California U’s “Jihadi-Stabber” Masked By Media Omerta: Mirrors “Stabbing-Jihad” In Israel! Commentary By Adina Kutnicki


Authorities said that the weapon used in the stabbings was a hunting knife (like the one pictured in this stock photo) between 8 and 10 inches long

(Facsimile of weapon used by Islam’s soldier for Allah at U of C Merced)

WHILE all campus rampages garner news headlines – as they should – when it comes to certain PC protected classes (whenever they are involved in murderous acts, even when outside campus quads), well, digging into the true motive is clearly off the table. Verboten. In other words, suppressing the driving factor is the “norm.” Not only that, grabbing onto any snippet which obviates connecting the dots becomes the media’s main objective – the “real headline”, the heretofore prescribed narrative.

HENCE, the mendacious reportage on the most recent (STABBING) carnage at U of C Merced. Think of it as “the dog ate the homework or “the devil made them do it” excuse, or some such obvious lying drivel. However, in PC media omerta scenarios – unlike garden variety liars who attempt to pass the buck – lying will inevitably and directly lead to deadly consequences. Most resolutely, in the U of C Merced stab-fest, its underbelly couldn’t be more of a red flag, even if a matador was retained to blare said warning to the public. No exaggeration.

BUT before we get to the heart of today’s media disinfectant, let’s veer back to how deep in the tank so-called mainstream “reporting” is, relative to truth-telling. Consider:


FIRST off, it is intrinsic to internalize that US gov’t entities pay the media for “selective” reporting. Yes, they do. Pravda-like. Extrapolating further, being that Obama Inc. (the captured media didn’t start with the current regime but it ramped up at warp speed under its reign) has an orchestrated message re Allah’s soldiers and warriors, that is, in so far as their “peaceful” intent, it is nigh impossible for their whores to tell the truth. In a nutshell, HUSSEIN Obama’s surrogates are so far down the rabbit hole they are terrified to report on Islam’s war-like thrust. 

BUT never mind, this is where this site (and a handful of others) weighs in.


NEXT up, the co-opted media waged a full-on omerta (Dec. 2014) when NYPD officers were assassinated by Allah’s soldiers. Nevertheless, the evidence at these pages was very clear on this linkage, regardless of their spin.

Ismaaiyl Muhammad


SO in light of omertas one and two, is it shocking to find out that the media is similarly silent, re the grave dangers associated with Islamic hijrah into America and the entire west? 

NOW, for those who are having trouble accepting said charges against the media, well, clearly relying on their so-called “reporting” as gospel is wildly dangerous.

BESIDES, who recalls another knife-waving Muslim student within a different California U campus (are readers sensing a pattern yet…knife-wise and campus-wise?) by the name of Mohammad Hammad? If not, time to catch up to speed. His targets? Just guess…

 Tumblr page of Mohammad G. Hammad, president of SFSU-funded General Union of Palestine Students

(Tumblr page of Mohammad G. Hammad, president of SFSU-funded General Union of Palestine Students)

IN any case, back to last week’s California knife-wielding jihadi and the subsequent “report”….

Anger over being kicked out of a UC Merced study group drove an 18-year-old computer science student to make a precise plan to kill “a lot of people,” according to a two-page, hand-written manifesto found during his autopsy, authorities said Thursday.

Faisal Mohammad, a slender freshman in glasses, entered his Wednesday morning class with a 10-inch knife, a backpack filled with zip-tie handcuffs, duct tape and, in his pocket, a point-by-point script for vengeance, Merced County Sheriff Vern Warnke told reporters: “He had a pretty elaborate idea of what he wanted to do.”

“We had an upset teenager that was upset over being kicked out of a study group” for being disruptive, the sheriff said. “He was a teenager, he got mad and took it out this way.

“We don’t know what’s going to trigger and we don’t have a crystal ball … We don’t know. The human person is a very unpredictable being.”

Mohammad rolled out his plan, attacking and wounding one student as the professor and others in the room screamed. Then, something happened that interrupted his script, Warnke said. A nearby construction worker heard the screams and burst in. The 31-year-old Merced man tangled with the teen, who slashed him with the knife and then fled the room. Mohammad would stab and wound two other people before he was chased down by campus police and shot to death.

“The fortunate part is,” Warnke said, “his plans went haywire because people fought back … a very brave construction worker who stopped this from going on. It took his script away from him.”

The discovery of the script, with some 24 precise steps and, like a computer software code, instructions to repeat, answered the question of what motivated the quiet teen from Santa Clara to launch the most brazen act of violence to occur on the young UC campus, set in a rural landscape before the Sierra Nevada mountains.

While armchair observers on social media were quick to point to Mohammad’s mere name as evidence of terrorism, Warnke said that was not the case.

Wearing his signature cowboy hat, the sheriff told a crowd of reporters Thursday “there is nothing to indicate this was anything other than a teenage boy who got upset with fellow classmates.”

Asked if the manifesto made any references to Allah, Warnke said there were, but dismissed any suggestion that Mohammad was motivated by religion.

“His belief was through the Muslim faith, but there’s nothing to indicate anything other than that,” Warnke said. “It’d be like a Christian referring to the Lord Jesus.”

“You’ve got to remember there are a lot of Muslim-faith (people) that are very kind, gentle, loving people and to have one person do this, you can’t group that whole section of folks into that. It’s just not right,” Warnke said. The note recovered from his body named three students Mohammad planned to kill, names Warnke declined to release. The plan said Mohammed intended to force a student to help him handcuff others in the class. He intended to move to other locations on campus, to fake a call for help in order to ambush a police officer, then take the officer’s gun and go on to kill people at a dormitory.

But, Warnke said, Mohammad’s plans were clearly those of a teenager. His backpack contained bags of petroleum jelly that, like a scene from a slapstick movie, he planned to squirt onto floors as a slippery obstacle.

“I don’t think he had any actual capability of carrying this out,” Warnke said. “I think he had illusions of grandeur.”

Few seem to have known the student, who spend most of his time alone, according to students. The Muslim Student Association on campus issued a statement on its Facebook page Thursday saying its members were shaken by the violence. “Like all Americans, we condemn this heinous attack.”

Based on the evidence so far, “there is no reason to believe that this was in any way related to terrorism,” the group said. “Once this immediate crisis has passed, our university community needs to begin a serious discussion about campus violence, here and nationwide.” (blogger’s note: there was NO mention that the Muslim Student Association aka MSA was the first group set up by the Muslim Brotherhood in America and Canada!!)

MORE specifically, did anyone hear about the following “tidbit” from US media sources (except for one), that which was indicative of his intent, rather than the spun narrative that he was upset at being kicked out of a study group? Do pigs fly? 

“He had a smile on his face,” the victim said. “He was having fun.”

REGARDLESS of all the tall tales, it must be noted that certain members of law enforcement are not fooled by Obama Inc.’s directives, even if they are stating/lying otherwise before the public. How so? Well, the fact that the bomb squad was called in due to the suspect’s backpack, it suggests that despite the Sheriff’s jive talk before the media, he recognized that bomb-laden backpacks are signature hallmarks of Islamic jihad! Warnke said the bomb squad was called as a precaution because the suspect carried a backpack. Hmm.

MOREOVER, the following renders a clear-eyed professional assessment (re the media and its derelict handling of this most recent act of jihad), and is an essential read:

O’Reilly, Hannity, and Kelly are Destroying America
Nov 6, 2015
Conservatives are fully aware that conservative views are not presented at ABC, CBS, NBC, and the dozens of other news channels scattered across the internet.  Where do conservatives go to get their daily dose of news?  They turn to FOX News.  So do I, but I am changing my updates to the news to friends and internet sites I have faith in.  I no longer have faith that FOX News has been or will continue in the future to provide conservatives news from around the world that is unbiased and captures the most important news for all Americans.
For the last year Hannity has been focused on the upcoming Presidential election.  Virtually nothing else is reported during his time period.  O’Reilly and Kelly are right behind him.  Kelly is fixated on convincing conservative Americans that she is unbiased when it comes to the upcoming election.  Viewers now know Kelly leans further left than we once imagined.  Two years ago I would never have thought Kelly would seek to destroy the character of America’s leading Republican candidate (Donald Trump).  It is apparent FOX News is now trying to act like they adore Trump, but the reality is Trump is being given less positive time on FOX.  Rest assured if Trump is elected there will be hell to pay at FOX News.  Trump does not forgive nor does he forget.
How many readers have a complete understanding of the recent stabbings by a Muslim student at the University of California?  How many people know that the stabber was harming victims because of Jihadi views and not because of his disfavor of a study group?  Does the study group reasoning not seem familiar to the ‘video being the cause of the Benghazi Islamic terrorist attack’?  Faisal Mohammed was stabbing and trying to kill his fellow students because he is Muslim and he was following the actions of other Muslims who were stabbing and killing innocent people in Israel.  Believe it or not there will be politicians who will be calling for the banning of any knife not classified as a basic pocket knife.  One need only travel to any Veterans Hospital.  There are signs on every building, in offices, and in the parking lots informing veterans that even pocket knifes are not allowed on VA grounds.  How silly America has become.
Instead of FOX News focusing on a news event (UC stabbing), that if given the proper time and focus would allow Americans to better understand the Muslim mindset and prepare them for many more such Islamic terrorist events in America, FOX and it’s anchors are so focused on the Presidential candidates than on anything else.  There is little we do not know about any candidate, but there is a lot Americans do not know about the UC stabbings.  Like their counter-parts FOX does not want Americans to get too heavy a dose of negativity for Islam and it’s followers.
Viewers must understand there are numerous conservative U.S. elected officials who consider Saudi Arabia our friends and that deep down they believe overall Muslims love America. In other words there are numerous ignorant people in the conservative party.  Don’t get me wrong by thinking I prefer MSNBC and other liberal (socialist/communist) news media better than FOX.  I don’t.  I have relied on FOX to keep Americans focused in the right direction and by Hannity and the others skipping making the UC stabbing a major news event, they continue to focus on an election many months away.
Americans must demand FOX News focus on Islamic terrorist events because these events are the future of America and sadly for our children.  Islamic terrorist events can only be prevented if Muslims around the world know that even the most basic Islamic terrorist action will receive the attention that is parallel to the coming together of media and Americans on 9-11.

MOST significantly, whereas Allah’s barbarians in Israel are 100% committed to killing Jews, the fact of the matter is that those who are living outside Muslim controlled lands – in Dar al-Harb’s territory of war – have all infidels in their sights, even though Jews are always uppermost in mind. More specifically, stabbing-jihad has become their method of choice, even though other weapons (guns, cars, bombs) are utilized to satiate their Allah-driven blood lust.

(In Arabic: For Palestinians, Conflict With Jews Is Existential in Nature)

(Teacher’s FB page inciting to murder Jews, a UNRWA paid agitator within Abbas’s terror enclave!)

IN other words – and on enumerable occasions – this investigative journalist warned readers as to the overall jihadi directives being given (through mosques, social media, and elsewhere) to Muslims living in Dar al-Harb

IN this regard, a highly specific warning was given, and it came directly from captured al-Qaeda terrorists. Not incidental to the facts presented above, it was told DIRECTLY to none other than the above cited counter-terrorism intelligence professional, Dave Gaubatz:

When I was in Iraq I had the opportunity to interview several captured Al Qaeda members. I asked them what type of future attacks America would endure. The answer over and over was that the hearts of Americans would be attacked. They explained that this meant the American children would be attacked because they are the hearts of the American people.

NEVERTHELESS, it is mandatory not to get caught up in nitpicking. Effectively, even though young adults are ensconced at college campuses, as well as workers of every age range – not exactly a kiddie environment – this does not mitigate their jihadi intentions. The point being, jihad is committed at the most opportune time and location. Yes, for an Islamic-infused college student, where better than ones campus?

INEXORABLY, since maximum slaughter is the goal (and America’s non-Muslim offspring are their chief targets, be they at a shopping mall, crowded sports venue, college quad or any available school), the fact remains that hitting at the heart of America always involves its children, albeit even those who have reached majority age.

THUS, each and every time that a Muslim “goes ape-sh-t”, regardless of the locale, toss aside any outrageous “excuse” offered for said murderous rampage – yes, he was “mad” at this one and that one – unless you prefer to believe the lying media, instead of those who operate in the jihadi arena, including this investigative journalist.

KNOW this: AS Obama Inc’s captured media lies, spins, dodges, and weaves, rest assured, Islam’s highly committed soldiers tend to tell it like it is. In fact, their intentions are rarely hidden, nor are they loathe to call it like it is:

The attack drew praise Thursday from a Twitter account associated with the Islamic State, Fox News reported. 

‘May Allah accept him,’ read the tweet in Arabic just minutes after Mohammad’s name was divulged by campus authorities.

AT the end of it all, readers must decide for themselves whom to believe. Will it be this site (and a select few others) or the referenced spin-meisters?

Faisal Mohammad, 18, a freshman from Santa Clara who majored in computer science and engineering, was shot dead by officers after his violent campus rampage on Wednesday morning

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