FBI Tracking ISIS “Suspects” 24/7, Juxtaposed Against HUSSEIN Obama THREATENING States Refusing “Refugees.” What’s The Upshot? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

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IT is hard to imagine another scenario where the term “parallel universe” applies, other than when referring to the machinations of HUSSEIN Obama. Nothing is as it seems. 

IN a jarring juxtaposition, even as HUSSEIN Obama castrated the FEDS via directives given from Brotherhood Mafia plants inside his administration, still yet, the FBI has to do their “duty”, such that it is. 

NOW, don’t misunderstand. Whereas the FEDS are quite adept at “mop up” operations, when it comes to preventative measures – not so much. Those of us who operate in this arena understand what’s what. Patriots, trust in this truth-telling and jaw-dropping assessment.

CONSIDER the following proof, and as much more than food for thought:

Wolff Bachner: Since Obama took office in 2009, U.S. law enforcement has been under constant pressure from the White House to restrict their efforts to examine Islam as a source of terrorism.

How has Obama changed law enforcement’s ability to detect and control Islamic terrorism and why on earth would our President try to restrict law enforcement’s ability to get to the root of terrorist activity?

Are the American people properly protected from a potential terrorist attack under Obama’s new rules and regulations?

Why are Obama and his administration so unwilling and / or unable to acknowledge the absolutely unavoidable connection between Islam and the vast majority of the violence in the world today?

David Gaubatz: U.S. law enforcement are not properly trained to conduct adequate Islamic based counter-terrorism operations. Obama and his staff have restricted the training our law enforcement receives. The training can never discuss the Islamic ideology itself. The trainers can only discuss individual terrorist organizations such as Al Qaeda, ISIS and Hamas. Their training does not focus on Islamic groups only; they must equally discuss U.S. militia (non Muslim) groups.

I think most Americans believe Obama although maybe not a full-fledged Muslim, but a man who puts Islam and Shariah law ahead of the U.S. Constitution. Our national security is more vulnerable in 2014 than it has ever been in history. Obama and his senior Muslim leaders whom he has appointed to important government positions are destroying America from within.

Our first line defenders (U.S. law enforcement) are not protecting our country. They are great at reacting to terrorists attacks, but fail at conducting proactive terrorist investigations before an attack. Our liberal media will hype an FBI investigation involving a couple of very low level Muslims threatening America, but they can never stop major attacks like 9-11. Americans are becoming tiresome when it comes to our law enforcement responding to terrorist attacks, they demand protection that prevents attacks. If our law enforcement and military had the same rigorous and valuable training the Israeli police and military receive we would be able to protect our country….continue reading….

NOT only that, picture in your mind’s eye a pack of dogs chasing their tails, and this is what the FEDS are up against – no offense to the canines. More demonstrably, they have NOT been given the proper tools to understand the foe (more lethal than any other…now, serial and mass murderers, that’s their domain) that they are surveilling, even if 24/7! Garbage in, garbage out. Alternatively, think of surgeons being trained by butchers, and then crank it up a notch.

EVEN more so, on the other hand, as the FBI is tasked to keep a round the clock eye on Islam’s barbarians, know that their boss is threatening states with deep financial consequences, if they fail to follow his dictates and refuse additional infiltration and penetration of jihadis through the “refugee” resettlement! OK, is this not the most stepped-up version of a parallel universe?

IN this regard, knowing that the FBI is “on the job” tracking ISIS 24/7 via this and that method, how safe should patriots feel?? And being that this investigative journalist understands all too well how far down the rabbit hole the FBI has gone, well, don’t bet your safety on their bringing them to heel! In a pig’s eye.

The FBI has over 1,000 active cases relating to possible terrorist activity. Of those, it is monitoring 48 Islamic State suspects that are considered so high risk it is tracking them with elite “mobile surveillance teams.”

“The FBI together with law enforcement agencies across the country are engaged in this” said Senator Dan Coats of the Select Committee on Intelligence told Fox News. “It takes enormous amount of manpower to do this on a 24-7 basis.  It takes enormous amount of money to do this.”

Around a dozen agents are assigned to each case and conduct 24-hour surveillance on the target. The FBI monitors suspects it thinks are most likely to attempt a repeat of the Paris attacks on American soil.

The time between radicalization and the decision to carry out an attack can be extremely short, according to FBI Director James Comey.

“Together we are watching people of concern using all of our lawful tools” he said in a news conference last week. “We will keep watching them and if we see something we will work to disrupt it.”

Currently the FBI believes there is no credible threat to carry out a terrorist attack in the United States.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch and FBI Director James Comey give a briefing on the security measures to protect the United States from a terrorist attack.

For more information about the Islamic State and their plans of global terrorism see Clarion Project’s Special Report: The Islamic State (ISIS, ISIL)

OH dear, aside from the incompetence of the FEDS, coupled with the treacherous actions of the Traitor-in-Chief, what makes the situation exceptionally dire is that most Americans (westerners) are lacking in a basic knowledge base of how Islamists operate, and what the so-called “religion of peace” demands of them. Alas, this gives them a major upper hand, and from whatever arena they plot from. Yes, this is the raison d’être of this site. Please, keep the mountain of info handy.

BUT not to veer too off topic….sigh….to fully internalize to what extent HUSSEIN Obama imperiled America, consider this: If Putin is touted as a less dangerous option to lead the nation, what else is there to say. O M G!

MIND you, the author of the following analysis is none other than Prof. Paul Eidelberg, a close associate and hardly a stranger to this site. He is a second to none patriot.

Vladimir Putin would make a far better President of the United States than Barack Obama, regarding how to deal with Muslims!

No wonder he was selected by Forbes as the most powerful person in the world. This is one time our elected leaders should pay attention to the advice of Vladimir Putin.

I would suggest that not only our leaders but every citizen of USA should pay attention to this advice. How scary is that? It is a sad day when a Communist Leader makes more sense than our LEADERS here in the USA but here it is!

Vladimir Putin’s speech – SHORTEST SPEECH EVER. Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, addressed the Duma, Russian Parliament, and gave a speech about the tensions with minorities in Russia:

   “In Russia, live like Russians. Any minority, from
anywhere, if it wants to live in Russia, to work and eat in Russia, it should speak Russian, and should respect the Russian laws. If they prefer Sharia Law, and live the life of Muslims then we advise them to go to those
places where that’s the state law.”
            “Russia does not need Muslim minorities. Minorities
need Russia, and we will not grant them special privileges, or try to change our laws to fit their desires, no matter how loud they yell ‘discrimination’. We will not tolerate disrespect of our Russian culture. We better learn from the suicides of  America, England, Holland and France, if we are to survive as a nation. The Muslims are taking over those countries and they will not take over Russia. The Russian customs and traditions are not compatible with the lack of culture or the primitive ways of Sharia Law
and Muslims.                             

“When this honorable legislative body thinks of creating new laws, it should have in mind the Russian national interest first, observing that the Muslims Minorities Are Not Russians.”                  

The politicians in the Duma gave Putin a five minute standing ovation.

NOTE TO FELLOW AMERICANS: If you keep this to yourself, you are part of the problem!

WE are not done.

In a more Orwellian and parallel universe realm (oh, can you visualize what a spinning head looks like at this end), and atop the cumulative nation-shattering dangers embedded within America’s Islamic community (be they citizens or otherwise), as always, they pose as the real “victims!” Have mercy, but not on said monsters.

IN fact, Islam’s barbarians know very well how to victimize Americans (westerners at large) with a double-edged sword, and it is delivered via a combination of stealth and frontal jihad. Deadly serious.

EFFECTIVELY, as Brotherhood Mafia mouthpieces – overwhelmingly “schooled” by CAIR screaming “Islamophobia” at every turn – screech so loudly it causes one’s ears to bleed, their brothers-in-arms perpetrate actual jihad, or threaten to! So, as one side plays “victim” via an accommodating media, the subtext of their message is always beneath the surface: Either you bow to our dictates the “good way”, or we will kill you! Pick your poison, you infidel dogs!



STILL yet, does this site need to offer more proof, as to how HUSSEIN Obama’s “refugees” feel about the “Saturday people” too? If still unconvinced, here are just a sampling of exhibits for your viewing (dis)”pleasure”:






AND what about the “Sunday people”, as Islam’s barbarians slaughter them all over the Mid East?

DEAR readers, is there any other rational choice, aside from SLAMMING AMERICA’S (western) GATES? If so, pray tell, what is it, notwithstanding the FBI’s aforementioned hyper activity?


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    • Leith, interesting that you refer to the post at WSJ. In fact, one of my main intelligence contacts apprised me – a while back – of the chilling effect of PPD-28 in the field, and its catastrophic ramifications.
      So, the question becomes: What exactly did HUSSEIN Obama have in mind when he enacted it? BTW, Snowden was just the catalyst needed to “introduce” it!!
      Also, will be touching upon it in an upcoming commentary, as it ties into much of what is going on in the silencing of intelligence to protect America’s enemies..

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