CALLING All (Former) Marines:”Deal” With ISIS In America, Lead The Charge! Semper Fi. Commentary By Adina Kutnicki


AS hard as Obama Inc. attempts to Allah-wash it, there is no doubt that ISIS is embedded within America. Therefore, this site asserted the following in April, as well as on multiple occasions since the beginning of 2014:

LIKE a broken record, multiple alarms have been emitting sirens re ISIS, and their ability to launch devastating attacks inside the U.S.

THESE blaring warnings (almost always) expose two main lies. Resultant, they COMPOUND and piggyback one another.


ON the one hand, the Feds DENY that ISIS is even a real threat. Indeed, they have “assessed” that it is a fragmented organization without requisite juice, although attention seeking. Ipso facto, all the “crazies” in alternative media should calm down and shut the hell up! Yup, this is what we are being told, some directly, others indirectly.

BE that as it may, this investigative journalist raked HUSSEIN Obama’s top General over the coals – for the umpteenth time – over said insane “assessment”:

IT would have been inconceivable, even less than a decade ago, for the top General of the U.S. military to utter the mother of all lies:

According to General Martin Dempsey, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, losing Ramadi to ISIS “is not symbolic in any way.” Why? Because “It’s not been declared, you know, part of the caliphate on one hand or central to the future of Iraq,” he reasoned. What will it take for the Gen. to understand that any territory taken over by ISIS becomes part of caliphate?

BLAH, blah, blah doesn’t even come close to describing such dangerous gibberish. He has lost his mind, aside from being clearly co-opted by an Islamist-in-Chief! Indeed, the guideposts were all leading in this Orwellian direction, now that patriotic Generals (and top officers) have been purged from the Pentagon. The reasons for the putsch become clearer every day.

MIND you, this is the same spineless, limp-wristed Dempsey who opined, “ISIS will win”! Alas, which is it: Are they rising or not? Schmuck, make up your mind! continue reading….

IF anything, since then, the dangers have mushroomed, regardless of their jive-talk.

MOREOVER, Obama Inc. is working overtime to ensure that the status quo prevails, regardless of reports that a 24/7 surveillance is in place to mitigate the threat level. Besides, whatever lipstick is now placed atop this Islamic pig, it is simply too little, too late. Indeed, Islam’s barbarians are awaiting orders to strike. Guaranteed, their operations will be multiple in scope, and they will be devastating. 

BUT before we segue to the heart of the matter, that is, letting “loose” former Marines to tackle the sleeper cells head on (taking over whatever info the FEDS have accumulated, yet, “sit on”), a few truths have to be re-emphasized.

LET there be ZERO doubt: If not for the fact that HUSSEIN Obama tasked his surrogates to bring them into America via this and that “resettlement” cover; if orders weren’t given to the FEDS to “stand down” to Islamic jihadis through “chilled intelligence”, well, the upcoming explosions would be DOA.

NOW, who recalls a rarely referred to PPD-28? If not, time to catch up to speed. In no uncertain terms, this Signals Intelligence Activities Directive was issued in Jan. 2014, and it was ostensibly a response to Edward Snowden’s activities. In a word: Liars.

AGREED, while it piggybacks thereof, its basis was conceived to be implemented at the most “opportune” moment. Snowden’s outings were tailor-made. Consider the following as just a sampling of its pernicious intent towards American citizens, but NOT towards (mostly foreign) enemies they are supposedly collecting signal data on!

U.S. operatives “must take into account (that) all persons should be treated with dignity and respect, regardless of their nationality or wherever they may reside and that all persons have legitimate privacy interests.”

Sec. 5. Reports. (a) Within 180 days of the date of this directive, the DNI shall provide a status report that updates me on the progress of the IC’s implementation of section 4 of this directive.

(b) The Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board is encouraged to provide me with a report that assesses the implementation of any matters contained within this directive that fall within its mandate.

(c) Within 120 days of the date of this directive, the President’s Intelligence Advisory Board shall provide me with a report identifying options for assessing the distinction between metadata and other types of information, and for replacing the “need-to-share” or “need-to-know” models for classified information sharing with a Work-Related Access model.

(d) Within 1 year of the date of this directive, the DNI, in coordination with the heads of relevant elements of the IC and OSTP, shall provide me with a report assessing the feasibility of creating software that would allow the IC more easily to conduct targeted information acquisition rather than bulk collection.

IN plain parlance, foreign terror targets are afforded the SAME civil-liberties rights as U.S. citizens! Not only that, HUSSEIN Obama is tying the hands of intelligence agents into so many knotted layers that their careers hang in the balance, if they dare to violate an iota of its labyrinth-like morass. Basically, they are NOT collecting mandatory data, and that’s the main objective of the Directive. Cause and effect. It is more than chilling. Inherently, couched in gobblygook, Islamic terrorists are getting away with everything they set their sights on.

INTRINSICALLY, consider intelligence agents operating under HUSSEIN Obama akin to blinded bats. They are like air traffic controllers keeping the skies safe with blindfolds on, and under the same Orwellian parameters. Never and never. Sheesh.

SO, in light of the above, what else does the Jihadi-in-Chief have in store to “protect” America? Guess? OK, he picked another terror-loving Czar, even though this particular appointment was “officially” shelved during his first term. In other words, he can now go for broke and bring him out of the shadows. In reality, he never left HUSSEIN Obama’s inner circle!

ENTER, Arabist/Islamist touting Robert Malley, the new ISIS Czar!! 

Robert Malley, Pres. Obama's pick for ISIS Czar

Robert Malley, Pres. Obama’s pick for ISIS Czar

While President Obama was in Paris for the past few days cavorting with other world leaders on the dire global threat of climate change (never a junior varsity issue in his book), his spokesperson made the announcement that Obama’s new ISIS czar will be none other than Robert Malley.

For a president who thinks that world leaders meeting in Paris to discuss climate change is the equivalent of a body blow to ISIS after the Nov. 13 Paris Terror Attacks, the appointment of Malley makes perfect sense.

Malley is the kind of new-age negotiator who thinks there is no tyrant too awful to shun – unless, of course, you are talking about Israel – and is always eager to play up the “positive” aspects of genocidal terrorist regimes as the justification for allowing them right there in the tent, seated next to you.

An early wet noodle in Malley’s public career was a 2001 New York Times op-ed in which he blamed Israel for the Camp David Peace Talks. Malley’s recollection squarely conflicted with every other major player present at the talks, including President Bill Clinton and Clinton’s Middle East Envoy, Dennis Ross.

In a 2007 op-ed in the Los Angeles Times, Malley expressed strong support for trusting Syria’s Bashar al-Assad, ridiculing the idea that the Syrian tyrant should be treated as a pariah.

In 2008, Malley was booted from the Obama election committee when it was discovered that he had met with Hamas members. Although removed from the public stage, Malley was still one of Obama’s most trusted advisers on Middle East issues.

In an article in Foreign Policy in 2012, Malley castigated Obama for failing to consider the option of containing a nuclear-armed Iran. He thought Obama was too hawkish on Iran!

In 2013, Malley predicted that Hamas and Fatah would unite so that they could bargain effectively against Israel.

In the last few years Malley did finally gain entrance to the citadel of strength, serving on the National Security Council. Earlier this year Malley was elevated to the NSC position of Middle East Coordinator, where he was actively engaged in the Iran Deal negotiations.

With a history of dissing Israel, snuggling up to Hamas, shielding Assad, and promoting the containment of a nuclear-armed Iran, is it any surprise that Malley is Obama’s choice to spearhead the U.S. response to ISIS?

TO wit, his in-your-face posting is no different from his other appointments; a cadre of openly avowed anti-American, pro-jihadi players. Foxes in the hen house….wolves in sheep’s clothing…and much, much worse.

IN this regard, isn’t it long overdue to call upon those who really know how to take care of American business, former Marines, as exemplified here and at the following link? Yes, they are chomping at the bit!

According to Dakota Meyer: “IT would be a dream come true if Islamic State terrorists came to visit him.”


Muslim terrorists want to track down U.S. service members using social media, and Marine Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer is hoping they drop by his place because he would love to meet them. “Hopefully one of these a**holes actually shows up,” Meyer said. “They’ll definitely get more than they want at my place!”

ARMY Times  Meyer later tweeted an invitation to the Islamic State, which is also known as ISIS, to join him at his home for some light reading.


“I take the threat seriously, but you are talking about a bunch of cowards,” Meyer told Military Times on Wednesday. “We’re not cowards. We’re the most feared nation on the face of the planet, and we’re worried about some radical group, some extremists that prey on the weak? I mean, that’s like sheep preying on lions.”

The FBI has reportedly warned service members to scrub their social media accounts of any information connecting them with the U.S. military to avoid being targeted by the Islamic State terrorist group, which wants to kill U.S. troops in their homes.


Meyer told Military Times that he is confident he would be able to defend himself if the Islamic State took him up on his invitation. “The wrong people to be targeting in the United States of America is our military, because [they are] the finest men and women on the face of the earth,” he said.

But Meyer stressed that he takes the threat to service members seriously and does not want to see the Islamic State show up at any other service members’ homes. “I’m just tired of us as Americans living in fear,” he said. “I want people to know: Stand up to this; stand up to these people. I don’t want to put anybody else in harm. They can come after me.”


IT goes without saying that ISIS’s (Islamic jihadis in toto) “bragging rights” are not unwarranted. In other words, when they claim this and that, well, believe them! Alas, they crowed that they implanted ISIS battle hardened sleeper cells in Europe (as far back as 2012), and this is precisely what they did. Most recently, their signature handiwork was exposed in Paris, but it was hardly the first time.

MOST significantly, and it cannot be overstated: Patriots, recognize that Paris was hit before “any city” USA, and this was not happenstance.

EFFECTIVELY, since it has already been established that ISIS (with their accomplices…safe houses alike) is deeply implanted within Americasome may query: Why hit Paris first, since it is clear that the U.S. is their top target? Actually, it makes a whole lot of jihadi sense. Just like in any high stakes endeavor, certain methods and kinks have to be worked out for maximum efficiency and risk/reward benefit. So, think of them as jihadi entrepreneurs, as they “test run” this and that before they take their mega hit!

INDEED, so consider Paris as their laboratory experiment, and it was a resounding “success.” The fact that it made a worldwide splash – and then some – indicated that their carnage paid off. Therefore, whatever takes place in America, by definition, must make Paris’s jihad pale in comparison. Count on it. 

YES, “This Is War”… ….and no one is needed more than (former) Marines who are stateside and unshackled by Obama Inc. Capish??

Semper Fi !

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