Due to the most venal anti-Americans grasping the helm of the free world, it is impossible to quantify the damage accrued to the U.S., as well as to western civilization as a whole. Such a broad and sweeping statement would, in the past, sound bizarre on its face. Paranoid too. But in relation to Obama Inc. it is more of an understatement than not.

In fact, it can be stated with the utmost confidence, yet causing visceral pain: from the time Barack HUSSEIN Obama burst (seemingly out of nowhere) onto the national scene, plans were afoot to destroy the greatest nation in human freedom(s). It doesn’t get any more malevolent than that.

And while the Islamist-in-Chief is fully on board with each and every destructive measure, the fact of the matter is that a she-devil is pulling the strings that they both set in motion, along with others who have been in plain view, as well as in the shadows


Obama was not told about the effort until the SEAL team was already in Pakistani air space. The president was on the golf course when he was informed.

The reason for the sneaking about was that Panetta and the other staffers were tired of Obama nixing their efforts to take out the leader of al-Qaida. According to the report, Obama had rejected three kill missions earlier in the year.

In his book “Leading From Behind,” author Richard Miniter wrote that adviser Valerie Jarrett was the voice who kept urging Obama not to kill bin Laden.

Jarrett is a powerful figure at the White House, an Obama family friend who has an unexplained hold over the president and first lady.

Jarrett was born in Iran to American parents and lived there until about the age of 5. As a child, she spoke Persian and French. She and her parents spent one year in London, then came back to Chicago.

Her father-in-law is journalist Vernon Jarrett, who worked closely with Communist Party member and Obama mentor Frank Marshall Davis. Valerie Jarrett headed Obama’s transition team and personally vetted communist Van Jones and all the other extremists Obama has appointed.

In his book “The Amateur,” Edward Klein points out that Jarrett is the power behind the throne who sits in on every meeting, decides who gets to see the president and monitors who is loyal to Obama and who needs to be gotten rid of. The president reportedly doesn’t make a move without her, and she was the single roadblock to getting bin Laden.

Her religious leanings are not clear. The media either have not asked or have not gotten an answer. Many have speculated and others have denied that she, like Obama, is a closet Muslim.

What is clear is that she not only has communist contacts but she is a point man for the Administration in meetings with Muslim activists. She was named Iranian of the Day in August 2008 by

She has been associated with the Obamas since their early days in Chicago, and those familiar with her background say that she provided crucial financial backing that helped Obama raise his national profile.

Our secretary of state has a chief aide who is connected to the Muslim Brotherhood in Huma Abedeen. Could Obama’s chief adviser, the woman who has been described as co-president, be a Muslim ringer as well?

The brief article on says Jarrett is Shirazi, but it is unclear whether the writer means that she was born in Shiraz, Iran, or that she is a member of the Swahili subgroup called Shirazi. The article calls her “African-American and Chicago royalty.” Links in the article to further information go to a blank page.

To a large extent, the woman pulling the strings at the White House is as much a mystery as the president himself.

Now, it is not as if average Americans couldn’t figure out what voting for Barack HUSSEIN Obama would portend, not once, but twice. And while some desire said outcome, others are still fully in shock. Not on this end. 

Portend One:

Back in Aug. 2012, shortly after this blog’s inception, a few months before Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s second term, it was cited: yes, Valerie Jarrett’s communist leanings DO matter!

Portend Two:

And in furtherance of said leanings, sifting through Iranian-born Jarrett’s familial and ideological ties, Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s alter ego enters front and center.

Portend Three:

Alas, how serious should Jarrett’s mischief-making be taken, in the scheme of upending the nation’s underpinnings? Very!

Portend Four:

More to the point, how many realize that Obama’s alter ego reigns supreme at DHS, (ab)using it as her (their) diabolical playground?

Portend Five:

In line with her out-sized power, even the decision to kill – or not to – Osama Bin Laden was left in her hands, as she exerted pressure, time and again, to let him breathe! What an evil subhuman she is, just like her “boss”!

Portend Six:

But let us dare not forget her starring part in Iran’s race to a nuclear arsenal, as she shields stone cold Iranian killers, anti-American/western mullahs, having vowed to wipe Israel off the map! More than vile vermin….Jarrett and her Iranian jihadi com-padres.

Whereas all of the above leads us squarely back to America’s shores and its illegal alien dumping ground…exhorting: 

Obama’s brain”, his architect, Valerie Jarrett, infamously intoned: “there’s a lot of ways to skin a cat” and “she be” right. 

Valerie Jarrett Met With Illegal Immigrant Activists 

President Obama’s senior White House adviser Valerie Jarrett held a series of meetings with illegal immigrant activists during Obama’s first term and concluded that “They are the best that we have.”

Jarrett, a Chicago-era mentor to Obama and wife Michelle, is currently fighting to pass immigration reform legislation, in her words, “this summer.”

“I had met, maybe, a year-and-a-half ago, with about Four Dream Act kids,” Jarrett said in a 2012 conversation with Walter Isaacson at the 2012 Aspen Ideas Festival, video of which was posted by The Aspen Institute in 2014.

“I call them kids. They’re actually young adults,” Jarrett said. “They walked from Florida to Washington. Walked. And they wanted to see the president. And of course they couldn’t come into the White House because they’re here illegally, and they would have been picked up. And so I ventured across the street, across the park, to a church and I met them in the church. And I’ve now met with them four or five times. And each time I would leave in tears. Because they are exactly the kind of people we would want in this country.”

“They are the best that we have,” Jarrett later added.

The young illegal immigrants that Jarrett met with off the record include Felipe Matos, Gaby Pacheco, Juan Rodriguez, and Carlos Roa, TheDC has independently verified. The four walked from Miami to Washington, D.C. as part of the 2010 “Trail of Dreams” program sponsored by Students Working for Equal Rights and the Florida Immigrant Coalition, among other groups.

Obama and Jarrett held a formal Oval Office meeting with a group of young illegal immigrants in May 2013, which garnered Republican criticism.

And while one anti-American putsch atop another should have been enough to fully alert American citizens during the Radical/Islamist-in-Chief’s first term, many are still surprised that hard-core communists and Islamists have made “good” on their threats, unleashing horror upon horror onto the nation. Huh and duh?

Is it any wonder that America is now being utilized as a veritable dumping ground, as promised? She (they) fulfilled her promise: there’s a lot of ways to skin a cat!

She-devil….thy name is Valerie Jarrett! He-devil…thy name is Barack HUSSEIN Obama, as he bestowed honors upon a felon, who happened to also be an amnesty “legal” advocate!



  2. Another “home run”, Adina, in your analysis of Valarie Jarrett. Problem is, we have a couple of dumbed down generations who believe anything these people come up with. All of this PC …BS, and no matter what you say it is taken out of context if “they” feel it doesn’t meet “their” agenda. But worst of it all is the Country has succumbed to their marching orders, and even the Republicans are as messed up in their attempt to meet these unrealistic parameters in measuring their actions against this Jihad in the White House. We have no foreign policy. It is unbelievable the lack of competence, throughout this administration and the fact these people have used the word “racist” so well, no one will stand up to them. The foundation of the USA is crumbling and no one on the East Coast (power structure) will wake up until we have another 9/11 and likely worse.

    Obama will likely turn the problems of Iraq over to Iran, while Obama fiddles and debates…and Iran moves in. Very, very sad for the Mideast and the U.S. Valarie Jarrett will have accomplished her goals.

  3. gvjane, yes, an upcoming commentary details the looming disaster awaiting the Mid East, as well as the west in general, and the U.S. in specific. All “credit” is given to Obama Inc. Their domestic and foreign wrecking balls are right on schedule.

    • At first I was believing Obama was the anti-Christ, as he met all the parameters, but now I believe he is just an inept puppet for Jarrett, Soros and the most evil of the world. Why? What benefit in destroying the U.S.??? The world has gone mad and here in the U.S. we are so spoiled and self-absorbed we don’t see what is going on around us, that will change our lives forever. The younger generations from the baby boomers up…will not see the quality of life I have had in my 79 years.
      Off to the VA this morning for my yearly “Reclast” intravenous. Ladies when you get to your 50’s don’t take Fosamax…talk to your physicians about this yearly treatment for osteophoris (sp)…I have the bone strength of a 40 year old. All of this criticism of the VA…well, they have taken care of me wonderfully.

      God Bless!!! Save Israel!!!

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