center “openly carried”, well, lives would have been spared! How many times does this bear repeating?? Carry on…

(Now, THAT’s a caring and proactive daddy, as he shops with kiddies in Minnesota-stan!!))

INCONTESTABLY, readers are aware that HUSSEIN Obama will not leave office until he eviscerates the Second Amendment, or comes very close to doing so. Resultant, this is the main issue that every patriot must go to the mat on. Know that the chance of beating back Islam’s barbarians is slimmer than a snowball’s chance in hell, if your guns are suddenly gone. Thus, DO whatever (emphasis placed) it takes to thwart anyone (from whichever alphabet soup agency) who attempts to take away your Constitutional right to protect yourself, your loved ones, as well as others!

CONCRETELY, the very fact that the leadership of the (heretofore) free world refuses to even identify the pre-eminent issue of our time – a clash of civilizations due to Islam – leaves said burden upon the shoulders of patriots. It is what it is.


CONCLUSIVELY, aside from safeguarding the Second Amendment, the following tasks must be paid urgent heed:

  • SPREAD wide and far – social media is preferred – that Islam IS the danger; that its poisonous roots must be cut out of America; that there is NO difference between a practicing Muslim and a “radical Islamist”; that Islam IS Islam, and that every American who adheres to the Muslim faith IS a potential source of danger, either actively, or as a supportive network thereof; and their faith demands that infidels must submit or die. Period. Full stop.

  • RECOGNIZE that the above task is educative in nature. Its intrinsic value lies in serving to lay the groundwork for its action-oriented counterpart, as one augments the other. Concomitantly, patriotic “cells” must identify the mosques in their communities. After all, how can it be that Islam’s followers are allowed to form networks to slaughter Americans, yet, patriots are told to “stand down”?? So, use Anaheim, CA as your “calling card” template, and then follow the link within U.S. Mosques Must Be Dismantled; A Cancerous Scourge. Saving America By Removing Omertas.” 


  • NEIGHBORHOOD watches must be formed to make sure that “lessons learned” from Redlands never repeat. As reported: Neighbors in Redlands were shocked that the suspects had ties to their area.“I was in awe that it was happening four houses down from my property,” one neighbor said. A man who has been working in the area said he noticed a half-dozen Middle Eastern men in the area in recent weeks, but decided not to report anything since he did not wish to racially profile those people.“We sat around lunch thinking, ‘What were they doing around the neighborhood?’” he said.  “We’d see them leave where they’re raiding the apartment.”
  • To wit, ANY time “suspicious” Islamic-looking men or women (yes, patriots must “profile”, it’s your duty to do so!) congregate, call local authorities immediately. Forget the FEDS, they will do nothing. If the locals fail to arrive, well, think outside the box.
  • AS Porky Pig is known for: THAT’S ALL FOLKS – for now.
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