Obama’s “Islamophobia” Thrust; Paris’s Carnage; The UN’s Organization Of Islamic Cooperation – Their End Game. Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

MUCH has been written at this site about the bugaboo of “Islamophobia”, and its origins can be found here.


INHERENTLY, it was totally expected that Barack HUSSEIN Obama, immediately after the carnage in Paris, would join the chorus of Sharia Law advocates, citing “Islamophobia” as the exact cause and culprit.

Attorney General Eric Holder is flying off to Paris this weekend for a meeting with the French Minister of Interior in the aftermath of a violent terrorist attack in which 12 people were killed and 11 wounded at the Paris magazine Charlie Hebdo, which printed cartoons of the prophet Muhammad.

Holder, who will meet with French officials on counter-terrorism, is a big opponent of “Islamophobia” against Muslims.

 “There can be no ‘us’ or ‘them’ among Americans,” Holder said at a 2010 dinner held by the California-based group Muslim Advocates. “And I believe that law enforcement has an obligation to ensure that members of every religious community enjoy the ability to worship and to practice their faith in peace, free from intimidation, violence or suspicion. That is the right of all Americans. And it must be a reality for every citizen.”

“We have also strengthened efforts to prevent and combat hate crimes — and to protect American Muslims from acts of violence and discrimination,” Holder said.

“More than ever before, all 94 U.S. Attorneys Offices are partnering with the Department’s Civil Rights Division to act as force multipliers in helping to deliver our nation’s most vital protections to their communities. Just this past Tuesday, nearly a third of the nation’s United States Attorneys gathered in Washington for an unprecedented meeting to work on this issue — and to identify additional ways to strengthen outreach to Muslim and Arab-American communities.”

DE facto, the twisted thinking goes: something has to be done about the (bloody) effects due to “insulting” Muslims – a direct cause of “Islamophobia” – and that is that. SO sayeth the leftist-driven Southern Poverty Law Center, as their columnist railed (back in 2011) in: “Jihad Against Islam”! Whoa…pot kettle…

NOW, within geo-politics, assuredly, little happens in a vacuum. Therefore, it was reported (at this site) ala the “Istanbul Process” – when Clinton was Sec of State  that much Islamic mischief was afoot.Yes, for years, bowing down to Islam has been front and center within Washington’s power centers. However, it has accelerated under the reign of Barack HUSSEIN Obama. 

Secretary Clinton addresses the Istanbul Process for Combating Intolerance and Discrimination Based on Religion or Belief, Washington, DC.

BUT along the lines of never allowing a “crisis to go to waste”, and in tandem with the avowed desire to push through Shariah’s Blasphemy Laws, a tailor-made set of explosions fit the bill.

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Ambassador to the UN, Ufuk Gokcen is using the Paris terror attacks to push an agenda started in his home country of Turkey with the help of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in 2011. As an international voice of the OIC, a Muslim bloc of 57 nation states, Gokcen is using the Paris attacks to apply pressure to non-Muslim countries to enact blasphemy laws that would criminalize criticism of Islam. Known as the “Istanbul Process”, which was officially kicked off by Hillary, then Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu (now Prime Minister) and the OIC Secretary General from Istanbul in 2011; it’s all about exploiting such tragedies to push its agenda.

The OIC’s Ambassador to the United Nations Ambassador Ufuk Gokcen took to twitter and expressed his support for an article that revealed the real reason for Davutoglu’s appearance in the Paris rally.

As Shoebat.com reported, Resolution 16/18 was used as the foundation for the inaugural “Istanbul Process” meeting chaired by Hillary and Davutoglu. The decision to point to the Innocence of Muslims as reason for the Benghazi attacks and riots all across the Middle East was likewise intended to push the “Istanbul Process”.

SIMILARLY, Barack HUSSEIN Obama always sides with Islamists (the Muslim Brotherhood Mafia), against those seeking to rid them from their midst, effectively throwing Egypt’s El-Sisi under the bus, as he did to Mubarak too.

AS a result of Obama Inc.’s treachery, the Brotherhood’s propaganda arm in America, CAIR, becomes emboldened at every turn, muscling and muzzling this one and that one. Its latest target – FOX News.

SO as the world witnesses the abrogation of U.S. leadership, they are forced to hear the White House’s mouthpiece opine, “it is inaccurate to use phrase ‘radical Islam’ to talk about terrorists!

HECK, even tv’s SHOWTIME hasn’t escaped their net, as they “may avoid Muslim terrorist storyline in season 5”. Oh well…another one bows down. Submits.



COUNTER jihadists, for the most part, understand what needs to be done to beat back Islam’s inroads against the west, but there is some disagreement as to what sits atop the pecking order. Yes, there are several imperatives housed at this site, however, in light of the multifaceted threat level – demonstrably clear through the explosions in Paris – the following is Number One: basically, westerners must cease dealing with Islam’s barbarians though their western prism. Forthwith. Simple as that.

EFFECTIVELY, a mental reversal, a volte-face, is in order, even though it can be very discomfiting. Regardless, the more one understands what makes them tick – culturally, politically and religiously etc – the more equipped one is to counter their inroads. The above is precisely why this site was formed, to act as a repository for said information, plus other (related) matters too. However, countering jihad has always been the focal point.

RESULTANT, in solidarity with the victims in Paris, the signage has become             “Je Suis Charlie”. Well and good. This gut level outpouring of western camaraderie, “rallying around” those who were slaughtered, is very important. However, there is a time and place for everything.

KNOW this: in so far as what works, when operating against the jihadi arena, well, “feel good” tactics absolutely, incontrovertibly, miss the most important mark; that which will ACTUALLY keep Islamic jihadists on the run! In reality, they are laughing their (smelly) asses off at emotional displays, what they consider the west’s Achilles heel.

IN this regard, arguably, if the intent is to fight fire with fire – the jury is still out, if westerners are resolved to do so…its leaders certainly aren’t – and demonstrate fierce resolve against the imposition of Shariah Law, sentimental identification with victims of jihad is viewed as a TOTAL sign of weakness by Islamists, whether they are of Arab origin or any other background in between.  

THE point being, if the leadership amassed in Paris had any backbone (let alone requisite clues how to counter jihad) they would have taken a polar opposite approach. Concomitantly, different “marching orders” would have filtered down to the millions of marchers, and the leaders would have set the tone, even if many decided to go their own way. Moreover, westerners congregating at social media (and elsewhere) would have picked up on this new assertive stance. Most importantly, the jihadists would have as well!

NEVERTHELESS, it is not too late to turn things around, though the window of opportunity is closing fast. Precipitous. Basically, all the signage, henceforth, must be to render Muhammed in all his barbaric and perverse ignominy, leaving aside the natural inclination towards sentimentality, at least for this part of the global struggle.

TO wit, such steadfast, massive resolve would signal to those who only respect STRENGTH and RESOLVE that the drumbeat against them will go on and on and on… 

THE above was precisely why a VERY FRONTAL approach was taken in this week’s commentary…a method to the “madness”: thus, ripping the mask off of “prophet” Muhammed !



MOST significantly, the back door to implanting Blasphemy, Shariah Law’s silencing of all anti-Islamic speech, becomes a byproduct of “Islamophobia”. Voila. After all, only “Islamophobes” speak out against Islam/Muhammed, so if they are silenced, well, the bloodshed will cease. Do non-halal pigs fly too?

THEREBY, as Barack HUSSEIN Obama, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) at the U.N., and worldwide Shariah Law proponents advocate, the overriding “necessity” of Shariah Law’s Blasphemy dictates become self-evident. Indeed, the aforementioned muzzles become the only tool capable of guarding global “peace”. A perverse inversion of what the west has to do to triumph over evil. 

AT its base, the long-standing intention has been – wherever pro Islamists reside, whether ensconced in America’s power centers, Eurabia, the Mid East, Asia, Africa and even in the caves of Afghanistan – to seize upon particular bloodletting, those which link a “cause and effect” from “insulting” Muslims!

charlie special imagebot

ALAS, as Charlie Hebdo gives them the proverbial finger, by producing their “salute” to Muhammed after last week’s carnage – surely evincing much displeasure from the Islamist-in-Chief – similarly, why isn’t he concerned by the potshots the satirical weekly takes at Jews, Israel and everything (of a touchy nature) under the sun? And, what about the Arab/Muslim world’s CONTINUOUS incitement against the “zionist entity” and “Joos” – depicted as apes, pigs and monkeys – within EVERY forum they oversee, even in their schoolbooks?

STRANGELY, mum’s the word. Why??

(“courtesy” of Charlie Hebdo)

ON the other hand, as offensive as the above is to Jews and Zionists, and to all people of good conscience – this investigative journalist to boot –  why is it that we understand that the overriding right to free speech supplants ones personal discomfit, whether religious-wise or not?

OTHERWISE, wouldn’t it be the case that we also have an excuse, a “religious” duty, to slaughter those who print said incitement, or at the very least demand a TOTAL restriction on said depictions, vile as they are to those who hold Judaism and Israel dear. Agreed?

FAIR is fair…except when one is viewing the world through the lens of “Islamophobia”!

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