Islamic Barbarism Reaches New Peaks: Crucifying & Beheading While Alive! Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

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IT is exceedingly difficult to shock this investigative journalist with reports on Islamic barbarism, try as some might. Sicken, yes. But shock, not so much.

SO it is important to note the following: each and every heinous act perpetrated within Shariah law controlled areas does not have a fixed time or address. In other words, for time immemorial, whatever happens in Islamic lands outside the west, sooner or later, will come to a theater near you, if Shariah becomes the law of the land. Don’t believe otherwise.

NOW it doesn’t matter that the aforementioned impaling was done to a fellow Islamic jihadist. For the issue is very stark: whichever forms of slaughter they inflict upon each other, rest assured, the ante will be upped in western captured areas.  

BUT just to remind westerners what they have done in the name of Allah, let’s have a brief rundown:

Rundown One:

FOR years on end, Islamists have been slowly purging the Mid East of its Christian population. Nevertheless, their brazen swathe has reached a crescendo, ever since Barack HUSSEIN Obama upended the region to an unprecedented level of chaos.

Rundown Two:

AND what else can go wrong when “Pure Islam” mandates to all non-Muslims: convert or die!

EVEN as many Muslims in the Mid East look on in shock at the carnage unleashed via “Pure Islam” – caught in the crossfire themselves – the fact of the matter is many more stay silent and a preponderance of others actually agree with said barbarism. What’s going on?

IN reality, there is no stopping the carnage unless Islam is stopped. Plain and simple. And while it sounds like an impossible task, it may very well extinguish itself, if only in generations to come. Nonetheless, millions more will be sacrificed on its bloody altar, as in the past. Where is this assessment coming from, especially since this blogger is not one who dabbles in fantastical thinking, believing that this scourge on earth may finally die out, though hardly within our lifetime?

BEFORE the above is addressed, the reader must internalize the underpinnings of Islam to also understand its bloody basis; its roots. It is not enough to just look on, in horror, and throw up ones hands. Towards this end, a groundbreaking policy paper was written and this blogger was asked to participate in its review. It was showcased only 2 weeks after the inception of this site, July 13, 2012. “Islam & Blood” has been featured here on several occasions, and another repeat performance is efficacious.

While the above is intrinsic to the conversation and to the reader’s knowledge base, the following link is GROUNDBREAKING .Yes, the caps are there for a reason. They are placed for much needed emphasis. In brief, it is a recent policy paper by Professor Eidelberg; a paper which this American-Israeli had the privilege to review and add her thoughts to; duly honored and humbled to have been asked to participate in his myth shattering scholarship.

Make NO mistake – its contents are earth shaking; unbelievably thought provoking; cogently analyzed; and in particular, its historical analysis and theological basis are spot on. Having read – and participated in – many policy papers this praise is not offered lightly. Therefore, sit down… put your feet up… have a drink (not the inebriating kind)…. enjoy some sweets (you may need it to lighten the mood)… and start reading – . Sharing its contents may well be your most important contribution to our common struggle….

IS there any room for equivocation or misunderstanding in their intent? If so, please refer to their latest atrocities…..



LiveLeak-dot-com-b2c_1415992397-sshot-7_1415992591.png.resized.jpgNOW that you have lost your last meal….sorry for that, but it is certainly not reassuring to realize that the most recognized Cathedral in America has essentially bowed down to Islam, regardless of their inter-faith jibber jabber.

BESIDES, it matters not a whit that so-called progressive Christians (and Jews) believe in fairy tale and kumbaya outcomes. But what does matter is that their dangerous delusions yield poisonous fruits via inter-faith dialogue and others are reaping unimaginable blow back. Basically, their one-sided conversation is akin to one party speaking to the other, but those on the receiving end already made up their mind, yet feign to nod in agreement, up until they complete their inroads. In reality, the only thing which matters is how Islamists view said submissive dialogue. That’s where it is at.

MOST significantly, how many know that the inaugural date of the defilement of the National Cathedral occurred on a most significant war-call date in the Caliphate’s history: 100 YEARS AGO: Last Caliph Publicly Calls for War Against Infidels!

H E L L O….

IN concert, the fact that ISIS are definitely already inside America, yet DHS refuses to do their due diligence, well, that is about the biggest gift Shariah law jihadists could receive. Therefore, rationally speaking, if you were in their stead, wouldn’t you believe that triumph is nearer, rather than farther away? 

TO wit, westerners should expect more of the same AND worse!


The implication has always been: those who engage in “inter-faith dialogue” are, by definition, by default, not only “sincere” but also part of the “enlightened” set. Not so fast. “Inter-faith dialogue” has led to many disasters, even though some of its proponents are indeed well meaning, albeit naive.

That being said, what does the above have to do with the pedophile/Missionary ring in Nachlaot, Jerusalem? Tragically, everything.

But for those newly on board, Part One is requisite reading, as well as Part Two. A brief overview can be found below, after which a credible circumstantial case will be put forth. Yet, before the naysayers and brayers scurry out of the woodwork, refusing to believe what they are reading, internalize that many defendants (even those accused of murder) are indeed convicted through skilled circumstantial threading. This is one such (ongoing) case. This investigative journalist can already imagine the hysterical reactions from said charge-sheet. It goes with the territory. Water off a duck’s back…  

'sad - triste' photo (c) 2006, Axel - license:








As to the promised brief overview via Part One: 

REGARDLESS, what the hell is going on in Nachlaot, Jerusalem? And, for the record, those who are unfamiliar with its seedy underbelly, they have every reason to be truly charmed by this otherworldly, quaint and beautiful neighborhood, as this journalist has been on several occasions.


File:PikiWiki Israel 3988 stairs street jerusalem.jpg

THOUGH many of the newly initiated into this cesspool will shake their heads in disbelief, the question still remains: where do the corrupt “Rabbis” and the“former” Missionaries come into play? In other words: what is their filth-ridden nexus?

IT is this question which is not only relevant but key to unlocking a pedophile ring plaguing Jerusalem and, by extension, all of Israel. Moreover, it is the most dangerous one to explore/expose – literally.

Overview, Part Two:

Well, more than one corroborating source is pointing in the direction of CIA fingerprints, in relation to the unspeakable crimes in Nachlaot! Yes, this appears to be the tragic, unfathomable case.

Now, the first question is:why? Indubitably, this is the part which requires both a basic knowledge of CIA operations (up-endings) in the Mid East, as well as figuring out the benefits accrued to said criminal, yes criminal, involvement. 

Simply put, the CIA meddles in EVERY sphere in Israel, and this is not up for debate. Nor is it merely speculative in nature. Trusted counter terror contacts keep this site abreast re certain matters, and this is all that will be noted on the subject.

In this regard, when allegations surfaced of possible CIA involvement in apedophile/Missionary-related ring, another question became:what benefits would be derived from unleashing pedophiles and rapists into the heart of Jerusalem?

Significantly, at its base, Washington (and other devious players, but let’s stick to Washington) is doing everything in its power to wrest Jerusalem from Jewish hands, and the multiplicity of political reasons will be left for another discussion.

But never mind. There is more than one way to skin a cat, so to speak. Thus, just suppose Jerusalem/Zion became plagued with horrific scandals, those which seared at the heart and soul of family living, reverberating not only in Jerusalem but outside the capital? Is it far fetched to believe that messing with Jewish kiddies and women would effectuate an emotional, mental, spiritual tumult of cascading proportions, possibly transcending for generations? Undoubtedly. Now, this site is not suggesting that Jerusalem would be up for grabs as a direct result, but rational folks understand that once the bedrock of a community is shaken, well, anything is possible. Many pressure points are utilized to gain objectives. And, one size does not fit all. 

In light of the above recaps – and to fully grasp which footprints are deeply embedded within Nachlaot, again, their eventual/ultimate goal is to wrest Jewish control from Jerusalem – one also has to be prepared to “think outside the box.” Just let the circumstantial evidence speak for itself.

Back to the CIA’s footprints, as laid out in Part Two…..

Akin to any ongoing investigation, one often has to wait for trusted Intel/counter-terrorism contacts to come forward with new material, in order to build the case in stages. To wit, they have now confirmed: the Vatican’s long history/association with Washington’s “spook” agency can no longer be ignored (Catholic/CIA pdf linked within), when investigating the pedophile/Missionary ring within Nachlaot. Like it, or not.

Since World War II, the CIA has:

So, once their nexus is accepted for what it is (and they operate in tandem all over the world), the linkage between Missionary activity within Israel, particularly throughout Jerusalem, comes into sharp focus. How so?

As explained throughout Part Two, there is an ongoing concerted effort to wrest Zion from Jewish hands. This is indisputable. There are too many links to cite, but no matter, they all lead in the same direction: the Vatican and the CIA are in full agreement re grabbing Jerusalem, albeit some of their reasoning(s) may diverge, depending on time and place.

Be that as it may, with the CIA’s involvement laid out in Part Twolet us internalize where the Vatican ties into all of this. Unspeakably, this holier than thou entity has a long history of crimes of pedophilia. Not only that, but Satanism and offshoots of Santeria (“many of whose Santeria members originate in Puerto Rico”) are involved throughout the world. In Jerusalem, too. Don’t blame the messenger!

Specifically, as to the suspected entry point of pedophilia into Jerusalem (via  assigned Missionaries, many of whom operate as “converts”…others “blend” into the Jewish community because of their in-depth knowledge of Jewish customs, verbiage, dress and the like, thereby, gaining acceptance), turn your gaze to the following and do not aver your eyes, that is, if you claim to care about the kiddies! Pay attention to this 10-year-old’s searing words – one of countless “testimonies”: The testimony of a 10 yr old boy…That’s it! He took his mother around one day to all the places he ever was and was molested. He also claimed to be inside of a church near the Old City (which he also took her near.) Often times he came home (this was over the past few years) with money (20 shekels or more here and there) in his pocket. There are known child molesters working at a store in Yerushalayim where kids go to buy things he said on many occasions these men were also in the churches and places where he was molested…”

Mind you, the crimes against Jerusalem’s Jewish children (and women) slithered in under the hidden, touchy-feely tent of “inter-faith dialogue”, back in March 1995:

Cardinal Joseph Bernardin will make his first trip to Israel on Monday as head of a Jewish-Christian delegation of rabbis, leaders of Jewish organizations, Roman Catholic clergy and women religious.

Describing the eight-day visit as a celebration of an ongoing dialogue between Catholics and Jews in the Chicago area, the Catholic Archdiocese of Chicago said this is believed to be the first time that such an interfaith tour of the Holy Land has been led by a Roman Catholic cardinal.

Rabbi Herman E. Schaalman, former president of the Council of Religious Leaders of Metropolitan Chicago and a member of the group, considers the journey “a crowning experience” of the many formal meetings over the years between local Jews and Catholics.

“We have established such understanding and trust that we have been able to examine our mutual views on virtually any subject with directness and without embarrassment, which is unusual,” he said. “Now to go to a place that is sacred to both traditions and to do so under the leadership of the cardinal is a remarkable and exciting prospect.”

In addition to traveling to holy sites of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, the group is planning to meet with high-ranking governmental and religious officials, including Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, Foreign Minister Shimon Peres, Chief Rabbi Yisrael Meir Lau of Jerusalem, and the Catholic and Greek Orthodox patriarchs of Jerusalem. He also is scheduled to meet with PLO Chairman Yasser Arafat in Gaza.

Meetings also will be held with local Palestinian leaders and the faculty of Jewish and Christian universities.

Unbeknownst to their Jewish hosts – other than those with a similarly perverted bent – (the late) Cardinal Joseph Bernardin was a serial pedophile/rapist AND a devoted practitioner of Satanism! Again, this is not pleasant to reveal, but it is what it is. And anyone who believes that Catholics and Evangelicals (the lines are blurred, when it comes to those implanted within Jerusalem and Israel as a whole) are not on the same page re Missionary work, you would be wrong.

Why the silence?

Perhaps because so many dioceses are routinely paying for clerical crimes – an amount estimated by some priest-abuse victims’ groups at over $800 million over the past 15 years.

Or perhaps because the Symons case is not likely to remain an “exceptional case” much longer, and bishops are just hunkering down waiting for the next cases to explode.

The Wanderer has been reliably informed that there are pending investigations of sexual abuse allegations against other bishops, including pedophilia, both by Church authorities and attorneys in various dioceses, and that a major expose of a homosexual-pedophile ring in the clergy and episcopacy is imminent.

When it happens, the “Bernardin Legacy;” which is receiving a major publicity boost this July, will be seen in a different perspective.

Symons, who admitted that he owed his appointment as a bishop to the late Joseph Cardinal Bernardin, is not the only prelate with sexual problems to have come into the episcopacy with Bernardin’s influence. At least two other American prelates were forced to vacate their dioceses because of their sexual involvement with women. As is commonly known, many other bishops also owe their jobs to the late impresario of the Amchurch, who worked closely with former Apostolic Delegate Archbishop Jean Jadot to pack the hierarchy with modernists and social liberals.

The lack of episcopal response to the news that one of their own is a self-confessed pedophile raises questions about three issues: Did Symons’ brother bishops know of his history and when did they learn? Do other bishops know of peers who have similar problems? Is there a ring of episcopal pedophiles who recruit and promote their own?

“The Catholic people need the answers to these questions,” says Helen Hull Hitchcock, founder and director of Women for Faith and Family.

“Concealing the truth has never helped the Church. If there is a network and what it is, I don’t know. I can understand why good bishops would want to handle clerical abuse discreetly in the past, fearing to expose good people to scandal. But the concealment has caused great harm, and now it’s clear that some type of network is operating in the Church trying to destroy it.

“It’s time for someone in the hierarchy to give the Catholic people a ‘heads up’,” she told The Wanderer.

Chances are that the Catholic faithful will never get a candid confession from someone in the hierarchy about the qualifications some priests had that merited their selection by Bernardin for promotion.

What they do know is that without Cardinal Bernardin around to continue micromanaging the affairs of the National Conference of Catholic Bishops and the legal response to clerical pedophilia, there’s little assurance that the Symons case will be the last of its kind.


The unraveling of the Bernardin Legacy comes, strangely enough, just as Bernardin’s lifeless legacy is about to be touched up in a major television eulogy to be broadcast in the first week of July from coast to coast on at least 126 public television stations.

Catholic journalists who saw previews of the one-hour special, Bernardin, at the recent Catholic Press Association meeting in New Orleans were stunned: some overcome with sadness at the loss of their hero; others overcome with disgust at Bernardin’s apotheosis.

INHERENTLY, the violation of Nachlaot’s children and women didn’t happen in a vacuum. Some equally guilty (Jewish) partners-in-crime lent them helping hands.

Most reprehensibly, one finds “Rabbi” Zalman Cohen, a serial rapist and pedophile in the forefront. He is in jail – view the court document – but others have yet to see the inside of a cell. In fact, he helped facilitate quickie “conversions” to Judaism (with powerfully connected “Rabbis” in Jerusalem and the diaspora) for certain suspect individuals .Their names will (in due course) be revealed.

But anyone who believes that he (and other sexual terrorists) functioned without female “helpers” (reportedly, a few were quite “worshipful” of this monster) is delusional. Yes, this investigative journalist also knows that certain “feeders” funneled unsuspecting women his way, chiefly via their relationship with Ohel Sarah Emenu. This (now defunct) “conversion” program’s closest associates had ties to both the CIA and the Pentagon, too. They are still involved in ongoing Missionary activity. Don’t let anyone insist otherwise, especially their back- benchers from the ultra Orthodox Jewish community, some of whom serve as die-hard apologists….”circling the communal wagons” to the nth degree. Besides, whom are they kidding? And, more importantly, whom are they protecting? Certainly not the victims!

Assuredly, there exists a sordid list of central players yet to be exposed. But certain “delicate” matters – which cannot be discussed at this juncture – are still in process. Nevertheless, it is imperative to keep the readership up-to-date. Hence, the necessity for an ongoing investigation.

Pointedly, aside from defiling the kiddies, many Jewish women were raped, while studying at Ohel Sarah Emenu. In effect, it has also been alleged (through previous students) that a well-known female lecturer on Jewish law and ethics, no less – at a highly respected post high school seminary in Jerusalem – sent students to “Rabbi” Zalman Cohen for further “life coaching” instruction! Can you believe it, she shepherded them into the lion’s den – straight into the hands of a major ringleader of the pedophile/rape ring! This was done even though rumors were swirling of his sexual predilections. Hmm. At the very least, a grave dereliction of due diligence and duty of care.

EVEN so, if one prefers to view all the linkages as nothing short of spy-novel worthy, that’s okay too. But DO ask yourselves which is more reasonable, actually a prerequisite for circumstantial cases: did a confluence of individuals with CIA/Pentagon backgrounds just happen to drop from the sky into Nachlaot, accidentally and coincidentally consorting with a pedophile/Missionary ring? Or, were they on some sort of assignment? Now, knowing what you do, feel free to use your G-d given judgment and come to your own reasonable conclusions, even without having access to the contacts within. 

Sach ha’kol, at the end of it all, there is much culpability to go around. For if NOT for the cooperation of corrupt “Rabbis” (inside and outside Jerusalem) and those who “conducted financial and sexual business” with them – six degrees separated or not – the Vatican/Missionary/CIA pedophilia/sexual thrust would have had a much harder time grabbing onto its Jewish victims. Their opening would have been much smaller, and likely slammed shut before mega damage could be done. Instead, an open-sesame was afforded, partly due to their own perversions and financial greed.

DESPITE all of the above, anyone who is waiting for the “smoking gun” to (magically) appear is not seriously interested in learning the truth – about what is plaguing Nachlaot, Jerusalem. And, by extension, all of Israel.

SIGNIFICANTLY, whether Jewish or Christian children/women are violated, the fact of the matter is: they must be spared from said evil, and communal silence should NEVER be an option. The path of least resistance…

[UPDATE: Atop all of the above horrors, mark these words: somewhere, somehow, it will be discovered that sexually explicit pics of countless rape victims in Jerusalem will surface on the dark web; that which were taken, in the first place, for the financial enrichment of some of the most evil monsters ever!!]

A Global Conflagration Is Upon Us, Despite The Persistent Dreamers In Our Midst….Addendum To: The Mother Of All Wars Is Upon Us…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Is the (quasi-religious) belief in multiculturalism, aka interfaith dialogue, so sacrosanct that (otherwise rational) people are willing to lay down their lives for its tenets? Apparently so. Are their families/communities worth protecting? Apparently not.

One can fill a football stadium with the amount of ink spent on pushing its ethos. Here’s a dreamy, pie-in-the-sky, head-in-the-clouds (forgive me, but this may qualify as a butt-in-the-face rendition) site for your consideration, all the way from Athens, Georgia –

Not one to eschew the limelight, here are the meanderings of Chief Rabbi (Lord) Jonathan Sacks, all the way from England, via the House of Lords –  Rabbi, this American-Israeli beseechs you (as a fellow tribeswoman), give it a rest ….the world is bleeding. Nevertheless, the obsessive quest to follow multi-culti/interfaith dialogue’s guiding principles; its abiding faith; as it leaps across oceans is evidenced through Australia’s denizens of multi-culti education – And the list goes on, as its devoted believers march onward, pushing us closer to the cliff’s edge.

What to do? Honestly speaking, the above terrain is so fraught with landmines – verbal ones, which then lead to actual ones…. cause and effect…. ! – that most are terrified to traverse it. This is territory where the verbal (PC) bullets fly faster than the slinging of dung in a pig farm. However, the stench of manure can be washed off, but the Islamic onslaught – not so much. Most of the victims, of Islamic barbarism, end up blown to bits, with nothing even left to bury, as body parts are scattered to parts unknown! Is this so hard to internalize? One needn’t be a member of the “smart set” to extrapolate what the west must do, just in order to survive intact.

Thus, with the world literally poised on a knife’s edge, a tiny contribution (via this blog, and “other” efforts) is meant to shake/wake up fellow westerners before it is too late. This jaw dropping report is not for the weak kneed, but it is necessary – While DEBKA’s intelligence analysts cannot pinpoint exact dates, nevertheless, their sources run deep; they are more right than wrong, and achieve access few others can hope to achieve. So, it is not a question of if, but when the world conflagration will commence, not as flash points here or there, but one of unseen proportions, at least in several decades.

Readers should internalize that this war will be like few others, at least since WW 2. The geo-political chess pieces are aligning, whether we like it or not. The above report dovetails neatly (wish it didn’t…) with a previous commentary ‘The Mother of All Wars Is Knocking At Our Door……’

The question still needs to be raised – are the above reports enough to wake many from their self-induced stupors? Perhaps the two cited below will do the trick. Surely, many readers are familiar with the author of ‘A Time To Betray’ , Reza Khalili. As an undercover operative for the CIA, deeply embedded within the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, his contacts and his access are more reliable than garden variety pundits, mainly hailing from the “see no evil, hear no evil” multi-culti scribes. Hold onto your seats…… – To add to the dangerous explosion, at least in relation to American friends, read this very carefully –, and this one too –

Am apologizing in advance, if the above appears to be too alarming for some to tolerate, but this is not a six alarm fire, it is a fire with exponentially greater blow back. Much more so than ones we have seen, at least in our lifetime. Hence, the blaring/raging alarm bells!

Batten down the hatches….. the geo-political forces are getting ready to square off. Whether it will be one HOT summer ( am not referring to the so called “global warming”), or put off until months later, this much is sure – the mother of all wars is coming, soon to be upon us.

The Middle East, as well as the west, will never be the same.

G-d speed to the IDF and all those who align with them!! Good vs evil.