Islamic Money/Gold Laundering In Massachusetts Finances Jihad:Feds Ignore Evidence! What Can Be Done? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Image result for pics of gold launderingIT is becoming increasingly difficult to play deaf, dumb and blind to the unremitting Islamic terror throughout the west, never mind the rest of the world. And if anything brings this truth into laser sharp focus, let’s just view ISIS’s attack in Garland, Texas as a ‘new’ opening shot to jihad, regardless of all the preceding attacks.

BE that as it may, talking heads, leftist apologists and Islam’s mouthpieces – with CAIR in the forefront – prefer to blame Pamela Geller and associates for any ensuing carnage by Islamic jihadists. You got that? In other words, as long as Americans give up their Constitutional First Amendment right, well, Islam’s soldiers will be appeased – for now. Alas, if Shariah Law’s Blasphemy dictate is the price to pay, so be it.

YET, before we proceed, let’s be very clear: ISIS is an offshoot of al-Qaeda, its creator, and both are hydra-like organs of the Brotherhood Mafia, regardless of the shifting kaleidoscope of alliances. Besides, getting bogged down in specific group names serves jihadi interests and confuses westerners. Therefore, whichever group is attributed to this or that operation, rest assured, they are working in tandem, even if unofficially. The aforementioned is not an inconsequential factor. Wait and see.

STILL, what does the above have to do with the stated thesis, money/gold laundering in Massachusetts (elsewhere too, but let’s stick with the Brotherhood’s jacked-up ‘Bay State) and more? Everything.

IT has come to this investigative journalist’s attention that an ongoing and major money laundering operation – F/B/O Sunni jihadi terror – is housed in a town (its exact name is in abeyance, for now) within Barnstable County, with an offshoot in Hyannis, the largest of its seven villages. 

HOW quaint…New England’s tranquil allure. But don’t dare be fooled by the all Americana backdrop.

EVEN so, to comprehend the essence of the case being presented, it is intrinsic to possess a basic level of knowledge, relative to the overall connection between money laundering and terrorism. Specifically, it deals with gold laundering and its conversion into monies F/B/O jihad. Pay heed.

LET’S start with the case’s foundation, even though particular names, at this juncture, will be omitted too. First things first.
IN this regard, though the cesspool of the Mid East seems a world apart from ‘any city’ USA, the fact of the matter is that its tentacles are less than six degrees separated.
INHERENTLY, this discussion leads back to the oft mentioned ‘sleeper cells.’ They may comprise students on visas, so-called ‘refugees’ entering under humanitarian status or legal immigrants etc. Regardless, their goals are to assist their brethren back home to wage jihad, either from abroad or within their respective western countries.
MOST significantly, according to Islam, they are mandated to perform jihad. This is not optional.
AS such, they become a part of their communities as business owners, professionals, blue-collar workers, homemakers, students and what not. On the other hand, even though many live insular lives, others fully integrate – or so it seems. But regardless of their public personas, jihad is at the forefront, involving siblings, parents and even children. This is the case whether they remain on American (western) soil, or for those who visit, as tourists, their American-based families. Read on. 
THE ‘persons of interest’, now living in Massachusetts, are Sunni Muslims from a very large clan spread throughout Lebanon. While this part of the Mid East is most well known for its Shia/Hezbollah/ Tehran axis – over 54% of Lebanese are Muslim – approximately 27% are Sunni.
IT is into this vortex that money/gold laundering comes into the picture. So what’s the upshot?
AN entire clan operates as successful retail entrepreneurs, and under their corp umbrella they have franchised upwards of 50 stores. They head the corp. entity. Even more so, they have a distinct presence within community-based organizations and clubs, just like many successful retailers. Hiding in plain sight. Hmm.
MOREOVER, they also own several homes in the general vicinity. Basically, they are deeply involved in buying a lot of stolen gold with cash from their ‘related’ businesses. In general, retail businesses (in the hands of white collar criminals or terror financiers) can accumulate stashes of unreported cash for this and that.  One main mechanism is through the under-reporting of sales, whereby receipts barely reflect the actual income generated, thus, sales tax and other mandatory taxes are negligible. Use your imaginations.
MOVING right along, once the gold is horded it has to be melted into proper form. As a result, one of their homes is used as a base of operations, the end result being gold bars approximately 10×1 in size.   
NOW, what’s their next phase to said operation? Well, the gold must be moved out of the country and back into Lebanon, and this requires a certain level of cooperation from other contacts. In any case, the gold bars are secreted within special luggage compartments, to be hauled back by visiting family members – mostly via ‘tourist’ visas – who act as mules upon returning to Lebanon. Understood?
NOT only that, but some of their cash wends its way through the purchase of additional hard assets. Pointedly, a willing home owner received a substantial sum of cash – without having to report said sale to the IRS – and these monies became laundered through a new home. A ‘win-win’ on both ends. Nevertheless, the ‘subjects of interest’ utilize various layers to fund jihad. Period.
SPECIFICALLY, once the gold bars reach Lebanon they need a reliable address to launder them. Essentially, a very specific (Mid Eastern based and operated) financial investment firm acts as their main monetary slush house. Lebanon is one of their hubs.
NOW, which group receives an abundance of cash (upwards of a million per month!) from their laundered money/gold? Well, the HABBASH Group is a main recipient and it is a branch of al-Qaeda in Lebanon. Recall, this information too: ‘ISIS is an offshoot of al-Qaeda, its creator !
MOST significantly, an informant (vetted by an impeccably credentialed counter-terror contact) handed over very detailed information (which is not posted, and for various reasons) with NAMES, ADDRESSES, TRAVEL plans etc to relevant FED agencies. 
THESE agencies include the FBI, the Attorney General’s Office in Massachusetts and the IRS. They all refused to investigate said charges. Why?
CONCLUSIVELY, the following response (going back to Aug. 2011) to said (courageous) informant should serve as prima facie evidence (Exhibit One), attesting to the FEDS utter refusal to even look into the charges, which more than met the criteria for immediate investigation.
The Attorney General of Massachusetts

(617) 727-2200
August 23, 2011
Dear Mr. XXXXX
The Attorney General’s Office has reviewed your recent inquiry to the Criminal Bureau for the purpose of deciding whether to assign this matter within the Criminal Bureau for a more comprehensive review of the facts, make an inquiry on your behalf, or intervene in this matter.
The Criminal Bureau of the Attorney General’s Office receives inquiries and alleged complaints on a daily basis from citizens, police departments and other governmental agencies. Every such inquiry or complaint is reviewed and a decision made whether to take action on the inquiry or complaint. This type of evaluation is necessary because the volume of complaints and inquiries we receive, coupled with the finite resources available, precludes the Bureau from investigating and prosecuting every
allegation that is brought to our attention.
I am advising you that the Criminal Bureau will not be conducting any further review or investigation of your complaint.
I am sorry that this office cannot be of further assistance to you.
Assistant Attorney General
Criminal Bureau
SINCE then, several attempts (most recently, within the first quarter of 2015) were made to re-engage the FEDS by Dave Gaubatz, a premiere counter-terror expert. Nevertheless, it was to no avail. 
CAN readers dare imagine the sheer amount of terror operations financed (at least) since 2011, due to their inexcusable refusal to investigate (provable) Islamic jihad in the heart of Massachusetts?
TO wit, the ‘opening shot’ of this investigative report should serve as notice to American patriots and others as well: agencies sworn to protect the American people are NOT investigating hard evidence related to Islamic jihad, regardless of any pronouncements to the contrary via press announcements and the like. No doubt.
TAKE this charge sheet – against the FEDS and the money/gold launderers – to the (mental) bank!