JADE HELM 15 & Walmart’s “Retrofitting”: FEMA/DHS/UN Commandeering. What’s The End Game? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

(Check out Walmart’s signage above FEMA’s for National Preparedness Month…hmm…)

FOLKS who are closely analyzing JADE HELM 15’s encircling of America’s communities intuit along these lines: what their mouthpieces are presenting as the “truth” isn’t anything of the kind. Not even remotely. Holy crap.

EVEN so, this investigative journalist’s motto is: however unpleasant it becomes, it is always best to live in reality and prepare for all contingencies. Thus, to serve as a catch up and a catch-all, readers should piggyback onto this site’s last two commentaries re what’s what. They can be found here and here. Patriots, fence-sitters alike, it is your duty to become duly informed. As is said, buck up.

HOWEVER, in order to connect seemingly disjointed dots, some underlying context is required reading. In this regard, there exists a symbiotic history between FEMA and Walmart, and it is ostensibly due to the amount of massive consumer traffic flowing into their low-budget and mega size stores. Well and good – until it isn’t. You know, the ubiquitous Public Service Announcements (aka PSA’s) via FEMA’s “community partnerships.” Okay, if they say so…

ALAS, once the aforementioned links are reviewed, the following detailed reports veer JADE HELM 15’s underbelly into sharp focus.

YES, those who have been paying attention already know about the closing of particular Walmart stores for a six month period or so, albeit due to “plumbing” issues. Do pigs fly? But in reality, “retro-fittings” of Walmart stores – which have a close proximity to railroad tracks in “hot-zone” areas – is, more than likely, at the heart of the matter! 

In the newly created interactive map embedded below, All News Pipeline has put together a list of the events that we have been watching unfold across America in the last few months leading up to Jade Helm 15 and the 1st thing that immediately jumped out at us was the extremely close proximity of ALL of the closed Wal Mart stores in Jade Helm states to railroad tracks and specifically, to railroad access points off of streets close to the closed stores. In fact, one Wal Mart, the closed store in Pico Rivera, California is a mere 1/10th of a mile away from railroad track access, leading us to ask if this was all planned out the way it appears to have been planned out? We’ve also received a boatload of new pictures from our readers of military convoys including the picture above showing three rigs with military vehicles seen at a Wal Mart store in Chatanooga, Tennessee and many more below including a massive military convoy in Colorado.

In the map below, please zoom in and check out each individual incident by clicking on the markers. Quite often, four or more markers are very close to the same location due to numerous events occurring at each one. This map is a work in progress and will be continually updated. In the 3rd video below we take a look at how to navigate this map. You can also access the map yourself here and submit events yourselves.


The Wal Mart Supercenter located at 2020 Gunbarrell Road in Chatanooga, Tennessee seen in the image at the top of the story is located less than 2 1/2 miles away from a railroad track access point near the Tennessee and Georgia state border. What we’ve discovered that you can witness yourself in the interactive Jade Helm map embedded above is that each of the shuttered Wal Marts is within mere miles of a railroad crossing, with the Pico Rivera Wal Mart store in California, a store with strong ties to the military industrial complex, only 1/10 of a mile from railroad tracks as seen here.


DON’T stop…hang on for some confirming eyewitness reports:

Marlon Brock from Big Spring, TX has decided to take up the cause and report on Jade Helm activities at the closed Walmart located in Midland, TX.

Marlon has had an interesting encounter with what he believes to be two plainclothes Jade Helm personnel who trespassed on his property while pretending to be from the electric company.  This fits hand in glove with infiltration techniques that Jade Helm state that they are going to practice. He ushered the men off of his property and called his electric company and they confirmed that these two men were imposters. I had previously published the details of this encounter on my website.

It was at this point, that Marlon decided to contact me, rolled up his sleeves and began reporting on very ominous events in and around the Midland Walmart.

Marlon Brock provided me with the following photos a couple of weeks ago. However, I held on to them because I had an unidentified source who claimed that he was working inside of the Walmart in Midland and I wanted to exhaust his information before fully exposing what I knew to be true.  Here is what he told me.


Dear Mr. Hodges

My name is not important but what I want to tell you may be very important to this country. I work for a private contractor that secretly goes to work sites and performs add-ons or retrofits in construction, electrical etc.  We are sworn to secrecy in some of our jobs and we are very well paid.

I have been to the Walmart in Midland that you have written about and what is going on there is not normal and I don’t think it is in the best interest for the people who live in the country.

Each day on this job we enter Walmart through a subterranean entrance. We are forced to change clothes and we are allowed to take nothing in so we cannot take pictures. We change clothes when we are done with our 12 hours shifts. There is work going on 24/7 in this Walmart. Our work is compartmentalized in most of our work sites so we dont know what we are working on in its final status. At this Walmart they seem to be in a hurry because I have seen enough to draw conclusions about the final product and it contains some things that you have already written about.

In each corner of the Walmart they are constructing 4 guard towers or at least they look like guard towers. There is no question what I am seeing here. This made the hairs on the back of neck stand on end. All the display counters and shelves from this Walmart have been taken out of the store. The story that they are saying about plumbing is BS.

Inside the building, I have seen men with DHS badges which we are used to seeing in the jobs that we do. This time we are also seeing men with United Nations badges and they wear the shirt and tie and like the DHS guys they have their construction helmets on as they appear to be planning as much implementing. The place is guarded by private contractor armed with automatic weapons. I have not seen one military person on the inside in uniform.  It is all DHS, UN and us in this building.

Usually there are 50 to 100 people working. I have seen as many as 300 people.

This email will probably get our entire crew fired for security reasons. I will send more later.



Dear Mr. Hodges

Today was a strange day at the Midland Walmart. I arrived and the shelves and display cases that were taken out have been replaced. in the middle two-thirds of the store, I can see where they have installed mini platforms that I swear look like bunk beds if you put a mattress down. They are attached as  the four units are welded together. They did all of this overnight in a 12 hour shift.

They also have an area in the Northeast part of the store that has black curtains going from the ceiling to the floor and we cannot see what is going on there. You can hear drills and other construction work noises but I have no idea what they are doing. The workers in this side of the store do not speak with anyone else. in fact we do not even see them. They even have their own portable restrooms to keep them from talking to the rest of us. It is definitely something that do not want us to see.

Our people installed a TSA type of entry near the rear of the store as well as the front of the store. Also, the large and wide glass windows and doors were narrowed by alot on the inside of the store. I immediately thought of prisoners.

Today was the first time I saw military. There were about a dozen men in Army uniforms and most were officers. I saw one Colonel insignia.

We were told that we have three days left on this job. I will write after my last day.




Dear Mr. Hodges,

One of our crew was fired today as he tried to smuggle a phone in his shoe that he apparently tried to conceal within his sock. The entire crew was almost fired over this.  They took him out under guard by the private security firm. We are not really allowed to talk but we all have an uneasy feeling. This is like no job we have ever done.

Today, the crew started tearing out some of the ventilation system in what must be a change in how they are going to pump air or something else into the store. Some of this work required working on the roof were it felt like 150 degrees. This building was completely retrofitted, and they are not done. This is not a WMart any longer. I think it is a prison of sorts.

Today, there were more military in the building who walked around with DHS. I did not see any UN guys today.

This just does not feel right.  I have a very bad feeling.  Back at where we are staying, one guy asked me what I thought. We are required to keep our mouth shut. This guy has only been on one job before this, so I cannot trust him.  But he said he has a very bad feeling like we were building a prison and maybe its time that he gets a regular job.

This will be the last time I write to you.  I go home tomorrow.  I hope you get this out there soon. People need to know the weird things that we have seen. I have done a lot of jobs that are secretive but nothing like this. I almost forgot to mention that when we were coming in this morning in the next tunnel over there were the sounds of heavy construction.  Mr Hodges you need to ask your readers why they never see anyone coming in and out of the front door of this Walmart yet I saw from the roof that they have the private contractor security out in the parking lot.

Thank you.



Ordinarily, I would not consider publishing accounts like the “Watcher” is reporting because I have no name or pictures. However, some of what he says here seems to be confirmed by Marlon Brock’s photos and eyewitness accounts. Therefore, I have decided to put this in the public venue so everyone else can make up their minds. See how many connections you can make between “Watcher’s” accounts and the Marlon’s photos.

 Marlon Brock’s Photos

The following contains some of the email and relevant photos forwarded by Marlon Brock to myself.



The next photos show what work is being conducted at the WM in Midland Texas.  You see people on the roof apparently working on the ventilation system.  I saw no plumbing companies or any sign that plumbing was being repaired, i.e. pipes etc.  There is a white unmarked van in the back. One picture shows a “worker” staring at me.

Taking out all the shelving. What are they making room for?Taking out all the shelving. What are they making room for? Doesn’t this match what Watcher said about the shelving disappearing from this Walmart?

marlon brock walmart ventilation removing shelving 2

Image result for pics of walmart and fema

DO you think you know where this is going? Well, many do, while others don’t. Yet, it always seems to go back to the Second Amendment. Yes, the grabbing of legally held guns via martial law tactics! Apparently, Walmart has been co-opted into the “process.”

PER another recent (vetted) report: 

Steve, I have confirmation from a Ft. Hood (Killeen TX) source regarding certain army personnel being trained for martial law lock down and house to house raids

I have a friend who works in Killeen Texas in a business that many soldiers go to. I have gotten my friend up to speed on the current situation and he has been asking some of the soldiers if they know about JADE HELM 15. Over 80% of the soldiers have no clue about JADE HELM 15. Recently one of the soldiers told my friend he was aware of JADE HELM 15 and had received training connected with it. The soldier talked about going to people’s homes looking for gun owners and food hoarders. My friend asked him who they considered to be a food hoarder. The soldier replied it was anyone who had more than 7 days worth of food on hand would be labeled a food hoarder. Guns and excess food would be confiscated. The soldier also said no more than 8 people would be allowed to live in any 1 home.

It appears Special Forces Operators are posing as Reliant Electricity sales people. I read where they were operating in a Texas town and one person called the County Sheriff’s Office about suspicious people. He was told they were for the government and to worry about them. The Sheriff’s office also told him he should not have run them off with a shotgun since they work for the government I told my friend at the local gun store about Reliant Electric cover and them being in groups of three. My friend told me there was a group of 3 of them in the gun store a few days back dressed exactly as I described them. Dark blue shorts and light gray pin stripped golf shirts. When they show up they have no paperwork but want to do an electrical audit to see if you are wasting energy and see if they could save you money on your electric bill. A great way to get you to take them all through your home and out buildings…

CONCLUSIVELY, if you couple FEMA’s underbelly with their Obama Inc. DHS masters, you will understand FEMA is used for “other” matters, aside from traditional disaster relief aid. 

IN other words, do readers know about the symbiotic relationship between FEMA’s hand-picked clergy, relative to the massive influx of illegal immigrants who carry infectious diseases? Well, FEMA, through DHS, “buys off” their clergy response teams! It is way past time to connect the FEMA dots.

CONSEQUENTIALLY, if Americans feel as if they have been dropped into Orwell’s universe…Alice-in-Wonderland’s looking glass too…well, welcome to the new reality created by Obama’s America!

INTRINSICALLY, heretofore bargains found at Walmart are certainly looking like a national fleecing; as if the (low) cost-benefit ratio didn’t come out, at the end of the accounting process, in the customer’s favor. Render your own calculus.

walmart high cost of low price


8 thoughts on “JADE HELM 15 & Walmart’s “Retrofitting”: FEMA/DHS/UN Commandeering. What’s The End Game? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

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  2. “Paranoia strikes deep, into your life it will creep. Starts when you are always afraid, step out of line the MAN comes and takes you away.
    Stop children what’s that sound, everybody look what’s going down….”
    The only military that worries me is the one that shouts Alluah Akybar! right before 2500 B 52 raids fall on them. If you can hear the shouts of Alluah Akybar-you are way to close.
    If Obama’s boys try to use the US military against the US citizens an officer’s life expectancy will be shorter than a 1st lieutenants’ in combat in an infantry unit in Vietnam-less than 2 minutes.
    No doubt he has plans, but, all potheads have fantasies…The last numbers I saw of Obama’s approval rating by US active duty were in the neightborhood of 13%, I suspect those numbers are fudged.
    I also suspect Obie is much more popular in Iran.
    His numbers with the natives over here are lower than G.W’s.

  3. Does anyone know where they are putting the dirt from the tunnels, or seen the trucks and machinery that would be required for such a big operation.Just saying, I doubt you could hide such a big undertaking ,it would be front page news.Bob NZ

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