Jihadi “Refugees” Inside America Issue Threats: Media’s Omerta & Dallas’s Islamist Cop Killer(s) Take Aim! Where Are The Linkages? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki


IT has already been established – beyond a shadow of a doubt – that Obama Inc. is doing everything to encourage jihad within America. So too are Eurabia’s leaders, even though they protest otherwise, opining: opening Europe’s gates to Muslim “migrants” (aka “refugees”), millions upon millions, is all about humanitarian efforts! Hogwash.

BUT some of us aren’t fooled.

BE that as it may, on the one hand, every so often the FBI rounds up domestic jihadis plotting inside the homeland. Specifically, the recent arrest of “Mohamed Bailor Jalloh, a naturalized U.S. citizen from Sierra Leone – who is also a former member of the Army National Guard – is the latest individual arrested for providing material support to ISIS and for attempting to purchase weapons for an attack on U.S. soil.” Well and good.

ON the other hand, this and that sting is hardly a drop in the bucket, in juxtaposition to additional majorly substantive factors. The fact remains that US security arms are ordered to “stand down” against the Islamic jihadi community and that is that. In other words, for every operation they execute, dozens more are purposely ignored. Unarguably. 

WHICH accounts for, leading to, another recent jihadi outing in….what are the chances….Minnesotastan!

NOW, some are duly aware that said geographical location (other states alike) is rife with Somali “refugees”, but let’s not harp on any particular national origin. After all, Allah’s Muslim Terrorists don’t parse said distinction without a difference, at least when it comes to killing infidels! In this regard, they are all operating for the sake of Allah and the ummah. Period. As to their inner-bloodletting, well, that’s all about internal jockeying for hegemony. Apples and oranges.


ALAS, here we go again….

In one incident, up to 30 young Somali men walked the streets of upscale Minneapolis neighborhoods with threats against the homeowners. A woman interviewed claimed that one of the men threatened to kidnap and rape her, but the media seems to be leaving out important details or downplaying the incident at large. {blogger’s note: what a shock…}

The Somali residents living in the Minneapolis area are almost all Sunni Muslims. Residents of the Lake Calhoun area say this isn’t the first time they have run into problems with Somali men, but no hate crimes are being pressed by either the Minnesota authorities or Attorney General Loretta Lynch. {blogger’s note: never met a jihadi she didn’t cover for….}

Police were called to the scene around 9:30 in the morning on June 28th and are potentially considering the act a terrorist threat. However, no arrests have been made and the local media still seems to be uninterested. {blogger’s note: boys will be boys….}

Nearly all Somali residents in the area are either refugees or children of refugees. The U.S. Department, working with the United Nations has permanently resettled more than 130,000 Somali refugees into dozens of American cities beginning in the early 1980s. The Minneapolis-St. Paul area receives the largest number of these refugees followed by Columbus, Ohio.

Unfortunately, the most shocking part of the story may be the lack of story seen in the media. Coverage, or lack thereof, is disappointing. Minneapolis’ largest newspaper did not turn up a single story and the local news station does little to mention the incident. A local ABC affiliate never mentions the individuals as Somalis, yet the video does zoom in to the police report where it is reported that 20-30 Somali males were making comments that turned to threats. Multiple young men threatening the area and women were traumatized with shouts of “we’re going to rape you.” This is not a story that should go unnoticed. The Somali men were driving around the area shooting off bottle rockets. It is a scary thought especially with children looking on.

It’s not the first time there has been an incident in the area. Homeowners took to recording video of the incident and claim this time the threats were “much more personal.” The Minneapolis Police Department says it has an open investigation and that they were taking it “very seriously.” {blogger’s note: do pig’s fly??}

Joe Sworn's photo.

EVEN so, HUSSEIN Obama is non-pulsed. How so? He tasked his hench-people to resettle “refugees” with the capable assistance of corporate America. 

The White House announced last week that it is launching a “Call to Action” asking private businesses to help with the resettlement of refugees. This could be done without regard to the government cap of 85,000 total refugees, including 10,000 Syrian refugees, in 2016.

Fifteen founding corporations have teamed up with the Obama administration on the effort. These are: Accenture, Airbnb, Chobani, Coursera, Goldman Sachs, Google, HP, IBM, JPMorgan Chase & Co., LinkedIn, Microsoft, Mastercard, UPS, TripAdvisor, and Western Union. The Call to Action initiative is not only to help refugees in the United States, but all over the world….continue reading….

STILL yet, what does the above have to do with Dallas’s recent carnage, spreading to other cities alike? Everything.

RELATIVE to the targeted cop-killings plaguing the national landscape, let there be no doubt about certain across the board linkages. But before we segue to the heart of the core components which link jihadi slaughter to the stepped-up cop-killings, it must also be known: notwithstanding the shrill cries from the black community (dutifully exacerbated via the whore-like media and back-benched by white useful idiots, whose throats they would slit in a heartbeat, once their usefulness expires) that cops are targeting blacks, internalize that it is little more than race-baiting excuse-making to foster civil upheaval.

INDEED, as the professional race-mongers continuously stir the pot, lo and behold, look what’s coming down the pike?

When Philando Castile was pulled over Wednesday night by officers Jeronimo Yanez and Joseph Kauser, purportedly for a broken tail light according to the video account of the aftermath of his being shot and killed by Yanez made by passenger Diamond Reynolds, the officers’ real reason for wanting to pull them over and check I.D.s is because they thought he was a robbery suspect, according to scanner audio obtained by KARE 11 NBC TV in Minneapolis.

The station did verify the license plate mentioned was that of the car Castile was driving, and the “locations mentioned also correspond” to the stop. They did not get police to authoritatively state that it was indeed scanner audio preceding the incident.

THE non-PC truth backs up the above realistic, albeit harsh, assessment. Pointedly, when was the last time the black community protested, stood up, against the continuous black on black killings across the nation?

Where were these Black Lives Matter protesters after the slaying of Chicago’s little Tyshawn Lee, the 9-year-old lured into an alley and shot to death by a black man seeking gang-related vengeance against his father?

Did little Tyshawn’s murder at the hands of a black gangster–an all too common occurrence in Chicago–not warrant wall-to-wall news coverage or Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson-style calls for “justice”?

WHAT about the fact that blacks “commit 75 percent of all shootings, 70 percent of all robberies, and 66 percent of all violent crime” in New York City, even though they consist of 23 percent of the city’s population. Not only that, black racist agitators – and their bent at the knee white water-carriers – never protest when more whites are killed by cops than blacks in the course of their duty. The statistics bear this out. After all, it is only about what fits into the anti-American narrative. 

SO the question becomes: what are the common threads between all the chaos?

(YES, Micah Xavier Johnson, one of the cop-killers, a lethal combo of Black & Islamic supremacy!)

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CONSEQUENTIALLY, isn’t it past time to admit that war has been declared on white America, and against non-Muslim infidels alike from two converging force multipliers? If so, what are millions upon millions of endangered citizens planning to do about it, other than to uselessly wait for officialdom’s (non) response?

INCONTESTABLY, ala winks and nods to keep the blood flowing (clearly delineated, post Dallas, through L O R E T T A Lynch’s subtext on behalf of Obama Inc.) this is where it’s at. Deal with it. Mind you, the Marxist/Islamist captured media interpreted it otherwise: yes, responsibly, she called for an end to violence.

BUT never mind. Predictably, gun control is the answer!

 PATRIOTS, as always, what say you??

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Islamic Money/Gold Laundering In Massachusetts Finances Jihad:Feds Ignore Evidence! What Can Be Done? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Image result for pics of gold launderingIT is becoming increasingly difficult to play deaf, dumb and blind to the unremitting Islamic terror throughout the west, never mind the rest of the world. And if anything brings this truth into laser sharp focus, let’s just view ISIS’s attack in Garland, Texas as a ‘new’ opening shot to jihad, regardless of all the preceding attacks.

BE that as it may, talking heads, leftist apologists and Islam’s mouthpieces – with CAIR in the forefront – prefer to blame Pamela Geller and associates for any ensuing carnage by Islamic jihadists. You got that? In other words, as long as Americans give up their Constitutional First Amendment right, well, Islam’s soldiers will be appeased – for now. Alas, if Shariah Law’s Blasphemy dictate is the price to pay, so be it.

YET, before we proceed, let’s be very clear: ISIS is an offshoot of al-Qaeda, its creator, and both are hydra-like organs of the Brotherhood Mafia, regardless of the shifting kaleidoscope of alliances. Besides, getting bogged down in specific group names serves jihadi interests and confuses westerners. Therefore, whichever group is attributed to this or that operation, rest assured, they are working in tandem, even if unofficially. The aforementioned is not an inconsequential factor. Wait and see.

STILL, what does the above have to do with the stated thesis, money/gold laundering in Massachusetts (elsewhere too, but let’s stick with the Brotherhood’s jacked-up ‘Bay State) and more? Everything.

IT has come to this investigative journalist’s attention that an ongoing and major money laundering operation – F/B/O Sunni jihadi terror – is housed in a town (its exact name is in abeyance, for now) within Barnstable County, with an offshoot in Hyannis, the largest of its seven villages. 

HOW quaint…New England’s tranquil allure. But don’t dare be fooled by the all Americana backdrop.

EVEN so, to comprehend the essence of the case being presented, it is intrinsic to possess a basic level of knowledge, relative to the overall connection between money laundering and terrorism. Specifically, it deals with gold laundering and its conversion into monies F/B/O jihad. Pay heed.

LET’S start with the case’s foundation, even though particular names, at this juncture, will be omitted too. First things first.
IN this regard, though the cesspool of the Mid East seems a world apart from ‘any city’ USA, the fact of the matter is that its tentacles are less than six degrees separated.
INHERENTLY, this discussion leads back to the oft mentioned ‘sleeper cells.’ They may comprise students on visas, so-called ‘refugees’ entering under humanitarian status or legal immigrants etc. Regardless, their goals are to assist their brethren back home to wage jihad, either from abroad or within their respective western countries.
MOST significantly, according to Islam, they are mandated to perform jihad. This is not optional.
AS such, they become a part of their communities as business owners, professionals, blue-collar workers, homemakers, students and what not. On the other hand, even though many live insular lives, others fully integrate – or so it seems. But regardless of their public personas, jihad is at the forefront, involving siblings, parents and even children. This is the case whether they remain on American (western) soil, or for those who visit, as tourists, their American-based families. Read on. 
THE ‘persons of interest’, now living in Massachusetts, are Sunni Muslims from a very large clan spread throughout Lebanon. While this part of the Mid East is most well known for its Shia/Hezbollah/ Tehran axis – over 54% of Lebanese are Muslim – approximately 27% are Sunni.
IT is into this vortex that money/gold laundering comes into the picture. So what’s the upshot?
AN entire clan operates as successful retail entrepreneurs, and under their corp umbrella they have franchised upwards of 50 stores. They head the corp. entity. Even more so, they have a distinct presence within community-based organizations and clubs, just like many successful retailers. Hiding in plain sight. Hmm.
MOREOVER, they also own several homes in the general vicinity. Basically, they are deeply involved in buying a lot of stolen gold with cash from their ‘related’ businesses. In general, retail businesses (in the hands of white collar criminals or terror financiers) can accumulate stashes of unreported cash for this and that.  One main mechanism is through the under-reporting of sales, whereby receipts barely reflect the actual income generated, thus, sales tax and other mandatory taxes are negligible. Use your imaginations.
MOVING right along, once the gold is horded it has to be melted into proper form. As a result, one of their homes is used as a base of operations, the end result being gold bars approximately 10×1 in size.   
NOW, what’s their next phase to said operation? Well, the gold must be moved out of the country and back into Lebanon, and this requires a certain level of cooperation from other contacts. In any case, the gold bars are secreted within special luggage compartments, to be hauled back by visiting family members – mostly via ‘tourist’ visas – who act as mules upon returning to Lebanon. Understood?
NOT only that, but some of their cash wends its way through the purchase of additional hard assets. Pointedly, a willing home owner received a substantial sum of cash – without having to report said sale to the IRS – and these monies became laundered through a new home. A ‘win-win’ on both ends. Nevertheless, the ‘subjects of interest’ utilize various layers to fund jihad. Period.
SPECIFICALLY, once the gold bars reach Lebanon they need a reliable address to launder them. Essentially, a very specific (Mid Eastern based and operated) financial investment firm acts as their main monetary slush house. Lebanon is one of their hubs.
NOW, which group receives an abundance of cash (upwards of a million per month!) from their laundered money/gold? Well, the HABBASH Group is a main recipient and it is a branch of al-Qaeda in Lebanon. Recall, this information too: ‘ISIS is an offshoot of al-Qaeda, its creator !
MOST significantly, an informant (vetted by an impeccably credentialed counter-terror contact) handed over very detailed information (which is not posted, and for various reasons) with NAMES, ADDRESSES, TRAVEL plans etc to relevant FED agencies. 
THESE agencies include the FBI, the Attorney General’s Office in Massachusetts and the IRS. They all refused to investigate said charges. Why?
CONCLUSIVELY, the following response (going back to Aug. 2011) to said (courageous) informant should serve as prima facie evidence (Exhibit One), attesting to the FEDS utter refusal to even look into the charges, which more than met the criteria for immediate investigation.
The Attorney General of Massachusetts

(617) 727-2200
August 23, 2011
Dear Mr. XXXXX
The Attorney General’s Office has reviewed your recent inquiry to the Criminal Bureau for the purpose of deciding whether to assign this matter within the Criminal Bureau for a more comprehensive review of the facts, make an inquiry on your behalf, or intervene in this matter.
The Criminal Bureau of the Attorney General’s Office receives inquiries and alleged complaints on a daily basis from citizens, police departments and other governmental agencies. Every such inquiry or complaint is reviewed and a decision made whether to take action on the inquiry or complaint. This type of evaluation is necessary because the volume of complaints and inquiries we receive, coupled with the finite resources available, precludes the Bureau from investigating and prosecuting every
allegation that is brought to our attention.
I am advising you that the Criminal Bureau will not be conducting any further review or investigation of your complaint.
I am sorry that this office cannot be of further assistance to you.
Assistant Attorney General
Criminal Bureau
SINCE then, several attempts (most recently, within the first quarter of 2015) were made to re-engage the FEDS by Dave Gaubatz, a premiere counter-terror expert. Nevertheless, it was to no avail. 
CAN readers dare imagine the sheer amount of terror operations financed (at least) since 2011, due to their inexcusable refusal to investigate (provable) Islamic jihad in the heart of Massachusetts?
TO wit, the ‘opening shot’ of this investigative report should serve as notice to American patriots and others as well: agencies sworn to protect the American people are NOT investigating hard evidence related to Islamic jihad, regardless of any pronouncements to the contrary via press announcements and the like. No doubt.
TAKE this charge sheet – against the FEDS and the money/gold launderers – to the (mental) bank! 



Obama’s COS Hooked Into Brotherhood Mafia.Egyptian Broadcasters/Nationalists Exhort:DESTROY The MB!What’s Going On?Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Truer words never spoken!

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IN the same manner in which rabid dogs choose their pack-partners, so too the Muslim Brotherhood Mafia views Barack HUSSEIN Obama as a jihadi-in-arms! For good reason.

NOW, when El Sisi and patriotic Egyptians called (and are still doing so) for the heads, literally, of Brotherhood Mafia leaders and its members – as soon as Morsi was overthrown – America’s Jihadi-in-Chief was (and still is) cozying up to the Brotherhood like a pimp to his whore(s). No exaggeration.

CONSIDER the following as proof positive, and as a backgrounder on today’s updated thesis:

The prima facie evidence at this site, which is the basis for Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s fealty to the Muslim Brotherhood Mafia (whatever country they rule from, even from within Washington’s recesses), only leads in one direction. The indictment herein is criminal in nature, being that many lives have been lost due to his support of their terror efforts, regardless of anything else. There is no way around it. And, if anything is emblematic of said charge, well, throwing Washington’s weight behind Morsi, as opposed to those seeking to remove the boot of Islamists, more than speaks for itself.   

MOVING right along to the defendants at large, this site has enough supportable evidence to gift to Freedom Watch’s team, as supplementary exhibits for the RICO case. Free of charge.

Exhibit Number One:

YES, the noose is tightening around Malik Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood Mafia terror-tied non-profit, dragging along the Islamist-in-Chief and all his surrogates! 

Exhibit Number Two:

NOT unlike blinded monkeys, the “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” RICOdefendants are also being pursued vigorously in Egypt. The latest lawsuit by a super-charged up former prosecutor, Larry Klayman, definitely has legs. Can you believe it? You better.

Exhibit Number Three:

SPECIFICALLY, there are “8 billion” (dollars) reasons to conclude that charging Obama & crew – with Hill as point woman, in their quest to empower the Brotherhood Mafia and Hamas as a main recipient – rises to RICO charges, at the very least….with countless additional exhibits found within this site as back up. Seek and you shall find.

Klayman, founder of Freedom Watch and a columnist for WND, alleges thepresident and others laundered U.S. taxpayer money that was spent on Hamas (the MB’s Egyptian progeny) rockets fired against Israel….

MOVING right along – and in spite of the fact that the Brotherhood Mafia is propping up the Islamic State and President Erdogan’s seat as head of the Caliphate – the fact of the matter is that the Jihadi-in-Chief’s COS, Denis McDonough, knows how to cozy up to top Brotherhood players via way of Qatar. Yes, THAT Islamist hunting ground. 

ALONG this trajectory, Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s COS is very busy giving shout outs to their Brotherhood connections, especially since his boss got his clock cleaned in the mid-term elections. To understand what full circle really entails, please recall how deep their Brotherhood fealty is:

Footprint One:

INTRINSICALLY, many are no longer in doubt where Barack HUSSEIN Obama stands on the issue of Islamic jihad. But fewer realize that to accomplish his overall objective, the acceptance of Shariah law into mainstream America, “red”(left) hands are required. Yes, they are.

It is a national imperative to link all the dots (red and green alike), not only those which are seen but those which (seemingly) fly under the radar.

It is these “unseen” dangers which enjoy the FULL support of the Red/Islamist-in-Chief and his Congressional helpers:U.S. CONGRESSIONAL COMMUNISTS & The Ties That Bind: The RED Portion Of The RED/GREEN Alliance

Furthermore, the timing of their publication – the above new (old) red manifesto – is not incidental to the helping hand(s) from their chief enabler – the POTUS!

It is with this in mind that patriotic Americans must internalize the following: America’s internal fifth column, with the assistance of outside forces, are hell-bent on bringing down America. WHATEVER it takes!

Footprint Two:

PROTECTING America, Israel and western civilization depends upon countless others waking up to the insidious relationship, as such, it was not for nothing that Brookings starred with Qatar in a previous commentary:

ALAS, to understand what is at stake, one must connect the dots from deep within the bowels of Washington. Guaranteed, Hill is up to her neck through both her red and green connections. Significantly, Brookings is wholly “owned” by powerful leftists and Islamist forces. Damn them all to hell…

As for the significance of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s involvement with Qatar, two things immediately jump out. First, as a 501(c)(6), the U.S. Chamber’s donors can remain anonymous. That wouldn’t be nearly as disconcerting if not for the second thing; it accepts foreign contributions….read on….

IN this regard, isn’t it noteworthy that his COS recently intoned:

After the recent midterm elections in which the Obama agenda was roundly rejected, the President’s Chief of Staff Denis McDonough made a shocking claim when he said about what American voters will see as a result:

“They’re going to see Washington working better if this President has his way and that’s what he’s going to do… we’re going to do it any number of ways.”

So just what is the President’s “way”? Considering how McDonough has been promoted after meeting and schmoozing with Muslim Brotherhood figures, that “way” very well may include facilitating Turkey’s Caliphate.

Before his promotion to Chief of Staff from Deputy National Security Advisor, McDonough attended the U.S.-Islamic World Forum (US-IWF) in Doha, Qatar in 2012, an annual event co-sponsored by the Brookings Institute and the nation of Qatar. As Shoebat.com reported, while there, he embraced a man by the name of Abdallah bin Bayyah, the deputy to Muslim Brotherhood spiritual leader Yusuf al-Qaradawi. Al-Qaradawi has made no bones about wanting to re-establish the Islamic Caliphate in Turkey; he called for it earlier this year during a trip there.

NOT only that, but the relationship between the Jihadi-in-Chief, the Brotherhood Mafia and Turkey was noted throughout an interview given on the global ambitions of the MB! No mystery on this end, and decidedly VERY dangerous for America and the west as a whole.

Wolff Bachner: Ever since Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan came to power in 2003, Turkey has slowly evolved from a secular state to a religious theocracy based on Sharia Law and Islam. Erdogan has taken every opportunity to undo decades of good relations with Israel while supporting Hamas and Jihad. What is going on in Turkey and what is Erdogan’s endgame?

Adina Kutnicki: In answer to the all important question of Turkey, its position as a so called “moderate” Muslim nation and its relationship to Israel, a brief backgrounder is in order. Turkey has enjoyed a “pet” relationship within the west, ever since its membership in NATO began in 1952. And, while the honeymoon lasted a little over 50 years, not too long after Prime Minister Recep Erdogan took over the helm, in March 2003, as Turkey’s 25th PM, the government’s Islamist agenda (from a secular leaning/tolerant nation) reared its head. Their volte face was not done in rapid moves, but akin to the precepts of Stealth Jihad – incrementally, phase by phase.

It is essential to acknowledge that PM Erdogan is a devoted and dedicated leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, as elucidated at Aina.org. He is also President Obama’s BFF, and this is no secret. Indeed, it is more than instructive to view their relationship in global terms, particularly since the rise of Islamism throughout Turkey merges with its entrenchment within Washington’s corridors.

In the words of Commentary Magazine:

“Hamas is a terrorist group in search of a home. Uprooted by the Syrian civil war, and shaken by the Egyptian coup, the Hamas leadership has taken temporary shelter in Qatar, but that tiny emirate is showing every sign that they want the Islamist radicals to move on. So where would a radical Islamist terrorist group dedicated to the eradication of the State of Israel and whose charter endorses the crudest anti-Semitism turn? Perhaps to Turkey, America’s NATO ally and a country whose leader President Obama identified as one of his top personal foreign friends.”

According to Hürriyet Daily News:

“The prime ministry in Ankara was the venue for a meeting between the head of Hamas’ political bureau, Khaled Mashaal, and Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan today. The meeting, which started at 7 p.m. and lasted for three hours, was closed to the press. Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu, National Intelligence Agency (MİT) chief Hakan Fidan, Deputy Undersecretary for the Prime Minister’s Office İbrahim Kalın and advisor Sefer Turan were also present at the meeting, Anadolu Agency reported. The meeting between Mashaal and Erdoğan came around four months after their latest meeting. It came at a time when rumors suggest that Mashaal, currently in exile in Qatar, is searching for another place to live.”

As such, a perfect storm. A union for Allah.

AT the other end of the world, let’s explore, once again, what Egyptian nationalists want done to the Muslim Brotherhood Mafia – it ain’t a welcome mat!

The video below is SHOCKING to watch but potentially even more so because of what it portends. It is a compilation of Egyptian newscasters reacting to the deaths of dozens of their country’s soldiers in the Sinai last month, at the hands of terrorists. While there are several different newscasters, the sentiment of each is the same; they all want President Abdel Fatah el-Sisi to unleash hell on the Muslim Brotherhood.

As Shoebat.com reported after the terrorists struck in the Sinai, el-Sisi insisted that the attack was “foreign-funded” and that the source of that funding wants to “break the back of Egypt”, though he did not elaborate. The most likely candidate is indeed Turkey. After the overthrow of Mohammed Mursi in 2013, Turkey has become a safe haven for Brotherhood leaders who have been able to escape.

It’s worthy of note that the newscasters above are fed up with simple arrests of Muslim Brotherhood leaders and operatives. They want executions of those already jailed and the slaughter of those still on the loose. They believe el-Sisi has been too restrained and want the iron fist to come down.

For his part, el-Sisi is walking a political tightrope. Turkey has gone to great lengths to build the pro-Brotherhood propaganda machine. Unfortunately for Egypt, that machine incorporates the communications and directives of already imprisoned Muslim Brotherhood leaders. If the newscasters had their way, Mursi and the others would be executed immediately to end the transmissions.

El-Sisi knows, however, that Turkey has already been able to victimize the Brotherhood prisoners by generating sympathy for them, as was done in this video from earlier this year:

The calculus that el-Sisi is wrestling with most certainly involves the reaction of Turkey to the execution of Brotherhood prisoners; anti-Egyptian fervor has already been whipped up as a result of their arrests. Executions would take that up a notch for sure; el-Sisi knows this.

A problem for him is that if the sentiment expressed by the aforementioned newscasters is shared by the Egyptian people, his country may be on the brink of another 30 million man march in the streets that precipitated Mursi’s ouster. If that’s the case, el-Sisi may soon start opening up the gallows to satiate the angry masses.

If Egypt is ultimately going to go down the road advocated by the newscasters, there is something else it may want to factor into the equation. As long as Syria hangs in the balance, Turkey is still somewhat distracted and perhaps not as likely to focus solely on Egypt. Once Assad falls, expect Egypt to rest firmly in the sights of the one-eyed Turkish monster.

As Walid wrote earlier this year:

The two missing links for Turkey to establish the Caliphate is the removal of Assad from Syriawhich ISIS has been the proxy for Turkey as well as the restoring of power of the Muslim Brotherhood to Egypt.

If the Egyptian people are pushing el-Sisi to go medieval on the Brotherhood and perhaps more important, if el-Sisi believes that will one day be his only option, he may have a new calculus to consider. Should he do so before Assad falls or after?

WOW…as noted throughout this blog, Egyptian nationalists know the score and will abide NO quarter to Islamists who want nothing more than to turn their nation into a Mafia style ISIS run clone. 

THE question is: who will emerge victorious in this global struggle: the Islamist-in-Chief and his hench people, or Egyptians opposed to the MB? 

WELL, as an American patriot and an Israeli Jewish nationalist, this site is NOT in Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s Washington-led corner. That’s an understatement!




594 terror camp 610

Jihadis training in America…again and again. In plain sight! Muslims of the Americas!

WHILE jihadi compounds in America certainly didn’t start under the (mis)reign of Barack HUSSEIN Obama, the fact of the matter is that they have been given a tailwind under his “watchful” gaze. How so? Well, if elevating Islamic interests in America, in tandem with pumping them up throughout the Islamic world doesn’t constitute a tailwind it is hard to imagine what does.

In fact, if releasing Taliban/Al-Qaeda terror leaders is not a mega gift to Islamic jihadists, what can be considered gift-worthy? And if recognizing another of the Brotherhood’s bastard progeny, Hamas (aside from the Brotherhood’s other spawn, Al-Qaeda…are we sensing a pattern yet??), in their new found “unity” with PA/Fatah terror leaders, is not demonstrative of the Islamist-in-Chief’s affinity for all things Islamic, well, color this American-Israeli paranoid and just plain dumb. Who cares…

Yet, despite the above knowledge base of Obama’s proclivities towards Islamic “entities”, and before we get to the latest, a recap re jihadi compounds in America and Canada (other western nations too) seems in order.

Recap One:

Ahh…the ubiquitous jihadi compounds…and the cover given them by many atop the political food chain…has led to jihad here, there and everywhere in North America!

Recap Two:

And it is not as if the Muslims of the Americas, the subject of this latest commentary, haven’t been in the forefront before:

As reported in December 2009, Jamat ul Fuqra (a leading Islamic terror group, deeply entrenched in North America) is mainly involved in tactical techniques, sort of like high level masters in jihadi boot camp training. You gotta see it to believe it. Unfathomably, they escape much too much public scrutiny – and con many – by operating under innocuous sounding names. Here’s a sampling – The International Quranic Open University  and The Muslims of the Americas  . How gullible do they think westerners are? Very.

Jamat ul Fuqra are awash in infidel blood. Most infamously, they are the head choppers of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl. They are particularly fond of beheadings. Say what? Too close for many fellow New Yorkers (my home state) comfort, the group receives some of their paramilitary training at their Islamberg compound in New York State. Not to get too specific – as part of a “research” project  in 2006 – I accompanied a trusted contact to the outskirts of the compound, knowing full well that this was as far as we would get. No matter. We came, we saw, we went…..hearing constant sounds of gun popping, and intermittent shouts of “allahu akbar” – god is great – in broad daylight !!  Roaming guards dressed in (Islamic) combat fatigues, and watch towers on each side, were clearly visible.

Normal folks surely are wondering – how is it possible that terror compounds can exist in the land of the free, the home of the brave? What is going on here?

To add insult, to grievous (US & Canadian) injury, Islamberg is one of 35 ! jihadi compounds in the US. About half a dozen (which are known) exist in places such as Charlotte County in central Virginia, Hancock, New York, and other  rural confines all over the US. ‘Islamberg not the only radical Muslim compound flourishing in North America’ highlights the dangers, yet there are more than a few sources 

 Recap Three:

Whatever the jihadi affiliation, Sunni or Shia, know this: they are burrowed within U.S. (Canadian) cities and have Latin American forward bases!

Recap Four:

Indeed, is it preposterous to suggest: yes, Islamic jihadi terror compounds are invading America!

New Terrorist Training Camps Revealed Inside America

The terror group goes by the name of the Muslims of the Americas/Jamaat ul-Fuqra (MOA). They made the mistake of suing two of their critics, Martin Mawyer and Patti Peirucci, for statements made in their book about the MOA titled, “Twilight in America.”

Although the judge dismissed the lawsuit as baseless last week, some interesting information came out depositions conducted as part of the proceedings.

The depositions revealed that MOA has a previously unknown property outside of Anchorage, Alaska. They also confirmed the existence of an additional New York property, as well as California and Michigan locations.

The Deputy Director of MOA, Hussein Adams, is the son of terrorist Barry Adams. During questioning he was unable to provide evidence which would indicate a lack of reasonable basis for the defendants’ claims.

While MOA officials denied assertions that they are a terrorist organization, they refused to provide basic information regarding the group and their activities. They contended that the group kept no records, with director Adams asserting that he did not know the names of those on the town council at their flagship location, Islamberg. The identity of the person entrusted to issue checks to pay the organization’s bills was also unknown, according to director Adams.

MOA is the umbrella organization operating 22 “Islamic villages” nationwide, including “Mahmoudberg” in Sweeny, Texas.

Other “communes” dotted around the U.S. and Canada include not only the Islamberg facility in Hancock, NY but also Holy Islamville in York County, South Carolina;  Islamville in Dover, Tennessee; Hasanville in Barry’s Bay, Ontario, Canada;  Madinah Village near Commerce, Georgia; Aliville in Odum, Georgia; Ahmadabad West in Red House, Virginia and one with an unknown name in Meherrin, Virginia.

Less precise information was offered regarding the location near Anchorage, AK, as well as “Mariaville” which is supposedly “just down the street” from Islamberg, a Deposit, NY location, an Oak Hill, CA camp as well as Coldwater, MI.

Adams declared that only three of the locations, Islamberg, Mariaville and Holy Islamville were official MOA properties, with another nine described as unofficial. When questioned on the disparity between the twelve he identified in his deposition and a propaganda DVD which states there are 22 villages, Adams replied, “Well, maybe there were other locations included.”

The plaintiffs maintained throughout their testimony that the group does not engage in jihad training and dismissed as insignificant the content of two MOA videos. Both show ongoing training, one is a recruitment effort and the other shows women in training.

Adams insisted he “was not aware” of any training like that depicted on the tapes since his arrival at Islamberg in 2000. He claimed there were no weapons stored in Islamberg, other than the personal firearms of commune members.  Adams acknowledged that individuals had their “personal” firearms.

Another plaintiff, Abdul-Haqq admitted to seeing parts of the [Clarion] tape but said the he had never seen “any actual training like that.” He did say, “I know that they were doing things. They were going out there and marching and carrying on with some wooden sticks. Yeah, I know about that.”

Khadijah Smith, the third member of the terror group to be deposed described their training as self defense, saying, “Self—we have self-defense classes, yes.” When the interviewer said it had the appearance of military-style training, Smith answered, “That’s in reference—that’s basically personal opinion, but I know that I’ve actually taken self-defense classes, as well as all the other ladies did.”

Smith admitted being briefly trained on firearms at the “Islamberg” camp, but insisted “I don’t know a whole lot about guns. I know how to shoot a rifle, not even a handgun.”

In a 2007 FBI report, the agency stated that MOA “possesses an infrastructure capable of planning and mounting terrorist campaigns overseas and within the U.S.” and “extols membership to pursue a policy of jihad or holy war against individuals or groups it considers enemies of Islam, which includes the U.S. Government.”



IT may seem, at first blush, incongruous to state Newton’s Third Law of Motion within this commentary, but the fact of the matter is that it is highly germane.

A force is a push or a pull that acts upon an object as a results of its interaction with another object. Forces result from interactions! As discussed in Lesson 2, some forces result from contact interactions (normal, frictional, tensional, and applied forces are examples of contact forces) and other forces are the result of action-at-a-distance interactions (gravitational, electrical, and magnetic forces). According to Newton, whenever objects A and B interact with each other, they exert forces upon each other. When you sit in your chair, your body exerts a downward force on the chair and the chair exerts an upward force on your body. There are two forces resulting from this interaction – a force on the chair and a force on your body. These two forces are called action andreaction forces and are the subject of Newton’s third law of motion. Formally stated, Newton’s third law is:

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Admittedly, this physics reference is coming from someone who freely attests to having only a basic foundation in the sciences, preferring to leave the higher sciences to some nearest and dearest. Nevertheless, most have come across (or should have) the aforementioned basic laws in their studies. The point being, if one takes this “equal and opposite reaction” to its rightful geo-political conclusion, one can’t help but note that there will be a reckoning, and it will not be to Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s liking, nor to his fellow travelers.

Extrapolating further, within all this blog’s success – and it has been considerable, having been in operation just shy of a second anniversary – a recent commentary generated tens of thousands of hits. Not only that, but the re-blogs have topped all expectations.

Now, what exactly resonated so well with this site’s American readership and throughout the entire western world, even from as far away as India and other nations suffering under Islam’s boot? YES, countless are in agreement:Shariah law must be eliminated to save America (Israel) and the west…its cancerous scourge!

Simply put, due to the fact that westerners are feeling TOTALLY betrayed by their leaders, gaining an understanding that these same leaders are (for the most part) siding with Islamic thrusts, the opposite reaction they are used to receiving – within western nations – from a (mostly) compliant, obedient citizenry, is falling by the wayside. Use your imaginations…your (basic) science acumen to figure out the rest of the “equation”.

But if you require any guidance along the way to your “opposite reaction” calculus, consider the following from the “expert among experts”: Islamic-Based Sleeper Cells in The U.S. and Israel and The Prevention of More Islamic-Based Terrorist Attacks.

Clear as a bell.


Islamic Dictates Americans/Westerners MUST Internalize To Beat Them Back: The NOT So “Mysterious” Underpinnings…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

This blog is hardly a stranger to Islamic underpinningsits dictates and jihad in particular. In fact, its understanding is core to this site’s raison d’etre, as described within the About tab:

“Hopefully, my small effort will enlighten Israelis and Americans (and the west in general) to the dangers posed by our common foes. These dangers are fueled exponentially by the morphing of the Red/Green alliance-radical leftists and Islamic jihadists.”

That being the case, a MEGA spotlight shines herein, on what actually drives Islamic jihad, regardless of all their obfuscations, outright lies, nonsensical parsing and whatever dung fuels their cover ups – both by Islamic jihadists and their leftist cohorts! Jive talk will never pass this site’s smell test, and neither do threats coming this blog’s way, to “cease and desist”. Seriously, are they smoking too much hooka, to even make such a demand? Their “Allah” only knows for sure.

But before we get to the latest “gift” sent your way, the following are instructive as more than primers. You decide which resonates most. 

Let’s start with Islam’s relationship to blood as a central theme and component. NOTHING matters more than internalizing its essence, as it is Islam’s DRIVING/IMBIBING force. As a result, an understanding of this American-Israeli’s recent interview, Muslim Brotherhood’s quest for global dominance, will fill in the rest of the blanks. The Brotherhood Mafia is the absolute umbrella shielding Islamic jihad, regardless of this and that terror group’s name, designation or tribal derivative.

Significantly, after the above is studied, then the Brotherhood Mafia’s “phased plan” (as demonstrated within the link, stage 3 has been completed) for Americaand where it currently stands, will come full circle. All in due time.

Now, let’s carry onto the main event, but acquaint – or reacquaint, whichever the case may be – yourselves with Dave Gaubatz, a premier “terror hunter”, regardless of what naysayers opine. He is THAT good and America’s/west’s enemies are in a frenzy to shut him up. But never mind. Trust your lives on what he instructs. This blogger does.

When Can A Muslim Engage in Jihad & Who Gives Permission?
“Defense of the Muslim Lands”
By: Dave Gaubatz
7 Nov 2013
Transliteration of Arabic words you should know before reading this article:
1.  Ard: All things held in honor, religion, family, women, country, dignity, etc…
2.  Fard: Compulsory, obligatory duty
3.  Fard Ayn: Greatest degree of obligation

4.  Fard Kifaya:  Initially compulsory, but voluntary upon fulfillment of specific conditions

5.  Fatwa: Legal ruling

6.  Iman:  Belief, faith  

Understanding Islam is not difficult.  You do not have to be a PhD, a Muslim, or an Islamic scholar.  The Islamic ideology was not meant to be a puzzle, or a complex system that would make it difficult for Muslims and potential Muslims to understand.

Islamic based terrorist groups and their supporters want you to believe the Islamic ideology is so difficult to understand and the concepts can only be grasped by a few learned Islamic leaders.  This is false and readers should never fall into the trap of believing this.  The Islamic leaders want you to believe this so they can refute anything said negatively about Islam.  The sad thing is the vast majority of our politicians, media, and law enforcement fall in line with the lies expressed by Islamic leaders.

To understand Islam you simply must study a few materials and understand a few Arabic words.  I will use the following analogy: Suppose that never in your life you had heard about the Nazi’s and Hitler.  Most people with any sense of reasoning know that the term Nazi and the name Hitler are synonymous with hate, violence, and evil.  How long would it take to convince someone who had little or no knowledge of the Hitler regime, that it was a hate filled ideology?  You need not be a history professor in a major university, you need not be a junior or high school teacher of history, you don’t have to be a senior law enforcement officer with a background in murders and the mindset of murderers like Hitler.

There is ample evidence over a 75 year period that the terms Nazi and Hitler are evil and a person who follows and supports the Hitler ideology has the high potential in carrying out hatred and violence against innocent people.

When it comes to Islam there is over 1400 years of evidence that Prophet Mohammed and his ideology (Islam) have been filled with hatred, violence, and evil against innocent people throughout the world.  Mohammed was not trying to keep his thoughts and beliefs secret from the world.  Instead he made the ideology very clear to even the most ignorant of all people.  Mohammed could not read or write and the majority of the world’s people at the time could not.  Mohammed wanted people to follow him and Islam.  He was very clear in his instructions about how to carry out the plans he had for the ultimate takeover of the world, under Sharia law. 

To understand Islam you need only listen and read the same materials that are in your local mosques, and use common sense that God has given ‘most’ of us. 

If you only have the time or patience to understand one Arabic word you must know the term ‘Fard Ayn’.  This is the ultimate obligation a Muslim has.  It is Fard Ayn (mandatory) Muslims always protect Muslim lands and Islam from occupation or oppression.  This through physical Jihad or if you are unable to fight, you must provide material support to the mujahadeen (jihad fighters).  It is especially important to know that jihad is mandatory if non believers occupy land they feel is Muslim land. 

So when can a Muslim engage in physical jihad?  The answer is they were given their marching orders over 1400 years ago by Prophet Mohammed.  He explained the rules of engagement to his followers and these instructions have been passed down by Islamic scholars over the centuries, to include today. 

The law is titled ‘The General March’.  This is the mandate of Fard Ayn and Fard Kafiya. The General March was given by Prophet Mohammed and Muslims are obligated to carry this out.  Many readers will say that most Muslims around the world are not actively carrying this order out.  Prophet Mohammed had said there would be many Muslims who would not carry out their obligations of the General March and they would suffer for this.  In layman terms a person who carries out his responsibilities under Islam is a practicing Muslim. One who does not is a non-practicing Muslim (an Apostate of Islam). 

People must realize there are millions of millions who do not fight in jihad, but they support the mujahadeen in various ways. Some provide funding, shelter, food, and conduct jihad through the pen and tongue (such as CAIR, ISNA, etc…).  The vast majority of Muslims support the mujahadeen by remaining silent.  They are the one’s who say nothing about the hate and violent filled material in their mosques.  They are the eyes and ears of the mujahadeen.  Do not let their silence fool you.  They know what the term Fard Ayn means.  It is a basic concept within Islam.  Luckily there are millions of people who identify with the ideology of Islam simply because they were born into Islam. these are the apostates of Islam, or as some people say, they are the moderates (a term that doesn’t exist in Islam. 

We all know that the lands in Saudi, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Syria, Palestine, and Israel (to name a few) are lands the Muslim people claim are theirs. When these lands are occupied by non believers and foreign governments, it is mandatory the Muslims people destroy (kill) their enemies. There is no magical call the Muslims will receive. Islamic leaders do not need to give their permission for Muslims to engage in fighting and killing non believers the world over (yes to include America). Fard Ayn demands the Muslims closest to the oppressor/enemy to engage in jihad first and then Muslims from all over the world to join the fight. Prophet Mohammed gave them this obligation 1400 plus years ago. It was called ‘The General March’.
Again, the General March in Islam means when it is Fard Ayn or Fard Kifaya, a Muslim’s first duty upon accepting (Iman)Islam into their lives is to engage in physical jihad against their enemies the world over.    

In 2009, in an interview with Laura Haim on Canal Plus, a French television station, Mr. Obama noted that the United States also could be considered as “one of the largest Muslim countries in the world.” 

Recall that if non believers occupy land considered to be Muslim land, it is mandatory they engage in jihad. this means to kill/murder their enemy wherever they may be.  The actions by Major Hassan at Ft. Hood was a man following the laws of his ideology (Islam).  Boston and Trolley Square are other examples. Of course 9-11 was a major example.  

When Obama made the statement above about America being an Islamic country, he knew exactly what he was doing.  Obama has made these references more than once.  The statements by Obama give Muslims guidance on Fard Ayn.  There are millions of Muslims in America who feel America is their land, it is Muslim land, and the President of the United States has confirmed this. 

What will happen when more Muslims begin fulfilling their mandatory obligations of ‘The General March’.  America will see many, many more attacks such as 9-11, Ft. Hood, Boston, etc…  We will see jihad attacks against our children in schools, malls, and at major sporting events (sports like football, basketball, baseball are Haram/illegal in Islam).  

If you desire to question an Islamic scholar or ‘Pure Muslim’, ask them to define Fard Ayn and the General March for you.  Then give them a copy of the Islamic manual written by terrorists and followed in most Sunni mosques.  The manual is titled ‘The Defense of the Muslim Lands’.

The manual was written by Sheikh Azzam.  He issued a Fatwa in regards to the General March of jihad. Islamic leaders the world over do not dispute it’s findings, because it came directly from Prophet Mohammed.

Fatwa by Sheikh Azzam:

“That if a piece of Muslim land the size of a hand span is infringed upon, then jihad becomes Fard Ayn (global obligation) on every Muslim male and female, where the child shall march forward without the permission of its parents and the wife without the permission of the husband.” (From the manual ‘Defene of the Muslim Lands)

Reaction to Azzam’s Fatwa by Umar Sayyaf, Grand Chair of the Ulama, Sana Yemen

“The truth that jihad now is Fard Ayn and that there is no excuse for anybody.”

Reaction to Azzam’s Fatwa by ” Sheikh Abdullah Nassah al Waan, University of King Fahd Abdul Aziz

 “Jihad will remain Fard Ayn upon its people upon every country close by until sufficient forces are attained to liberate the Muslim countries from the grip of the Unbelievers.  if the Unbelievers are not beaten back, then the Fard Ayn of jihad spreads in the shape of a circle. The nearest to the next in nearness.  Until, the jihad has become Fard Ayn upon the whole earth, the destruction of the enemy and their complete expulsion from the Muslim land.  Now in this time we find many Muslims in all Muslim countries, lazy, ill equipped and idle.  So, in truth, for Afghanistan and Palestine as well as other countries of the Muslims, jihad has today become Fard Ayn on everyone until sufficient manpower and money are collected.

 Therefore it is incumbent upon every Muslim today, capable of carrying a weapon, to march forward to jihad to aid their Muslim brothers in Afghanistan and in every place in need, even though his or her parents do not permit it, until sufficient forces are attained and Allah knows best”. 

In summation, conclude today’s lesson with the following evidence and more:

The White House’s (Washington’s) Romance With The Brotherhood Mafia: What Are The Consequences For America & The Free World? …followed by The Muslim Mafia (aka The Brotherhood) & Their Overarching “Plan”: What It Means For America’s Future.

School’s out.