U.S./Western Mosques On Notice: Bombs Away! Islam’s Barracks Within. Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

WITHIN a civilized nation it is a given – at least it should be – that the physical safety and security of the citizens is the highest priority. Everything else takes a back seat and pales in comparison.

EXTRAPOLATING further, effective policing – on a purely elemental level – is a combination of strategic and tactical based measures which run the gamut. In fact, “community policing” is worthless without properly understanding the overall dynamics and rhythms of disparate neighborhoods, that which support and promote organizational and problem-solving techniques. This is especially the case when hot-button ethnic communities are in play. Hmm.

THAT being established, “best practices” must be developed without any consideration given to PC constraints and political backlash. After all, enumerable innocent lives are at stake.

ALAS, under HUSSEIN Obama’s reign of anti-American terror, a steady infiltration and penetration of high-level Muslim Brotherhood Mafia operatives gutted the nation’s Federal and state policing agencies. This is a fact.

IN reality, a bullet-proof exhibit of the gutting can be found within New York City’s NYPD, unarguably the most highly trained force in the nation. Intrinsically, the only effective counter-terror program in America has been castrated, relegated to hand holding and apologias offered up to the very SAME grouping which presents a clear and present danger to the non-Muslim community! 

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THUS, as predicted within ASSESSMENT TWO, the NYPD has now TOTALLY purged anti-terrorism material “offensive” to Muslims, and that is that!

The New York Police Department (NYPD) is the latest of several law enforcement agencies-including the FBI-to succumb to the pressure of Islamic groups demanding changes in anti-terrorism investigations and training they claim discriminate against Muslims.….continue reading…..

AND this is precisely why mosques, Islam’s barracks within, must be eliminated – whatever it takes! 


THINK of it this way: if a nation’s security elements are able to identify awaiting dangers, isn’t it their sworn duty to mitigate, frustrate, and then eliminate said threats, even if PC dictates stand as obstructions?? If not, why not?

IN this regard, beyond a shadow of a doubt, militant jihad is actively being plotted within a majority of the mosques inside America. The data is beyond reproach

Wolff Bachner: You are the inspiration and brains behind a rather important program called The Mapping Shariah Project.

What exactly is The Mapping Shariah Project?

What have you uncovered about Islamic extremism being promoted in American Mosques, and what materials have you collected to document this unlawful, dangerous activity?

David Gaubatz: In 2007 – 2008, I was hired to be the Director of the Mapping Shariah Project (MSP). The project was funded by the Center for Security Policy and David Yerushalmi (attorney) handled the legal issues. We had PHD level professionals in Israel (Professor Mordechai Kedar) to analyze the data.

The essence of the research was for me to send teams to a couple hundred mosques throughout America and observe the Shariah adherence by the Islamic leaders and the Muslim worshippers. The theory was the more adherences to all aspects of Shariah law, the more likelihood the danger of violence (Physical Jihad). This was proved in the research.

We discovered over 75% of the 2300 mosques in America had violent Islamic material within the mosque. Most of the material was from Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.

For more detailed information on the MSP you can review the complete analysis at: http://mappingsharia.com/…..

David Gaubatz: There are approximately six million people in America who identify with Islam. Of these six million approximately 25% (1.5 million) practice ‘Pure Islam’. Many of these Muslims are engaged in Jihad training right in the heart of America. One such group is Jamaat ul-Fuqra. They have set up training camps all across America. Red House Virginia is one of the largest and well-trained Jamaat ul-Fuqra compounds in America. I have put undercover counter-terrorism researchers inside this compound. It is only 25 miles from my house. Our law enforcement has been informed by federal officials to leave them alone.

These terror groups are using the U.S. Constitution as a tool and protector to conduct their Jihad training. They can legally buy weapons and own thousands of acres around America. U.S. law enforcement have been trained to believe these groups can do whatever they desire on their own property.

The growth of hate groups against Israel and Jews on campuses is being advanced by groups like CAIR. They are giving MSA (Muslim Student Association) funds and support. The money and marching orders is coming from Saudi Arabia. This is a part of the indoctrinating of our children. The Muslim Brotherhood presence is growing in America…….continue reading….

BUT there is more.

WITHOUT going into too much detail (and even though it appears as if little is held back at this site, that would be an invalid assessment) know that specific actionable intelligence – about stockpiles of weaponry housed within certain U.S. mosques – was dropped in this lap. Of course, qualified agencies were alerted, but it remains to be seen if they blow it off – once again!

SO the question remains: what’s to be done, if anything? 

WELL, even when ones basic ideology runs counter to another’s, it doesn’t mean that some lessons can’t be learned. In other words, patriotic Americans (westerners alike) are hardly in sync with Putin’s red Russia. World’s apart. However, lessons can still be learned in protecting the national interest, aside from everything else which stands separate and apart. 

ON the one hand, Russia’s policing/security agencies are not susceptible to outside pressures, and this surely factors in why they utilize an iron-fisted hand against human rights protesters. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t get it right when it comes to dealing (at least on their home turf) with the same domestic threats plaguing America and the rest of the west – militant Islamic jihad!

IN this regard, when it came to their attention (and this could not have happened without extensive and “intrusive” surveillance, which, btw, this investigative journalist proved is DOA in America) that a bomb factory was stored in a particular mosque it went BOOM! Rest assured, just like in America, there are MANY more mosque-weapon factories to bomb away! Land mines.

Explosives found in an illegal Muslim prayer hall near the Russian city of Samara was eliminated right inside the building. Bomb disposal team deemed it too dangerous to take the explosives out.

A police dog helped to find a cache with more than a kilogram of explosives of unknown origin. A bomb-disposal expert said extracting the explosives would be definitely unsafe and bomb technicians rolled in a water cannon, a source within Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) told RT.

The house was used for gatherings of Salafis, followers of an ultra-conservative movement within Sunni Islam, and it was not registered with the regional Muslim community as an official house of worship. Inside the house, the FSB’s special forces detained 53 young men, at least one of whom was promoting the Islamic State terror group online.

According to an FSB source, the arrests made at the illegal prayer hall triggered a series of house raids on Muslims, which helped uncover more explosives, handguns, grenades and ammo.

MOST significantly, due to collusive inaction by PC controlled, pro-Muslim leadership, the national threat level has risen to an exponential degree. More specifically, it plays right into the hands of Allah’s Muslim Terrorists, but leaves millions of innocent lives in their cross hairs. The question becomes: is it more reasonable to take pro-active measures ala the Russians – blowing them up in a controlled operation while they are still storage houses – or to wait until they explode within the time and place of choosing by militant Islamic jihadists? 

AS always, a successful operational outcome requires understanding the background of the suspects. This is police/security studies 101. Incontestably, it goes to the core of intent and the requisite motivation to execute the crime. Resultant, a failure to properly diagnose – to even name – the political, religious and cultural goals of Islamists in America (the west) is the biggest crime of all.

CONSEQUENTLY, since it is abundantly clear that U.S. authorities have been ordered to stand down, well, the heavy-lifting, once again, will be left to patriots who understand what’s at stake.

MIND you, between ex military types all over America, let’s just assume that the “problems” can be taken of.

ENOUGH said. 

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