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Throughout the tortuous two-terms of Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s Presidency, a repeated theme was hammered by this investigative journalist. In a nutshell, it was asserted: his policies, in one way or another, be they domestic or foreign, were (and still are) geared towards weakening America — and with an end-goal to bringing the nation to her knees! Evil as that.

And within this framework and context, many dots connected up — and are now coming to  climactic fruition! Namely, the Radical-in-Chief’s plans to subsume America with Islamic (and assorted foreign) terrorists on the one hand, in concert with strengthening American anarchists, on the other — at the time and place of his choosing — has been, and still is, Priority Number One!

HUSSEIN’s “Shadow Gov’t” Via OFA Shock Troops: Leftist Thugs Prep, Islamists Align. Patriots, This IS War! Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Make no mistake: the death of George Floyd was the ready….set….go….blow trigger point! Simply, it fit the actual lighting of a years’-long, simmering fuse. Indeed, similarly, the 2014 death of Michael Brown was the “trial run.”

So, here we are at this pivotal juncture and moment in time, that is, the point in which the “SHOCK REPORT” is playing out in real time!!

Read on….if you dare….

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BIG/LEAGUE/POLITICS | By Shane Trejo | August 18, 2020

This would make a lot of sense.

A stunning report is indicating that the Obama administration imported foreign terrorists to the U.S. in preparation for the ANTIFA/Black Lives Matter uprising that is currently laying waste to America’s cities.

Ukraine-based independent journalist George Eliason published the bombshell report on Tuesday alleging that the foreign terrorists were brought overseas due to the scheming of former President Barack H. Obama and CIA Director John Brennan.


For Antifa-BLM, their leaders, and their organizers this 2 part article represents the beginning of their day of reckoning. This is a start toward full exposure showing political organization, political aspirations, political ties to foreign government political parties, and sets them squarely as this generation’s brown shirt in the USA and around the world.

Thanks to Antifa leadership in Seattle and actions in Portland, it became easy to open Antifa up showing the ties to Germany and ultra-nationalists in Ukraine and the ultra-nationalist Ukrainian Diaspora in the USA.

History will remember this as John Brennan’s insurgency. The outgoing CIA director beefed up a domestic insurgent movement with foreign fighters on behalf of the Obama-Biden administration.

Part of former CIA Director Brennan’s story is below and the balance is in part 2.

Regardless of the foreign actors involved, this is a thoroughly American problem. No foreign country is trying to take over the US government. This must be dealt with as an American problem.

Let’s say this one more time. It is an American problem caused by the former Obama-Biden administration’s continuing coup against the Presidency of Donald Trump.

Before going forward, at least half of this mess has an easy solution that’s already on the table. U.S. Rep. Thomas Massie of Kentucky, Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida, and Rep. Ken Buck of Colorado describe how the US Congress committee chairs have been bought and sold to the highest paying lobbyists.

The importance of this is if the practice didn’t exist, most of the issues the US faces internally today wouldn’t either. The Intel community coup would have no teeth.

The support needed to start this political nightmare would not exist if the rewards didn’t outstrip every cost to Congressmen like Adam Schiff. Make the rewards illegal and every Congressman will weigh the cost of getting involved with special interest groups with deep pockets. Read about it at the Gateway Pundit.

The other side of the coin is identifying all the funding and organization groups involved and legislating their influence away. Make this type of funding domestically and abroad illegal after criminal investigations are done. Bring the Intel community back into the agencies to eliminate private contracts. Private Intel companies created the mess because in the same way Congress is swayed to act, the deep-pocket clients provide their bottom line.

There’s a point where Information Operations (IO) come off the page and the boots on the ground finish the work. We are going through that point now.

I’m not going to hold your hand while I show you none of the BLM or Antifa protests or riots have a single damn thing to do with George Floyd, justice, or equality. I’m not going to be kind or soften the facts while I expose you for allowing John Brennan to bring his babies home to roost in your own backyard, front yard, and your neighbor’s yard.

There’s a reason why this shifted away from Minneapolis to Seattle and Portland. This is where the majority of John Brennan’s foreign fighters are located in the US.

The play the DNC is making goes much further than winning election 2020. The fact they are willing to attack and destroy part of their own base should have done more than raise a few eyebrows.

This first link shows the set up in Ukraine including Intel community planning and oversight. It is part 8 of an 11 part series describing the assets. The second link is 3rd in the current series showcasing how this was brought to America for 2016–2020.

The Terrorists Among US — The Coup Against the Presidency

Obama’s coup against Donald Trump and a terrorist plot against America

The boots on the ground support for the political shift the DNC is desperate to make don’t co-exist with Bernie Sander’s world of socialism/ American democracy. If it did, where were Antifa and BLM when Sanders was getting Bern’d by the DNC in the first place?

The major political shift away from American Democracy isn’t toward socialism. It’s toward an integral nationalism that takes away political accountability to the people and makes officeholders immune to prosecution for any crime they commit.

What you are witnessing today aren’t protests, it’s the new way politics are done.

Why Seattle Washington and Portland Oregon

Antifa gets by on the basis of what is known as “volunteerism.” The myth says since Antifa has no centralized leadership structure or formalized membership the group doesn’t have to worry about bearing individual responsibility for the damage and death they cause. The theory is no leadership exists to exert any command and control over Antifa activists; therefore it is organic, headless, and not prosecutable.

In other words, it is a protected social-political group because like-minded supporters coordinate autonomously. Yada. Yada.Yada.

The legal theory was concocted ahead of Ukraine’s 2014 coup for the same reason. Cover your face. Commit murder. Go out for breakfast.

We’ll put this theory to bed in a few minutes but let’s start with something more explosive and closer to home. Here’s where the rubber starts to meet the road. Now we start with this big explosive headline that won’t amount to anything and helps express the organic Antifa mystique. Why?

“It is an American problem caused by the former Obama-Biden administration’s continuing coup against the Presidency of Donald Trump,” Eliason writes of the ANTIFA/BLM terror uprising.

Eliason noted that ANTIFA terrorists were trained in Syria as part of a Kurdish neo-Marxist fighting force. He believes that since ANTIFA are “part of an insurgency ground force with provable foreign government representation and foreign insurgents from terrorist groups,” Geneva Conventions protections no longer apply to them.

He also performed extensive investigative work to determine the origins of ANTIFA and their leadership. Through careful analysis of ANTIFA’s official website, his investigation led back to Ben Utzer, who Eliason describes as “Antifa’s German Pirate Party chubby, never miss a meal, pasty white leader of the boots on the ground Obama-Biden Antifa-BLM insurrection.”

“Utzer is the German directing the traffic for American Antifa seditionists willing to murder and destroying their own cities for a foreign hacker-politico who owns a little security company and loves dogs,” Eliason writes.

Eliason showed social media posts made by the German Pirate Party echoing ANTIFA talking points, opposing President Trump’s plan to restore law and order amidst sustained rioting, and even using the hashtag #WeAreAllAntifaNow. He contends that Utzer’s agitating shows that the terror group is actually headquartered in Europe.

“Antifa, BLM, and other groups were brought in to create a funnel catching disenfranchised people from across the spectrum bringing them under one umbrella for the IO coup project. This is how the manpower problem for sedition was tackled,” he writes.

He pulled up other social media activity from the Pirate Party to make the case that they are a foreign entity effectively staging a coup d’état against the Trump administration.

“Let’s be clear. A German political party with European Parliament representation declared war on the nascent presidency of Donald Trump in no uncertain terms in early December 2016,” Eliason writes.

He is calling on American patriots to form militia-type groups to defend the homeland while this foreign coup plays itself out. He argues that supporting law enforcement should be a top priority for Americans who want to save their nation from the leftist occupation.

“While this is going on if you care about the country, the police that protected you need your protection. With all the defunding they are short-staffed and demoralized. Contact them about building auxiliary support groups and then do what they say to do,” Eliason writes.

“We went through this in Donbass after these same nationalists took over the country in 2014. Donbass stood against it because the people stood behind the police pushing Ukraine’s version of Antifa out,” he concludes.

Big League Politics will continue to report about Eliason’s important investigative work as it is released to the public. He plans to release more articles about ANTIFA’s origins in the days to come.

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