Israel’s Northern/Southern Fronts PRIMED To Explode: Will The IDF Be Unleashed?? Addendum To: Why Are The IDF’s Hands Tied, As Iranian Agents AMASS At The Golan, Etc.? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

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{MAJOR UPDATE, July 26, 2018: Israel’s Two-Fronts Explode!!}

IT is not for nothing that Israel’s northern and southern fronts are more than primed to explode, that is, at the time of the enemy’s choosing. In reality, even a blind man should have seen this dual storm-front coming. 

NOW, Mohammedans can be counted on to wage Jihad, irrespective of what Israel (the west in toto) does or doesn’t do. However, it is absolutely the case that Israel’s so-called right-wing leaders (never mind the left) have tolerated the intolerable – especially, since the late PM Rabin (in 1993) shook the bloodied hand of “Chairman” Arafat (the godfather of suicide terrorism) at the Oslo (Peace-Death) Accords. In a nutshell, this is how Israel came from there to here.

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PAINSTAKINGLY, this investigative journalist and Jihadi expert has documented and analyzed PM Netanyahu’s so-called right-wing policies, in juxtaposition to his on-ground decision-making. Even more so, said proofs have evidenced his inability to thwart Washington’s dictates, regardless of which party sits in the White House. So much so, a most recent expose’ demonstrated additional proof of the same.

ON July 1, 2018, the following excerpts were reported:

…..Alas, as I have repeatedly analyzed at interview after interview, the looming disaster – and it is one – at Israel’s Golan border (as well as at the Gaza front) wouldn’t be primed to explode, if not for the fact that PM Netanyahu (over 9 yrs at the helm, preceded by 3 yrs as PM, from 1996-1999) has continuously tethered the nation’s national security to Washington’s apron strings – be they Clinton’s, Bush’s, Obama’s, and, now, Trump’s.

In a (geo-political) nutshell, it explains how thousands ! of Iranian agents are escaping the IDF’s massive firepower at its disposal, even as they inch within a stone’s throw from Israel’s Golan – especially, after all their mega-lifting via this and that strike into Syrian territory! As is said, what’s up with that, Jack, er, “Bibi”? Again, in genuflection to Trump ala two words: Russian Summit.

And while Syria will surely be on the menu, so to speak, the fact remains that now that thousands of Iranian agents are inserted on Israel’s borders, they will never budge, unless the IDF is given “permission” (by Trump, then, by Netanyahu) to dispatch them, once and for all. Mind you, Putin has zero (financial/geo-political) interest in dislodging them, for heavens sake, Russia gave them air and ground support – regardless, of any so-called “promises” to Trump AND Netanyahu. Besides, incontestably, it is akin to closing the barn door after the (terror) horses have escaped – on steroids!

Most significantly, despite President Trump’s demonstrative support for Israel – America’s only reliable ally in the Middle East – his decisions are based (as they should be) on domestic and foreign pressures. Some of which include – through a display of hyper-muscle power politics – mitigating the trumped-up charges now being played out through Mueller & Company’s never-ending Russian investigation, a witch hunt. Enter: the much ballyhooed Russian Summit. Hmm.

But just as Trump must place domestic interests first, so too must PM Netanyahu; a lesson he fails to learn, over and over again. And this Jewish national tragedy has been manifestly proven – herehereherehere, and at countless other links throughout Adina Kutnicki: A Zionist & Conservative Blog…..continue reading here….

HENCE, it was hardly unexpected to find that DEBKAfile Military Intelligence (an unimpeachable site with deep intelligence access throughout the Middle East and beyond) reported on July 18 the following – that which directly supports an ongoing indictment against Netanyahu from this direction, that is, his inability to make any moves without a U.S. Presidential seal of approval! Mind you, two and a half weeks ago, this site (as analyzed within an assessment from July 1) evidenced the same.

The scandal over President Donald Trump’s defense of President Vladimir Putin against US intelligence at the Helsinki press conference – for which he, sort of, apologized – served him too as a distraction from a momentous military-intelligence deal the two presidents secretly contracted at their summit, with Israel’s approval.
DEBKAfile has obtained exclusive access to this deal and can reveal for the first time that it provides for the handover to Russian responsibility of all parts of southern and southwestern Syria abutting on the Israeli and Jordanian borders, including, most importantly, surveillance and observation elevations that oversee all parts of Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Israel, Lebanon and the eastern Mediterranean. Trump and Binyamin Netanyahu thereby gave Putin a valuable asset for boosting Russia’s military presence in Syria and the region at large.

TRENCHANTLY – and leaving aside Trump’s political considerations – the fact that Putin is the one who propped up Iranian/Hizballah militias to take over large parts of Syria within spitting distance to the very Golan (Quneitra-based) “red lines” set forth by Netanyahu (ad infinitum), how is it possible that he caved in, once again? Rhetorical. 

….the Syrian Army advance on Quneitra opposite the Israeli Golan crumbled on Thursday, July 19, in the absence of Israeli military support. The terms of surrender that rebel leaders signed with Syrian army officers obliged them to hand over all their strongholds, including the town of Quneitra. The Syrian army was able to return to the positions held before the 2011 uprising without a shot. Rebels refusing to sign were to be sent with their families north to Idlib province.

Israeli officials and military leaders were dismayed by a message received from Damascus claiming that the 1974 Separation of Forces Accord, which both governments resuscitated this week, allowed Syrian aircraft, including assault helicopters and UAVs, to fly over the buffer zones of the Golan up to the Israel border.

This Syrian message for the first time forbids the Israeli air force and anti-air missile batteries shooting down Syrian aerial vehicles entering the air space over the buffer zones. On July 13, Israel shot down a Syrian drone entering the buffer zone. This is no longer permissible. Israel is even precluded from discovering if the intruder belongs to Iran or Hizballah, leaving both these hostile entities free to fly at will over Israel’s Golan border.  Furthermore, Assad may have those flight painted with Syrian air force markings, just as he supplies Syrian military uniforms to disguise Hizballah and pro-Iranian Shiite militiamen.

Our sources reveal that it took the Assad regime no more than four days to renege on Syria’s role in the Helsinki accord. For regaining Quneitra, the Syrian army, led by disguised Hizballah and Shiite troops, was obliged to evacuate the Beit Jinn pocket opposite the IDF’s Hermon outpost. On Monday, July 16, the Syrians pretended to pull back, while actually leaving several hundred troops behind – disguised this time as civilians and farmers.

MOST intrinsically, the ”1974 Separation of Forces Accord ” hasn’t been tenable since 2011, in so far that Iran controls Syria, unlike in 1974!! Of course, Netanyahu recognizes this, as does Trump. Never mind Putin…. 

BUT that’s not all.

IN the same manner in which Israel’s (northern) Golan border with Syria is on fire, so too is its Lebanese (northern) front. As it happens, twelve years after the 2006 war with Lebanon – and a concomitant “ceasefire” – Hizballah has hundreds ! of thousands of missiles ready to unleash on Iran’s command, exponentially more than they had before the war was fought! Indeed, Hizballah is its cat’s-paw, akin to Syria. How can this be? Has Netanyahu learned nothing when it comes to bowing down to Washington, as former PM Olmert did when he signed onto UNSC 1701 via the hand-twisting of Bush via Rice – instead of burying Hizballah, once and for all? Again, rhetorical.

BUT we are not done with the knock-on effects of Netanyahu’s capitulation and prostration. What about the Gaza/Hamas front, of which he has been in charge  since 2009? More of the same….

EVEN so, beforehand, it is mandatory due diligence to “go back in time.”

AS a matter of record, as far back as 2003 (five years before immigrating to Israel), several “in the know” and boots on the ground Israeli contacts felt compelled to give shout outs in this direction – to enlist this megaphone for assistance, seemingly, as a counterweight to the yarns spun forth by Israel’s leftist media, as well as by their U.S. counterparts. Here’s the unvarnished truth….

THEY understood (from their vast experience, particularly, inside Israel’s Defense Establishment, various Special Forces Units, as well as inside other perches) that the late PM Sharon’s so-called disengagement” from Gaza would haunt the nation for decades to come, and in more ways than one. They analyzed that it would be a strategic disaster, as well as a Zionist/national betrayal to boot. Beyond on target.

MORE specifically, it was in 2003 that Sharon, a/k/a “the bulldozer”, floated  “disengagement” as a political “trial balloon” ala Israel’s leftist media organs. He knew that the destruction of thriving, Zionist/nationalist communities would gain their full-throated support, even though they detested his (prior) ‘right-wing’ status. As to why Sharon executed a volte-face from his warrior roots, well, as always, follow the money. Regardless, let’s move on….

EFFECTIVELY, in June 2004, it was under “the bulldozer’s” wings that the government decided to utterly destroy 25 thriving Jewish communities in Gush Katif and the northern Shomron, to the degree that over 8,000 law-abiding Jewish (secular and national religious) citizens had their lives torn asunder, in 2005. Not only that, even the dead were uprooted from their resting places! Who does that??

ENRAGINGLY, once Sharon became a political animal, his much ballyhooed military prowess couldn’t even “see from there to here” on the most basic strategic level and calculus. What did he think would happen, that Hamas (with the back-up of assorted Jihadi groups) would take up knitting? Still, mendaciously, he opined:

“I am convinced from the depth of my heart and my best knowledge that this disengagement will strengthen Israel in its holding of the land necessary for our existence and will be blessed and recognized by those near and far, will reduce hatred, will break through boycotts and sieges and will promote us towards peace with the Palestinians and the rest of our neighbors.”

BUT if the disaster he wrought upon the nation (by empowering Hamas, as they go from strength to strength through the wreckage of Gush Katif, a/k/a Gaza) requires elaboration, a particular report encapsulates the tale. So, look no further than to “The Bitter Fruits of Disengagement “, one (of many) analysis produced from the aforementioned “shout-outs.” Beyond the pale. 

ALAS, fast forward to the here and now – thirteen years onward to the fiery southern front! Never mind the last (unfinished) go-around with Hamas, in 2014. But don’t forget Netanyahu’s bald-faced lie, right after the 2014 summer-long blitzkrieg from Hamas: Israel will not negotiate under fire! O RLY?

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TIME and again, he reneged on promises to cancel the edicts from the so-called “disengagement”, only to back off. Let’s face it, he is a serial liar.

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu denied claims that Israel agreed to a ceasefire with Hamas that would allow the terrorist organization to continue to launch burning kites from the Gaza Strip onto Israeli communities.

“I have heard some say that Israel agreed to a ceasefire that does not include the cessation of kite terrorism,” Netanyahu said at his weekly Cabinet meeting on Sunday. “We are not prepared to accept any attacks against us and we will respond accordingly.”

Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman spoke at the start of a cabinet meeting about the latest escalation in the Gaza Strip and the possibility of continued kite terrorism under the auspices of the ceasefire reported last night.

“There is no intention to contain rockets or kites and anything,” Liberman said. “I hope that Hamas will draw conclusions, and if they do not, they will have to pay a heavy price.”

This morning, Sunday, ministers Naftali Bennett and Yisrael Katz criticized the government’s policy vis-à-vis the Hamas terrorist organization that controls the Gaza Strip.

Minister Bennett said at the cabinet meeting, “For three months, we have been witness to incendiary terror of about 1,000 balloons on residents of the Gaza vicinity. In recent days alone, the residents of the south absorbed about 200 rockets. In timing that is convenient for it, Hamas dictates that there will now be a ceasefire.”

“Let it be clear: a ceasefire without stopping terror is not a deterrent – it is surrender. I and the justice minister [Ayelet Shaked] will oppose any ceasefire that allows Hamas to rearm and continue to fire balloons at the residents of the south. The time has come to act,” he added.

Minister Yisrael Katz (Likud) added that he expects Defense Minister Liberman to present the cabinet with a proposal for a clear policy vis-a-vis Gaza.

The collapse of Hamas and the elimination of terror, or separation from all civilian responsibility and the creation of a boundary line with full deterrence – as with Syria and Lebanon. There is no option of continuing in the current situation. It is not fair to the residents of the Gaza vicinity and harms the security of the State of Israel,” Katz said.

TRAGICALLY, only a handful of Israel’s Ministers have the courage to speak truth to power. Still, Netanyahu is the one with the final word, and it is his “serial accommodation” which has placed both fronts on the brink.

When Ariel was asked (on 7/15/18) how he would respond to residents who asked him to explain the government’s policy, the minister replied that he would not try to explain the policy.

“I cannot explain the government’s policy, because what I do not understand – I cannot explain,” said Minister Ariel.

A ceasefire is not good for Sderot and not good for the Jewish people. We are allowing Hamas to organize for the next round, which will be in a week or in two hours, and we are the ones inviting it,” he said.

MOST significantly, Israel’s leaders (be they from Likud or another), in war after war with Hizballah and Hamas, have yet to order the army to bring the enemy to their knees, despite the fact that the IDF is, inarguably, the strongest army in the Middle East. Not only that, Israel has the most technologically advanced military on Earth, as well as the most powerful air force, according to Business Insider.


  • Would a normal leadership allow citizens to live under a continuous reign of terror, when their military has the firepower to stop the enemy in their tracks?
  • Why is “containment” still considered a viable security strategy – after years of enemy fire – not to mention the thousands of dead and maimed (Jewish) citizens as its deadly result?
  • Why is “restraint is strength”/havlaga still part and parcel alike? And, what does it even mean? 
  • Is “tit for tat” acceptable anywhere else in the civilized world?
  • Finally, isn’t it obvious why Hamas continuously fires rockets (for years on end), currently, terrorizing Israel’s south with “kite terror” (for months on end) too, with only a “tit for tat” IDF response, if even that?


LET there be no doubt: Israel’s so-called right-wing leadership execute akin to their counterparts on the left, as astutely analyzed by Dr. Martin Sherman, Israel’s foremost strategic policy analyst. Incontestably, it matters not a whit if the Zionist public leans left or right. The outcome is one and the same: Vote right, get left.

ABOVE all else, when a nation’s leadership messages the enemy that crimes against their people will go unpunished – regardless of their false bravado – it is always the case that a national disaster isn’t far behind.

TO wit, if both fronts weren’t primed to explode, that would be the shocker! 

INEXTRICABLY, rational Israelis recognize that Netanyahu is – and has always been – a “serial accommodator. Herein lie the explosive fruits of his (mis)labors!

UPDATE, JULY 20, 2018: Israeli Soldier Killed By Hamas Sniper. Massive IDF Airstrikes Over Gaza.

UPDATE, July 21, 2018: Gaza Palestinian Groups Agree To “Ceasefire.”

The question becomes: Reportedly, after a “pounding” by the IDF, why in heavens name didn’t Netanyahu order: “Finish the job”? Asked and answered.
MAJOR UPDATE, July 26, 2018: Israel’s Two-Fronts Explode!!
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