LET’S cut to the chase: As expected, the captured media will never dig into the true motive, if it smacks against the Orwellian-like prescribed balderdash: Islam is a religion of peace! Mind you, militant jihad in Redlands was reported as “workplace violence”, as has every other act of Islamic terror on American soil. This go around: The car made her do it!


NOW, some of us are fortunate to possess our own megaphones, despite the chagrin of self-declared poohbahs and their attack dogs on alternative media. Not only that, acts of militant jihad are best analyzed by those who are professionally familiar with the ins and outs of Allah’s Muslim Terrorists! Thus, it is under this evaluative criteria that a preponderance of talking heads are completely eliminated, dumb asses that they are. Mind you, clueless and mendacious are not mutually exclusive character flaws. 

THAT off the table, it is exponentially imperative for patriots to internalize what is taking place, that is, on both ideological and tactical levels. As is said, this is where the rubber meets the road (no pun intended) between’s Vegas’s car jihad, (for that matter, Redlands and its predecessors alike) and car jihad in Israel.

INHERENTLY, Islamic Koranic (Shariah Law) mandated hatred for the wests non-Muslim population (Dar al-Harb, the land of war, as opposed to Dar al-Islam within lands under Islamic control) is, for the most part, driving their jihad. Indeed, Jews and Christians top their killing list, even though other minorities are targeted alike. Still yet, it is important to note that even if every infidel was subdued outside Israel, said slaughter-fest would still not satiate their blood lust, thus, sparing Israel and its Jews. So, on one hand, their main ideological and tactical methods parallel, however, Israel stands apart (and alone) on their hierarchy of hatred. Let’s leave the whys and wherefores for another discussion.

BUT what must be the immediate focal point for Americans (and other westerners can glean many takeaways too) is the knock-on effects of appeasement and its devastating carnage. This behavior, in turn, not only emboldens them but lends a wider berth for militant jihad to spread, irrespective of the tactical choice of weaponry.

EFFECTIVELY, though most rightfully view Israeli Zionists as a tough and hardened bunch, the fact remains that Israel’s appeasing leaders (never mind their macho posturing, and the fallacious charges of “disproportionate” use of force against them, mainly, for defensive/reactive measures) are responsible for allowing militant jihad to continue THROUGHOUT Israel. Unabated.

SO, whereas appeasement of the Arab/Muslim fifth column is their uppermost “strategic” policy, so too many in America are working overtime to deny, deny, and further deny the catastrophic ticking time bombs within their own Muslim fifth column.

AS to the charge against Israel’s appeasing and wayward leaders, just peer inside two (out of enumerable) exhibits:


MOST disturbingly, even after rivers of Jewish blood continuously flow through (our) streets within Israel, the following (patriots, brace yourselves) was decided at this week’s (Dec. 20, 2015) Cabinet meeting: “In the coming days we will also decide on a five-year government plan to aid the Arab population in Israel, in the Arab sector,” he added. 

LET PM Netanyahu’s twisted act(s) of appeasement sink in: Alas, how much Jewish blood will be enough of a sacrifice to appease the Islamic beasts in our belly? Yes, a righteous and upright Jewish declaration should have been: The Arab/Muslim fifth column is hereby placed on notice. Forthwith. The gov’t of Israel will strip each and every benefit from those who are materially, familial-wise, or otherwise associated with militant jihad. Not only that, countless will be deported! Killed, if necessary. 


HOW could it be that Israel’s PM and DM are so blind and that their idée fixe is:  “Attrition” will (eventually) stop the slaughter aimed at Jews, even as  Arabs/Muslims wage an unremitting (Koranic-driven) blood bath inside Israel! 


AND in answer to exhibit two, please refer here (part 2) and here

NOW, while Obama Inc. is in league with the jihad ratcheting up within America (whereas, Israel’s top leaders are “merely” mentally besieged), the fact remains that the end result(s) is the same: Dead (non-Muslim) Americans! Moreover, appeasement has been the “silent” watch word (as a prescriptive measure by many in non-elected positions of power, both in America and Israel), in so far as pretending what is isn’t. You know, promulgated via the so-called “elites.” Barf.

BE that as it may, time to segue back to brass tacks: The tactical parallels between the fifth columns that are embedded inside Israel and America.

BOTH have suffered militant jihad via shootings, stabbings, arson, as well as pressurized “cookers.” Patriots, recall Boston’s “explosathon.” It is more than relevant to take a look back to April 2013, and to read this investigative journalist’s excerpted analysis of its immediate aftermath:

As events rapidly unfold in Boston, and with the White House veering back and forth to decide whether to term it an “act of terror”, well, not being a prophet and all, this blog will shout it: Yes, this is “Islamic-fueled terror”! Its hallmarks are typical.

Tragically, flying body parts are a familiar sight on the streets of Israel, with lulls in between. Ball bearings are invariably found as they inflict maximum damage. Islamic-inspired bombings are a “fact of life” within any of its cities, large or small. And let me be very clear: The only shock is that Islamists haven’t exploded before in “any city U.S.A.”, especially since 9/11/01 was so “successful”!

By the way, what happened in Boston is much more likely to be replicated, regardless of this or that dhimmified behavior, as multi-culti leftists wonder: What can we do to “understand” their outrage! Islamists are adept at this type of urban terror and their planning is down to a science. They will not cease and desist, until the price for them becomes inordinately high, whether they are deported en mass or whatever shakes out….continue reading

ALAS, whereas Israel has “adapted” to car jihad, well, Vegas’s mow down opened the floodgates to one of their tried and true weapons: Killing infidels with tonnage of metal! Trust, it will be replicated.

NOW, before we head back to “Sin City”, let’s view a smidgen of the wreckage from car (and bulldozer) jihad – over and over again!


AS devastating as it is, it must be acknowledged that Israel’s security forces often jump in, but the real kudos should go its well-armed Jewish citizens. Yes, they have not only eliminated many of Islam’s barbarians in the act, but have done so at great risk to their own lives. 

A Palestinian man driving a large construction vehicle was shot dead after intentionally attacking a police car on Thursday afternoon. Before he was shot, the man tried to tip over additional vehicles including a public bus at the Golomb intersection, near Jerusalem’s Malha Mall. Army Radio reported that the tractor driver was critically wounded immediately.

How did he get so badly wounded so quickly?  That’s worth discussing on its own:

One witness, a taxi driver identified as “Dor,” told Israel Radio that he chased the driver as he witnessed the attack.

“I saw the police car fly into the air. He flipped it over twice, then continued dragging it toward a bus that was stuck in traffic,” he said. He told the station he fired four shots at the man, wounding him. “Then a policeman came with his M-16 and finished him off finally,” he said.

Preliminary investigations suggest the Caterpillar 966 front-end loader was taken from a nearby construction site on Jaffa Road. The perpetrator then drove the vehicle against traffic, before hitting an Egged public bus near the city’s old Central Bus Station. The impact flipped the bus onto its side, hitting nearby vehicles and pedestrians. The perpetrator, Hussam Taysir Duwait, was also heard yelling “Allahu Akbar during the attack. After a traffic policewoman had shot the driver, the vehicle came to a halt but then started again and crushed another car, killing another person.

At the point when the vehicle had stopped for the first time, three men had climbed up to the cabin: A 20-year-old off-duty soldier from Jerusalem, Moshe Plesser, who had recently enlisted at the Israel Defense Forces, an unnamed policeman, and Oron Ben Shimon, an armed civilian and manager of a regional security firm. According to Oron, while he was struggling with the driver inside the cabin, trying to get his feet off the accelerator and take over the wheel, he shouted at the soldier to shoot the driver. The soldier then grabbed Oron’s handgun and killed Duwait with three shots to the head at point blank range. After the vehicle had immediately come to a halt again, motorcycle policeman Eli Mizrahi climbed the cabin and fired two more shots.

FOR all intents and purposes, let’s consider the above as a JOINT effort to eliminate the jihadi on the spot!

ONTO Vegas…even though the so-called media attempted to dodge, spin and weave what really went down. Regardless, a smattering got it right:

A woman in a car with its windows down screamed “Allahu Akbar” as she ran up onto the sidewalk and ran-over upwards of 40 people in Las Vegas last night

The witness went on to say “As this unfolded, the only thing I recall as this happened is the insane sound of her car accelerating and the voice from the car was screaming “Allah Akbar!” I’ve heard the sound enough times on the news that I was waiting for a bomb to blow up or guns to start firing. ”

“Allahu akbar” she screamed, which has nothing to do with Islam:

One Person Killed 37 Taken to Hospital After Car Crashed into Pedestrians in Las Vegas
Vehicular jihad “not an act of terrorism”, (how  does this clueless cop know this?)
Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 2.56.08 AM

TRENCHANTLY, will the above lessons from Israel be learned, or will they be ignored? In other words, it takes a calculated strategic eye to discern which lessons are worth using, and which must be chucked into the garbage heap. Not only that, tragically, as tough as they are, Israel’s Jewish Zionists have been conditioned to believe that it is “normal” to just “mop up” and move on. Well, whereas perseverance is more than noteworthy, however, it should never be confused with “acceptance” of the unacceptable. Therein lies the long-range danger. For if IMMEDIATE retribution to an internal fifth column is not exacted, pray tell, what incentive do they have to stop the rivers of blood? Rhetorical.

MOST significantly, if one peels back the multi-layers of deceit and complicity accrued under HUSSEIN Obama, in tandem with all who serve as Islam’s apologists, a clear pattern emerges: Regardless of all of the death and destruction waged under the banner and sword of Islam, know that their fealty will not change an iota. More specifically, the higher the accrued damage to America (and Israel), it only serves to raise Islam’s stature in their eyes. Twisted and evil bastards – the reds and the greens. And this is the main reason why a two-tier battle lies ahead; one which decimates militant jihad, as well as its leftist enablers. To wit, first things first.

ON the other hand, it may very well be that one will cancel out the other, depending upon how “efficient” the first tier is. Effectively, the more damage exacted upon America’s internal militant jihadists, the possibility exists that their leftist helpmates will decide that the “bitter-clingers” are too “unstable” to go after – and that would be the best result!

HAVING read The Prince cover to cover, Machiavelli’s dictum comes to the fore: “It is better to be feared than loved, if you cannot be both.” This is one of those times.


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  1. The sick fools leading Israel will not confess the absolute reality that both jihad and their insane reactions to it are CURSES prophesied for our failure to comply with our WRITTEN COVENANT! !!

    Sent via the Samsung Galaxy S® 5 ACTIVE™, an AT&T 4G LTE smartphone

  2. nothing delights me more than to hear of another dead muslim , it is a plague and needs to be exterminated , ( that be islam ,of course )

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