Jihadi Terror EVERYWHERE: Truck/Car Ramming in Israel & America. Israel’s Leftist Junta On The Hook. America’s Alike. Proofs. Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

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AS night follows day, so too can westerners depend upon Allah’s Muslim Terrorists to infiltrate and penetrate, unopposed, into western spheres. And while they wreck jihad throughout Israel, rest assured, America is their TOP target. Inextricably, leftists in both countries have blood-soaked hands, as they lend Islam’s barbarians “legitimate” PC cover! Bastards. Fig-leafs.

EVEN so, Israel, as the homeland of the Jewish people, stands in the way of jihadists and their leftist compadres, as they close in for the kill toward a total collapse of western civilization. This is the case, regardless of who sits at the helm.

INHERENTLY, the historical and biblical homeland of the Jewish people serves as the west’s moral barometer; its standard-bearer to what humankind should aspire to. Now, none of this should be misconstrued as an apologia for Israel’s gravely derelict leadership, in so far as leftists rule its roost. Still yet, despite its poor excuse for leaders, the Jewish homeland stands as a beacon of light to the west, and Islam’s barbarians and their fellow leftist travelers must, heaven forfend, destroy and extinguish it. NEVER forget this.

INESTIMABLY, Israel, if it falls, will become a knock-on blow – as the co-pillar to western civilization, or of what remains of it – to America’s collapse due to its moral failing(s). On the other side of the spectrum, Europe is considered the soft target, and this is so for a multiplicity of reasons. Let’s leave that aside for now.

BUT before we continue with the latest jihadi terror, it must be noted that none of the following reportage should be unexpected. In fact, the opposite is the truth.

AS a matter of record, the west has been falling off the cliff, albeit undetected, for decades. However, at least since 9/11/01 blew apart its teetering state of being, its vulnerability to jihad and leftist cheerleaders was, for the most part, unknown.

IN fact, the recent indicator of “see no (Islamic/leftist) evil, hear no (Islamic/leftist) evil” is revealed by the absolute non-response, the deafening silence, re the decimation of Christianity throughout the Mid East and North Africa, even as it inches closer to America. How can this be? How can the Pope, the entire European ecumenical hierarchy, as well as America’s political and religious leadership, remain stone cold silent? Asked and answered.

SO is it any wonder that while Christendom burns and Jews are continuously slaughtered, the west’s pusillanimous leaders and so-called elites party on? In tandem, a collaborative media and anti-western academia must be deemed colluding partners. Thus, the disintegration of the west marches forward.  

IN this regard, let’s start with the nexus between jihadi ramming (as just one method of slaughter) in America, and then segue to its fore-bearer in Israel, aka “the jihadi laboratory.”


Somali refugee Abdul Razak Ali Artan posted on Facebook that he was ‘sick and tired of seeing my fellow Muslim brothers being killed and tortured’ shortly before he went on a slashing rampage at the Ohio State University that left 11 injured.

Authorities are currently investigating the posts, allegedly made by Artan, which mention radical cleric Anwar Awlaki and accuse America of ‘interfering’ with other nations.

‘I am sick and tired of seeing my fellow Muslim brothers and sisters being killed and tortured EVERYWHERE,’ it stated. ‘I can’t take it anymore.

‘America! Stop interfering with other countries, especially Muslim Ummah (communities)… [if] you want us Muslims to stop carrying lone wolf attacks….continue reading….

WHICH brings us full circle to the LATEST act of Islamic jihad in Israel, out of a list that could fill book, after book, after book….

A heavy crane truck, driven by a Palestinian terrorist, rocketed back and forth across a patch of grass at the Armon Hanatziv promenade in Jerusalem, murdering 4 soldiers, three of them female servicewomen, and injuring 15, before a civilian security guard, Eytan Rond, and a soldier shot and killed the driver.

Present at the scene were some 300 trainees of the IDF Officers’ School, Bahad 1 – all of them armed. Eytan described how he shot at the truck’s wheels but, when it kept on coming, he ran round to the driver’s side of the cab and shot him straight through the wind screen. The driver was killed on the spot.

The photo attached to this article shows no more than 9 or 10 bullet holes, confirming the security guard’s statement that he emptied a magazine. He also reported that the officers and men closest to him hesitated to use their M-16 rifles, which he said were better than his own, and could have stopped the truck much sooner before it began wheeling back and forth and slamming into more victims.  

His account was confirmed by video footage, which shows dozens of uniformed men 30-50 meters from the rampaging truck and heading away. There were also witnesses who reported that groups of Palestinians stood by and watched and some clapped and shouted encouragement to the truck driver.

A straight line must clearly be drawn between the conduct IDF soldiers exhibited in Jerusalem Sunday and the case of the Hebron soldier, Elor Azaria, whom a week ago a military court convicted of manslaughter for killing an injured terrorist.

The Azaria case has proved highly divisive in Israel, with heated arguments going back and forth over his action. But, the fact remains that, just a week later, a large group of IDF servicemen, most of them officer cadets, bolted instead of challenging the terrorist, when they were faced with the first major Palestinian terrorist attack after the court’s verdict.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu who visited the scene at the end of the day called an urgent security cabinet meeting for Sunday night.
Members of the terrorist’s family have been taken in for police questioning  His neighborhood, Jabal Muqaber, is under lockdown.

INDEED, requisite huffing and puffing and bloviating aside by Israel’s derelict leadership – par for their leftist-captured course – is on display. But make no mistake, it will not even make a dent! This is the G-d’s honest truth, as they bow to the left’s dictates and demands: do NOT use a “heavy hand” against the Arabs/Muslims and that is that!

Fadi Al Qunbar, the terrorist who carried out the ramming attack at Armon Hanatziv in southern Jerusalem and murdered four soldiers, escaped serving a prison sentence in the past due to a court decision, it was revealed tonight (Monday) on Channel 10.

According to the report, the terrorist was convicted a few years ago for receiving a stolen vehicle and was sentenced to 180 hours of community service. He failed to contact the probation service to begin his sentence, as the court decision had demanded, and police asked the judge to be strict with him.

A court request was filed to convert his sentence to imprisonment. However, the judge rejected the police request.

The terrorist refused to attend a portion of the hearings claiming to be “afraid of the security situation”. Yesterday he carried out the attack with an unregistered vehicle.

KNOW this: ever since 9/11/01, Islam’s barbarians have been winning, and it is due to all of the above and so much more. But what is most significant is the confused mindset of those who hold sway in Israel and America, leftists, the whole damn lot of them!

STILL yet, proofs in the pudding, so to speak, must always be front and center. Thus, if NOT for the fact that Israel’s ruling left – that which permeates the political AND military hierarchy – has made it impossible for soldiers and officers alike “to shoot to kill” each and every terrorist, there is NO doubt that this week’s terrorist would have been shot that much quicker, and some of his victims would still be alive! Cause and effect. 

MORE specifically, is it accidental or coincidental that just last week a valiant Israeli soldier was convicted of manslaughter for killing a terrorist, followed up by soldiers and officers “standing down” (as revealed above) on the heels of the latest truck jihadi, afraid to meet the same (jailed) fate? Yes, due to Israel’s leftist braying jackals, Elor Azariya’s Orwellian conviction led to the latest non-responsive reaction, thus, the soldiers kept their hands off the trigger! At the end of it all, it took a private security guard to finally put him down, like the rabid dog that he was!

Azariya, accused of manslaughter after shooting a wounded terrorist in Hevron on March 24th, 2016, claimed that he opened fire on the terrorist as an act of self-defense, arguing that he feared the terrorist was attempting to detonate an explosive device.

Following the decision by the court, Azariya is expected to be transferred immediately from the court to prison, even before a final sentence is handed down. Azariya will likely receive his sentence in February. He could face up to 20 years in jail….

“The accused opened fire against the [army’s] rules of engagement,” said Heller. “The terrorist was not a threat. The accused denied the claims against him and argued that the terrorist did in fact constitute a threat. He argued that… there was a concrete threat to him and his peers due to concerns that [the terrorist was armed] with a [concealed] knife or explosive device.”

Heller added that shouting heard at the scene of the attack, which included claims that the terrorist appeared to be concealing a bomb and exhorting those in the area to keep their distance, did not justify Azariya’s actions.

The ruling also touched upon the rules of engagement themselves, restricting the ability of soldiers in the future to open fire – even when they believe their lives to be at risk.

“Henceforth,” said Heller, “justifying opening fire [with intent] to kill based only upon suspicions [of threats] will be forbidden.

“Even if we were to accept the [defendant’s] version of the story regarding his suspicion [that the terrorist was carrying] a bomb, it would not justify shooting. There is no justification for shooting when there is only suspicion of a threat, [and not] definitive identification of a weapon.”

The court also rejected testimony by Dr. Yehuda Hiss, former head of the Abu Kabir Forensic Institute, who had argued that the terrorist was not killed by the shot fired by Azariya, but had in fact already succumbed to injuries caused by the initial shooting which neutralized.

Outside of the court, hundreds of protesters demonstrated against the ruling, facing off against 350 police officers deployed around the Kirya compound.

ASK yourself: are Israel’s (leftist) lunatics running the asylum, similar to America’s cesspool? 


LET there be NO doubt that Islam’s barbarians are winning this war to the death. Not only that, it is inordinately clear that the leadership of the twin pillars of western civilization, America and Israel, are assisting in wielding the forceps. 

THINK of it this way: given two antagonists – one a moral relativist, the other a moral absolutist, then, all other things being equal, the absolutist is more likely to persevere and win in any protracted conflict.

SIMPLE as that. Ominous.

(Latest truck used by Allah’s Muslim Terrorist!!)Truck used by terrorist

Jihad At Ohio State:Somali “Refugee” Carried Out Muhammad’s, Islam’s, Dictates!The Underlying Truth(s) Revealed. Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Abdul Razak Ali Artan has been identified as the Ohio State student who went on a stabbing rampage at the school on Monday, injuring eleven. The student newspaper shared this photo of Artan today. It is from an interview with him earlier this year

IT is not for nothing that this investigative journalist and jihadi expert keeps harping on Muhammad, the  supreme “role model” of committed Muslims world over. This is the case because ALL of their bloodletting is housed within the Quran, their “holy” book, which Muhammad dictated as God’s word. Hmm.

SO much so, a very high priority and premium is placed at this author’s book – “BANNED: How Facebook Enables Militant Islamic Jihad” – re the subject at hand. Its excerpted basis can be found on page 19. It reads as follows:

THE FUNDAMENTAL PROBLEM OF ISLAM is the belief that God talked to Muhammad and dictated the contents of the Koran to him. Muslims are indoctrinated into believing the Koran is God’s word, and so they act on the numerous incitements to violence that they find in it.

What they find in the Koran came from the mind of Muhammad, and for insight into the mental condition of this “prophet,” consider Chapter 33 of his Koran, entitled “The Confederates.” This is one of the chapters Muhammad composed in Yathrib (later called Medina) where he fled after his Meccan compatriots realized they needed to kill him to preserve their way of life.

The chapter is like a wild theme park ride that races in and out of numerous topics. In the 73 verses that make up the chapter, Muhammad covers the following in the God-voice he used for the Koran: He recaps a recent battle with the Meccans and excoriates people who were afraid to fight and die for him; he gloats about his extermination of the men and boys of one of the Jewish tribes of Yathrib, the confiscation of their property, and the enslavement of their women and children; he authorizes himself to take as many wives as he likes, permits himself to marry the wife of his adopted son, forbids himself from taking any more wives after he has taken as many as he likes, but allows himself sex slaves.

As the verses of this “revelation” continue, Muhammad imposes full body and face cover for women when outside the home, threatens people with humiliating punishment in the afterlife for annoying him, threatens to murder his critics, prohibits the practice of adoption, and dishes up images of sadistic torture in Hell awaiting people who don’t believe in him. He also praises himself as a “lamp spreading light,” and holds his behavior as a “beautiful pattern” for people to follow if they want to score well with Allah.

Among the verses is a celestial advisory that he must be obeyed:

“It is not fitting for a Believer, man or woman, when a matter has been decided by Allah and His Messenger to have any option about their decision: if any one disobeys Allah and His Messenger, he is indeed on a clearly wrong Path.” (Koran 33:36) [All of the Koran quotes in this article are taken from the Yusuf Ali translation.]

Despite their tediousness, it is worth exploring some of these verses because, in addition to providing evidence of his strange mentality, they also show that his Koran was like a blog in which he commented on the happenings of the moment. The happenings of the moment recorded in Chapter 33 had to do with war, sex, and Muhammad’s betrayal of his adopted son…..

INCONTESTABLY, the recital of a madman!

PATRIOTS, know that sans internalizing the primary import and driving force of the above, it is impossible to understand why jihadis rampage all over America, Israel, and the west at large. Post haste, cease listening to all the feckless politicians and media bobbleheads, as to this and that “reason” why a particular follower of Islam exploded. Yes, apologists on steroids will lead to a continuous list of “infidel” deaths. Cause and effect.


Fox News says “The motive behind the attack is still unclear.”

NBC news writes “Officials cautioned that they have not determined a motive for the ambush.”


NOW, before heading to the latest in Ohio, it is imperative to look toward Israel and see what lies in wait, almost as if a mirror image. Yes, jihad is jihad is jihad….and car-jihad and knife-jihad top the list! 

(One of countless car-jihads in Israel!)

IN tandem, let’s hark back to Nov. 2015, since the following serves as one foretaste – the precursor to Ohio – out of many more to come. Listen up.

  • Who recalls California U’s stabbing jihadi from Nov. 2015? If not, time to catch up to speed!WHILE all campus rampages garner news headlines – as they should – when it comes to certain PC protected classes (whenever they are involved in murderous acts, even when outside campus quads), well, digging into the true motive is clearly off the table. Verboten. In other words, suppressing the driving factor is the “norm.” Not only that, grabbing onto any snippet which obviates connecting the dots becomes the media’s main objective – the “real headline”, the heretofore prescribed narrative.HENCE, the mendacious reportage on the most recent (STABBING) carnage at U of C Merced. Think of it as “the dog ate the homework or “the devil made them do it” excuse, or some such obvious lying drivel. However, in PC media omerta scenarios – unlike garden variety liars who attempt to pass the buck – lying will inevitably and directly lead to deadly consequences. Most resolutely, in the U of C Merced stab-fest, its underbelly couldn’t be more of a red flag, even if a matador was retained to blare said warning to the public. No exaggeration.BUT before we get to the heart of today’s media disinfectant, let’s veer back to how deep in the tank so-called mainstream “reporting” is, relative to truth-telling. Consider…..and with more of the same disinfectant cited here too….screen-shot-2015-11-05-at-4-41-26-pmTRUTH dare be told, this site is light-years ahead of so-called mainstream media. Mind you, they couldn’t catch up, even if they wanted to – which they don’t! Now, this investigative journalist hardly lays claim to being a genius. Far from it. But it is absolutely the case that what is understood within these pages regarding Islam and its relationship to jihadi terror is so solid that the readers can – and should – bet their lives on it. And when it comes to the Muslim Brotherhood Mafia, indeed, little is hidden from this radar. This is precisely why said knowledge base is, time and again, pressed into service to educate and alert the public to the whys and wherefores, as well as to what (more than likely) lies ahead.NOW, before we link the initial Allah-wash re the deceased (may he burn in a hellish vortex) U of C Merced student jihadi to what really went down, it is intrinsic to recognize the nexus to Boston’s (marathon) jihad in April 2013, relative to the FEDS (upon the orders of HUSSEIN Obama’s DHS) GRAVE malfeasance…..continue reading….

CLEAR as a bell. But never mind, let’s segue to Ohio State’s Somali (six of one…. half a dozen of another) jihadi.

FIRSTLY, per the PC addled media, political apologists, and law enforcement back-benchers:

A student at Ohio State University intentionally rammed a car into pedestrians on a busy campus sidewalk on Monday morning and then began slashing passers-by with a butcher knife, the authorities said, injuring 11 students and faculty and staff members, and setting off panic at one of the nation’s largest public universities.

A university police officer fatally shot the suspect within about a minute of the attack, but the sprawling campus in Columbus, Ohio, remained on lockdown for about an hour and a half as people ran for cover and barricaded themselves in academic buildings and dorms.

Investigators were looking into whether the attack was an act of terrorism and were seeking information on the student, Abdul Artan, a permanent United States resident from Somalia who was studying logistics management at Ohio State.

The F.B.I. was investigating comments on Facebook indicating that he may have felt Muslims were being persecuted, an investigator said.

Last summer the student newspaper, The Lantern, published an interview with Mr. Artan in which he complained about being afraid to pray in public as a Muslim, because of people’s negative perceptions of the religion.

“I was kind of scared with everything going on in the media. I’m a Muslim, it’s not what media portrays me to be,” he told the newspaper. “If people look at me, a Muslim praying, I don’t know what they’re going to think, what’s going to happen. But I don’t blame them. It’s the media that put that picture in their heads.”

YES, he was “oh, so scared”, still yet, he had zero faint of heart, when it came to executing a stabbing and ramming spree!

ALAS, chuck aside all of the fairy tale “reporting” because this is where it is at:

Somali refugee Abdul Razak Ali Artan posted on Facebook that he was ‘sick and tired of seeing my fellow Muslim brothers being killed and tortured’ shortly before he went on a slashing rampage at the Ohio State University that left 11 injured.

Authorities are currently investigating the posts, allegedly made by Artan, which mention radical cleric Anwar Awlaki and accuse America of ‘interfering’ with other nations.

‘I am sick and tired of seeing my fellow Muslim brothers and sisters being killed and tortured EVERYWHERE,’ it stated. ‘I can’t take it anymore.

‘America! Stop interfering with other countries, especially Muslim Ummah (communities)… [if] you want us Muslims to stop carrying lone wolf attacks.’

EVEN so, mark these words: PC poohbahs will spin the tale that said “refugee” had “mental” problems, thus, his actions reflected stress factors, and his rampage had NOTHING to do with Islam ! שְׁטוּיוֹת…bullsh-t… 

MOST significantly, nothing, absolutely nothing, will change, that is, if patriots don’t demand a TOTAL ban on Islam’s poisonous roots within America, Israel, and the west in toto.

BUT if anyone knows the score, look no further than here for the ultimate in truth-telling.

During my career as a U.S. Federal Agent and as an Islamic counterterrorism professional for three decades plus, I want to clarify for all how the motive for a crime is determined. As we all know, the reason a person acted in a certain manner, which concluded in a crime, is the motive. Our media, politicians, and our law enforcement seem to struggle for extended periods of time over what the motive was for a Muslim who committed an act of Islamic terrorism. Whenever a Muslim (pure advocate of Shariah law) does anything, and I stress anything, his/her motive is for the advancement of Islam worldwide and under Sharia law.

In the case of the Muslim Islamic terrorist who committed an act of terrorism today at the Ohio State University, he carried out the act of injuring people for the advancement of Islam. Allegedly he was not satisfied with the lack of Islamic prayer rooms at OSU. Law enforcement and others are misleading patriots by suggesting this is the reason he tried to kill people. Islam and Shariah law demand their followers to fight any form of perceived oppression because Prophet Mohammed (a false prophet) advocated for Islam to one day rule the world. In order to achieve this goal Muslims are taught to fight, humiliate, cause stress, and misery to non believers of Islam at all places and at all times. By doing this Islam is advanced one step further toward a worldwide caliphate.

America and the world will continue to see more attacks at our schools, because Islamic terrorists opine the hearts of the American people and all innocent people are their children. They feel if they (Muslims) destroy the hearts of innocent people, they will destroy their will to live and will bow to the order of Islam.

Wake up innocent patriots worldwideIslam and pure Muslims who advocate Islam and Shariah law are your enemies. You can no more tame a rattle-head snake than you can a Muslim who has accepted Islam and the love of a false prophet (Mohammed) who hates Christians and Jews, and who has flooded our world with violence and wars since his unfortunate birth over 1400 years ago.

CONSEQUENTIALLY, refer to the above video as a template. Otherwise, the bloodletting on behalf of Islam will NEVER end, if patriots fail to take matters into their own hands!!

IT is your call.

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