While America Spirals Downward & The West Is On The Precipice, What Tactics Are Used To Deflect The Public From Obama Inc’s Crimes? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

One would need round the clock surveillance of Obama Inc. (a criminal regime which rivals the worst tin pot dictatorships…no wonder they heart each othereven as the Radical-in-Chief just saluted mass murdering Ho Chi Minh in a press conference, stating that this communist killer was inspired by the Founding Fathers…oh so sickening…what has happened to the late, great USA…this deviant POTUS can also teach a thing or two to the real Mafia Inc) to catch them in their many acts of betrayal.

But like others who flout the rule of law they are not as smart as they think they are, even though this wayward crew is rife with graduates from the once hallowed Ivy League. Instead, they have left enough breadcrumbs to get locked up for life, perhaps two lifetimes, but that would take members of Congress with balls. Nevertheless, if they still want to lay claim to the mantle of the ‘smart set’, this blog highly recommends they return to school for refresher courses. Remedial education is mandated, forthwith. Besides, one is never too old to learn their proper lessons.

And while building more jail cells to house the likes of Obama Inc. would help the flatter than flat job market, surely there are more efficient ways to boost the labor force. But no matter, these are the cards dealt, and those of us who love freedom and its underpinnings will just have to suck it up and charge ahead. Yet, before this can be done, it is imperative to unlock their ‘head fakes’, as the deeper lessons learned are key to liberty’s survival.

So, as Americans (others too) are mesmerized by the reality tv-like sordid saga of Weiner’s sexcapades (a deviant middle aged man…talk about Demsters scraping the bottom of the barrel, but they too have their limits) all is not as it seems. 

On the one hand, the titillating effects of Weiner’s private parts (readers, take mental note of the slang meaning of his last name…you can’t make this stuff up) is grist for the talk show circuit, yet this is SERIOUS business. How exactly? Hint: It has zip to do with Weiner’s inability to keep his pants zipped, but it does involve wifey, Huma Abedin. Pay strict heed to the following: She is part and parcel of the House of Saud and its grand jihad. Moreover, Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s roots are deeply embedded within the Wahhabist kingdom too. But it is not as if Abedin dropped from the sky onto U.S. shores and into Hillary Clinton’s (her real partner) orbit. Not at all. She entered through the same stealth arena detailed in the above commentary, the House of Saud and its grand jihad – the MSA. Becoming a Board Member, exactly like all its infamous Al Qaeda/Brotherhood alumni, she held sway over its recruits. This coy diva shoots for the top and she learned her jihadi lessons well. More pointedly, wayward hubbie is receiving donations from the Brotherhood Mafia’s propaganda arm, Al Jazeera…listen to these tidbits blow by blow, via terror hunter Tom Trento’s Trentovision! Color this hunter and digger shocked – or not…Not only that, ‘Mama Dearest’ (the wanna be Mayor’s mother-in-law) is the Dean of a women’s university in Saudi Arabia and is a TOP Sisterhood operative. Know this, when it comes to discrimination in the misogynist Muslim/Arab world, dispensation is made for jihad, stealth or direct.

Now, onto the sex, lies and diversions…

By Douglas J. Hagmann – Northeast Intelligence Network

24 July 2013:  Are you growing tired of the continuing distractions created by the Obama-Holder regime of racial radicalization regarding the Trayvon Martin-George Zimmerman matter? I believe there is one way that this matter could be forever sent to the ever growing black hole of criminal activities perpetrated by this tyrannical regime and media complicity. Perhaps we could ask Mr. Zimmerman to legally change his name to Benjamin Ghazi, or Ben Ghazi, thereby assuring that his name and perhaps the incident itself would never be again spoken by Obama.

I have not computed the print space, air time, or the passion expended by the bobble-headed political pundits pertaining to the Zimmerman case, but I suspect that it far exceeds the coverage of the events leading up to the murder of four Americans in Benghazi, Libya on September 11, 2012. While Obama and his cabal of cronies continue to use the Holder justice department to stir racial tensions and steamroll states into submission, the focus of the American people is purposely being directed away from the historic beginnings of a third world war that we are about to see unfold.

The events in Benghazi, once exposed for all to see, will reveal that the CIA, Obama’s other “private army,” was involved in one of the largest arms trafficking operations in the Middle East by furnishing arms and training to the anti-Assad terrorists. It is the agenda of the Saudis and the Muslim Brotherhood that Obama has been and continues to export, yet Americans remain largely in the dark about such world changing matters.

Speaking of the Muslim Brotherhood, perhaps Hillary Rodham Clinton aide Huma Abedin, now the new Tammy Wynette of New York state politics, could urge her husband, Anthony “Carlos Danger” Weiner to change his “sexting” handle to something less likely to be picked up by the corporate media. May I suggest Fast ‘n Furious, which just might be more appropriate to his serial disturbance of electrons as images of his private parts stream through the NSA fiber-optic filters, rendering the obligatory government watchers temporarily traumatized.

After all, if it is not picked up by today’s scratch and sniff media, it doesn’t appear to exist.

But while it is doubtful that the wanna be Mayor will last long enough to get on the ticket, meanwhile, the gangsters running Washington are charging forward, distracting the masses through their media surrogates. Yet, where are they heading? Straight towards a World War, which will make the last two pale in comparison. And even though Morsi and his Brotherhood Mafia are on the outs due to Egypt’s military coup (not a bad move on the part of the Generals…never mind) they are creating mayhem all throughout the Mid East, and beyond, with their Al Qaeda brethren. 

It’s way beyond a dangerous worldwide mess, yet the losers, as it stands, will be those who cherish freedom. At the same time, the Islamist-in-Chief is toiling to cement his Brothers into the most important recesses, sooner than later, of the United Sharia States of America!

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