IN western ADD-afflicted time frames, the deaths of SEAL TEAM 6 heroes, in 2011, is all but a distant memory. However, this craven mindset needn’t be the case for those of us who seek justice, regardless of passage of time, whether for crimes committed 3 years ago or 30 ….and so on. Besides, as one who will “move mountains” to get to the bottom of GRAVE injustices – whether of a personal nature or not – a long-term memory (not to be confused with harboring grudges for personal slights…whatever) is a requirement. That’s for sure.

MOREOVER, who is to say that patriots, especially Israelis and Americans (westerners) are not “entitled” to the same memory banks as Islamic jihadists (century-like) and those who enable them, specifically, their anti-American cohorts who squat in the People’s House, Islam’s best friend(s).

AND it is this ability to remember, to recollect and reflect, which enables justice – however delayed – to not be denied. Understood?

Justice One:  

AGREED, those who die under less than “kosher” circumstances (and dropping like flies has become a signature hit of Obama and gang), whomever they are, deserve to have their deaths examined, especially through the efforts of their loved ones. Pit bull-like.

NEVERTHELESS, most of us will never be able to lay claim to the nation-saving exploits executed by the likes of SEAL TEAM 6 (and their band of brothers), regardless of costs to their safety. So, isn’t it edifying to realize that their lives were seen as nothing more than disposable garbage, as they were set up to die, and that a cover up – as always – became Obama Inc’s modus operandi?

Justice Two:

IN this regard, several questions must be asked and answered: did they simply “drop from the sky”? were they “sacrificial lambs” for a myriad of (cover up) reasons? and, how did Obama Inc.’s goons respond, as they sparred off against those who understood what’s what?

On August 6, 2011, in Wardak Province, Afghanistan, jihadists perched on top of a building shot down a decrepit CH-47 helicopter, Extortion 17, packed with 30 Special Ops forces–most of them part of the elite SEAL Team 6. Almost immediately, facts about the attack were hushed up that included skirting away the black box. Furthermore, within hours, everyone on board was cremated, supposedly because they were burned beyond recognition. Family members of the victims have learned that virtually everything the Obama administration has revealed about the attack is a lie.

The likely reason for the coverup? The high-tech weapon used to shoot down Extortion 17, a heat-seeking missile, more than likely was supplied by none other than Barack Hussein Obama.

GRANTED, whether in America or Israel (or other relatively functioning democratic countries), patriots are supposed to take the “high road”, one in which the laws of the land are followed to the tee. Now, while said outlook is definitely the preferred way, the fact of the matter is that such “faith” in requisite authorities is often misplaced.  And this is coming from someone who, on a multiplicity of levels, has been known to have close ties to certain law enforcement folks, both in the U.S. and Israel, understanding full well the sacrifices they make. Yet, when the fish stinks from the head up, well, the police become equally infected.

THAT being the case, the real moral road is one which leads in the direction of true justice, however long it takes, irrespective of this or that official approval. So the same Jewish precept which should apply in Israel (but generally doesn’t), tzedek, tzedek tirdof…צֶדֶק צֶדֶק תִּרְדּף…justice, justice, you shall pursue, must also be part of every patriot’s mission; whether glaring a spotlight on the assassination of Seal Team 6 members, Benghazigate’s cover up, or a myriad of other crimes committed by Obama Inc. against the nation.

NO other (internal) mechanism takes its place, at least when seeking to “settle scores”. Gain justice. Not even close.

SEAL TEAM 6/Extortion 17: Sacrificial Lambs On Behalf Of Obama Inc. The Bin Laden “Kill”. Why Were They Set Up ? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Most skilled criminals have alibis at the ready just in case they get scooped up by the authorities. But as many are duly aware it is usually the cover up which (generally) precipitates their downfall. This is why executing the so called “perfect crime” is considered to be a criminal’s longed for achievement. Their crowning glory.

And readers of this blog are privy to an ongoing interest in the inexplicable deaths of America’s “warriors of warriors”. A planeload of SEAL Team 6 heroes, who reportedly took down Osama Bin Laden, perished.

Many strange questions/anomalies surround their demise, least of which is the plane itself they flew on. In other words, why were the most vaunted warriors of all – the ones tasked to eliminate the world’s NUMBER ONE terrorist – sent, en mass, on an old Chinook helicopter, instead of a specially designed plane for such a high profile mission?

“They flew into Tangi Valley toward a “hot landing zone” in a cargo airship instead of a special operations helicopter. The souped-up choppers — the MH-47 and the MH-60 Black Hawk, which SEAL Team 6 rode the stealth version of to kill bin Laden — are flown by Night Stalker pilots skilled in fast, ground-hugging maneuvers to avoid detection.

“When you want to fly them into a valley, when you’ve got hillsides on both sides of it with houses built into sides of the valley, that is an extremely dangerous mission,” Mr. Hamburger said. “The MH, the new model, they’ve got radar that will pick up an incoming missile or incoming RPG. They’re faster. They’re quicker on attack. They’re more agile. So there was every reason in the world to use the MH that night.”

Now, with a heads up from a valued contact, Tom Trento (aka “terror hunter”), several commentaries were written, one in which fellow SEAL Team 6’s warriors appeared at Washington’s National Press Club. They charged Obama Inc. with the deaths and the subsequent cover ups! Yup, that’s right. Video viewing included. Free of charge.

Piggybacked therein, along comes another indictment: did SEAL Team 6 just drop from the sky? Patriots, inquiring minds, demand to know!

Apparently, this sordid cover up – like enumerable others from this gangster regime ruling in Washington – is not going away any time soon, and Western Center For Journalism is adding more heat. Crank it up.

SEAL Team 6 Was Set Up – video embedded

On August 6, 2011, a military helicopter—Extortion 17, carrying thirty-eight men, including seventeen of the elite SEAL Team 6—was shot down over Taliban-controlled territory in eastern Afghanistan. It was the worst loss of life in a single day suffered since the Afghanistan war began.

According to family members of those murdered, it was no lucky shot. It was an inside job that may have included elements within our own government up to the highest levels, including the President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama.

Why did they have to disappear?

These were the same Navy SEALS who took part in the Osama Bin Laden raid that, despite the passage of almost two years, is still shrouded in mystery. Over a year ago, the government watchdog group, Judicial Watch, sued the Obama administration for the release of documents, photos, and videos relating to the raid and alleged burial at sea of Bin Laden; but thus far, the Obama administration has refused to comply. Seymour Hersh, the Pulitzer Prize-winning writer, recently said that the story of the Bin Laden raid was “one big lie.”

Watch this exclusive video by Western Center for Journalism in which we pull the curtain back to show how SEAL Team 6 was set up—more than likely by our own government.

To be sure, one may rightfully question: why should Americans (and others) care about these particular deaths being that so much chaos is transpiring in America and all over the world ? A fair question. Alas, on a purely selfish level, Americans should understand that their sheer brazenness – of daring to target the “best of the best” – will have repercussions throughout America. Simply put, NOTHING is off the table with this radical and revolutionary crew. 

Ask yourselves: if those who risk life and limb to protect the nation’s freedoms are treated as less than disposal garbage, exactly how cavalier would they be in disposing of regular citizens? As a matter of record, Obama Inc.’s vile mistreatment of vets is more than indicative of where they are heading.

It’s NOT good news!

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