U.S. Academia Fetes Islamic Infiltration Via Taxpayer Funds: An Inside Report. Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

THIS investigative journalist expends a countless amount of time, energy and resources to expose Islamic infiltration and penetration inside America, Israel and beyond. No doubt.

RELATIVE to the aforementioned infestation, American academia (the so-called ‘gold standard’) plays a key role. Incalculable. Consider:

MOST recently, two universities were exposed as ‘sympathetic’ to ISIS. You got that?

AS revealed on March 29, 2015 via ‘America’s Academic Cesspools: Full-On Support For ISIS & Appendaged Groups. Parents, Donors Beware’, a spotlight was featured on Cornell University and Barry University, with a hint of more to come.


  The only objection? Asking students to support a group with 'ISIS' in its name, a multicultural program coordinator thought, might hold the organization back – so why not rename it?

When an honors student at Barry University in Florida asked campus administrators about getting college funds for a club supporting the ISIS terror army, her idea was met with approval


SIMILARLY, on June 29, 2014, the following was noted: ‘UC Berkeley’s Pro Terror Prof Hatem Bazian: ‘Islamophobia’ Rises To ‘Thought Crime’ Status’, and it exposed his direct linkage to Hamas and the Brotherhood Mafia! Smoking guns, aside from his associates and their signature neck-wear.

 NOTE: Hamas scarves in the background! 








Hatem Bazian:Co-Founder of the Violently Anti-Semitic/Anti-Israel Group Called Students For Justice In Palestine (SJP)

TO wit, it is within this dangerous (familiar) terror landscape that this investigative journalist intersects with a network of specialists, most of whom operate in the counter-terror arena. And it is into this mix that a cooperative effort is made with fellow investigative journalists too.

RESULTANT, said linkage with Lee Kaplan comes into sharp relief ala his world class credentials re the unmasking of the International Solidarity Movement. It is a U.S. based (with offshoots all over the west and the Mid East) non-profit which raises funds on behalf of Islamic jihad to destroy Israel. Incontestably, its knock-on effects blow back against America.

SO without further ado, this site presents Lee Kaplan’s latest investigative report….

Taxpayers Made To Pay For Islamic Indoctrination In US University

By Lee Kaplan Contributor to Shoebat.com

Hatem Bazian is a senior lecturer in Near East Studies at UC Berkeley. A Palestinian Arab, Bazian is also a supporter of Hamas and one of the terrorist group’s apparatchiks in the United States. Bazian was the founder of the Students for Justice in Palestine which has chapters on over 80 campuses in the United States and that operates as a Hamas support network in the United States. Bazian also co-founded American Muslims for Palestine which also links to Hamas and functions as a propaganda and fundraising mechanism to Hamas in Washington and is active with the Muslim Students Association on over 150 campuses in the United States and Canada. As an organizer, Bazian is tough to equal and he has used the California college educational system and its taxpayer-funded deep pockets to help facilitate massive propaganda events and fundraising not only for the Palestinian terrorist group, but for pro-jihadist groups across American campuses and Europe as well.

It is through his bully pulpit at UC Berkeley that Bazian also created his Islamophobia Research and Documentation Project at UC Berkeley’s Center for Race and Gender Project. Racism and Sexism are hot topics on college campuses today. The fact that Islam is not a race, nor is a concept of Palestinian nationalism one, both of theories are being sold by Bazian and his acolytes in the university sphere worldwide. Thanks to UC Berkeley and surrounding colleges like San Francisco State (where Bazian did his undergraduate studies and led a Palestinian takeover of that campus as class president), Bazian’s campaign keeps gaining legitimacy as it aids the endless war against both the United States and Israel by militant Islamists including those who are fighting U.S. troops abroad.

A perusal of the websites for Baizan’s “documentation project” and the Center for Race and Gender events page at UC Berkeley reveals endless programs, lectures, events and other promotions dealing with alleged prejudice against all Muslims and “Islam” in America as endemic racism. On May 7th, the Center offers a book signing and lecture by a colleague of Bazian’s at Cal who claims American racism is the result of a refusal to establish a Palestinian state that would be led by notorious terrorists who support America’s and Israel’s downfall, such as Hamas.

“Islamophobia” refers to an irrational fear of Islam. It is supposedly to counter this irrational fear that Bazian staged April 23-25, 2015 his sixth annual “International Conference on Islamophobia: The State of the Islamophobia Field.” As done last year, the event was staged at UC Berkeley’s prestigious Boalt Hall Law School. Aside from providing a free venue at a distinguished law school, the event gets the entire imprimatur of one of the most distinguished universities in America. Other “sponsors” of the event included the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), who members of Congress and terrorism experts have declared a Hamas front group in America. The “Ethnic Studies” department at San Francisco State was also a sponsor, a professor of “Resistance Studies” named Rebab Abdulhadi in attendance and one of the conference lecturers who had gained notoriety by spending $6,000 of California taxpayer’s money for a sabbatical to visit female terrorist Leila Khaled in jail in Jordan to “show solidarity.” It should also be noted Hatem Bazian posted personally the conference’s schedule on the website of Bay Area Intifada, a blog that claims to promote “News, Updates, Analysis & Action Alerts for 3rd World Liberation & Decolonization from the Bay Area & Beyond.” An Intifada refers to Palestinian terrorist attacks that have killed thousands of Israeli civilians. The blog features photos attacking Israel and the United States.

I attended this latest conference with a video camera and tape recorder. I did the same thing last year and sat almost next to Hatem Bazian the entire time. Bazian was very cocky back then during last year’s event and joked about my having recorders. I wrote anarticle about that event. Only last March, Bazian staged yet another “Islamophobia” conference where he claimed Muslims were being denied a voice for their “studies” in the American university system despite his constant conferences and demonstrations to the contrary that I previously reported on and recorded.

Things were to be different at this conference. Bazian had me watched closely. On the second day, he approached me in the audience and told me I had to turn off my recorders. On two more occasions during that day, two goons came to my seat and ordered me to turn off my recording equipment , the last one threatening to “call the police.” It is against state law in California universities to hold private meetings and prevent recordings and a quick cell call to the Chancellor’s Office who contacted the campus police prevented any problems. I noted this occurred after one of the attendees during a question and answer period addressed the current panel and asked to discuss how the “Zionists” (Jews) were responsible for contributing to Islamophobia in America and how a Jewish organization was sending people to Israel to learn public relations that could be deemed as contributing to Islamophobia and how the New York police department was being propagandized by Jews.

From the get go, the accusation that criticism of Islam was racism was a central theme of the entire conference. Discrimination of women was also frequently discussed, but never in the context of Islamic exclusion of women or issues such as honor killings.

Bazian kicked things off accusing certain reporters and writers of contributing to Islamophobia. He dropped the names of Steve Emerson, Frank Gaffney and Ayan Hisri Ali, Brigette Gabriel and Pamela Geller as well as Fox News as being responsible for what he claimed was a smearing Islam to the public. Ayan Hirsi Ali’s speeches on discriminatory practices against women were all branded as “lies.” All the opening panels suggested that Islam is in no way linked to terrorism and it is the misrepresentation by such “Islamophobes” and it is racism to suggest so. What struck me was that as the conference progressed over three days it became more like a meeting of the German-American Bund in support of the Third Reich before the Second World War.

Baizan and company discussed only fleetingly the attack on 9/11 and how the Patriot Act supposedly had a deleterious effect on Muslims in America. But there was no logic to this. The fact is, the day after 9/11 the President and the US government declared that Islam is a peaceful religion and that the US was not at war with Islam itself, only militant Islamists and terrorists. This is still the US government’s position, yet the “academics” at this conference chose to suggest that any opposition to terrorism at all was just another manifestation of “Islamophobia.”

Of interest also was that Islam was not defined as a major religion, or idea, with different sects at this conference . What about Wahhabism? Or Sufi Islam, Shiism or Sunni Islam? None of these differences were discussed or explained, nor the fact that different sects of Islam sometimes fight wars between themselves. The entire conference was a “them v. us” event where any criticism or negative discussion of Islam was branded “Islamophobia,” particularly in the US or Western Europe. Terrorism wasn’t discussed at all unless to accuse the US and West of terrorism, or of false accusations against all Muslims, and no mention was given of terrorism where Muslims killed other Muslims. ISIS was not discussed at all. The Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris were mentioned, but not in terms of their relationship to Islam as much as something westerners brought upon themselves.

Almost fifty presentations were made as examples of Islamophobia from presenters from across the United States and some even from Europe. But not all were academics or college professors or PhD candidates. Some, like Ramah Kudaimi from the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation, which is the renamed International Solidarity Movement in the US, another pro-Hamas organization whose activists devote their full-time calling for the destruction of Israel and who support terrorist groups, promoted what she called the Adab, or Muslim-American etiquette to promote Islamic activism against the West and American support for Israel. Sana Saeed, a producer for Al Jazeera, the television network funded by Qatar, a Hamas funder, lectured on “The New American Muslim and Faithwashing the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict” in which she called for Muslims to meet their obligations to call for the continued attacks on Israel rather than outlining Islamophobia in the US. Bazian followed where he lectured on “How does it feel to be a Muslim? Thinking through the present colonial perspective. His speech was hardly an example of Islamophobia as much as an adversarial approach by Muslims in America to be at odds with the US government and those fighting militant Islam.

“Free ‘em all!,” Rasheed Shabazz who was listed as a Fellow at the Haas Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society at UC Berkeley, one of the program sponsors, shouted at the start of his presentation. “Free ‘em all!”


(continue reading the explosive findings here)

WITHOUT a scintilla of a doubt, Bazian (and a host of others throughout academia) is less than 3 degrees separated from terror, although garbed as an academic.

WITH the above facts at your disposal, whereas the IRS is used as a bludgeon against conservative groups by Obama’s surrogates, taxpayer monies are also spent feting academics who call for the destruction of Israel, as well as the overthrow of America. 

IN which parallel universe is exhorting to genocide (the Mid East’s and Africa’s slaughter-fest are foretastes to their upcoming genocide – Bazian’s fellow Islamists are busy laying waste to said region’s Christian and minority communities – as they prepare to execute the same towards Jews/Israel and eventually to non-Muslims in America) a ‘democratic’ right within academia? 

IN this regard, we can agree that funding said academic-cloaked programs – whose sole aim is the destruction of another people – must be the moral line in the sand which should never be crossed within a civilized nation.

AT the very least, to hold them to account, an urgent message must be sent to university officers. Firstly, demand (as taxpayers) that they open their books, relative to the monies spent on the likes of Bazian and his terror associates.

INHERENTLY, is it long overdue to withhold taxes, not as scofflaws but as a matter of justice and morality. Yes, taxpayers fund many distasteful programs, but at a certain point a Rubicon has been crossed.

NO time to lose…ISIS (part of Bazian’s same Islamic-hydra) already volleyed its opening shot in Garland, Texas!

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HUSSEIN Obama OPPOSES Egypt’s Uprooting Of ISIS In Libya. Why? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

HOW many ways does it need to be proven that HUSSEIN Obama is doing the bidding of the Brotherhood Mafia, even as he aids and abets Iran’s mullahs? Mind you, one alliance does not cancel out the other, it is just the way it is for an avowed Islamist. Not only that, aside from his obsession to race Iran to WMD super power status, American reps are tripping over themselves to secure deals with Iran’s oil industry, knowing full well that Iran is off the (sanctions) hook.

SO it is under this anti-American worldview which readers must judge the Islamist-in-Chief’s support of ISIS, which is part and parcel of the Brotherhood Mafia! 

CONSIDER the facts:

HUSSEIN Obama has irrefutably tasked the DHS (and all related FED agencies) to ‘stand down’ vis-a-vis the threat from the Brotherhood Mafia and its ISIS offshoot. No doubt.

YET, the core question becomes: where is DHS’s Director, Jeh Johnson, in all of this, as was “Mama Janet”? 

IT was noted in Feb. 2015:

THE amount of (Islamist) damage accrued under HUSSEIN Obama’s DHS (starting with “Mama Janet”) is beyond measure. Incalculable.

BUT when DHS’s Jeh Johnson entered the scene, well, only the willfully blind couldn’t discern where his alliances lie. And while there exists a veritable smorgasbord of proofs housed in these pages, suffice it to say that the following link sums up Johnson’s treachery: DHS lies/hides terrorist infiltration…what is he up to? Folks, don’t dare be fooled by his fancy pedigree!

INTRINSICALLY, with the meteoric rise of ISIS (and its aligned terror arms…six of one, half a dozen of another) it became a high priority to follow their western footprints, wherever they lead.

SO as DHS helps to ferry them into the U.S. – while they pretend they are securing the homeland – the fact remains that this investigative journalist has been exposing Somalis in America, even those who top the FBI’s most wanted list. Yes, other tentacled groups have been highlighted, basically, hiding in plain sight. Said threats should not be news to many readers.

TO wit, how can it be that well-informed folks express shock that another ! Somali “refugee” (living in Minnesota) has been charged with aiding and abetting ISIS? In fact, the opposite should be the case…

AND so on and so forth…but it is not as if the following ‘news’ should shock anyone, least of all HUSSEIN Obama’s henchpeople!

The Islamic State terror group is operating a camp in the northern Mexican state of Chihuahua, just eight miles from the U.S. border, Judicial Watch reported Tuesday.

Citing sources that include a “Mexican Army field grade officer and a Mexican Federal Police Inspector,” the conservative watchdog group reported that the Islamic State, also known as ISIS or ISIL, is organizing only a few miles from El Paso, Texas, in the Anapra neighborhood of Juárez and in Puerto Palomas.

Judicial Watch sources said that “coyotes” working for the notorious Juarez Cartel are smuggling Islamic State terrorists across the U.S. border between the New Mexico cities of Santa Teresa and Sunland Park, as well as “through the porous border between Acala and Fort Hancock, Texas.”

“These specific areas were targeted for exploitation by ISIS because of their understaffed municipal and county police forces, and the relative safe-havens the areas provide for the unchecked large-scale drug smuggling that was already ongoing,”Judicial Watch reported.

Mexican intelligence sources say the Islamic State intends to exploit the railways and airport facilities in the vicinity of Santa Teresa, New Mexico.

“The sources also say that ISIS has ‘spotters’ located in the East Potrillo Mountains of New Mexico (largely managed by the Bureau of Land Management) to assist with terrorist border crossing operations,” Judicial Watch reported. “ISIS is conducting reconnaissance of regional universities; the White Sands Missile Range; government facilities in Alamogordo, NM; Ft. Bliss; and the electrical power facilities near Anapra and….

SIMILARLY, re the complicity of HUSSEIN Obama’s DHS and its purposeful abrogation of duty, the following offers additional supportive and indicting evidence:

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson denied the reports at the time. He told CNN, “Let’s not unduly create fear and anxiety in the public by passing on speculation and rumor.”

AND with the above backgrounder at your fingertips, the linkage between HUSSEIN Obama’s refusal to assist Egypt’s struggle against ISIS veers into sharper relief. 

IN the main, Egypt’s President is in a life and death struggle against the Brotherhood Mafia and its entire hydra-like apparatus. Therefore, their implantation within neighboring Libya is a top danger. Taken a step further, let’s recap some footprints and their links. Full circle.

BACK in March 2011, HUSSEIN Obama entered into an illegal war in Libya. This was not a random intervention. Its basis lied in the plan to empower the Brotherhood Mafia (ISIS alike) across the Mid East and beyond. Moreover, as a matter of record, his Brotherhood pal, Mohamed Morsi, was installed as President of Egypt a year later in June 2012, until he was forcibly removed in July 2013. Mind you, back in 2009, HUSSEIN Obama went on an anti-American apology tour and feted the Brotherhood Mafia at Cairo University. Again, not for nothing.

READERS, let’s also agree that HUSSEIN Obama’s machinations, relative to the “Arab Spring”, started the explosions….got the ball of fire going. Yes, he signaled to his brothers in the Muslim Brotherhood Mafia – during his “outreach” tour in Cairo (2009) – that they should get ready…get set…to blow! And blow they did. Since then, they haven’t taken a break from jihad. Is this happenstance, coincidental, accidental…in a pig’s eye.

The Obama administration conducted an assessment of the Muslim Brotherhood in 2010 and 2011, beginning even before the events known as the “Arab Spring” erupted in Tunisia and in Egypt. 

IN this regard, the ‘news’ re the Islamist-in-Chief’s ‘F U’ to Egypt’s leader makes total sense, as they prepare to launch a large-scale assault against ISIS in Libya! Again, wherefore art thou HUSSEIN Obama? Rhetorical.

YET, for additional hammer blows, just reacquaint yourselves with the foreign (and domestic) Brotherhood leaders who confabbed at a Feb. 2015 White House conference! Wow.

IT is intrinsic to take very seriously the contents within this site, especially when Brotherhood dots are connected. Simply put, if prima facie evidence is required to trust and verify, well, just think back to a recent commentary, and relate its prognostication to the recent attack in Garland, Texas at the cartoon-fest, ‘courtesy’ of ISIS!

AS stated on April 16, 2015 in ‘ISIS Hyper-Alert: Narco-Terrorists Smuggle ISIS into Texas’, the following bares rapt attention:

CONCLUSIVELY, this investigative journalist’s analysis assesses: although ISIS (and assorted jihadi tentacles) is spread throughout America, let’s agree that Texas, specifically, El Paso, is a front-line arena. Various border communities alike. To wit, the stands taken (or not) at these communities will have a direct psychological (cascading) effect, rebounding to both fellow Americans and Islamists at large.

THEREFORE, akin to any pre-war scenario, there are preparations to be made. Most importantly, understand that the threat is not only real but impending. Not only that, but the U.S. power grid is subdivided into 3 sectors and Texas is smack in the middle of the western interconnection.

NOW, just suppose that Mexican drug cartels (highly familiar with America’s southern landscape and adept at certain “activities”) are operating both as coyotes AND saboteurs/scouts for ISIS? Hmm. As such, stockpile as much ammunition and supplies as possible, and be ready to defend yourselves and loved ones. At all costs.

TRUTHFULLY, the question isn’t: how could ISIS set up training camps right under the eyes of America’s security arms? Rather, it is: how could they not, being that HUSSEIN Obama has ordered DHS (Border Patrol, the FBI, even the CIA) to stand down!

LEST any American foolishly believes that DHS’s cavalry (and agencies directly under their domain) will still come to their rescue, well, they deserve what they get. After all, how many warnings does it take to sink in what’s what?

ONTO ISIS’s attack in Garland… 

View image on Sky News website

Garland police spokesman Joe Harn said it was not immediately clear whether the shooting was connected to the event inside, a contest hosted by the New York-based American Freedom Defense Initiative that would award $10,000 for the best cartoon depicting the Prophet Muhammad.

Embedded image permalink

You kuffs should get more coffins you’re gonna need them :) TexasAttack

Two men drove up to the conference center in the city of Garland, near Dallas, and began shooting at a security guard, police said on Sunday.

The Dallas Morning News reported that critics of the Mohammad Art Exhibit and Contest, sponsored by a group called the American Freedom Defense Initiative, had condemned the event as an attack on Islam, but that organizers had said they were merely exercising their right of free expression.

In January, gunmen killed 12 people in the Paris offices of French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in what it said was revenge for its cartoons.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said state officials are investigating, and Dallas FBI spokeswoman Katherine Chaumont said that agency is providing investigative and bomb technician assistance.

The Curtis Culwell Center, a school-district owned public events space where the Texas event was held, was evacuated after the shooting, as were some surrounding businesses.

The identities of the shooters has yet to be confirmed, but the SITE Intelligence Group reported that an Islamic State (IS) fighter claimed on Twitter that the shooting was carried out by two pro-IS individuals.

Police helicopters circled overhead as bomb squads worked on the car. Harn said the bodies of the gunmen, who had not yet been identified, were not immediately taken from the scene because they were too close to the car.

“They Thought They Was Safe In Texas From The Soldiers of The Islamic State,” added the tweet. About 200 people were inside the event, said local police spokesperson Joe Harn.



AS reported by the media, local SWAT intervened and killed the terrorists. Guaranteed, the local factor is hardly an incidental matter. If anything, whatever pre-warnings the FEDS had, rest assured, they were not shared with local agencies. Under wraps. Readers would do well to trust this assessment, one borne of experience and much more. 


One gunman, known to the FBI, sent out tweets prior to the attack, including one with the hashtag, #TexasAttack, US reports say.

AS always, not only were said Islamic terrorists KNOWN to the FBI, but they blared their intent re Texas on social media! Again, why did the FEDS allow these KNOWN terrorists to operate on U.S. turf?

ABSOLUTELY, in a familiar ‘stand down’ pattern – re intel they had acquired two years prior to Boston’s blow up through interviews of said terrorists – they refused to scoop them up! The core question is: why? 

INDEED, Islamists and their apologists whip out said nonsense in order to ‘calm’ and deflect from what is really going on. In other words, on cue, the ‘lone wolf’ scenario is meant to suggest that no one, even from within the Muslim community, can ‘predict’ what a ‘crazy’ person is going to do at any given moment. Uh huh…

MOST significantly, careful preparation mandates ‘sleeper cells’ called upon when ordered to attack. And it is nary a factor, whether or not the actual shooters/bombers are newly arrived via narco-smugglers or buried for months/years on end. 

THE fact remains that an Islamic terror cell (ISIS or another) can be pressed into service at any given time. Incontestably, the cartoon-fest was ISIS’s opening shot in Texas.

MAKE no mistake, they are just revving up – cartoon-fests beside the point!

UPDATE: DEBKAfile INTELLIGENCE confirms this investigative journalist’s overall assessment of the ISIS attack in Garland; the sleeper cell aspect; the FEDS failure to scoop them up, and it being the opening shot of much more to come! 


Israel’s Appeasing Leaders: Supplying & Aiding Hamas’ ‘Rebuilding’ Efforts! To What End? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

FOR all practical purposes, Israel’s top political echelon continuously aids the enemy. What else should one conclude when a leadership repeatedly allows shipments of building materials (dual use at that!), energy supplies and everything in between into Hamastan, even as its terror leadership lobs rockets and missiles and screams for Israel’s destruction?
BESIDES, is there any price to be paid for terrorizing and murdering Jews? After all, if terrorists are allowed to rebuild and regroup, what incentive is there for them to ‘cease’ their fire? Anyone? 


AS a matter of record (since Hamas’s blitzkreig during the entire summer of 2014, and firing upon Israel, at will, since April 2001), and in contravention of the blatantly illegal ‘ceasefire’ too, Hamas ‘celebrated’ Israel’s Day of Independence, April 23, 2015, with a fresh volley of rockets! 

BUT let’s not quibble about ‘details’, as we walk back to reality and review the facts at hand. Indeed, the following represents a continuous pattern of appeasement under PM Netanyahu’s leadership, and with no end in sight.

AS this site reported on July 15, 2014:

Video of COS Gantz With Troops Amassed At Gaza Border…Chomping At The Bit To Destroy Hamas…Frustrated In The Field!

BACK during the most recent summer-long war, like a yo-yo, a marionette whose strings are waiting to be yanked, PM Netanyahu veers from accepting an absolutely illegal ceasefire – pausing the IDF’s firepower, even as missile blitzes continue apace – to ordering the forces to go ahead and strike back, but only after a constant flow of attacks. What kind of leader behaves this irrationally, in effect, leaving ones citizens in agonizing limbo? 

NOW, in certain situations flexibility is a plus but never in life and death matters. For heavens sake. Intrinsically, no one should be foolish enough to believe that said pause in fire is some sort of deep thinker’s “strategy”. Hogwash. It is PM Netanyahu’s reflexively spineless response to this and that pressure, especially when Washington’s malefactors are in the region.

NEVERTHELESS, within this blogger’s circle of contacts (mainly among a considerably high level cadre of strategic and counter-terror related professionals), no one expects PM Netanyahu to go the distance and vanquish Hamas. In fact, if he does so, well, most would fall off the edge of their seats. Assuredly, this does not mean that they are cynical in nature. Not at all. Rather, they tend to be realistic and operate from a rational paradigm, just like this blogger. Moreover, they internalize that past performance is the best prognosticator of future performance. Thus, PM Netanyahu’s record of capitulation and ‘cease-fires’ are legendary and unprecedented, even within Israel’s long list of appeasing, spineless, genuflecting and apologetic leaders! A humiliating spectacle to boot.

JUST to back track a bit, PM Netanyahu is like a broken record…déjà vu and then some. Let us hark to December 2012 and see what shakes out of his appeasement tree:

YET, for too many years and ongoing till today, malfeasance from Israel’s leadership (vitiating their legitimacy and obviating qualifying due diligence) derives via their failure to protect the citizens above ALL else.

THIS obligation extends to the point of eschewing this or that pressure point. Statesmen understand these distinctions. Agreed, it is not as if the leadership can ignore thousands of missiles/rockets raining down on citizens, thus, pretending that a worthless/toothless cease/death fire is the answer.

THE above is evidenced within DEBKAfiles’s latest report. The leadership’s failures toward its majority public have been on full display, but too many in Jewish circles…hey GA Assembly…’Peace/Death Now’ devotees…how’s that PA/Fatah/Hamas junta working out?  The Gaza (2012) operation’s ending shakes West Bank security, opens door to Hamas…..

BUT a hopeful sort would believe, that was then and this is now. Not so fast. As predicated in today’s thesis, there are many levels of capitulation and Bibi is its master….read more here.

AND even though readers are still scratching their heads, never mind, we are not finished. Let’s recap on the latest unfathomable ‘gestures’ to Hamas’s terror leaders, as reported by Israel National News on April 29, 2015:

Despite Hamas using building material to rebuild terror attack tunnels, Israel lets through single largest shipment since last war.

Israel allowed 14,000 tons of building material into Gaza on Wednesday, the defense ministry said of the largest single shipment since last summer’s Hamas terror war – despite the fact that Hamas is using such materials to rapidly rebuild its terror tunnels to attack Israel.

COGAT, the IDF Coordination of Government Activities in the Territories, told AFP that some 354 trucks passed through the Kerem Shalom goods crossing in southern Gaza carrying “construction materials,” without elaborating what goods were let in.

The news comes as Hamas is working to rebuild its tunnels into Israel that were used to attack Israelis in Operation Protective Edge to lethal effect.

Hamas is intensively rebuilding its terror tunnel infrastructure, with the digging reportedly taking place six days a week with three shifts each day.

Over 1,000 diggers are said to be employed by Hamas to construct the tunnels, and the current estimation is that the tunnels lead up to Israeli territory – Hamas will extend them beyond when it feels the time is right to strike.

It was cleared for publication on Wednesday that Hamas had planned to use its tunnels for a massive abduction operation during last summer’s war.

Despite the overwhelming evidence that Hamas is gearing up for its next terror war against Israel after its third attempt fell short last summer, Israel continues to ship in construction goods that are being used to rebuild the tunnels.

Last month Israel lifted a ban on the import of dual-use Portland cement into Gaza, which can be used for civilian projects or military construction such as attack tunnel construction.

DEAR readers, are Israel’s leaders rational, by any stretch of the imagination?

CONSEQUENTLY, Israeli leftists – Islam’s coddlers – and their diaspora comrades (Jews and non-Jews alike) are none too pleased with said fact-finding(s) and outing(s). Understood. בָּרוּר . But none of their harping will stop the truth from seeping forth, in relationship to those whose political “feet of clay” – whether from the left or the so-called right – imperil the nation. Intolerable.

SO if certain Israeli leftists (and squishy, pliable ‘rightists’) don’t want their dirty laundry revealed, it’s just too damn bad. Deal with it. Get a grip.

PARADOXICALLY, for different reasons, PM Netanyahu’s cheerleaders insist on protecting his ‘strategies’ like an etrog (אֶתְרוֹג), opining: he is the only one who can lead from the ‘right’! Well, said nonsense doesn’t register at this end. Some of us can’t be fooled, nor cowed. Even more so, a well received op-ed at American Thinker – re-posted at Israeli sites – ripped the mask off of the so-called ‘right-wing’ leadership in Israel.

AS always, the recent electoral choices were slim pickings, veering between the Zionist Union’ (in reality, the hard left/Arabist party) or the so-called ‘right wing’ appeasing Likud. Yes, the only 2 front-runners among a gaggle of smaller parties. Akin to a rock and a hard place.

‘Zionist Union Head Herzog Wants Joint Arab Party MK Tibi to Join Sensitive Israel Defense Committee.’

Herzog and Tibi

(MK Yitzhak Herzog of Zionist Union on left and MK Ahmed Tibi of United Arab List on right.)

DUE to the above – and so much more – is it any wonder that a recent (excerpted) interview (March 17, 2015) let loose much of the poop and scoop upon Israel’s derelict leadership, inquiring, ‘Can Israel Survive As The Jewish State?’

WOLFF BACHNER: And speaking of responsible world leaders, why isn’t the Prime Minster of Israel bringing up these serious issues with the nations involved in the peace process and especially with Obama and demanding an end to all military threats to Israel before Israel will negotiate again? Is he trying too hard to appease Obama and the various European talking heads, and by doing so, weakening Israel’s position even further in a peace process that is already an anti-Israeli charade?

ADINA KUTNICKI: It is this lock-step and debasing march which stopped him (during 9 years as PM, from 1996-1999 and 2009 -2015) from declaring victory over Hamas during the 2014 summer-long war, one which blanketed/blitzed the entire country with missile and rocket barrages. More indicting, instead of laying waste, years ago, to Iran’s mushrooming genocidal WMD program, he is still begging President Obama to lead the charge, knowing full well that he has no such intention. Chasing ghosts.

Inherently, he could have taken a page out of (the late) PM Menachem Begin’s playbook, when he defied President Carter and destroyed Iraq’s Osirak reactor. Now, as then, Washington issued threats to “cease and desist”, but one PM ignored said orders, while the other (continuously) caved. Statesmanship, or the lack thereof.

In the main, PM Netanyahu is best described as a ‘serial accommodator’, comparable to a badly battered wife who just can’t help herself from going back to her abuser, one last time, for more punishment. Now, others may tsk, tsk and opine: well, the POTUS is the big man in the arena, therefore, what can poor “Bibi” do but genuflect? Hogwash.

For the record, PM Menachem Begin didn’t have a problem executing what his mantle required of him; protecting Israel at ALL costs! Similarly, Israel’s first PM, David Ben-Gurion, gave Eisenhower the proverbial finger, when he launched a war in 1956 in concert with Britain and France against an increasingly belligerent Egypt. As always, Washington attempted to stay Israel’s hand. History repeats.

In furtherance to the above charge and indictment, whereas PM Ben-Gurion took on the U.S. when Israel was little more than a military pipsqueak, PM Netanyahu behaves as if Israel is a vassal state. This is the case even though he has at his disposal the most adept forces in the region, let alone technologically advanced. Hence, the question is not one of actual force strength, but one of inner and moral fortitude. Hmm.

At its base, the moment that PM Netanyahu conceded to a PA (terror) state (during his speech at Bar Ilan University in 2009, two and a half months into his tenure…regardless of how he framed it), the fact of the matter is that he gave Israel’s ‘kosher’ stamp of approval to carve a 23 rd Arab state out of the Jewish heartland. This historical injury lands at his doorstep. Agreed, previous PM’s have been equally appeasing and beyond injurious, but the imprimatur for the above became cemented under his watch. No doubt.

Thus, he weakened Israel’s position within (already hostile, pro-Arab) international forums, once he gutted the nation’s core standing. Realistically, are others supposed to be ‘more Catholic than the Pope’, so to speak? Not only that, why should they disagree with Israel’s PM, in effect, after he already conceded (his ‘reasoning’ doesn’t count for a damn) to the ‘rights’ of the so-called Palestinians? Unforgivable…read the rest here…

INDEED, attesting as an American-Israeli, unforgivable. Unfathomable. Unconscionable.

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Minnesota’s Terror Infestation Ratchets Up:Brotherhood Dictates, Cease Counter-Terror Methods! Commentary By Adina Kutnicki


AT its base, a few converging issues must be clarified, sans any doublespeak, if the primary methods utilized by Islamic (terror) orgs are to be understood for what they truly are.  Machiavellian.

AS such, upon careful evaluation of their modes of operation, extortion is the apt descriptor. Whether accomplished via stealth or frontal jihad, the fact of the matter is that they are wholly designed to flip democratic principles upside down. Similarly, at the same time, they bore within to TOTALLY destroy its underpinnings.

REGARDLESS of the facts at hand, if you prefer to believe that said analysis is the byproduct of a conspiratorial mind and hard-hearted sort, well, that’s your prerogative. However, failure to heed the Brotherhood Mafia’s own words, The Plan, will lead to America’s total destruction. Don’t tar the messenger.

THUS, the following lays the foundation for today’s commentary: it proves precisely why CAIR, the Brotherhood’s designated propaganda organ, is their go to address to stop all measures which aid in rolling back Islamic terror! It is no accident that they are always front and center, ubiquitous, whether via tv, print media or press conferences.

The Muslim Brotherhood logo

The following is the official document from a 1991 meeting which outlines the Muslim Brotherhood’s strategic goals for North America.

The document was entered as evidence in the 2008 Holyland Terror Funding Trial {blogger’s note: much of the evidence for the trial was corroborated by Dave Gaubatz, a primary contact, via his undercover operation into the Muslim Mafia}. Federal investigators found the document in the home of Ismael Elbarasse, a founder of the Dar Al-Hijrah mosque in Falls Church, Virginia, during a 2004 search. Elbarasse was a member of the Palestine Committee, which the Muslim Brotherhood had created to support Hamas in the United States.

Page 4:

Enablement of Islam in North America, meaning: establishing an effective and a stable Islamic Movement led by the Muslim Brotherhood which adopts Muslims’ causes domestically and globally, and which works to expand the observant Muslim base, aims at unifying and directing Muslims’ efforts, presents Islam as a civilization alternative, and supports the global Islamic State wherever it is.”

Page 5:

“…the Movement must plan and struggle to obtain “the keys” and the tools of this process in carry out [sic] this grand mission as a ‘Civilization Jihadist’ responsibility.”

Page 7:

“The process of settlement is a ‘Civilization-Jihadist Process’ with all the word means. The Ikhwan [Muslim Brotherhood] must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and ‘sabotaging’ its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers…”

“[W]e must possess a mastery of the art of ‘coalitions’, the art of ‘absorption’ and the principles of ‘cooperation.’”

Page 18:

“A list of our organizations and the organizations of our friends” – This is where the Muslim Brotherhood listed its front groups in the U.S.. Note that prominent organizations like CAIR, ISNA, ICNA and others are named here.



SPECIFICALLY, in relation to Minnesota, its jihadi infestation is hardly an anomaly within America. Just substitute countless states in its place and the Brotherhood’s fingerprints pop up, as well as their subsequent ‘objections’ and cover ups.

IN any case, Dec. 2014 revealed a portion of the danger. As always, CAIR is a central player.

MOST significantly, the state is overridden with Somali Muslims, most of whom are unwilling to assimilate into their host country, and many are hostile in the extreme. And guess what? One of their imams (who knows how many others) even refuses to denounce ISIS! By the way, this treacherous scenario, whether of Sunni or Shia origin, is rampant throughout Muslim communities across the United States.

NOT only that, back in Jan. 2009, Site Intelligence Group noted that this same Somali community included members who left the U.S. to fight on behalf of Al-Qaeda and attendant offshoots!

AND true to jihadi form, another Somali from Minnesota got killed fighting for ISIS. Significantly, are we sensing a pattern yet? Hope so.

YET, the main question becomes: what, if anything, can be done to turn the tide? In a very real sense, Americans (westerners) must cease believing that their leaders will save the day. In fact, they are the basic problem, even more so than CAIR and its various Brotherhood tentacles. What?


ON March 25, 2015 it was further reported:

MOVING right along, let’s segue to this site’s warnings re Somali Muslims in Minnesota (other states too) and their linkage to ISIS and ISLAMIC Brotherhood front groups. Like pigs to their sh-t.

BUT just in case some may think that Rep. Ellison is being given an unfair rap, well, you may want to re-calibrate your calculus.

Reported on March 20, 2015….Rep. Keith Ellison, known for defending the Islamic State group against allegations of being Islamic, just decided to upgrade himself from a mere jihad apologist to a full-fledged jihad lobbyist.….read more here.

SO it is under the above backdrop (and paradigm) that readers must internalize two thrusts; the aforementioned ‘converging issues’ from the opening paragraph.

Nearly 50 mosques, Muslim organizations and student groups have signed a statement that highlights concerns with a federal pilot program to combat radicalization and terror recruitment in Minnesota.

About 40 Muslim groups in Minnesota are voicing concern about a federal program designed to fight terror recruiting, according to a statement sent out Friday by the Minnesota chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations.


The statement, which contains the names of several mosques, student groups and other Muslim organizations, asks the Department of Justice to discontinue the program, saying it unfairly singles out members of the state’s large Somali community for their nationality and religion.

“While we support the right of all Americans to live in democratic communities free of violence, we cannot in good conscience condone or help refine programs that are fundamentally discriminatory and are likely to further subject our community members to additional civil rights abuses,” said the statement released by the Minnesota chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

The pilot program in Minnesota is focused on the state’s Somali community, which has seen more than two dozen youth leave in recent years to join the terror group al-Shabab in Somalia or militants in Syria. Community members who have long sought help in stopping recruiting initially embraced the pilot program as an opportunity.

The statement lists 44 Muslim organizations as undersigned supporters. {blogger’s note: all of whom are Brotherhood front groups!} “It is our recommendation that the government stop investing in programs that will only stigmatize, divide and marginalize MUSLIM communities further,” the statement said.


The groups instead suggest the following framework to combat extremism:

Support for a Minnesota Muslim community-based task force, which is currently under development to serve as an outreach resource for law enforcement agencies. (“Outreach” is code for allow us to brainwash law enforcement with the myth that Islam is a religion of peace and terrorism is anti-Islam)



Funds for anti-radicalization programs should be separated from federal counter-terrorism and law enforcement agencies. Instead, funding should come from foundations, community organizations and state and local government. (That way, we can keep funding our terrorist pals overseas)


The Department of Justice should protect groups and individuals who intervene with those they believe are vulnerable to recruitment into extremist groups. Those who intervene should not be penalized with prosecution, watch-listing or surveillance because of their association with a potential violent extremist. (Surveillance of Muslims and mosques should be banned)

The statement also calls on Congress to investigate the federal government’s “over-broad surveillance of mosques and American Muslims, absent evidence of criminal activity.” (Just because mosques are breeding grounds for terrorists, the government should not be spying on them)

Members of Minnesota’s Somali community rallied at the Capitol on Monday in support of the families of the men accused of trying to join the Islamic State in Syria. Some wore shirts that said, “Free our boys” and chanted, “We’re not ISIS! We’re not terrorists!” (Even though our sons are)

Instead of counter-terrorism activities, CAIR wants the government to focus on:

– Youth and after school programs for MUSLIMS

– Job fairs and job training programs for MUSLIMS

– Eliminate ethnic profiling at the airport of MUSLIMS

– Get more Somali MUSLIMS into law enforcement careers(AKA fox guarding henhouse)

– Increase engagement between MUSLIM religious leaders and MUSLIM youth (one of the best ways to recruit future terrorists)

Organizations listed on CAIR ‘letter of concern’ –
Read a complete copy of the letter at http://bit.ly/1I3DfD9

Council on American Islamic Relations CAIR MN 
Global Somali Diaspora 
Muslim Youth and Family Services 
Islamic Relief & Social Services 
African Family and Education Center 
Abubakar As-Sidique Islamic Center 
Tawfiq Islamic Center 
Islamic Center of Twin Ports “ICTP” 
Brooklyn Park Islamic Center 
Building Blocks of Islam 
al-Mahmood Foundation 
ICM-Muslim Youth of Minnesota 
Dar Al-Farooq 
Al Farooq Youth & Family Center 
ICCMN/Al-Iman Center 
Masjid Al-Ihsan 
Islamic Center of Owatonna (Masjid Al Rahma) 
Burnsville Mosque (Al Salaam) 
Roshester Islamic Center 
Irshad Islamic Center Eden Prairie 
Masjid Al-Huda (ICCC) 
Masjid Al Tawba/Eden Prairie Islamic Center (ICCC) 
Ummatul Islam Center 
Masjid Ash-Shafi 
Masjid As-Sunnah (St Paul) 
Minnesota Dawah Institute 
Al Farooq Youth & Family Center 
Dar-Alqalam Islamic Center 
Abubakar As-Sidique Islamic Center-Faribault MN 
Masjid Rowdah 
Masjid Ni’mat ul-Islaam 
Muslim student association SCSU 
Mankato Islamic center 
Islamic Center of Minnesota 
Abukhadra Mosque 
Al-Madinah Cultural Center 
University of Minnesota Muslim Student Association 
University of St Thomas Muslim Student Association 
MCTC- Muslim Student Association 
Engage Minnesota Muslims 
Global Deaf Muslim the Minnesota chapter

HMM…brass (terror) balls, ya think?

YET, while some of their methods are becoming increasingly transparent, in the main, the Brotherhood Mafia’s structure is VERY secretive, even more so than the ubiquitous Mafia…Mafioso…Mob.

ALAS, aside from other methods of penetration (which are not open for discussion), the following visual aids –  among others – set the stage.

The Muslim Brotherhood In The USA…Very Secret



HERE too – 


BUT let’s just extrapolate further and perform a little bit of intersecting magic. Ask yourselves: is there a real distinction between extortion tactics used by criminal thugs who tear down cities – while fellow Black apologists and a variety of leftists opine that America owes them this, that and the other – to the incessant whining and demands proffered via the Brotherhood’s mouthpieces, as to their ‘rights’ to the same this, that and the other? Moreover, as per both, shouldn’t a so-called democracy shut up and take it, otherwise risk being tarred ‘racist’, ‘biased’ and worse?

IN other words, Islamic jihadists and Blacks are ‘victims’ and certain ‘penance’ and coinage must be paid. America, to ‘prove’ that it is really democratic, must tolerate a plethora of criminal actions, even if it means that the nation will be torn down in the process. ‘Fair is fair.’ 

SO the core questions become: is democracy a suicide pact? If not, what are patriots going to do to protect their nation’s foundations?

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Congress’s Islamic Reps Advance CAIR’s Dictates:Silence Free Speech! Iraqi Nun Targeted Too,The Tie-Ins. Commentary By Adina Kutnicki


LET’s get right down to Islamic business, proving just how dangerous it is to allow stealth jihadists into Congress, let alone to elect an Islamist-in-Chief as POTUS! Patriots, as is said, it is time to pay the piper.

LIKE a gigantic jigsaw puzzle, eventually, moving parts fit together, even if seemingly akin to a runaway train. You just have to know which Islamic rocks to crawl under, and be willing to reveal what’s what.

THAT being said, atop Obama Inc.’s racial fires and purposeful weakening of America through massive illegal immigration (and several other pressure points), Muslim Congressmen, with direct links to the Brotherhood Mafia, assiduously perform the Brotherhood’s bidding. HUSSEIN Obama’s alike.

ESSENTIALLY, some of their actions are visible, while others are not. It just depends.   

Reps. Andre Carson, D-Ind., Joe Crowley, D-N.Y., and Keith Ellison, D-Minn., in Washington, D.C., protesting Geert Wilders visit to the U.S. (Twitter @RepAndreCarson)

(Congress’s Shariah Law proponents on Capitol Hill!)

IN this regard, some backgrounder is mandatory due diligence: 


FIRST and foremost, Congressman Ellison is a practicing Muslim. Indubitably, his allegiance is to the ummah. This is a fact. Moreover, he represents Somali-laden terror enclaves in Minnesota and various Islamic constituents. Even more so, he is wholly and inextricably linked into CAIR, the propaganda arm of the Brotherhood Mafia inside America. Let there be no doubt on these converging points. Besides, this investigative journalist is called upon as a Brotherhood expert ‘witness’, and knows this terrain like few others.

AS to the specifics…

STILL before we connect the ISIS dots, let’s recall a previous commentary (March 2013) re Ellison, a hooked up Brotherhood rep inside Congress: 

“Keithy” (feel like he is an old friend, having featured him several times at this blog, thus, the term of “endearment” – adinakutnicki.com/2012/07/16/update-muslim-congressman-keith-ellison-taunts-congresswoman-michele-bachmann-not-a-smart-move-addendum-to-the-redgreen-alliance-the-ties-that-bind-hillary-clinton-huma-abedin-56-2/) is feeling quite spunky these days, even to the point of shouting down Sean Hannity, not exactly a timid opponent. Oh my…the guy has cajones, as is said in some Brooklyn, NY ‘hoods. See for yourselves –

Sean Hannity Battles Disrespectful Keith Ellison In Epic Heated Interview’- www.youtube.com/watch?v=gjR0GETgGig

Now, it is not as if Muslims aren’t used to lording their supremacy, but this is kind of over the top, even by Washington standards. So what gives? Well, the Muslim Rep, for all intents and purposes, is a “made man”. In other words, the POTUS has his back. High fives all around. Fist bumps galore….read here


AS to Ellison’s matching bookend, Rep Carson is a follower of Islam, equally busy upending America via demands for Shariah Law! Thus, free speech must be silenced and any criticism re Islam (and its concomitant dangers to America/west) is verboten and blasphemous! You got that?

Associates of CAIR lead the way in dollar terms, making over $430,000 in campaign contributions to candidates for federal office. That’s a nice piece of change from a group named as an “unindicted co-conspirator” in America’s largest terror-financing case, in which the federal judge found “ample evidence” of CAIR’s links to Hamas.

André Carson, Islamist favorite and congressman from Indiana.

Overall, Islamist money is relatively minor in the forthcoming 2014 congressional elections, but IMIP information has several benefits. It holds politicians accountable for accepting funds from a soiled source. It signals the Islamist lobby’s affections and intentions. And it tells voters who takes money from individuals linked to enemies of the United States and its allies.

In Indiana, Democratic representative André Carson has received almost $34,000 from Islamist sources for his congressional runs since 2008. In contrast, his Republican opponent this November, newcomer Catherine Ping, has received not a dime from them. That’s the same Carson who appeared at the 2012 annual ICNA-MAS convention, where he encouraged American schools to look “at the model we have in our madrassas … where the foundation is the Qur’an.”

NOT only that, Pelosi appointed him to the House Intelligence Committee! What does said appointment reveal, re the extent of Islamic influence peddling and penetration inside America’s bowels?

ALAS, is it any wonder that the above Congressional foxes attempted – but failed, this go around – to block Geert Wilders from entering America? Connecting the dots… 

As one of the world’s most prominent critics of Islam, Dutch lawmaker Geert Wilders doesn’t go anywhere without his security detail of as many as six plainclothes police officers, and he rarely crosses international borders without causing political uproar, having already been banned in Britain at one time.

So it was of little surprise that three U.S. congressmen urged Secretary of State John Kerry and Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson to deny him a visa ahead of his planned visit to the U.S. this week, due to his alleged ongoing “participation in inciting anti-Muslim aggression and violence.”

Reps. Keith Ellison, D-Minn., and André Carson, D-Ind., who both are Muslim, along with Rep. Joe Crowley, D-N.Y., wrote a letter April 23 citing “the International Religious Freedom Act which allows the Department of State to deny entry to a foreign leader who is responsible for severe violations of religious freedom.”

Geert Wilders

Nevertheless, Wilders – who insists he doesn’t hate Muslims but believes Western civilization is threatened by adherents of the Islamic supremacy taught in the Quran – showed up on Capitol Hill Wednesday and spoke at two events at the invitation of Reps. Louie Gohmert, R-Texas, and  Steve King, R-Iowa.

King’s communications director, Sarah Stevens, told WND the congressman invited Wilders a month or so ago to speak at the weekly Conservative Opportunity Society breakfast he chairs. Wilders spoke Wednesday on his latest book, “Marked for Death: Islam’s War Against the West and Me,” and also attended an evening reception with Congress members and staff along with representatives of foreign-policy groups on Capitol Hill.

Ellison, Carson and Crowley showed up Thursday at a news conference King and Gohmert held for Wilders in front of the U.S. Capitol and voiced their opposition to the Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf in a video interview.

“Personally, I find it disturbing, but mostly sad, because, you know, the people of the Netherlands are a good people, and this is absolutely true, with a great history of tolerance, great history of giving art to the world and great gifts,” Ellison said.

“And it’s unfortunate,” the Minnesota congressman continued, “that someone such as this would come over here and sort of represent himself as a member of that society.”

Wilders, for his part, would contend that Ellison actually is drawing attention to the central issue: It’s the intolerance of Muslim immigrants and their refusal to assimilate, Wilders argues, that threatens the historic Judeo-Christian Dutch culture that forms the basis of a tolerant, pluralistic society capable of “giving art to the world and great gifts.”

As for whether or not Wilders represents his country, in 2009 he remarked: “Half of Holland loves me and half of Holland hates me. There is no in-between.”

King was unable to speak to WND due to schedule constraints, but he  was interviewed by the De Telegraaf reporter in front of the Capitol Thursday, who asked him for his view of Wilders.

“I think he’s solid and courageous. I introduced him yesterday as a man who will stand up and speak the truth – even if he’s under death threats, speak the truth,” King said in the video interview.

“He’s done that consistently for a decade.”

Wilders is scheduled to be the keynote speaker at an event Sunday in the Dallas area called the “Muhammad Art Exhibit and Contest.” Held at the venue where Muslims hosted a “Stand with the Prophet in Honor and Respect” conference one week after the Paris Charlie Hebdo massacre in January, the event’s organizers, the American Freedom Defense Initiative, see Wilders as representative of their aggressive defense of freedom of speech.

ADI is run by author and Atlas Shrugs blogger Pamela Geller, and author and Jihad Watch Director Robert Spencer, who themselves have been branded by Ellison, Carson and their allies as “Islamophobes.” Geller and Spencer argue their work amounts to citing the justifications from the Quran and other Islamic texts used by Muslims who employ violent acts and other means to assert Islamic supremacy.

Comparing cultures

Summarizing their complaint, the three protesting congressmen told Kerry and Johnson that Wilders’ “policy agenda is centered on the principle that Christian culture is superior to other cultures.”

Rep. Keith Ellison, D-Minn.

“He justifies his desire to ban the Quran and Islam from the Netherlands with depraved comments like, ‘Islam is not a religion, it’s an ideology, the ideology of a retarded culture.’ We should not be importing hate speech,” they write.

Wilders’ defenders point out that the Dutch word he used to describe Islamic culture can be translated as “backward” rather than “retarded,” insisting that while Wilders doesn’t mince words, he is no hater of people.

“I don’t hate Muslims, I hate Islam,” explains Wilders, the leader of the Party for Freedom, the fourth-largest party in the Dutch parliament.

That sentiment apparently is of little consolation to many of the more than 1 billion people who identify as Muslim, but Wilders contends the orthodox teaching of Islam derived from Muhammad is an existential threat to Western civilization.

While he puts the percentage of Islamic extremists at about 5 to 15 percent of Muslims, he contends “moderate Islam” doesn’t exist and notes the Quran itself states that Muslims who accept the Islam’s holy book in part are “apostates.”

As evidence of the failure to assimilate, in a speech to parliament last year he cited a study showing that nearly three-quarters of ethnic Turks and Moroccans in the Netherlands regard those who leave the European nation to join jihadists in Syria as “heroes.” Wilders pointed out that the same percentage of Dutch Muslims condoned the 9/11 attacks.

Wilders has been under constant security protection since November 2004, when two North African Muslims were accused of planning to murder him and another outspoken critic of Islam in the parliament, Ayaan Hirsi Ali. The attack at the Hague came shortly after the murder of Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh by a Moroccan national.

Wilders was banned from the U.K. as an “undesirable person” under Prime Minister Gordon Brown in February 2009, two days before he was scheduled to show his short film “Fitna” at the invitation of two members of the House of Lords. Wilders appealed the ban to Britain’s Asylum and Immigration Tribunal, which overturned it in October 2009.

Wilders writings and film “Fitna” warning of the “Islamization” of the Netherlands and Europe prompted Turkish, Moroccan and Antillean organizations in the country to bring charges against him of criminally insulting religious and ethnic groups and inciting hatred and discrimination.

In June 2011, he was acquitted of all charges. Judge Marcel van Oosten called Wilders’ statements about Islam “gross and denigrating” but ruled they didn’t constitute hatred against Muslims and, therefore, were “acceptable within the context of public debate.”

Limiting free speech

In their letter, Ellison, Carson and Crowley assert Wilders’ right to speak freely in the U.S. under the First Amendment is limited because he allegedly incites violence and “prejudicial action” against protected groups.

They write:

In the U.S., freedom of speech is a bedrock principle that distinguishes free societies from ones living under oppressive regimes. Freedom of speech, however, is not absolute. It is limited by the legal and moral understanding that speech that causes the incitement of violence or prejudicial action against protected groups is wrong. As Mr. Wilders continues his pursuit of political power, granting him entry will embolden him to engage in further incitement of violence and discrimination against Muslims.

Legal analyst Eugene Volokh noted the incitement exception to free speech, according to Supreme Court precedent, is “limited to speech intended to and likely to produce imminent lawless conduct — conduct in the coming hours or maybe few days.”

Wilders’ statements, Volokh wrote in a Washington Post blogpost, appear to be constitutionally protected, he said, because they “don’t urge any imminent conduct (or even any criminal conduct, as opposed to long-term changes in the law). Such statements’ are “incitement” in the Congressmen’s opinion only because the Congressmen apparently view constitutionally unprotected “incitement” (or, as they term it earlier, “hate speech”) much more broadly.”

ALAS, it beggar’s the imagination that State and DHS would have any legs to stand on, in order to deny a visa to a worldwide champion of the west’s freedoms. Clearly, they realized that the timing of crossing such a red line wasn’t efficacious. Yet, they ‘targeted’ an Iraqi nun for exclusion, as evidenced below.

REGARDLESS, HUSSEIN Obama’s surrogates – Sec of State Kerry, in tandem with DHS’s Jeh Johnson – are indeed dangerous stealth jihadists! Oh, what a tangled web.

CONSIDER: what did ‘swift boat’ Kerry mean when he opined, “America needs a leader like Iran’s (terror sponsoring) ‘Supreme Leader’, Ali Khamenei?” 

AND what about Jeh Johnson, as he continuously lies that ISIS is not inside America? A reprobate…this site proved otherwise. How about his orders to DHS, demanding they ferry many thousands of illegals all over the country? Couple the above with his defiance to Congress, unabashedly, he stated he is not sorry for bypassing Congress on any aspect of immigration! This is just for starters…http://embed.newsinc.com/Single/iframe.html?WID=2&VID=28977912&cid=994&freewheel=90119&a…

COMING full circle.

AT the same time that jihadists in Congress work one end of the aisle to stop western freedom fighters from entering America, Obama Inc. denied ! a visa to an Iraqi nun. Why? Well, she is a known expert on the systematic purging of Christian communities from Islamic forces! Dangerous territory, if one is an Islamist-in-Chief. Imagine that.

UNFAILINGLY, the damage accrued from tolerating the intolerable has been proven, and now it is time to admit the truth and clean house. If not, guaranteed, the only thing left – within a few short years – will be the smoldering ruins of the most powerful nation in the world.

AT its base, America will be totally unrecognizable. Barely a hulking shell.

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Obama Inc.’s Black Panthers: “Gonna Hunt Down, KILL, White People.” DOJ, What’s Your (Legal) Position? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

general taco black panther party

(Pic of  ‘New’ Black Panther Party…PROMISING to hunt down White people and KILL them to totally destroy White Supremacy!!)

ASIDE from what you already know, regarding Baltimore’s powder keg, the most obvious fact is that the Race-Baiter-In-Chief is verily pleased by the charred ruins. In reality, he finally found his voice well into the fires, but not in relation to calling a halt to the devastation wrought by the Black ‘youths.’ No siree. Yes, as always, he jive-talked and called their actions ‘criminal’…with caveats and wiggle room…with a wink and a nod to continue on as is. 

TRUE to his anti-American thuggish form, can anyone honesty state that the following sentiments aren’t akin to a rabble rousing criminal agitator, rather than the leader of the free world? In a pig’s eye. 


NOW, it makes little sense to repeat reportage proffered by the apologetic media, albeit, not to the true victims, but to the marauding gangsters and thugs. Regardless, HUSSEIN Obama’s words can’t be sugarcoated…walked back…peppered…

Barack Obama today ripped on the nation’s police forces for targeting poor African-Americans which he says started in Ferguson, Missouri.

“Since Ferguson we have seen too many instances of what appears to be police officers interacting with individuals, primarily African Americans, often poor, in ways that raise troubling questions. And it comes up it seems like, once a week now, or every couple weeks. And so I think it’s understandable that, and more importantly moms and dads across the nation saying this is a crisis.”

Evidently he missed the fact that a grand jury his DOJ exonerated Officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of robber Michael Brown.

MIND you, as to FREDDIE GRAY’S ARREST RECORD: Here’s The Rap Sheet Of The Dude They’re Destroying Baltimore Over

BESIDES, the Agitator-in-Chief is gifting Baltimore’s criminal rioters more than enough ‘space’ to destroy the city. Meanwhile, he utilizes his megaphone to create additional ammunition for the grievance-mongers, thus, fanning the flames to racial strife, as each tier continues to blame (ultimately, target) White America!

President Obama has asked Americans, on more than one occasion, to search their souls on the question of race. But on Tuesday, in the wake of riots in Baltimore, he told them that unless this “soul searching” leads to concrete policy changes and more opportunities in communities of color, civil unrest across the nation will not end.

OH yeah, the Bastard-in-Chief is threatening more of the same, if America doesn’t coddle its minority thuggish elements to the max. Come again?

NEVER mind the fact that the POTUS, AG and the she-devil Mayor of Baltimore are all Black, and VERY powerful at that. As expected, the canard of ‘racism’ is stoked and White America is ‘guilty’ as charged.

ON the other hand, if the system wasn’t co-opted by criminal elements within Obama Inc., multiple charges of criminal negligence (and the like) would be forthcoming to a roster of indictable inciters to violence, as well as to those who ‘looked the other way.’

Despite a firm denial by Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, a senior law enforcement source charges that she gave an order for police to stand down as riots broke out Monday night, raising more questions about whether some of the violence and looting could have been prevented.

The source, who is involved in the enforcement efforts, confirmed to Fox News there was a direct order from the mayor to her police chief Monday night, effectively tying the hands of officers as they were pelted with rocks and bottles.

EVEN so, where does Baltimore (et al) tie into Obama Inc.’s Black Panthers and their screams to KILL Whites? Everywhere. Patience…takes time to build a bullet proof case.

FIRSTLY, gang members, many of whom are allied with the Black Panthers, have set their gun sights on killing White police officers. Hmm. Indeed, hark back to the Gangster-in-Chief’s own words, duly cited above too:

baltimore gangs unite

“Since Ferguson we have seen too many instances of what appears to be police officers interacting with individuals, primarily African-Americans, often poor, in ways that raise troubling questions. And it comes up it seems like, once a week now, or every couple of weeks. And so I think it’s understandable that, and more importantly moms and dads across the nation saying this is a crisis.”

DEMONSTRABLY, Sharpton, another Black thug, possesses a revolving door free pass into HUSSEIN Obama’s inner sanctum. This fact has already been established via visitor logs.

AS of Dec. 2014, Sharpton has visited the White House 61 times! 

My God, the guy probably has his own desk in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building.

President Obama’s embrace of Al Sharpton, as National Review points out, has helped legitimize Sharpton as the preeminent black leader. Sharpton and his idiotic rantings, his message of victimization instead of self-help, and his fomenting of racial divisions, now takes the place of Martin Luther King Jr., thanks to Obama….

TO wit, let’s just admit that they are thick as thieves. Meanwhile, aside from evidence found below – linking HUSSEIN Obama to the Black Panthers – Sharpton is deeply connected to the Panthers too:

Al Sharpton whipped up the crowd with a mortifying, race-baiting speech, and with NBPP (New Black Panthers Party) members standing directly in front of the stage.

new black panthers

“We are tired of going to jail for nothing and others going home for something. Zimmerman should have been arrested that night … you cannot defend yourself against a pack of Skittles and iced tea. Don’t talk to us like we’re stupid! Don’t talk to us like we’re ignorant! We love our children like you love yours. Lock him up!”

… Trayvon represents a reckless disregard for our [black] lives that we’ve seen for too long, and we’ve come here tonight to tell you enough is enough….

…. you thought it was hot,…. well, the heat has just arrived….

DEAD to rights.

SO, what can go wrong when chief inciting elements – HUSSEIN Obama and Sharpton – lead the charge into Baltimore, ostensibly, to lend ‘assists':

“I have been asked by many in the Baltimore area since day one to get involved in the justice for Freddie Gray movement. Though I have discussed it on my daily radio and TV shows and been in touch with our NAN Baltimore chapter, I resisted personal involvement until we saw what the promised May 1 investigation report would bring.

HOUSED under the above umbrella – and within said context – readers must urgently view the incitement to outright WAR against White America. The following must not be taken as ‘over the top’ hyperbole. Rather, it must be understood for what it is: their opening shot in the upcoming race war, yes, race war!

On Sunday, a New Black Panther Party leader using the name General Taco said members of the New Black Panther Party will hunt down and kill white people, The Blaze reported Wednesday. Saying that the future of the organization is “absolute total destruction” of what he called “white supremacy” and capitalism on the planet, General Taco said the group would hunt their “pink a**es down.”

Taco, whose name stands for “taking all capitalists out,” wasn’t finished. “Once [white people] die, we should dig ‘em up, and kill ‘em again, bury ‘em, dig ‘em up, and kill ‘em again, and again, and again!” he exclaimed, getting more agitated as he spoke. He justified his remarks by claiming white people have a “history” of pushing “crack, AIDS and unemployment” on black people in order to “exterminate” them. Taco’s call for racial violence is nothing new for the group.

On Sunday, the St. Petersburg/Tampa, Florida, chapter of the New Black Panther Party issued a tweet calling for the murder of white people.

“Kill these racist h**keys, these cr***ers, these pigs, these pink people, It has been long overdue!” the organization said on Twitter.

In a 32-page newsletter released in May, NBPP leader Malik Zulu Shabazz suggested that violence may be the most effective way to advance their agenda.

“Black America, you must decide who will best represent you in 2012. You must decide if you will choose the ballot as a means to change, or the bullet,” he wrote, saying that “demanding change does come by any means necessary.”

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, the New Black Panther Party is a “virulently racist and anti-Semitic organization whose leaders have encouraged violence against whites, Jews and law enforcement officers.”

INDEED, the NBPP fully recognize that there is no time like the present. It is under the ‘guiding hands’ of the present occupant of the White House that they will be able to shed as much blood as possible, sans having to face the long-arm of justice.

AS such, White America, be prepared to ‘lock and load’, if necessary.

INHERENTLY, a set of urgent queries must be asked: are the ‘New’ Black Panthers – akin to their predecessors, the Black Panthers – a qualifying domestic terror group? If not, why not? If the answer is in the affirmative, the follow-ups are: why isn’t DHS branding them as such? and why isn’t the DOJ scooping them up, one by one? Rhetorical.

CONCLUSIVELY, rock solid evidence links HUSSEIN Obama – an anti-American, pro-Islamist, wholly anti-semitic POTUS – to the Nation of Islam and the Black Panthers; itself a domestic terror group. ALL three are tied into another domestic terror group, the Weathermen.

During a dangerously volatile period of domestic terrorism, young anarchists were plotting the upending of America. In the vanguard stood the Weather Underground and the Black Panthers.

Implanted in 1969 in the heart of a revolutionary movement, Larry Grathwohl, a 22-year-old Vietnam vet, found himself acting as an FBI informant. Inserted into the Weather Underground organization under deep cover, he became privy to their terror plots as well as the leadership’s “reasoning”. It is this facet which still resonates today. BRINGING DOWN AMERICA is a gripping tale of plots and subplots, each one aimed at “the violent overthrow of the bourgeoisie [and] the establishment of the dictatorship of the proletariat”, as Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dohrn, and Jeff Jones exhorted in their 1974 manifesto, “Prairie Fire: The Politics of Revolutionary Anti-Imperialism.” The subtext of this gripping memoir is brought to the fore in Chapter 14: “The Cover Is Blown”……

Highly dangerous in their bomb-making days, their capacity to cripple America, sans firing actual weaponry is that much greater at this critical juncture in time. Deeply involved in the “transformation” process, as promised by President Obama, many of them working inside the executive branch, while others operate through progressive think tanks, they want nothing more than to distance themselves from their bloody past. Therefore, an omerta has descended from the denizens of the leftist media and their powerful organs….

INCONTESTABLY, the racial fires set in Baltimore (including, Ferguson and other cities) contain the (less than 3 degrees separated) fingerprints and footprints of the above players and their surrogates, whether Americans recognize the facts at hand or not.

The tension over Ferguson continues to get worse around the country with President Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder and Al Sharpton leading the way. 

According to local media reports, members of the New Black Panther Party planned to blow up the St. Louis Gateway Arch and to assassinate Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson and prosecutor Bob McCulloch in response to the non-indictment of former police officer Darren Wilson by a grand jury….

Will these New Black Panther members be heavily prosecuted? Hardly. In typical fashion, Attorney General Eric Holder has their back and is giving them a pass with only minor gun charges. More from the Free Beacon:

The communist and racist New Black Panther Party plotted to bomb St. Louis’ Gateway Arch and assassinate local law enforcement officials, but the Justice Department so far has limited its prosecution of the group to an indictment of two members on minor gun charges….

RESULTANT, when the Black Panthers exhort – and incite – to KILL WHITE AMERICANS, they understand very well who has their backs. Their community ‘foot soldiers’ are ready for battle, and Baltimore (Ferguson) was their ‘testing’ ground.

CONCOMITANTLY, every drop of innocent blood will trace back to the White House, the AG’s office (which gives them ‘legal’ cover…fully evidenced at this site) and to elected and non-elected fellow travelers!

FULL circle. Case closed. Simple as that.

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Texas Governor Ordered State Military: MONITOR JADE HELM! Why? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki


Bob Welch holds a sign at a public hearing about the Jade Helm 15 military training exercise in Bastrop, Tex./Photo: AP

IT is surely not lost on the Republican Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, that it is best to pay attention to the concerns of the citizens who elected him. Such a calculus should be a no-brainer for any astute politician, regardless of party affiliation.

BE that as it may, under said (practical) rubric, he ordered Texas’s military to ‘monitor’ the Feds, vis-a-vis the increasingly suspect JADE HELM 15 theater of operations within Texas. We will get to that in a bit…

BEAR in mind, this was after the shuck-and-jive show from the Fed’s mouthpiece, US Retired Non-Commissioned Special Forces Officer Tom Mead . His mission was to ‘calm down’ an increasingly alarmed public…oh yeah, the tens of thousands of ‘crazies’…’conspiracy and tin-foil hatters’ too! However, an order of this magnitude wouldn’t be given, if Texas’s chief executive didn’t see a ‘there there’, regardless of political calculi. 

In the question and answer portion of the presentation, Mead further explains to board members how Jade Helm, a new exercise he describes as also being developed by US Special Operations General Charles T. Cleveland, will now be conducted within the United States annually.

Further, Mead points out that the FBI and DEA will be involved in “questioning” individuals. It is unclear whether the individuals being interrogated are part of the exercise, or what they will be questioned about. “They will actually do some questioning for us at one of the airports in Arizona.” A military or civilian airport? He doesn’t elaborate.

Mead also provides a conflicted response when asked by the county officials if only US military and law enforcement personnel will be involved in the exercise. “Do you use any personnel from NATO, the UN or DHS?” one board member asks (at 12:56 in the above video). “Currently for Jade Helm it is US only. We, ah, that has been one of the discussions that, uhm, I’m not sure if it has occurred yet.” (blogger’s note: a W T F rendering…)

A sober observer might conclude (as a portion of the public already has) that Jade Helm is likely a means to acclimate America for eventual martial law. Since September 11, 2001 US citizens have experienced a steady erosion of their civil liberties associated with the dubious rationale of the “war on terror.” The increased militarization of law enforcement and now operations like Jade Helm being carried out on domestic soil further indicate how the Posse Comitatus Act, introduced in 1878 and intended to prevent the federal government from using the military for domestic law enforcement, is being steadily eviscerated, though it is important to note that as recently as 2002 the US Congress reaffirmed the significance of the law.

Even the Rand Corporation has suggested that the US military has no clear criteria concerning when and how Posse Comitatus applies to exercises such as Jade Helm. “[I]t is critical,” Rand researchers observe in one study, “that the Army develop doctrine, leadership, and training programs that can provide clear and specific guidance on when and how the Posse Comitatus Act—as well as any other laws that proscribe Army activities in the domestic arena—applies and when it does not…..

ADDITIONAL JADE HELM 15 ‘issues’ were amassed at a previous commentary, and they can be found here

NOT only that, its planners, including the above referenced mouthpiece, will NOT answer a straight up question re the inclusion of foreign troops – “Currently for Jade Helm it is US only. We, ah, that has been one of the discussions that, uhm, I’m not sure if it has occurred yet.” Lying bastard. Okey dokey too.

TELLINGLY, this particular lie, cum evasion, underlies the core danger. Intrinsically, many alarm bells rang as to the absolute fact that Chinese, Russian and a smattering of E European troops have been training on U.S. soil! Now, anyone who understands what this means also knows that the LAST thing a patriotic POTUS would want is communist troops running loose in the U.S., let alone learning tactics from U.S. command. Ya think?

CONCOMITANTLY, training mock ups (which involved aforementioned foreign forces) were NOT designed along the contours of environments required to battle Mid East jihadists or other known enemies. To the contrary. They are facsimiles of American cities with all the trappings of ‘any city USA’, down to the English street signs! Why?


Reuters / Lucas Jackson


The U.S. Army has constructed a 300 acre city in Virginia, complete with subways and signs in English, to practice drills for “problems we may not know we have yet,” according to the UK Telegraph.

The site cost $96 million to build and only 2 years to complete, and replicates the typical American city, with signage that replicates those in Washington D.C. and the same architecture seen across the nation.

“This is the place where we can be creative, where we can come up with solutions for problems that we don’t even know we have yet….This is where we’ll look at solutions for the future–material solutions and non-material solutions…anything from how you’re going to operate in a subterranean environment to how you dismount a Humvee to avoid an IED strike,” according to Colonel John P. Petkosek.

The troubling part of this mock city is that a recently leaked Army manual contained plans for the military to carry out “Civil Disturbance Operations” where American soldiers would be deployed across the nation to quell civil uprising, even firing on and killing American citizens if the need arose…..read here.

BACK to Texas’s foresight and watchful eyes….

The Lone Star State’s Republican governor, Greg Abbott, is answering citizens’ concerns over Operation Jade Helm 15, a lengthy military campaign to train U.S. troops in an urban setting, with a call to arms of his own: he’s ordered members of the Texas military to monitor the special-ops exercises.

Jade Helm, as WND has previously reported, kicks off in July in seven states, including Texas, Utah, California and Colorado. The two-month campaign involves special forces with all four branches of the U.S. military working with local law enforcement, as well as with FBI and DEA officials, to respond to mock hostilities in community settings. The campaign has launched a swell of opposition from social-media posters, who say the mission is little more than an attempt for the federal government to pave the way to declare martial law.

Abbott, in a letter to Maj. Gen. Gerald Betty of the Texas State Guard, said his order to monitor the feds was “to address concerns of Texas citizens,” SFGate.com said.

He wrote: “During the training operation, it is important Texans know their safety, constitutional rights, private property right[s] and civil liberties will not be infringed. I am directing the Texas State Guard to monitor Operation Jade Helm 15.”

Jade Helm concerns are tearing up the Internet.

The State Guard is made up of volunteer reservists who act at the pleasure of the governor, mostly in times of catastrophe…more here.

CONCLUSIVELY, regardless of anything else, Obama Inc., in collusion with foreign leaders – most especially Chinese – are prepping for the eventuality (the timing is fluid, but the prep has to take place) of martial law

Martial Law Prep One:

ADDITIONALLY, why are community police forces ‘armed to the teeth’, like military forces’, preparing to lay siege as if in battle formations? Hint: the reasons have zero to do with the ‘war on terror’!

Martial Law Prep Two:

MOREOVER, DHS, the umbrella where martial law is housed, is now America’s ‘standing army, its forward-arm. Not only that, but do recall DHS’s MASSIVE, inexplicable stockpiling of ammo, unprecedented in U.S. shopping sprees, just a short while ago. For what? Now it’s coming full circle…the ubiquitous swirling Black Hawks too.

Martial Law Prep Three:

FINALLY, what about the purged generals and the training of red-like foreign troops on U. S. soil?  But never mind. 

PONDER what this means: Americans are (legally) well armed, in comparison to any other nation. As such, the Second Amendment is sacrosanct. Thankfully, the Founders understood that a day would come when citizens might be required to stand up against an out of control leadership. Yes, that time has arrived. Absolutely, an armed citizenry remains the only bulwark against an increasingly totalitarian grasp.

WITHOUT a scintilla of a doubt, HUSSEIN Obama’s domestic (and foreign) upheavals are not meant to protect Americans, and JADE HELM 15 is the other end of the same crisis point. Its preparation is mandatory (with yrly exercises planned for more of the same) for an eventual totalitarian grab, one which requires not only U.S. agencies but foreign ‘assistance’ too.

INDEED, gun control is on the way, in order to implement martial law. It is not if, but when.

“President Obama is using executive actions to impose gun control on the nation,” Bedard wrote Feb. 27, 2015. “Targeting the top-selling rifle in the country, the AR-15 style semi-automatic, with a ban on one of the most-used AR bullets by sportsmen and target shooters.”

We left phone messages and sent emails several times to Bedard and did not hear back. Our focus is whether Obama is using executive action to impose gun control through a bullet ban…


CONSPIRACY-TALK ? Well, if it looks like a totalitarian duck….

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