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Tair Rada’s Murder Case, Israeli Teen: A Review. Evidence Ignored/Fabricated. Pathologists Threatened. What’s Going On? By Adina Kutnicki

[…pay particular attention to the 19:47 mark…]

INHERENTLY, the “scales of justice” veer irreversibly off kilter when a victim’s killer roams free. This is doubly the case when an innocent defendant pays the price. Justice denied on a two-tier level. A grave miscarriage. A perversion of the legal system.

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FULL Disclosure: As an investigative journalist and expert in the Muslim Brotherhood/Islamic Jihad, I have the utmost respect for those who secure law and order. Let there be no doubt. Besides, anyone who knows me would attest to the same, both on a personal and professional level.

UNDOUBTEDLY, the risks in bringing dangerous suspects to heel are graver than most realize. Life and death. Not only that, while living in the U.S., I spent a good part of my adulthood standing squarely behind the Police and Prosecutor’s aisle, to one degree or another.Thus, this particular case is absolutely an anomaly. It merits special significance. Attention. To wit, I am aligning with the defense. A first. 

IN this regard, the justice system, if operating properly, has no greater burden, other than to obtain justice for the victim. This is their sworn and moral duty, regardless of outside pressures. Mission Number One. On the other side of the scale, the incarceration of an innocent person is a grave injustice. Unfortunately, said deleterious outcome transpires when a compromised team of investigators, coupled with an out of control Prosecutor’s office, toil to satisfy other “masters”. Intolerable. 

INHERENTLY, the Prosecutor’s office, at least in a functioning democracy, above all else, must seek justice, not merely gain a conviction, whatever the costs. Furthermore, they are not allowed to adjudicate in line with, in service of, the desired verdict of the Police and Judiciary – justice be damned. Understood?

CONSEQUENTIALLY, for redress to be truly served, the perpetrator must ultimately be brought before a Court of Law, and in a timely manner with all due process adhered to. Resultant, if found guilty, a sentence must be rendered and commensurate with the crime at hand. Few would argue otherwise, unless one is living by the “laws of the jungle” or is a committed Islamist. Same calculus.

BE that as it may, as an American-Israeli (living in Israel since 2008), I am intimately familiar with America’s criminal justice system. In fact, my area of studies concentrated in criminal justice/forensic science, in tandem with geo-politics. A two-tier nexus exists in this arena; familial-wise, plus professional access to high-level justice-related contacts. 

SEGUEING over to Israel’s legal system, well, let’s just say that there are differences. It can be akin to, for lack of a better descriptor, a balagan…בלגן…topsy-turvydom. Incontrovertibly, said contrasting systems became glaringly/disturbingly obvious while reporting (investigating) on behalf of HONENU; a national legal defense organization, one which provides legal aid to Israeli soldiers and civilians in distress.

NEVERTHELESS, regardless of locale, little is more heinous to this investigative journalist (blogger), other than the murder of a child – willful or accidental. As a matter of record, the crime of drunk driving – often leaving a string of mangled bodies in its wake – is an intolerable crime, even though usually deemed by the courts as “unintentional.” Not on this end. After all, dead is dead. 

BACK to the case at hand…the butchering of 13-year-old Tair Rada, an Israeli on the cusp of her teenage years.  Image result for pics of tair rada murder victim

TRAGICALLY, in 2006, a beautiful young girl was viciously murdered in the northern Israeli town of Katzrin, Golan Heights. She was found in her school’s bathroom, Nofey Golan High School. This is clearly not in dispute.

HOWEVER, even though one (of several) suspect was eventually convicted, the case has been plagued with so many irregularities/inconsistencies – and this is a generous assessment – the Supreme Court intervened. Nevertheless, even with said intercession, the same (partial) judge retried the case! Outrageous. Prejudicial. Biased.

AS reported, May 5, 2014:

Roman Zadorov, 32, was first convicted in 2010 of the murder of Tair Rada, 13, in the Katzrin local council. The Supreme Court then ordered the Nazareth District Court to retry the case. Six weeks ago, the court confirmed the previous verdict.

Zadorov’s attorneys, Tel Aviv district public defender Elkana Leist and Dr. Itai Hermalin of the Tel Aviv University Law Clinic, said that the district court made a mistake when it chose to accept the expert opinion of Dr. Constantin Zeitzav for the prosecution over that of the defense’s expert witness, pathologist Dr. Maya Forman Resnik.

Leist and Hermalin want the Supreme Court to accept Resnik’s opinion that the cut on Rada’s chin came from a serrated knife. When Zadorov confessed at the time, he mentioned a box cutter. They also want the court to take into account that the same judges who had heard their client’s original case also heard the appeal.

According to the defense, the claim by another expert witness for the prosecution, police Superintendent Yaron Shor, that bloody shoe prints found at the scene were Zadorov’s, was “weak,” and there is no proof that the shoe prints belonged to Zadorov.

ACCORDINGLY, Dr. Haim Sadovsky explained how innocent people – before they know it – confess to the most heinous crimes. Basically, as a by-product of massive psychological pressure (brought to bear by high intensity interrogation techniques, certainly valuable when a suspect is guilty) confessions are elicited – guilt or innocence notwithstanding. Simply put, when an onlooker rightfully queries: Why would an innocent person confess, the answer (for the most part) lies within the body’s reflexive physiological response (for this discussion, it is too complicated to go into specific components) to a seemingly hopeless and pressurized situation.

NOT only that, before Zadarov’s trial his cellmate chatted him up, on instructions from the police. Simply put, he was a jailhouse informant, another coercive method used to build cases. Thereby, Zadarov theorized: Perhaps, in an unconscious state, he may have committed the crime! At this juncture, he didn’t know if he was coming or going. In plain-speak, he would have admitted to being “Jack the Ripper”, if asked. After all, the Police said they had DNA/forensic evidence, alas, who was he, a poor and undocumented laborer, to argue with these seasoned professionals. Besides, they were packing heat.

AS you will soon see, indeed, the Police and the Prosecution LIED! In Hebrew, fabricators are coined: שקרנים. I call them: Bastards.

NOW, let’s get to the heart of the case, the Exhibits.


IN fact, there were so many severe issues with the case, even his so-called “confession” was incontestably tainted. Let’s start with that, since the Police and Prosecution believe that this “admission” sealed his fate. NOT so fast.

FIRSTLY, a backgrounder: Some of us are familiar with the methods utilized to elicit false confessions via intensely coercive interrogative techniques. You know, the oft bandied about “good cop/bad cop” tag team approach. Oh dear, it’s not just a tactic used in tv shows. “It be” reality. How do I know this? Well, straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak. Several interrogators (seasoned Detectives, from both the U.S. and Israel) admitted as much, albeit off the record, when interfacing with them for this and that investigative info. Let’s just term it: Quid pro quos.

SPECIFICALLY, according to several credible experts, the following explains the physiological and psychological components of a false confession. Hence, the creation of the highly successful Innocence Project, a U.S. non-profit to counter these miscarriages of justice. 

In an effort to find out what leads innocent people to making false confessions, researchers from Iowa State University launched a study that measured numerous indicators of stress, such as blood pressure, heart rate and nervous system activity.

The results showed that stress levels increased for all participants when they were first accused, but they were significantly lower for the wrongly accused. Researchers said that’s a concern because it can make those who are innocent less likely to vigorously defend themselves in a real interrogation.

“The innocent are less stressed because they believe their innocence is going to protect them and they think everything is going to be OK, so there is no reason to get worked up over this accusation,” said Stephanie Madon, an associate professor of psychology and researcher for the study.

“But if you’re going into a police interrogation and you’re not on your guard, then you could make decisions that down the line will put you at risk for a false confession. Because once you talk to police, you’re opening up the chance that they’re going to use manipulative and coercive tactics,” Madon added.

Madon, along with Max Guyll, an assistant professor of psychology, said that minimization is one of those tactics used in interrogations and the tactic they used in their study.

As Guyll explained it, by minimizing the severity of a crime, investigators try to convince the person they are questioning that it’s in their best interest to confess. Although it’s initially easy for the person to defend his or her self, they start to wear down over time.

“If you’re brought in late at night and kept for several hours, you’re exhausted, and you have these investigators who are in a position of power. They’re challenging everything you say and they’re not accepting anything you say,” Guyll said. “That pressure starts to take a toll physiologically and there’s a greater chance you’ll give up and confess.”

As one can imagine, once an innocent person ends up making a confession to a crime they did not commit, the stress they previously minimized starts taking a toll.

THIS same critical aspect was deeply explored in Dr. Haim Sadovsky’s book: “Innocent Condemned.” Specifically, it was penned in relation to Zadorov’s confession because his interrogators not only menaced him, but they “led” him in the direction they wanted him to go!

INTRINSICALLY, several layers of lies “supported” the confession. Compromised. 

HAVING passed the ubiquitous lie detector test (imagine that, an unsophisticated laborer, somehow, knew how to beat the lie detector, as if), his interrogators informed him that he failed! You got that? In any case, his legal team has a written document, one which states that the Police lied to him to get him to confess – Twisted.  
IT becomes even more Orwellian: The Court also has proof that Zadorov passed the lie detector test . Truth be told, those involved with these particular outrages should be locked up, not Zadorov. Nevertheless, the Police doubled down: Since lie detector results are not qualified as “proof” in Court, therefore, they do not have to give his defense team a copy. Say whaaat? Dear reader, are you sensing a pattern of bad behavior? Malfeasance, at the very least. 
ALREADY in a hyper-state of confusion – resulting from contributory physiological/psychological stressors – the interrogators “led” him through the crime scene. In other words, as the following video will demonstrate – – Zadarov indeed had detailed knowledge of the crime scene. For heaven’s sake, he was schooled by his interrogators! So, is it any wonder that they crowed: Yes, he is “guilty”, only the killer would know such intimate details! They have no shame…no standing…at least, in the Court of public opinion.
PER any murder investigation (whether in the U.S., Israel, or another western system), the requisite questions are: Where were you during such and such time, and with whom? In this regard, Zadorov complied and told the truth: He was on the phone with his employer DURING the time that the murder took place. For the record, he produced his cellular bills as back up.

WELL, since they couldn’t hang him on their own established time frame, what did they do? They changed the time of death to disprove his alibi! Yes, the Police, at 18:01, are in full lying mode – 

MOST essentially, the Prosecution and the Judge backed up every piece of tainted evidence. Kangaroo “justice”, anyone?


INCREDIBLY, the Prosecution’s most “solid” evidence, a purported shoe print, was best summed up by an expert among experts: Non-existent. Can you believe it? You better. 

ACCORDING to William Bodziak, a Special Agent for the F.B.I., the shoe print evidence (I repeat) didn’t exist, at least in relation to Zadarov! For the record, this link is germane and explanatory –

READERS, let these bombshells sink in. But hang on…there’s more. Adding fuel to the Prosecution’s misfiring, not only is Bodziak world-renowned in this arena of forensicshe taught shoe print forensics to Israel’s so-called experts ! Credo quia absurdum. Again, can you believe it?

Dr. Bodziak has written a book on the topic of footware identification W.J. Bodziak, Footwear impression evidence: detection, recovery and examination (2nd ed.), CRC Press, London (2000).Between O.J. Simpson’s civil and criminal trials, pictures showing O.J. Simpson in Burno Magli shoes were discovered. The existance of these shoes was evidence admitted to the civil trial, when the Mr. Bodziack restated his testimony. There were multiple pictures produced as evidence from different cameras, since it was alleged the first pictures were forged.

“William Bodziack, an FBI agent and one of the country’s most foremost experts on shoe print impressions, testified that the prints were left by Bruno Magli shoes, style Lorenzo, incorporating a Silga sole with a waffle-type print. The footwear, manufactured in Italy, retailed for $160 per pair and was sold by only 40 retailers across America. In all, only 300 pairs of size 12 (Simpson’s size) were ever sold. Only 9% of the population wore size 12. Simpson had denied ever owing a pair, calling them, “ugly-ass shoes.”However, on September 26th, 1993, AP photographer Harry Scull Jr. had taken pictures of Simpson wearing these exact shoes at the Rich Stadium in New York.” 


DESPITE a VERY BLOODY crime scene, the defendant’s DNA was nowhere to be found. Incredulously, more than 100 DNA samples of hair in blood and fingerprints in blood were found on the scene, yet NONE of them belonged to Zadarov. How could this be, if he was the killer? Was he “ghost-like?” Trenchantly, to whom did the treasure trove of evidence belong? Could it be the real murderer(s)?

INCREDIBLY, the DNA samples matched Rada’s “friends” and an “unknown” male. Hmm. How did it reach the crime scene? Could it have been “transferred” by the real killer? Proper due diligence should have ensured that all angles were explored, come what may. The Police, non-deterred, told Zadarov that the DNA was his and that was that. As detailed, false confessions are elicited under EXTREME psychological pressure, with attendant physiological breakdowns becoming the coup de grace.

NOW, one has to wonder, why did they ignore the linkage to her “friends?” 

 ALAS, even the victim’s bereaved mother, Ilana, wasn’t buying the dog and pony “justice” show. She had serious doubts that Zadarov was the killer. The evidence just didn’t support the Prosecution’s case. Period.
MORE pointedly, she repeated her doubts throughout the trial, and even during the investigatory phase. In fact, one such media representative (who asked for my assistance, to get to the bottom of things) has interviewed Tair’s grief-stricken mother several times (plus many others), and she is sticking by her convictions that Zadarov is innocent. Mind-blowing.Tair Rada’s MotherIlana Rada, said Monday that she had lost all faith in the police and that she did not believe that Roman Zadarov, was the killer. Rada said she believed that other children had killed Ta’ir.Rada added that she believed children belonging to a satanist cult, of Blood Libel, killed her daughter.
ADDED into this fiery mix, the crime scene at Nofey Golan High School was such that the preponderance of evidence led in the direction of students, some of whom were her “friends”, as mentioned.
NOT only that, whereas her group of intimates were generally in good communication with her, this was not the case for about a week before her death. Highly suspicious. According to Tair’s mother, TOTAL SILENCE ensued. A blackout of sorts. Why?
MOST tellingly, one of these same “friends” ran away from school, right after Tair was murdered. Folks, pay heed: As do most moms of teens, the victim’s had a particular insight into her daughter’s relationships. Apparently, she had concerns about some emerging jealously factors towards her daughter. In a nutshell, she had reason to worry. So, when the aforementioned girl took flight, Tair’s mother demanded that the Police find her and conduct an interrogation. Strangely, once she returned she was questioned, albeit in a totally non-serious manner. Could it be that this girl’s familial relationship, to a Senior Police Officer, had something to do with her “light-handed” treatment? It’s a fair proposition. Agreed?
ANYONE who follows the news has heard about teens killing teens, whether male or female. Yes, a particular case is worth noting/viewing: Two Teens Allegedly Stab Best Friend To Death. 
FOR added insight, Nofey Golan High School has a proven record of severe violence, even though noted for some academic achievements. They include: Knifing, prostitution, drugs, burning teachers cars, you name it…peer within:
 Nofey ain’t Disneyland!
CONSEQUENTIALLY, even in false confessions, there will be gaping holes, despite coaching by the police. In this instance, Zadorov referred to an instrument he used for his employment – a “Japanese” knife. True to form, the Police and Prosecution lied in order to match his false confession! Henceforth, smooth-bladed became their new watchword.
More than two years after the conviction of handyman Roman Zadorov for the 2006 murder of 13-year-old Tair Rada in Katzrin, the Supreme Court has ordered the case reopened.The Nazareth District Court was instructed to hear the testimonies of two defense forensic experts.The internationally renowned American forensics expert William Bodziak, whose specialty is footwear impressions, will argue that contrary to police claims, not only is there no match between stains on the victim’s jeans and Zadorov’s shoe, but that there is no shoe print at all on the bloodied garment.Pathologist Dr. Maya Forman-Reznik will assert that the murder weapon was a serrated knife and not the smooth-bladed box-cutter of police contentions.The court’s intervention must be welcomed by all Israelis who care to see justice served – and that without presuming to opine on Zadorov’s guilt or innocence.From the outset too much in this case aroused extreme discomfort about both police and prosecution conduct.Their strident opposition to reviewing the case, despite the possibility that exculpatory evidence might be presented, should in itself prompt more than a few troubling questions. 
DESPERATE to pin the murder on Zaradov, two well-respected forensic experts entered the fray, and raised the stakes even further.
FIRSTLY, Dr. Maya Forman-Reznick wrote a report about the knife and attested to the Court that it was indeed serrated. This finding was diametrically opposed to the police’s assertions. Resultant, the Judge became incensed at the pathologist. In fact, the Court threatened to get her fired from her top post! Did you ever?
ENTER: Dr. Chen Kugel, head of the Medical Juridical Institute. Lo and behold, this week, he concurred with Dr. Maya Forman-Reznick: Tair was murdered with a knife that has teeth (! However, the Prosecution says that she was murdered with a “Japanese” knife that is smooth-bladed ( Again, all roads must fit with the “confession.”
PRAY tell, why would the Prosecution fight to keep Israel’s Chief Pathologist from testifying as to his professional findings? Curious and curiouser…
ALAS, their hammer-like blows to Israel’s system of justice worsen, if you dare imagine. Just this week the Prosecution pressured Dr. Chen Kugel – as Israel’s Chief Pathologist at the Abu Kabir Institute of Forensic Medicine – to change his testimony! Essentially, they demanded that he must lie – or else. Effectively, in order to preserve “public trust” in the system, it was “necessary” for him to lie, otherwise, his testimony will lead to an overturned verdict. Indeed, this case is demonstrative of a judicial system which has gone haywire. So much so, they threatened their Chief Pathologist! It is nothing short of criminal conduct.
BUT as a professional with integrity, of course, Dr. Chen Kugel refused to perjure himself. Outraged, he went to the media. Bravo. A man after my own heart.
MOST dangerously, within Israel’s justice system there exists an “unholy trinity”; the Prosecution props up the Police (regardless of non-kosher evidence), and the Judiciary and the Prosecution act in lockstep. In any sphere of accountability, the above is a clear violation of a Judge’s sworn oath to preside over a non-tainted trial. Intrinsically, freedom relies upon an independent judiciary, whereby the evidence of a case stands, or falls, on its own merits. Anything less becomes a slippery slope down the abyss.
EGREGIOUSLY, further compromising Israel’s justice system (to the detriment of the defendant, but to the benefit of the prosecution and police), reportedly, due to a lack of “space”, valuable DNA is destroyed. Unconscionable.
IN essence, as imperfect as the U.S. system is, DNA (forensic) evidence is preserved, even for many years after a crime has been committed.Thus, truly innocent people have been freed through the safeguarding of said vital materials. In fact, “cold cases” are solved through the storage of DNA/forensics from crime scenes.
AND knowing my way around Israel’s legal domain, well, I recognize that hell will freeze over before the prosecutor’s office admits (under their own steam) they incarcerated the wrong person. It ain’t gonna happen – even if her mama demands true justice for her beloved daughter, as well as for Zadarov.
STILL, that doesn’t mean that the rest of us should pretend that what is isn’t, thereby, making justice that much more elusive.To the contrary. 
AS is said in Israel, sach ha’kol … at the end of it all …סך הקול 
… an innocent man is rotting in jail; one who was railroaded to fit the narrative and to “close the case.” Unconscionable.
A travesty of injustice. That’s a wrap – for now.…pay particular attention to the 19:47 mark…

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