A Patriotic Warning To Islamic/Anti-Americans In The U.S. :”Stand Down” – Or Else…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

22 Jihad Training Camps in the US - FBI Refuses to Take Action

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THERE comes a fork in the road, so to speak, whereby rational folks finally say: enough!

ENOUGH toying with the patience, generosity, resolve and fortitude of patriotic Americans. No more testing whether Islamic adherence (to Shariah law) will become the “law of the land”, as opposed to the Constitution. After all, who the hell do they think they are?

BESIDES, whether Muslim (and leftist) leaders get it or not; or Islamic mouthpieces can’t take no for an answer; well, they would do well to “stand down”, especially when millions of loyal Americans are riled up and completely fed up.

NOW the aforementioned fork in the road absolutely veered into sharper relief, hence, dangerous territory, when juxtaposed against the increasingly brazen exhortations spewed by Islamic leaders in America. What did they expect, a (Shariah law) welcome mat?

YES, the newly minted “most influential” American-Muslim came into this investigative journalist’s radar, a full 4 months before he was anointed TOP Islamic dog! For the record, his supporters were none too pleased with the spotlight at this site. Oh well.

BACK to the highlight, the accolades heaped on Sheikh Hamza Yusuf this past week:

This year’s issue of The Muslim 500 names Sheikh Hamza Yusuf as the most influential Muslim-American. He is often portrayed as a moderate, but he recently endorsed Sharia governance and heads an Islamist college in California with extremist faculty.

Yusuf is ranked as the 35th most influential Muslim in the world by the publication. He is described as the “leading Islamic authority” in America. He is the current president and a senior faculty member of Zaytuna College in California.

MOREOVER, patriots are finally understanding why the bugaboo of “moderate” Muslims is a non-starter, thereby leaving them without little recourse. Not only that, but countering the Koran’s barbarism has become an urgent task, all in order to reveal Islam’s underbelly and to save western civilization. It is THAT serious.

INDEED, American-Muslims (those adhering to Islamic Shariah law) present a clear and present danger at home and abroad. And it is this precarious state of national affairs, its tipping point, which precipitates the following “letter” from Dave Gaubatz:

Dear ISLAM (A Letter From Americans)
23 Oct 2014
Patriotic Americans are watching you, studying your actions, and daily they are becoming more and more aware of the evils of Islam.  We are a very open and caring group of people. Often it takes us awhile to open our eyes because as a nation founded on Christian and Judaic values, we want to believe most people throughout the world are good, honest, and loving people. We now understand you are no good.
Although the eyes of our President, his staff, supporters, the vast majority of media personnel, senior law enforcement executives, and liberal Hollywood are blinded by the true reasons your Islamic terrorist organization commit atrocities, ‘True American Patriots’ have been awaken.
We fully understand you are carrying out what your founder (Mohammed) desired for you to carry out in the name of Islam. Patriotic Americans now realize the Islamic ideology is the true Satan of the world.  For over 1400 years it has been spewing hatred and violence across our globe.  We realize the world is dealing with rabid animals who must be put down.  We know the only way to do this is to destroy the fabric of the dangerous Islamic ideology itself and to fight as Americans of past wars have fought.
We have over 22 million veterans, millions of other Americans, and friends like the people of Israel who will bond together to ‘annihilate’ you.  We will not rely on Obama and his Islamic terrorist supporting advocates. Americans now realize  there is a movement to destroy America from within, and it starts at the very top.
We will fight to close down every mosque in America, every non profit (IRS supported) Islamic organization, and to abolish the satanic framework of Islam. Americans are now realizing mosques are the breeding grounds for hatred and violence, and each one and it’s people desire to see Israel and America destroyed, and to one day dominate the world with Islamic satanic values.
There have been Americans who for years have studied the mosque structure.  Only about 25% of the people who identify with Islam attend the mosques as Mohammed demanded. The other 75% are shunning Islam because they know what it stands for.  They know there is no mosque leader who desires to go against any aspect of Sharia law.  The basic fundamentals of Islam demand the Jews, Christians, and people who do not accept all of Sharia law should be killed.  We know this isn’t some radical thought by a few Muslim people.  We know it is what Islam teaches from the very day a child is born into Islam.
Americans fully understand Islam destroys the hearts and souls of Muslim women and children.  The vast majority of this group only remain with the Islamic faith because tthey have been threatened with death if they leave the cult of Islam.
Americans now know that anyone who accepts and advocates for Shariah law in it’s entirety as Islam dictates, are ‘Pure Muslims’ who practice Islam like Mohammed dictated.  We know there are millions of people who identify with Islam only because of fear, and they do not have the feeling in their heart to practice this evil doctrine. The world calls them ‘moderates, but Islamic leaders call them apostates.  They are executed every day in the name of Islam.
In America our weak leaders from both sides of the aisle have let America down.  They have let our children down. They are in the process of destroying the very fabric of America. Patriotic Americans will not allow America to be destroyed either from within or from the outer perimeters of our country.
We still have some politicians who love America, we have many military personnel from all ranks who love our country, and we have the millions more as we have described above who will stand tall for the country we love.  Patriotic Americans are counting on our senior military leaders and politicians to defend America at all costs if required.
Patriotic Americans do not desire war.  We understand children are often the victims of war, but we will not ‘stand down’ and allow our children’s future to be destroyed in the name of Islam.  We may not have ‘boots on the ground’ in Syria or Iraq that could be used to protect innocent people in this area, but we have millions of ‘boots on the ground’ in America who will stomp the hell out of our enemies.
Patriotic Americans are thankful for the courageous leaders of Israel who give us hope. Americans have watched them for many years, and we know they will show the leadership style that must be copied by American leaders if we desire to protect our country from the evils of Islam.
One of your leading supporters is a man from Brooklyn, NY, who goes by the name of Imam Siraj Wahhaj. Wahhaj once told his followers that Muslims in America are the most strategically placed Muslims in the world. He further stated the bombs of the American government can’t reach them.  Wahhaj is only partially right.
The American government will never bomb Islamic terrorists and their supporters in America, but Patriotic Americans will follow the U.S. Constitution and use all legal means to destroy each one of you who seek to conquer our land.
American Patriots do not have the minds and hearts of our weak leaders, we have the mindset and hearts of the people of Israel.  The Jewish people understand the realities of what it is like to have an ideology founded that demands the annihilation of their people.  Six million plus innocent Jews died in the name of Hitler’s ideology. These brave people did not give their lives in vain. Millions of people will be saved throughout the world because we have seen what an evil ideology can do.  We will not allow history to repeat itself with the Jewish or Christian people in America.
God Bless America, and you have been forewarned not to underestimate the will of the American Patriots.

HEY Dave, them’s fighting words…

AS to internalizing who’s who on the patriot food chain….

Aside from co-authoring the magna carté of books on the Muslim underworld, Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld That’s Conspiring to Islamize America, Dave Gaubatz is a U.S. State Department-trained Arabic linguist and a retired Federal Agent with the U.S. Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI). With over three decades of combined Air Force (AF) experience, his career has led him on missions spanning the Middle East — from Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Kuwait to Iraq. As a Special Federal Agent, he has received the highest forms of U.S. security clearances for top-secret intelligence information — including for weapons of mass destruction and espionage — and has been briefed into many “black projects.”

Among his varied achievements, Gaubatz has investigated felony crimes against the U.S. Air Force and government, as well as has been assigned to counterterrorism and counterintelligence investigations. He was the very first Special Civilian Agent deployed to Nasiriyah, Iraq, in 2003 for Operation Liberation Iraq. Using his Arabic training to travel throughout, he gathered vital intelligence on espionage and weapons of mass destruction (WMD). Although he was able to uncover sites, the U.S. failed to excavate them, and the weapons were later taken by groups of insurgents.

During this stint in Iraq, Gaubatz was also assigned to rescue the family of Mohammed Odeh Al-Rehaief, the Iraqi lawyer who aided in rescuing Pfc. Jessica Lynch. He has earned numerous Federal awards for identifying WMD sites and Islamic terrorists planning attacks against the U.S. and its troops.

IF Shariah law adherents in the U.S. know what is good for them, they will pay heed to Dave Gaubatz’s very straightforward warnings; one which is borne from deep undercover work within the American-Islamic community, as well as non-paralleled experience within the Fed’s top intelligence community. But as a retired Federal Agent, PC restraints from atop do not bind his hands, nor that of millions of Americans. 

THE Constitution, the law(s) of the land, will guide their way, as will America’s Judeo and Christian foundations.

QUESTIONS, anyone?

Hey ISIS and all muslims in America who want to be lone wolves and align with islamic terrorists: "We are waiting for you... behind every blade of grass."</p><br /><br /><br />
<p>We will NOT SUBMIT, CONVERT, OR COWER IN FEAR.<br /><br /><br /><br />


9 thoughts on “A Patriotic Warning To Islamic/Anti-Americans In The U.S. :”Stand Down” – Or Else…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

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  2. Islam is a non starter with the American people. It may have some friends in high places but they are on VERY shaky ground to. A few more hatchet attacks and the mosques will come down-fast. Islam is repugnant to Americans. They can put lipstick on both ends of that pig, Americans know a pig when they see one.

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  4. True. Sooner or later the West will wake up to itself and slough off the mentality of Political Correctness, which says you can’t criticise minorities. Then we will stand up and deal with the worst religion in the world, which the Politically Correct have been protecting for years.

  5. There was no Jewish holocaust involving Hitler.The 6 million figure first appeared in 1915,long before Hitler ever came to power.Plus,the “death camps” like Auswitze have been investigated and were determined that there was no gas chambers.The real holocaust was at the hands of the Khazar Jews in Russian gulags,the victims were mostly Christians.The Jewish holocaust was/is propaganda aimed at passing legislation such as anti semetic laws to shield these same Khazar Jews from future criticism.These same Khazars are now in control of USA.george Schiff aka GWH Bush et al.Same with the Rothchild/Rockefeller which are one and the same,the name change was to throw folks off.I am very grateful for the awakening happening on Earth these days.If they taught me our true history when I was in school it would have been much more interesting to say the least.

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