HOT on the heels of this week’s explosive commentary (encircling the web like a raging wildfire), FINAL WARNING FROM “DHS INSIDER”: PLANS “READY TO GO” TO COLLAPSE U.S. ECONOMY WHEN “CRISIS” POINT EMERGESanother highly valued counter-terror contact, Dave Gaubatz, lends his on target analysis to America’s domestic front. He renders a strategic assessment which only a former U.S. Air Force special agent, one with years of experience on the ground (inside world hot spots and domestically), can gauge as “seismic-worthy”. Ignore his warnings at your peril.

But before we learn about the latest “threat level”, we must be quipped to digest and internalize certain facts, as they percolate underneath U.S. ground. As such, it is instructive to backtrack a bit, at least for contextual impact. 

Hark back a few months ago, specifically March 2013, and the following was highlighted at this blog: Signs of Civil War Could Lead To Martial Law. Readers, this link (others too) did not go unnoticed by portals attached to DHS. Hmm. 

Catching up to speed…clear cut evidence/proof of a “good to go” dress rehearsal for an eventual imposition of martial law turns up in Boston, only 2 months after its first signs were reported on. Never mind the fact that its “necessity” was a moot point, as it did nothing to effectuate the capture of the jihadis! In essence, it was the opening shot of DHS’s pandora’s box: martial law already entered via jihad In Boston !

Stage left, enter foreign forces; already training for this and that expected “crisis”.  Russian/foreign troops are inside America, as FEMA detention camps & Agenda 21 are prepped. Yes, the training for MARTIAL LAW continues apace.

But just when you thought you may be hallucinating, and that your “lying” eyes were deceiving you, well, leave it to certain Congressional reps (with verbal diarrhea) to spill the beans. Yup, the  INCREASING THREAT Of MARTIAL LAW: Demster Rep. Shelia Jackson Lee’s loose lips and her “slip of the tongue”. Good grief.

Yet for those who believe that the head of DHS is really calling the shots…not so fast. DHS, Valerie Jarrett’s fiefdom, is where she makes plans to target U.S. (Patriotic) citizens/Christians as Obama Inc.’s first pickings. Warnings can be heard from (Retired) Army officers re MARTIAL LAW & more.

The evidence is insurmountable and leading to one overall plan: MARTIAL LAW.  What does Obama Inc. have in store for “non-compliant” citizens?

Thus, is it any wonder that states are attempting to break free of the Feds grip, as an outcome of pressure from citizens to DO something drastic?

A Civil War in America
By: Dave Gaubatz  29 Dec 2013
When I was in Iraq (2003) I was asked by our government to conduct an assessment of the ground situation in Iraq, and what is the likelihood of a civil war developing between the Sunni and Shiite people of Iraq.

I spent 6 plus months conducting an analysis of the situation.  The assessment consisted of talking with hundreds of Iraqis, both Sunni and Shiite.  This included military, former military, Iraqi police, and Iraqi government personnel.


My conclusion was that a civil war would occur once our military left the area.  It happened.  Hundreds of thousands of Sunni and Shiite have been killed during their civil war.


In America I have conducted the same type of assessment.  I have talked with hundreds of Americans from all walks of life. My conclusion is there will be a civil war within the next five years in America.


The war will be between liberals and conservatives.  There have been some people who say I desire a civil war.  I do not want any type war.  The victims in every war are the children.  The war will begin when Obama and his crew announce martial law.  No one thinks that this is possible, but one need only look at how Obama has already made a joke of our U.S. Constitution.
Within 5 years martial law will be declared and it is possible this will happen in 2016 when Obama makes up his own rules and laws and attempts to remain President.  The patriotic Americans will shout ‘we are no longer going to allow our country to be taken over by liberals, communists, Islamic leaders and their supporters’.
There will be some U.S. military leaders who will decide to no longer follow the Commander in Chief (Obama).  These Generals will be followed by thousands of our troops.  There will be many Generals who will fight for Obama and the New World Order.
There will be chaos in the streets of America.  Conservatives will not allow their First and Second Amendment rights be taken from them.  There will be a shortage of food, water, housing, and medical care.  FEMA will begin arresting tens of thousands of conservatives and place them into concentration camps.
Islamic leaders will have their Jihadi trained terrorists to begin making life ‘hell’ in America.  One will not know the difference between Afghanistan and our beautiful country.  We will see hundreds of suicide attacks by Muslims.
The conservative movement will suffer tremendously in the beginning of a war, but will bounce back and take our country back from ruins.
In actuality their will be no winners.  Our country will be devastated and it will take decades to recover.
Readers should not shake their heads and say this can’t happen in America.  We should all pray this never happens, but great society’s have been falling for centuries.  America will be no different than Rome or England.
What can we do?  We must now demand our Constitution be the law of the land, and not taken over by a Dictator regime.  We must educate our families, neighbors, friends, and co-workers to the realities our country is facing.  Do not be afraid to speak the truth about Christianity and Judaism.  We need these values in our lives more than ever.
America has a long and hard road ahead, but we can be one of the great empires that does not collapse if we take our country back now.  In the 2014 elections we must put people into power who do not sugarcoat the truth simply to appease liberals and communists.

YES, while it is more pleasant to pretend that what is isn’t, such magical thinking has no place within rational adult discourse. More to the point, how pleasant will it be when militarized law enforcement comes knocking on doors to confiscate this and that, warning citizens to “stand down”?  

MARTIAL LAW PLANS RATCHETED UP IN THE U.S.. What Does Obama Inc. Have In Store For “Non-Compliant” Citizens & Others? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

There are many blessings to thank G-d for, even when the world appears to be spinning out of control. And this is something we all have to remember – this blogger included – especially when life throws us the harshest of curve balls. No easy feat. 

So Thanksgiving is one such time to also recall another blessing, by taking the time to thank those who are toiling – often at great personal and professional risks – to alert others to the many dangers lying in wait. Not to scare others, but to empower them. 

Well, in light of the above, let us discuss an ongoing concern at this site, one which would have been unthinkable to comprehend, or even contemplate, a decade ago. Believe it.

Specifically, the following exhibits demonstrate Obama Inc.’s propensity – as well as their actual preparations – towards a trigger point scenario, one which will culminate (at the most opportune crisis-like situation) into executing Martial Law.

Exhibit A – Fomented Chaos By POTUS ‘Allows’ Him To Issue Executive Orders… With Unprecedented Power Grabs (at least since 9/11/01)…Rep Kay Granger (Texas) Raises Alarm

Exhibit B – Black Hawks Swirling Over US Cities…DHS Stockpiling Inordinate Amount of Ammo..Who IS Their Target?Addendum To : RED HOT Warning From Northeast Intelligence Network

Exhibit C – CDC (Centers For Disease Control & Prevention) & FEMA…What Are They Up To? 

Exhibit D – WOE To All “Bitter Clingers”: Yes, They’re Coming To CONFISCATE Your Guns! 

Exhibit E – U.S. Law Enforcement Running Wild: Military Powers Incrementally Bestowed. Where Is This Headed?

Exhibit F – Signs of Civil War Could Lead To Martial Law

Exhibit G – The Opening Of A Pandora’s Box: Martial Law Via Jihad In Boston

Exhibit H – Russian/Foreign Troops Inside America; FEMA Detention Camps & Agenda 21: Training For MARTIAL LAW Against U.S. Citizens!

Exhibit I – The INCREASING THREAT Of MARTIAL LAW: Demster Rep. Shelia Jackson Lee’s Loose Lips, Her “Slip Of The Tongue”

Exhibit J – DHS, Valerie Jarrett’s Fiefdom, TARGETING U.S. (Patriotic) Citizens/Christians: Warnings From (Retired) Army Officers of MARTIAL LAW & More

Basically, only in a nation whereby the leadership is akin to a criminal empire, would the above exhibits NOT land them in jail. Alas, this is the case in Obama’s America: Entering The Parallel Universe of Radical Politics Gone Haywire…A Short Path To Dictatorship (Oct 2012)as such they continue (unimpeded) to “forward march”, aptly used as Obama Inc.’s main campaign slogan! How ignorant does The One think the masses are of historical slogans? VERY.

There are many underlying reasons, as to why patriotic Americans are currently  treated as the enemy, but several stand out among the rest.

The fact of the matter is that at no time in U.S. history have loyal, patriotic Americans been treated worse, than under the abusive reign of Barack HUSSEIN Obama. NOW, if the goal is to transform America from a superpower, and align it with third world countries, how better to accomplish this, than to hunt down those who are its most actively loyal citizens? For if this feat is accomplished, then there is little doubt, those less patriotically inclined will fall into line…….

Comply or die – Night of the Long Knives for Law Enforcement – Kristallnacht – Broken Glass for Americans

8:00-11:00 PM ET – Northeast Intelligence Network

Plans revealed for subjugation, arrest and even potential termination of law enforcement and citizens?

Special note: Due to emerging events combined with the schedules of those who are traveling for the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday, our normal “Tuesday’s with Stan” (Stan Deyo) time slot is being rescheduled for its normal time next Tuesday.

On Tuesday, November 2013, Dr. Greg Evensen and Steve Quayle will be sharing critical, time-sensitive newly discovered plans of battle for the subjugation, arrest and even potential termination of law enforcement and citizens who refuse to comply with the upcoming plans for gun confiscation. If you are in law enforcement or are a gun owner, you need to listen to this most important broadcast. Intercessors are asked to pray for a reprieve, for a time, to bring more of his children into His kingdom.


DO get a whiff of this local police armament…a pic is worth a thousand words!

Defense Department gives local police equipment designed for a war zone

Published November 27, 2013

  • MRAP.jpg

    March 12: Attendees look at the Lenco MRAP Bear SWAT Team vehicle at the 7th annual Border Security Expo in Phoenix, Arizona.(REUTERS)

From war zones to city streets, some military vehicles are getting a new life — and not everyone is happy about the recycling.

The Defense Department recently announced it would be giving domestic law enforcement forces hulking vehicles designed to efficiently maneuver in a war zone for use in thwarting any potential high-scale activity.

This did not sit well with those who see a troubling trend: the militarization of local police departments, including the American Civil Liberties Union, which has criticized the Defense Department for giving 18-ton, $500,000 armor-protected military fighting vehicles to local forces.

ACLU affiliates have been collecting 2012 records to determine the extent of military hardware and tactics sent to police and plan to issue a report early next year.

While it is hard to wrap ones mind around America becoming a facsimile of dictatorships world over, the fact of the matter is that America is well on its way to becoming a tyranny. However, as of yet the signs are, for the most part, muted and under the radar. Nevertheless, if not thwarted, the above will indeed come to pass.

Put another way, what else could they have in mind? Precisely.

And, Happy Thanksgiving, all the way from Israel!