‘BOMBSHELL: BlackLivesMatter.com Caught Money Laundering’ + DNC & Global Nexus + Takeover of Seattle PD By ANTIFA & BLM: What’s Going Down? By Adina Kutnicki

{Published at AmericasCivilWarRising.org}


As experienced investigators know, be they in private practice, police departments, or within the court system —  as it happens, more than a few from this or that sector are intertwined within — there are core avenues which must be explored for a full-on investigation, one of which is “dark money” trails, a.k.a. launderers. Yes, the oft-heard expression, “follow the money”, originates thereof. This is so whether the investigation involves criminal cases, terror-related tracking and tracing, or civil litigation. It just depends.

That being established, a highly experienced, well-connected private investigator — who happens to be a former (25-year) NYPD Detective Lt., whose detail included fraud and money laundering at the highest levels — contacted this investigative journalist a few days before the sh*t hit the fan with domestic/international terror orgs, Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA, that which was so-called “triggered” by Floyd’s death. Hmm.

In a nutshell, he wanted to ensure that certain information and backgrounders were kept in mind, that is, when the full truth is finally revealed. The point being, after forwarding a volume of evidence, he is counting on this address to bring to the public a maze-like, complex, inter-related, domestic and international (mind you, his investigation took him abroad, as well as to Canada) trail of “dark money”, all of which leads circuitously back to the DNC! Today’s posting is a precursor to said end. Setting the stage, so to speak.

More specifically, the aforementioned investigator — being very familiar with this investigative journalist’s work over the years — advised me that a particular analysis (July 2013) should be highlighted at the most opportune time. The time is now.

On The Pretext of Justice for ‘Tray’, Race War Ignited – Courtesy of Obama Inc’s ‘Shock Troops’ &  White Teens Murdered In The Crossfire. Will AG Holder Investigate, Given The Part He Played? Connecting The Radical Dots

Still yet, know that it is not accidental nor incidental that race relations spiraled out of control during the Race-Baiter-in-Chief’s torturous two-terms at the helm. Starting with his incitement against the police in Cambridge on behalf of his pal, Harvard prof Henry Gates; piled on by race riots in Fergusion and Baltimore, it led to an all-out “war on cops.”

Truth dare be told, the grave deterioration in race relations — through BHO’s continuous (pre-orchestrated) incitement — must be judged as an inherent part of his legacy. If anything, comparatively speaking, President Trump’s uplifting of the black community — through economic empowerment, plus more — should deem him the first “Black POTUS”, as opposed to his bi-racial predecessor. Think about that.

So, with the above information firmly implanted in mind, it came as no surprise that the first hammer was finally dropped on the direct (albeit, circuitous) nexus between the DNC and Black Lives Matter; a domestic/international terror laundering front!

Donations, Including International Funding, to BlackLivesMatter.com Go Directly to ActBlue, Which Supports the DNC


BlackLivesMatter.com appears to be an international money laundering scheme used by the Democrats to raise money from an international audience.

Black Lives Matter describes itself on its “BlackLivesMatter.com” website as a global organization:

The Wikipedia website describes Black Lives Matter as:

Black Lives Matter (BLM) is an international human rights movement, originating from within the African-American community, which campaigns against violence and systemic racism towards black people. BLM regularly holds protests speaking out against police brutality and police killings of black people, and broader issues such as racial profiling, and racial inequality in the United States criminal justice system.[1]

So we know for sure that BLM is a “global” / “international” network because they admit this.

When you click on the “Donate” button on blacklivesmatter.com you are sent to an “ActBlue” donations page:

You can even read that the donations are being made to ActBlue in the fine print.

ActBlue has several entities under the overarching name ActBlue.  The terms and conditions of the charity arm of the organization mention “Campaign Finance Laws”:


When you research the expenditures of the ActBlue PAC, all of their contributions are directly going to top DNC campaigns:


While ActBlue has a charity arm, it also includes a PAC and a 501(c)4.

It appears more accurately to be a funding arm of the DNC. 

(Do all the individuals around the world know that when they donate to Black Lives Matter, they are also helping to fund an organization that supports the Democrat Party?)

This is just another corrupt wing of the Democrat Party.

In light of the initial truth-telling cited above (with more to come), is it any wonder that Demsters are firmly in lock-step with Black Lives Matter, regardless of the killings, looting, riots, and torching all across the nation — as they accrue more and more power in the process, namely, the gang of Demsters on Capitol Hill and their “dark money” benefactors?? Let’s call it like it is.

Most significantly, if not for the direct nexus between Black Lives Matter and the DNC, as well as the clear support of its twin terror org, ANTIFASeattle would not be “occupied” by an insurrection force — and with others to surely follow!!

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