U.S./Western Mosques On Notice: Bombs Away! Islam’s Barracks Within. Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

WITHIN a civilized nation it is a given – at least it should be – that the physical safety and security of the citizens is the highest priority. Everything else takes a back seat and pales in comparison.

EXTRAPOLATING further, effective policing – on a purely elemental level – is a combination of strategic and tactical based measures which run the gamut. In fact, “community policing” is worthless without properly understanding the overall dynamics and rhythms of disparate neighborhoods, that which support and promote organizational and problem-solving techniques. This is especially the case when hot-button ethnic communities are in play. Hmm.

THAT being established, “best practices” must be developed without any consideration given to PC constraints and political backlash. After all, enumerable innocent lives are at stake.

ALAS, under HUSSEIN Obama’s reign of anti-American terror, a steady infiltration and penetration of high-level Muslim Brotherhood Mafia operatives gutted the nation’s Federal and state policing agencies. This is a fact.

IN reality, a bullet-proof exhibit of the gutting can be found within New York City’s NYPD, unarguably the most highly trained force in the nation. Intrinsically, the only effective counter-terror program in America has been castrated, relegated to hand holding and apologias offered up to the very SAME grouping which presents a clear and present danger to the non-Muslim community! 

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THUS, as predicted within ASSESSMENT TWO, the NYPD has now TOTALLY purged anti-terrorism material “offensive” to Muslims, and that is that!

The New York Police Department (NYPD) is the latest of several law enforcement agencies-including the FBI-to succumb to the pressure of Islamic groups demanding changes in anti-terrorism investigations and training they claim discriminate against Muslims.….continue reading…..

AND this is precisely why mosques, Islam’s barracks within, must be eliminated – whatever it takes! 


THINK of it this way: if a nation’s security elements are able to identify awaiting dangers, isn’t it their sworn duty to mitigate, frustrate, and then eliminate said threats, even if PC dictates stand as obstructions?? If not, why not?

IN this regard, beyond a shadow of a doubt, militant jihad is actively being plotted within a majority of the mosques inside America. The data is beyond reproach

Wolff Bachner: You are the inspiration and brains behind a rather important program called The Mapping Shariah Project.

What exactly is The Mapping Shariah Project?

What have you uncovered about Islamic extremism being promoted in American Mosques, and what materials have you collected to document this unlawful, dangerous activity?

David Gaubatz: In 2007 – 2008, I was hired to be the Director of the Mapping Shariah Project (MSP). The project was funded by the Center for Security Policy and David Yerushalmi (attorney) handled the legal issues. We had PHD level professionals in Israel (Professor Mordechai Kedar) to analyze the data.

The essence of the research was for me to send teams to a couple hundred mosques throughout America and observe the Shariah adherence by the Islamic leaders and the Muslim worshippers. The theory was the more adherences to all aspects of Shariah law, the more likelihood the danger of violence (Physical Jihad). This was proved in the research.

We discovered over 75% of the 2300 mosques in America had violent Islamic material within the mosque. Most of the material was from Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.

For more detailed information on the MSP you can review the complete analysis at: http://mappingsharia.com/…..

David Gaubatz: There are approximately six million people in America who identify with Islam. Of these six million approximately 25% (1.5 million) practice ‘Pure Islam’. Many of these Muslims are engaged in Jihad training right in the heart of America. One such group is Jamaat ul-Fuqra. They have set up training camps all across America. Red House Virginia is one of the largest and well-trained Jamaat ul-Fuqra compounds in America. I have put undercover counter-terrorism researchers inside this compound. It is only 25 miles from my house. Our law enforcement has been informed by federal officials to leave them alone.

These terror groups are using the U.S. Constitution as a tool and protector to conduct their Jihad training. They can legally buy weapons and own thousands of acres around America. U.S. law enforcement have been trained to believe these groups can do whatever they desire on their own property.

The growth of hate groups against Israel and Jews on campuses is being advanced by groups like CAIR. They are giving MSA (Muslim Student Association) funds and support. The money and marching orders is coming from Saudi Arabia. This is a part of the indoctrinating of our children. The Muslim Brotherhood presence is growing in America…….continue reading….

BUT there is more.

WITHOUT going into too much detail (and even though it appears as if little is held back at this site, that would be an invalid assessment) know that specific actionable intelligence – about stockpiles of weaponry housed within certain U.S. mosques – was dropped in this lap. Of course, qualified agencies were alerted, but it remains to be seen if they blow it off – once again!

SO the question remains: what’s to be done, if anything? 

WELL, even when ones basic ideology runs counter to another’s, it doesn’t mean that some lessons can’t be learned. In other words, patriotic Americans (westerners alike) are hardly in sync with Putin’s red Russia. World’s apart. However, lessons can still be learned in protecting the national interest, aside from everything else which stands separate and apart. 

ON the one hand, Russia’s policing/security agencies are not susceptible to outside pressures, and this surely factors in why they utilize an iron-fisted hand against human rights protesters. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t get it right when it comes to dealing (at least on their home turf) with the same domestic threats plaguing America and the rest of the west – militant Islamic jihad!

IN this regard, when it came to their attention (and this could not have happened without extensive and “intrusive” surveillance, which, btw, this investigative journalist proved is DOA in America) that a bomb factory was stored in a particular mosque it went BOOM! Rest assured, just like in America, there are MANY more mosque-weapon factories to bomb away! Land mines.

Explosives found in an illegal Muslim prayer hall near the Russian city of Samara was eliminated right inside the building. Bomb disposal team deemed it too dangerous to take the explosives out.

A police dog helped to find a cache with more than a kilogram of explosives of unknown origin. A bomb-disposal expert said extracting the explosives would be definitely unsafe and bomb technicians rolled in a water cannon, a source within Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) told RT.

The house was used for gatherings of Salafis, followers of an ultra-conservative movement within Sunni Islam, and it was not registered with the regional Muslim community as an official house of worship. Inside the house, the FSB’s special forces detained 53 young men, at least one of whom was promoting the Islamic State terror group online.

According to an FSB source, the arrests made at the illegal prayer hall triggered a series of house raids on Muslims, which helped uncover more explosives, handguns, grenades and ammo.

MOST significantly, due to collusive inaction by PC controlled, pro-Muslim leadership, the national threat level has risen to an exponential degree. More specifically, it plays right into the hands of Allah’s Muslim Terrorists, but leaves millions of innocent lives in their cross hairs. The question becomes: is it more reasonable to take pro-active measures ala the Russians – blowing them up in a controlled operation while they are still storage houses – or to wait until they explode within the time and place of choosing by militant Islamic jihadists? 

AS always, a successful operational outcome requires understanding the background of the suspects. This is police/security studies 101. Incontestably, it goes to the core of intent and the requisite motivation to execute the crime. Resultant, a failure to properly diagnose – to even name – the political, religious and cultural goals of Islamists in America (the west) is the biggest crime of all.

CONSEQUENTLY, since it is abundantly clear that U.S. authorities have been ordered to stand down, well, the heavy-lifting, once again, will be left to patriots who understand what’s at stake.

MIND you, between ex military types all over America, let’s just assume that the “problems” can be taken of.

ENOUGH said. 

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Mosques RAIDED/SHUTTERED In France! When Will America’s Patriots Step Up, Since FEDS Are Neutered? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki


WHILE there is more wrong than right with Europe – especially in relationship to its anti-semitic leadership and self-appointed “elites” – the fact remains that a tipping point has arrived for some of its leaders mainly due to Merkel’s treacherous actions. Indeed, they understand that a “do or die” moment in time has arrived. And while so much more must be done on their parts, some (though hardly all) of the leaders are taking aim, even if to save their own hides – literally!

NOW, it is not as if this site hasn’t shouted from the rooftops that mosques are the most dangerous barracks (read: SS like) and spear heads for terrorism within America and the west overall. Epicenters. In actuality, since this site’s inception in 2012 it has been a central topic at these pages. Hence, the conclusion is clear: The majority of mosques in America must be shuttered or destroyed. Whatever it takes. 

BUT the following (June 2015) bears repeating due to the clear and present danger:


AND if anyone knows the inside score, look no further than to a premier counter terror investigator and personal contact, one who has the COMPLETE INSIDE track on what awaits America via said frontal spears: “Dave Gaubatz Warned (Jan. 2014): Mosques, Religiously Garbed Jihadi Indoctrination Camps!” 


MOVING right along, in April 2014, this site concluded: “American Mosques Are Priming For Jihadi Training!”


MORE pointedly, the Islamic Society of America (ISNA) is up to their necks in beheading, and they are the major umbrella which houses America’s mosques. Wow.


OH dear…certain mosques are hotter than hot, and that’s why the subject is repeated ad nauseum: “Detroit, Dearborne and Nashville are in the forefront of the assault charge!”

AND so on and so forth…

NOW, it has already been proven ISIS is very deeply embedded in America. So let’s not waste precious time on debating this point. Therefore, it stands to reason that their barracks within, the mosques, are priming to attack. A + B.

IRAQI Shiite cleric Ayad Jamal al-Din, a former member of the Iraqi parliament says that there are thousands of Mosques in America preparing people to join Islamic State.

ONTO France and its “remedial” counter measures

The French are raiding mosques and not liking what they are finding:  hundreds of war-grade weapons, and large quantities of Kalashnikov ammunition.

French Interior Minister Cazeneuve reported, “In 15 days we have seized one third of the quantity of war-grade weapons that are normally seized in a year.”

The liaison between French imams and the French government has told Aljazeera“according to official figures and our discussions with the interior ministry, between 100 and 160 mosques will be closed.”

France has 2,600 mosques.  In addition, 2,235 Muslim businesses and homes have been searched.  There have been 232 arrests.

Meanwhile, in America, we are being mercilessly lectured to by the Democratic Party that questioning the importation of citizens from a jihadi culture is racist.

How do the Republican candidates approach this threat?  Trump is calling for a moratorium on all Muslim immigrants.  Senator Cruz has introduced legislation designating the Muslim Brotherhood a foreign terrorist organization (which would enable us to deal with many jihadi front groups in America); introduced the Terrorist Refugee Infiltration Prevention Act of 2015, to bar refugees from countries with substantial territory controlled by a foreign terrorist organization; legislation to allow state governorsthe power to bar refugees from their states; and twice introduced the Expatriate Terrorist Act, which bars Americans who join ISIS or other terrorist groups from re-entering the country. Rubio voted against the Musim immigration moratorium bill and has no proposals to limit jihadi refugees.  His Gang of Eight bill would have allowed unlimited Islamic immigrants.

Meanwhile,  Obama is lying about Islam and  harangued us from the pulpit of a jihadimosque in Baltimore last week.  The question arises: either the Democrats really don’t care about exposing and eradicating jihad in America, or Obama’s handlers could not find a big mosque free from jihad.

The problem of jihad in American mosques has been known for decades.  Jihad in America has been spreading and now corrupts many public institutions, especially targeting our children.  Enormous quantities of money are flowing into American universities, textbook companies, and elementary schools, as well as most mosques, to provide teachers, imams and texts that support the jihadi version of history and teach hate of the infidel.  Much of the money is from our ally, Saudi Arabia, so nothing is done.


MORE specifically, in the midst of the above dangers, HUSSEIN Obama’s co-conspirators have been dumping Islamic-fueled “refugees” all over America, and with targeted states in their cross hairs: Conservative towns in remote areas are prime epicenters. Now, why would they do this? 

MOST significantly, whereas France is belatedly raiding mosques and seizing caches of weaponry, U.S. leaders are not only allowing the building of additional (mega) mosques under the stewardship of terror-filled Brotherhood Mafia front groups, but the FBI has been instructed that it is against the “law” to monitor them!

A couple of years ago it was reported that Turkey was helping fund the building of a $100 million dollar mega mosque in Lanham, Maryland. In fact Erdogan visited the mosque when he was here in May of 2013, promising to come back for the opening.

Well that time has apparently arrived and now Erdogan and Obama will be together at the mosque for the big opening ceremony:

ANADOLU AGENCY – The presidents of Turkey and the U.S. will open the Turkish-American Culture and Civilization Center in Maryland, Turkey’s foreign minister said Sunday.

Mevlut Cavusoglu, on a three-day visit to Washington, visited the center that also has a middle-sized mosque, and lunched with representatives from the American Muslim community.

“During a phone call, President (Recep Tayyip) Erdogan asked President (Barack) Obama to accompany him in opening the center together and President Obama accepted his offer’in principle,’” Cavusoglu told the representatives.

If Obama’s schedule allows at the time of the opening, he will accompany Erdogan.

The complex is built on a large area and consists of a coffee house, gift shops, cultural center, amphitheater and exhibition hall, computer lab, library, Turkish bath/hamam and guest house.

Cavusoglu said the center has been constructed as a place where all Muslims in the U.S. could come together and worship freely.

He said Muslims have faced increased challenges across the world, particularly due to rising Islamophobia.

“Our duty is to tell the true Islam which is a religion of peace. Islam does not tolerate terrorism. But unfortunately al-Qaeda and Daesh terror groups have tarnished the image of Islam,” he said.

Daesh, also known as Islamic State is neither Islamic nor is a state, he added

CLEAR as a bell.

IN fact, the most effective counter terrorism police task force conceived under Ray Kelly – the prior NYPD Police Commissioner – has been gutted like a fish. Why? This was done under the orders of Bill de Blasio, NYC’s commie Mayor and Islamist supporter! Intrinsically, orders were given (from HUSSEIN Obama) that spying on Muslims suspected of terror ties is no longer “acceptable.” Okey dokey. The FEDS in toto are similarly Islamized.


Better that the NYPD be falsely accused of racial profiling by terrorism-linked Islamists than surrender its duties to protect the country.

THE point being, anyone who believes that the nation’s castrated counter terrorism agencies in America can adequately protect the citizens from the plots hatched – as well as the weapons stored – within mosques and attendant “cultural” centers, well, think of it this way: Would a rational person leave their fate (and that of their loved ones) in the hands of those who have already betrayed them to the maximum degree possible?

ALAS, those who are in agreement with the above analysis must then reach the next level of recognition and stipulate: Well-armed patriots have their work cut out for them. Besides, with the FEDS and locals neutered, who else is going to step up??

YES, most are aware that Washington’s out of control regime is hell bent on disarming citizens from their Second Amendment right to bear arms. While there are many reasons for said thrusts toward gun control, they understand that there is only so much that patriots will bear from Islam’s encroachment. Effectively, they will turn their attention to the Islamists in their midst. No doubt, mosques will (finally) be their central focus. Cross hairs.

THE question remains: Will it be too late before they step up?


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Islam’s Monsters & HUSSEIN Obama’s Bullet Proof Support: Surviving The Onslaught…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

IF patriots really want to sound America’s (the west’s) alarm bells, post haste, ring from the rooftops core truths about Islam. Significantly, teach others what it really means to be a committed Muslim. Inherently, it tops said clarion calls.

Mind you, this nation-saving task has nothing to do with “Muslims by birth”, those who are essentially non-practicing Muslims, apostates. Intrinsically, it has everything to do with individuals who consider themselves religious Muslims, irrespective of anything else they accomplish in their lives, be they doctors, lawyers or street thugs. They are all accomplices. 

DON’T blame this messenger…

SO despite any other face they present to the “other” (via taqiyya, kitman, tawriya or muruna), whether a neighbor, colleague or even a so-called friend, the fact remains that Islam’s followers harbor dangerous hatred for all those who are non-Muslim. In fact, it is impossible to attend mosques in America (all over the west) without being inculcated in jihadi doctrine. That’s just the way it is. Their barracks within.

The Quran makes it clear that Islam is not about universal brotherhood, but about the brotherhood of believers:

The Believers are but a single Brotherhood (49:10)

Not all men are equal under Islam.  Slaves and the handicapped are not equal to healthy free men, for example (16:75-76).  The Quran introduces the “Law of Equality,” which establishes different levels of human value when considering certain matters, such as restitution for murder (2:178).

Neither are Muslim believers equal to non-Muslims:

Are those who know equal to those who know not? (39:09)

Is the blind equal to the one who sees”  Or darkness equal to light? (13:16)

A believing slave is superior to a free Mushrik (one who ascribes partners to Allah) (2:221)

The Quran plainly tells Muslims that they are a favored race, while those of other religions are “perverted transgressors”:

Ye are the best of peoples, evolved for mankind, enjoining what is right, forbidding what is wrong, and believing in Allah. If only the People of the Book[Christians and Jews] had faith, it were best for them: among them are some who have faith, but most of them are perverted transgressors. (3:110)

As we shall see later, Allah condemns non-Muslims to Hell based merely on their unbelief, while believers are rewarded with the finest earthly comforts in the hereafter, including never-ending food, wine and sex (56:12-40). 

Much of the Quran is devoted to distinguishing Muslims from non-Muslims and impugning the latter.  Among other things, non-Muslims are said to be diseased (2:10), perverse (2:99), stupid (2:171) and deceitful (3:73).

The first sura of the Quran is a short prayer that is repeated by devout Muslims each day and ends with these words:

Keep us on the right path. The path of those upon whom Thou hast bestowed favors. Not (the path) of those upon whom Thy wrath is brought down, nor of those who go astray. (1:6-7)

Muhammad was once asked if this pertained to Jews and Christians.  His response was, “Whom else? (Bukhari 56:662).

Since Allah makes such a strong distinction between Muslims and those outside the faith, it is only natural that Muslims should incorporate disparate standards of treatment into their daily lives.  The Quran tells Muslims to be compassionate with one another but ruthless to the infidel:

Muhammad is the messenger of Allah. And those with him are hard against the disbelievers and merciful among themselves (48:29)

Islamic law actually forbids formal Muslim charity (in the form of the zakat payment) from being used to meet the needs of non-believers.

Allah intends for Muslims to triumph over unbelievers:

And never will Allah grant to the unbelievers a way to triumph over believers[Pickthall – “any way of success”] (4:141)

The only acceptable position of non-Muslims to Muslims is subjugation under Islamic rule:

Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, (even if they are) of the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued. (9:29 Jizya is the money that non-Muslims must pay to their Muslim overlords in a pure Islamic state.)

A common criticism of many Muslims is that they often behave arrogantly toward others.  Now you know why.

MOST significantly, “Pure Islam” brooks NO dissent, nor wiggle room. You are either ALL in or all out. Thus, anyone – wherever they live – who calls themselves a devoted Muslim, well, they cannot be innocent – good human beings – of the crimes committed in the name of Islam. 

LEST anyone starts screaming that it is unfair to collectively punish individual Muslims for the barbarism committed in the name of Islam, well, frankly, they have no clue as to the political/religious doctrine of Islam.

UNLIKE in Christianity and Judaism – the twin pillars of western civilization – when fanatics commit this and that horror they can NEVER claim that the Bible sanctioned their slaughter-fest!

THUS, if so-called innocent Muslims want to disassociate themselves from the crimes committed under the banner of “Pure Islam”, there is no time like the present. Besides, patriots are beginning to stir, well, and it will be that much harder to extricate from this and that righteous outrage. There is only so much the truly innocent will (or should) tolerate. Remember that.

NOT only that, but the more HUSSEIN Obama exposes his true Islamist (green) colors, the less good Americans trust officialdom to “take care of business” and protect their loved ones. 

The entire world is denouncing the US government for hypocrisy after the Obama administration condemned the Egyptian bombing of militants in Derna, Libya. The US launched a war in Libya in 2011 which turned Africa’s biggest economy into a violent failed state. The US is also currently bombing Somalia, Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. The US is also involved in the bombing of Mali by French forces.

THEREFORE, read the following analysis – by a leading counter terror professional, who happens to be a close contact – with ALL due deliberation and consideration.

The  Fallacy Of The Innocent Muslim

There is no nice or politically correct way to write this article without offending Muslims, the media, liberals, Allah’s Muslim Terrorist, people who skim the article instead of reading it completely line by line, or our Sunni Muslim President Obama.To put it as polite as humanly possible there are no innocent Muslims.  Continue reading before you judge. 
Many readers are saying to themselves that they know good Muslims they work with, have as neighbors, or have met at school.  If they are indeed good people then they are not Pure Muslims. Islam does not allow anyone to be a good person.  Meaning, if you follow Islam as the pseudo Prophet Mohammed intended, you must have in your heart everything he demanded and represented.  You must adhere to ALL aspects of Sharia law, good or bad. 
If a Muslim decides he/she does not want war with non believers, or does not want to educate his/her children that a Muslim must endorse physical Jihad against oppressors, Christians, or Jews, then this person is doing a good deed, but has become an apostate of Islam as mandated by the Islamic ideology. These are some of the good people Obama and the media (including FOX) falsely describe as innocent Muslims.  Again they may be good people but they have turned their backs on the Islamic faith. The people who are practicing Islam and are the type of people Mohammed wanted and described as a good Muslim, they are the members of Allah’s Muslim terrorists such as, ISIS, Al Qaeda, Boko Haram, and other acronyms.  They are following Islam and Sharia exactly as Mohammed and the Quran demands.
Many people are led to believe the people who attend one of the 2300 mosques in America are for the most part innocent Muslims.  This is false.  I have been to hundreds of mosques.  The people in the mosque are being taught from the same material as ISIS.  Year after year they continue to attend the mosque that advocates violence and the hatred of non believers.  These people are not innocent Muslims. These are people who desire to live their lives as the violent child rapist Mohammed.  No easier way to put it. 
Just as Obama attended Jeremiah Wright’s church for 20 years, that on a regular basis preached the hatred for America, Obama is no more innocent than Wright is.  The people who attend Wright’s church on a regular basis are not innocent Christians or Americans.  These people are supporters of hate.People need to compare Nazi’s to Pure Muslims.  If a German citizen or others who followed to the letter Hitler’s ideology, they are not innocent Nazi’s.  They are 100% Nazi.  No in between.  They are followers of a violent and dangerous ideology.  The same is for people who practice Islam or are supporters of the Islamic ideology.The son (Franklin) of Billy Graham tells it straight to the liberal conservatives of Fox news.  There is no such thing as radical Islam.  It is Islam pure and simple and should be referred to as Islamic terrorism and not radical terrorism.The ONLY way to defeat Islamic terrorism is to defeat and demonize the ideology of Islam itself.  Ponder…my friends.
BOTTOM LINE:WITH the utmost urgency, consider the following two-part construct: if, as “Allah’s (White House) Muslim Terrorist” opines, Islam is a “religion of peace”, answer this query forthwith: how could it be that many millions of Muslims slaughter under the banner of Islamic jihad to satiate Allah, yet, we, despised infidels, are expected to think that they are all “misunderstanding” Allah’s Koranic dictates? 

THIS site (a platform with an access to millions) demands a speedy explanation from followers of Islam and their apologists!

TIME is of the essence.

NO pussyfooting around the “conundrum” will be tolerated.

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IF one terror-tentacled umbrella of the Muslim Brotherhood stands out above the rest, look no further than CAIR, its “stealth-like” propaganda arm. An underlying prerequisite in every totalitarian political (albeit followers of Islam are steeped in “religious” veneer and political dogma, nary a separation between the two…herein belies its thrust) doctrine, is the ability to appeal to the unsuspecting public through victim-like pleas, coupled with scare tactics. CAIR fits this description to a tee. 

To makes matters even more incendiary, this mobbed up terror org is named as an “unindicted” co-conspirator in the LARGEST terror trial in U.S. history – the Holy Land Terror TrialDOJ: CAIR’s Unindicted Co-Conspirator Status Legit!

Now, one has to wonder: how does one leap from being a named front arm in the largest terror trial in U.S. history – on the cusp of an indictment – to becoming a king pin deal maker within Washington’s power centers et al.? Is this all it takes to add heft to ones organizational CV, and to be recognized as a force to be reckoned with on Capitol Hill? Apparently.

Indictment One:

Nevertheless, in order to understand where the dangers lie, one must internalize the enemy’s end goal:SHARIAH LAW MANDATES ISLAMIC WARFARE ON A MAIN TARGET:THE SILENCING OF THE WEST. HILLARY CLINTON, OBAMA INC. LEND SUPPORT! 

Indictment Two:

But it is verily important to recognize the major address whereby Muslim-Americans (and in whichever country they reside) become radicalized. Hence, the mandatory counter terror push back at:MOSQUES IN AMERICA:JIHADI INDOCTRINATION “RELIGIOUSLY” GARBED. DAVE GAUBATZ INVESTIGATES! There are few more qualified to get to the heart of the jihad, other than Dave Gaubatz, a counter terror expert aligned within this site. 

And, even though a tad of hopeful news can be found below, suffice to say there is enormous heavy lifting yet to be done, in respect to decoupling CAIR/Muslim Brotherhood’s tentacles from U.S. law enforcement: CAIR’s DEEP PENETRATION Into U.S. Law Enforcement: FBI In Their (Islamic) Pockets!


Sheriff resists pressure, holds training seminar for officers anyway

Former FBI agent John Guandolo and Culpepper County Sheriff Scott Jenkins at Virginia counterterror training seminar Despite pressure tactics, threats and even a $15,000 cash bribe from the Council on American-Islamic Relations to shut down a recent counter-terrorism training program for Virginia law enforcement, the training took place as scheduled, albeit with extra security.

Washington-based CAIR, an Islamic lobbying group shunned by the FBI due to its ties to terrorist groups, launched a weeks-long campaign to intimidate Culpepper County Sheriff Scott Jenkins into canceling the three-day program, titled “Understanding and Investigating Jihadi Networks in America.” But Jenkins was not deterred, even after agreeing to meet with CAIR officials. The lead trainer, former special FBI agent John Guandolo, presented some 50 Virginia law enforcement officers with evidence of the radical Muslim Brotherhood’s operations in the U.S. and their jihadi support network, along with a large amount of evidence demonstrating CAIR was created and continues to be an entity of Hamas, a U.S.-designated terror group.

Former U.S. prosecutor Andrew C. McCarthy, former Pentagon inspector general Joseph Schmitz and former CIA case officer Clare Lopez also spoke at the seminar. Now a counter-terrorism and homeland security consultant, Guandolo detailed for officers who attended the Feb. 25-27 seminar how this dangerous Islamic network in America radicalizes, trains and logistically supports jihadi operations in the United States and those launched from the U.S. against overseas targets. He says CAIR, which is part of that network, was so worried about the training that it sent officials to Culpepper to lobby the sheriff to cancel the program, even offering together with a local mosque to pay for the program’s fees and related expenses. Get the book that takes you inside the secret world of CAIR, “Muslim Mafia.” “They were so bent on making sure this training did not take place that they offered to pay Sheriff Jenkins the entire cost of the training – including travel (expenses) – to keep it from happening,” Guandolo said. CAIR declined comment. But CAIR official Corey Saylor told the Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star that he was upset the event got the go-ahead. Saylor, a Muslim convert, said he was “disappointed with the sheriff’s refusal to cancel the training sessions.”

At the same time, CAIR sent letters to the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice and the Rappahannock Regional Justice Academy requesting that officers attending the seminars not be granted the 24 hours of recertification credits the seminars now carry. Before the event, CAIR put out an “action alert” calling on Muslim-Americans to contact the sheriff’s office to protest the training session. The group claimed Guandolo, whom it described as an “Islamophobe,” was trying to shut down mosques and prevent Muslims from exercising their right to practice their religion. CAIR did not support the claim with any documentation. Guandolo says it’s a typical “smear tactic” of CAIR. “Apparently Mr. Saylor is unaware the Department of Justice lists CAIR as a member of Hamas in America” and its parent organization, the Muslim Brotherhood, he said.

In a December 2007 government filing in the U.S. vs. Sabri Benkhala terror case, the Justice Department stated: “From its founding by the Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR conspired with other affiliates of the Muslim Brotherhood to support terrorists.” In fact, according to the veteran FBI agent, the Justice Department has enough incriminating evidence to file terrorism charges against CAIR and its founders. “There is enough evidence to indict CAIR, but the government chose not to do so at this time,” said Guandolo, author of “Raising a Jihadi Generation: Understanding the Muslim Brotherhood Movement in America.”

He suggests the government balked at throwing the book at CAIR for political reasons. CAIR has cultivated a number of political supporters, mainly among leading Democrats in Washington,  including senior White House officials. Secret Service entry logs show CAIR officials have visited the White House several times during the Obama administration. Despite its designation as an unindicted terrorist co-conspirator in 2007, the Muslim pressure group in recent years has successfully lobbied for changes in federal policies dealing with the war on terror.

For example, CAIR took credit for helping persuade Attorney General Eric Holder to prohibit religious profiling in terror cases, a decision his department is expected to soon formally announce. It also played a key role in the Pentagon’s recent decision to change long-standing uniform rules to allow military personnel to wear Islamic beards and head coverings. Moreover, a controversial new rule issued earlier this month by the departments of State and Homeland Security to relax U.S. immigration for Palestinian and other foreign “refugees” who have provided “limited” material support to terrorists is also an outgrowth of CAIR lobbying. Under the Bush administration, Justice implicated CAIR in a criminal conspiracy to raise money for Hamas.

CAIR co-founder Omar Ahmad was named an unindicted co-conspirator in the 2007-2008 Holy Land Foundation case. He and CAIR Executive Director Nihad Awad remain under FBI investigation, senior FBI officials have confirmed in letters to Congress. Until their ties to Hamas are resolved, the FBI says it will not formally recognize CAIR as a Muslim outreach partner or meet with CAIR officials. The FBI has effectively banned CAIR pending the outcome of the probe. Starting in the fall of 2008, Guandolo said the FBI “cut off all ties with CAIR because of their ties to Hamas.” He explained that CAIR was created in 1994 by the U.S. branch of Hamas, known as the “Palestine Committee,” to function as the “political arm” of the Palestinian terrorist group.

A year before founding the front group, Ahmad and Awad attended a secret meeting with “senior leaders of Hamas” at a Philadelphia hotel bugged by the FBI. An internal FBI memo written by the former head of the FBI’s counter-terrorism division describes “all attendees” of the meeting – including Ahmad and Awad – as “Hamas members.” “CAIR was the fourth organization created by Hamas to recruit jihadis, raise money and gain media favor for Hamas in America,” Guandolo said, adding that phone books, organizational charts, secret manifestos written in Arabic and other documents the FBI seized after 9/11 indicate Awad and Ahmad were in leadership positions in the U.S. Palestine Committee prior to the creation of CAIR. “CAIR is Hamas,” Guandolo flatly stated.

Alas, lest anyone believes that only Muslims can head one of CAIR’s terror arms, think again: JUDENRAT, JACOB BENDER, Fronts For Anti-Semitic, Anti-American, Islamic Propaganda Arm – CAIR! In fact, enticing a Judenrat on board is a big propaganda coup. Traitor – to America AND the Jewish people.

In light of all the above, how shocking is it to find out that Missouri’s CAIR director wants to prosecute Americans who insult Islam, that which is considered “blasphemy” under Sharia Law?? And, how surprising is it that the Islamist-in-Chief’s AG, Eric Holder, has already worked towards said (blasphemous) illegal outcome,including hand chopping and all?

Director of CAIR Missouri wants to prosecute Americans who insult Islam…using sharia law

But never mind. IF one meanders down historical lane, one will absolutely find the nexus between every totalitarian “ism”, and the similarities are stunning. Therefore, the reds and the greens lock arms, in their quest to destroy America:Hamas’s CAIR & Its Targeted American Bullying: Their Commonality With Communist Propagandists.

What are you all gonna do about it?

ADDENDUM: This just in…..
The FBI Are Wimps On The War On Islamic Terrorism
31 Mar 2014

Tonight I watched Megan Kelly (FOX) discussing the new movie (Honor Diaries/Link to Honor Diaries Site) about Islamic honor attacks and murders.  Kelly was outstanding.  She further discussed the reaction from CAIR.  Of course CAIR denounces the movie and wants it removed from the eye’s of Americans.  Do you recall a similar reaction to a book critical of Islam? (Muslim Mafia)

Kelly was extremely tough on CAIR (Islamic terrorist group).  This amazed me.  Her friend O’Reilly is a CAIR friend.

For 1400 plus years Muslim men have been raping, assaulting, and killing innocent young Muslim girls and Muslim women.  Most people believe this only happens in Islamic controlled countries.  This is very far from the truth.  Young girls have been exposed to Islamic child marriages in America.  Muslim daughters and wives are often the victims of Muslim men, in the name of Islam.

During my visits to  mosques in America I have came across materials advocating child marriages and honor assaults and murder on Muslim women who have allegedly caused their family shame.

Often I have provided or offered to provide this material to law enforcement agencies, but the vast majority of local, state, and federal organizations want nothing to do with this issue.  The worst offenders are the FBI.  For people who are not aware of the internal operations of an FBI office you may find it hard to believe that the FBI produces narcissistic, egotistical, headline grabbing, and poor investigators.  Sounds like I am being critical of a senior U.S. law enforcement agency.  I am.

The majority of people entering the FBI are highly motivated and want to do a good job as protectors of our country.  The reality is that the decades working structure of this agency is deeply rooted in making FBI Agents feel they are above all others.  To put it simply they get ‘big heads’ early on in their career.  A ‘big head’ does not make an outstanding investigator.  For the most part the FBI relies on local and state law enforcement departments to conduct the really hard and dangerous street work.  When they have developed a solid and media driven case, the FBI swoops in.  Don’t believe talk to any local or state law enforcement officer.

What does the character of the FBI have to do with honor killings?  My answer is an enormous amount.  Due to the inaction of the FBI many Muslim children and women suffer.  Why?  When a city, county, or state law enforcement law enforcement department gets any information pertaining to a mosque or Islamic leader, they must provide the information to the FBI before they can conduct an investigation.  FBI Agents are taught to stay away from mosques and Islamic leaders unless they have enough evidence (before an investigation) to convince even MSNBC journalists the mosque is a threat.  This does not happen.

The vast majority of  FBI cases involving Islamic based terrorism are one’s such as the most recent Muslim kid who desired to conduct another Fort Hood type of attack. Army Recruit Desires Jihad   Recall that within a few minutes of investigations at Fort Hood after Major Hassan murdered fellow troops, the FBI labeled this as a ‘lone wolf type attack, or better known as workplace violence).  Although Hassan said he killed fellow troops as part of Jihad, no one believed him.

Now we have this teenager (Muhammad Abdullah Hassan)who wants exactly what Major Hassan did.  He desires to kill innocent people.  The key word here is desire.  Our FBI purposely overlooks and holds back information on the motives of suspected Islamic terrorists.  Where did Major Hassan and Muhammed Hussan obtain their strong desire to serve Islam in the way of physical Jihad?  This is what is taught in the vast majority of mosques throughout the world and in American mosques.

I have uncovered thousands of Islamic materials advocating the Muslim community to engage in Jihad.  This can be with the tongue, pen, or sword.  If you aren’t able to contribute this way, then one has an obligation to help finance the efforts of Jihadist’s. Why then does the FBI not go after the Islamic leaders? Well let’s see: Saudi influence, liberal media influence, and of course the Islamic supporting Obama administration.

The FBI fights terrorism like the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) fights illegal narcotics.  They go after the low players.  These are the one’s with little financial support and the one’s who the media view as simple junkies or lone wolves for the terrorists.  There is little threat of any backlash toward the FBI if they target the people at the bottom of the chain.

What does this mean to America?  We will lose the war on terrorism (if there was such as war) just as we lost the war on drugs. In addition innocent Muslim girls and women inside American mosques will continue to suffer because our FBI lacks the guts to do their jobs.

What type leaders do we need if we were to even have a chance at defeating Islamic terrorism in America?  We need more Megan Kelly’s, Jack Ellison’s, Roy White’s, John Kuchta’s, Adina Kutnicki’s, Brenda and Roger Homefield’s, and fewer journalistic wimps such as O’Reilly.