SIX ALARM FIRE – In U.S. – Coming To A City Near You…Via Hezbollah…Addendum To : Benghazigate ‘Femme Fatales’…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

EVER since this blogger became involved in the ‘”track and hunt” of Islamic jihadists (see its genesis here – ), one factoid kept creeping to the fore; the fingerprints of Iran. 

While they have varying groups of jihadi “soldiers for Allah”, their forward thrust is Hezbollah. It is their tentacled, terror footprints which are spread over the globe. But of special concern to Americans, should be those amassed in Latin America (in the tri-border region), and most significantly, as they are the ones ALREADY embedded within “any city/town USA”.

Regardless, would like to be the bearer of good news – for a change! – but it is what it is. Adding to this deadly mix, have been warning the readers – concerning America’s porous borders – about the multiplicity of entry points for smuggling.

One of the most lucrative partners of Islamic jihadists (certainly not exclusive to Iran’s proxies, but they do have a quasi monopoly…kind of like the Teamsters) are the multi-faceted, “talented” drug kingpins, lording over much of this human cargo, in tandem with weapons smuggling. All of this “entrepreneurial” activity centers around Iran’s (eventual) orders to pounce.

And it is not as if government officials haven’t been aware of the looming dangers. To the contrary. Yet…the Islamist-in-Chief (and his surrogates) favors a “hands off approach” to the illegal alien issue.

In point of fact, the infamous ‘Fast & Furious’, which not only killed American agents but Mexicans too, in turn allowed for an unprecedented weapons flow into the hands of these same cartels, now arming Iranian agents! Talk about coming full circle…almost like a necklace of death.

You got that? Though quite a few sleeper agents have been picked up crossing the border, it is a pittance, especially when juxtaposed against those who slipped through.

RED FLAGS were raised yesterday (before today’s “news” at WND), as well as too many times to count –, and the Lebanese hottie deserves our due attention…and not for ogling!

Onto the latest update:


Congresswoman: Cartels may be smuggling Hezbollah across border

“A U.S. congresswoman is warning that while the world’s eyes are on Iran’s growing threat against Israel, the Islamic nation’s terrorist surrogates may have already formed sleeper cells here in the United States.

Rep. Sue Myrick, R-N.C., asserted in a radio interview today she believes it’s possible that Hezbollah, the radical terrorist organization tied to Iran, may be working with Mexican cartels to funnel not only drugs, but also terrorist sleeper agents into the U.S.

“Former [Defense Intelligence Agency] people and others have told me what is going on, there have been a couple of arrests in this country relative to people who have had ties to Hezbollah or Iran, and my concern has been with the drug cartels and the gangs that are operating in Mexico,” Myrick said. “There is, what I have been told, a very strong presence there of coordination between the two.”

Myrick was speaking to Aaron Klein, host of “Aaron Klein Investigative Radio,” which airs from 7-9 p.m. Eastern on New York’s 77WABC Radio and is also streamed live on the Internet.

“I’m very concerned about the fact that they’ve been in Central America and South America for so long – we all know that, that’s a recognized fact – and our border is not secure,” Myrick continued. “We do not know who is in this country, and I really believe because of what is happening, because of the growing presence of Iran, their influence in those areas – and it is a growing presence – that there is just an opportunity for them, with our weak border that we have, to come into our country.”

Myrick explained that she has been asking the Obama administration for years to expand its drug and border investigations to include activities of terrorists funneling through, “but there just hasn’t been any movement whatsoever to get this done.”

Klein asked Myrick why the Obama hasn’t moved the Department of Homeland Security to action.

“I have no idea,” she answered, “[but] one of these days we’re going to wake up with a very big surprise.”

Klein further pressed his guest about Iran’s nuclear aspirations and the possibility that having surrogate Hezbollah agents crossing the U.S.-Mexican border could bring the worst of Islamic terror to the U.S.

“A lot of people think the Iranian threat is thousands of miles away – it’s all about Israel, it’s all about the Middle East, it doesn’t affect the United States,” Klein said. “Yes it does! They could give nuclear capability to Hezbollah, and then we’re talking about suitcase nukes, EMP threat, who knows?”

Myrick confirmed both she and her contacts in the Drug Enforcement Administration are “very concerned” about “what have they already brought into the country and where is it and what can they do to cause harm to us, because that’s their intention. It’s no secret. They publicly say that.”

Myrick has sounded the alarm before.

Earlier this year, after an alleged Iranian operative plotted to assassinate a Saudi diplomat in Washington using a hired gun on loan from a Mexican drug cartel, Myrick asserted the DHS was ignoring mounting evidence of a Hezbollah presence in Mexico.

“I don’t have a lot of faith in the Department of Homeland Security,” said Myrick. “They should be looking at these groups in Mexico much more closely.”

DEA Administrator Michele M. Leonhart similarly told Fox News, “The dangerous connection between drug trafficking and terrorism cannot be overstated.”

“Given the evidence available,” Myrick also told Fox, “it only makes sense that DHS should, at the very least, investigate the presence of Hezbollah along our Southern border, regardless of who is in office.”

Klein’s interview with Myrick can be heard below:”

Understand this – the relevant questions aren’t: are they here or not, and are more being smuggled in? THAT ship has sailed. U.S. reps know the truth, and surely Aaron Klein does too. But by the reps positing the contents (of the above article) with a lingering question mark, it allows for some wiggle room. Plausible deniability too.
And that, dear Americans, should worry all of us!!

8 thoughts on “SIX ALARM FIRE – In U.S. – Coming To A City Near You…Via Hezbollah…Addendum To : Benghazigate ‘Femme Fatales’…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

  1. Dear Adina,

       If one lives in the suburbs of Detroit, one usually, thinks of  those living in Dearborn on almost a daily basis. I don’t have time to get into it, now, but they are about 15 minutes from the  Jewish sections on the freeway. It’s been most unsettling since 9-11.    Thanks for your work. I have been following your comments for the past ten years. I was hoping you would do a blog.

       Most sincerely, and G-d be with you and your family,         Carolyn Barnett-Goldstein


    • Indeed…little old ‘Dearbornistan’…and you have EVERY reason to be unsettled. Their agents are operating very freely, and assiduously, in this neck of the woods.
      The fact that residents can’t ‘see’ what they are up to is of no consequence. They are busy as beavers.
      Most importantly, readers must understand, jihadists are VERY patient and they can burrow underground for as long as it takes. They do not think like Americans, and instant gratification is a foreign concept to them.
      They will pounce when ordered to do so, and when least expected. A bolt out of the blue – or so it would seem.
      Take it to the bank.

  2. Well put, Ms. Kutnicki! I know I’ve “heard” that Hezbollah et al. have been busy teaching the Mexican cartels how to effectively make roadside bombs, etc., in exchange for help crossing the border into the U.S., which now Obama has decreed basically to be “open” to any entrant, without repercussions of any kind. Six border agents are currently tied up in court fighting against said policy. Six.

    Americans in general have not been instructed in “revenge served cold.” Our enemies sure have!

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