States Are Positing:Is It Time To Secede…Due To The Radical/Corrupt Rein Of Barack HUSSEIN Obama? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Well, the only antidote to the poisoned body politic may be to secede, at least for now. Or until a healthier union can evolve.

Take a look at this.

‘Is The USA Breaking Up?’ – Western Center For Journalism – embedded video!

A movement that initially consisted of a few citizens, but now is growing exponentially day-by-day to include twenty-three states, is underway for the States to secede from Barack Obama’s corrupt United States.

Everyday citizens are sickened by the Obama administration’s massive voter fraud, suppression of the military vote, and sabotaging of the voting machines in the recent presidential election.

Everyday citizens in the millions believe that Barack Hussein Obama stole the election.

That he is not the rightful President of the United States.

Will the United States break up? Will the States really secede?

Only time will tell.”

In a similar vein: would a rational person continue to hold onto a cancerous tumor, if there was a viable alternative to save oneself from certain death?

Same difference. 


11 thoughts on “States Are Positing:Is It Time To Secede…Due To The Radical/Corrupt Rein Of Barack HUSSEIN Obama? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

      • STAY SAFE!

        (Is “sh’t hitting the fan” a new euphemism for bombs dropping all over the place?)

    • littleoldlady, it is with much concern that I watch the list grow, as certain as I am that Obama and his minions are making a list of those signers whom he would consider no less than traitors.

      Having long since been convinced that he was groomed for this position, over the course of many long decades, I do not trust him not to retaliate against those who would dare to oppose him in such a defiant manner.

      The obvious truth, along with events as they are, are well enough for me to consider, so I don’t pay much mind to conspiracy theories, which isn’t to say the possibility of prison camps being prepared for those who defy him, doesn’t concern me.

      As you are no doubt aware, even an agency as generic as the Social Security Administration has become extremely heavily armed, as of late, and for what good purpose if not to turn such weaponry and ammunition against US citizens for whatever the reason? Obama signed NDAA, recall. How would those who secede ever be able to protect their borders against a force as capable as the US Military under direct order?

      The Davidians were certainly helpless, no matter how well armed they thought themselves to be, against the barrage of weaponry the Feds hit them with. I don’t recall that any Federal agent backed down and away from the slaughter of innocent Davidian children. It’s troubling to me.

      In essence, then, it just seems to me that it would be better to stay put and prepare to defend what ground we stand upon, and perhaps even to organize, gather in mass, and take our grievances to their source, rather than shutting ourselves in behind fortresses than can yet be conquered via military force.

      Occupy Wall Street was quite effective in this, as has been the Tea Party movement. Anything we do, even to protect ourselves, using the watchful eyes of the media as our witnesses, in my opinion, should be done openly and well within public view.

      That being said, I see nothing good coming out of attempted secession. Not with this administration.

  1. Adina, many prayers are being lifted up for you, your sons and all of Israel. Many of us are most appreciative of Bibi’s decision to rise up boldly against these missile attacks, and Hamas, that have gone on for far too long. His first order of business, even in his duty to G_D is to defend and protect the people of Israel, be they Jew, Gentile or Muslim – truth be told.

    The Muslim citizens who reside in Israel also fall under the protections of the governing body. The same cannot be said of those Christians and Jews living in or on Islamic lands, or lands coming under Islamic control, now. More than ever before they are being slaughtered, and it seems near the whole world, to include the US, turns a blind eye to the horror.

    It wearies me to have to continue to teach that Islam is not a religion of peace, but of war, bloodshed, and complete subjugation. There are none so deaf as they who will not listen.

    G_d speed we pray, from the very depths of our souls for every citizen and every soldier, Adina, but most of all for all truth to be realized in our lifetimes.

    Shabbot Shalom

    • Ditto to ALL that you said….especially to the prayers! But know this – our troops ARE ready and want to win….now Bibi must allow them to go for victory….otherwise none of this will bear fruit.
      Our guys (mostly) pray before they go into battle, even those who are not traditionally religious. I know this for a fact.
      G-d will watch over them!!

      • “But know this -”
        Indeed, Adina. They are ready. G-d goes before them.

        Guilt and much sadness fills me today in that me and mine are not there among you. All I have to offer is my voice that offers up prayers and argues against ignorance, as well as I am able to.

        As I said on another board, the end to all of this has long since been written.
        Surely Bibi knows this is the defining hour. Surely the words of our Prophets ring in his ears and strengthen his heart, preparing him well to lead “our guys” into battle.

        It’s a defining hour for us, as well, here in the States, as Obama is now faced with holding true to his word or forever-here- after proving himself to be no less than a liar.

        I’m sure the whole world is watching to see which way he will rule – for, or against Israel. We know how that will turn out, don’t we, Adina. He’s armed the enemies of YHVH Elohim, and His people, and placed them in power.
        Not only will he side with them against Israel, if not in spoken word, in action, as he continues on the path he’s paved toward Israel’s destruction, he will conduct them, if behind closed doors, among his select few. Jarrett, Rice and even Powell whom I believe has embraced Islam. Surely his relationship to one Louis Farrakhan isn’t so innocent?

        I’ve said this before, and have been scoffed at, but I believe it rings no less than true. This isn’t a battle against man. It’s a battle against the very existence of G-d, for man would be a god unto none but himself. How foolish they are to dare to think that if they destroy the people G-d entrusted to be the bearers and the keepers of His word and truth, they could cause Him to cease existing upon the face of this earth.

        I’ll end this with this – the safest of all places to be is Israel, for G-d is with her. Terrible, terrible days are coming, my beloved; make no mistake. But at the end of all things, Israel will stand where all others have fallen, as surely as it is written.

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