Obama Inc. Ups Its “Target Bank”:”Legal” Mechanisms To Rein In Patriots, On Heels Of DOJ’s “Koshering” World Policing! Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

FEW patriots would argue that membership in a KKK-like supremacist group, let alone black racist ones, bear the utmost watching. The laundry list is unnecessary to delineate, but readers understand that the likes of the Black Panthers or Weathermen speak for themselves. Oh, let’s make sure to indict “Black Lives Matter” as a domestic terror group. After all, its “inspiration” came from a woman on the FBI’s Most Wanted Terrorists’ List! Understood? 

Inspiration Behind 'Black Lives Matter' is on the FBI's 'Most Wanted Terrorists' List

(Assata Shakur is a convicted cop killer….)

BE that as it may, under Obama Inc. an Orwellian universe turns patriots into “enemies of the state.” Said tragic state of affairs is termed (at this site) “Obama’s Amerika.” To hell with them.

THE bastardizing of America’s underpinnings have been embraced by DHS and associated FED agencies, thus, “target banks” of real patriots have been set up. So it is into this vortex that the following alert (Aug. 2015) went out to the readership…let alone the rest, since this site’s (2012) inception:

Inside any criminal organization there is a prime directive that says “support Big Brother in every way or their will be serious consequences to pay.”  It’s no different in the Obama administration. Time after time they are quick to punish anyone who dares to reveal to outside world what is really going inside their insidious agencies. Then, should you be brave, or foolish enough to violate the directive they’ll take your job, your reputation, and as in this disgusting case — they’ll even try to take your children.

A Department of Homeland Security agent blew the whistle on the feds . . . and they went after her with a vengeance! Now, she’s speaking out before Congress. Where will this end for her?

According to the Conservative Tribune, Taylor Johnson, a senior special agent with Immigration and Customs Enforcement, told the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs that she faced massive retribution after revealing irregularities in the EB-5 visa program. The EB-5 visa grants green cards to foreigners who invest $500,000 in American companies. Johnson, an 11-year veteran of the ICE, told the committee that she found corruption and mismanagement that, in her words, posed “national security risks.” Johnson revealed the following:

“Some of the violations investigated surrounding the project included bank and wire fraud, and I discovered ties to organized crime and high-ranking politicians and they received promotions that appeared to facilitate the program,” she also discovered that:

“applicants from China, Russia, Pakistan, Malaysia had been approved in as little as 16 days. ‘In addition, case files lacked the basic and necessary law enforcement queries.’” Johnson added:

“I found over 800 operational EB-5 regional centers throughout the U.S.,” commenting that this was, “odd because the United States only allows 10,000 EB-5 visas per year.”

Obama’s cohorts don’t take well to being called to task. After blowing the whistle on the EB-5 program, agency retaliation was swift and severe. Johnson was escorted from her desk and denied access to her own case files. The government then informed adoption social workers that Johnson had lost her job due to criminal activity.

“When an adoption social worker tried to contact and verify employment, she was told that I had been terminated for a criminal offense,” Johnson said, holding back tears. “I almost lost my 1-year-old child.” Johnson was also denied her constitutional right to carry a firearm.

“I was told I couldn’t even carry or own a personal weapon which is a constitutional rights violation,” she testified.

Eliminating your job, your reputation, and your constitutional rights seems to be policy for the Obama administration . . . but trying to take your children?…continue reading

PATRIOTS, how many recall the Anti-American-In-Chief’s penchant for czars, you know, those who are as treacherous and bent as HUSSEIN Obama? What a head-scratcher.

ALAS, reverting true to form, along comes his latest czar, and he will target “right-wing extremists.” Oops, this is Obama-speak for patriots, unlike real domestic terrorists akin to the opening paragraph. 

Loretta Lynch's Justice Department will place new emphasis on home-grown violent extremism committed by so-called 'right wing' attackers.

Just two weeks after it announced a plan to globalize local police departments through the “Strong Cities Network,” the Obama administration has added a new tool in its fight against “violent extremism.”

A new position within the Justice Department – yet to be filled – will focus on investigating lone-wolf domestic terrorists or “extremists.”

The person who heads this new effort will target extremists who plan mass shootings, hold racist, bigoted or anti-government views or see themselves as “sovereign citizens.”

The new position at the Justice Department, dubbed the “domestic terrorism counsel,” will serve as the main point of contact for U.S. attorney offices nationwide and will identify trends across cases, help shape strategy and “analyze legal gaps that need to be closed,” said Assistant Attorney General John Carlin.

It is not clear what Carlin meant by that statement.

“I’m sure it’s gun laws,” said Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch, another watchdog agency. Fitton says the Justice Department is teaming up with the Southern Poverty Law Center to “go after” the Obama administration’s political enemies while downplaying the threat of Islamic terrorism on U.S. soil.“The legal gaps are probably laws that need to be changed,” said John Whitehead, founder of the Rutherford Institute and a longtime constitutional attorney.

The FBI has confirmed it has active ISIS investigations in all 50 states. And Islamic-inspired attacks have occurred in recent years in Chattanooga, Tennessee; Garland, Texas, and Fort Hood, Texas. Other examples include the Boston Marathon bombing and the Oklahoma City beheading of a Christian woman.

But the Justice Department sees Islamic jihadists as no more dangerous than mentally ill actors such as Dylann Roof, the Charleston, South Carolina, church shooter who killed nine black Christians.

In fact, Justice officials have indicated these home-grown “right wingers” are possibly more numerous and dangerous than the jihadists.

In announcing the new position Wednesday, Carlin referred to a study by the New America Foundation that found nearly twice as many Americans have been killed by “right-wing” extremists since Sept. 11 than by Islamic terrorists.

“Looking back over the past few years, it is clear that domestic terrorists and homegrown violent extremists remain a real and present danger to the United States,” he said. “We recognize that, over the past few years, more people have died in this country in attacks by domestic extremists than in attacks associated with international terrorist groups.”

However, a look at the funding sources of the New America Foundation show its financial support comes from billionaire George Soros’ Open Society Foundations and the Carnegie Corp. of New York, which has funded causes such as Common Core and mass immigration.

New America Foundation’s list of terror attacks since 9/11 includes the Charleston church shooting among 19 “right-wing” attacks, despite evidence that Roof has a history of severe mental health issues.

The study could find only seven “jihadist” attacks that killed 26 people since Sept. 11. Nowhere to be found on the foundation’s list is the Chattanooga shooter, Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez, who killed five U.S. servicemen. Also absent on the list is John Muhammad, the Washington, D.C., sniper who killed at least 10 people in 2002 with his young accomplice, Lee Malvo.

Among the attacks classified as “right wing” are multiple shootings of police officers by suspected “anti-government” perpetrators, a 2004 bank robbery in Oklahoma and an armed robbery of a man’s house in Arizona in 2009.

The study referenced by Carlin was reported uncritically by the Associated Press, the Hill magazine and other media outlets.

Fitton said the move marks the continuation of Obama’s legacy of targeting conservatives in memos that have come down from the FBI and Homeland Security through the years. The memos have targeted  military veterans, gun owners and tea-party activists, all of whom are viewed as potential terrorists worthy of being watched.

As recently as August WND reported on a leaked memo from the FBI that alerted law enforcement at the state, local and federal level that the next big terrorist attack on U.S. soil was likely to come from an extremist militia group harboring anti-government views.

“This administration takes a dim view of conservatives and one memo indicated membership in many mainstream conservative organizations was incompatible with military service,” Fitton told WND. “Ironically, it’s probably the Justice Department itself that has done the most to foment racial violence in America over the last year or two.”

Whitehead, author of “Battlefield America: The War on the American People,” said he believes the new czar over homegrown violent extremism will work in tandem with the Strong Cities Network announced late last month at the United Nations.

“It’s going to be coordinated somehow with the Strong Cities Network. What you’re going to see is, they’re going to federalize police across the country,” said Whitehead. “They’re already doing it. Ten federal agents have recently moved in to the Oakland Police Department, and they study social media, create algorithms, studying and creating profiles.”

As the Obama administration comes down to its final months in office, look for more brazen, racially charged steps that target law-abiding American citizens who express political views that don’t line up with those of the administration, Fitton said.

“This is going to become the vehicle through which the Justice Department can target those who oppose the Obama agenda,” he said. “This is a solution in search of a problem.”

While there has been an uptick in mass violence, Fitton said it’s been clear in almost every case that the cause was mental illness. “But often it’s not the politically correct mode of violence.”

For instance, if a black man kills a white cop, it’s ignored by the Justice Department and left to local law enforcement. But if a mentally ill white loner who can’t find a girlfriend shoots up a school, it’s seen as “right-wing extremism.” It then gets thrown in the same boat as terrorism, which triggers federal involvement, he said.

‘A liberal fantasy’

“The fantasy of right-wing extremists trying to overthrow the government has always been a liberal fantasy,” Fitton said. “They write books off it. They make movies off it and raise money off it. Now they’re endorsing it as reality, and it’s truly frightening.”

By shifting resources away from international terrorist organizations and putting them into a new focus on domestic lone-wolf “extremists,” the Obama administration is sending a message to its enemies, Fitton said.

“The term ‘anti-government views’ ranges from Bernie Sanders to Donald Trump, in my estimation. When they talk about ‘racist views,’ are they talking about La Raza (The Race), or are they talking about people opposed to the immigration crisis at our border?”

“This is a leftist fantasy,” he continued. “If a totalitarian leftist had to write a description for a government operation to suppress his enemies, this would be it.”

Where is Congress?

The problem with these programs is a lack of clear definitions, said Whitehead. What is “violent extremism,” and what is “terrorism?” Are they the same?

“The government will be defining what extremism is. I’m going to write a letter to the Justice Department and ask them, ‘Can you please define it right now?’ Congress should already be asking this. Do we want to go back to those 2009 memos under Janet Napolitano where returning vets and anti-abortion activists were named as potential extremists to be watched?” he asked, referring to Obama’s former secretary of homeland security.

“So what Americans are facing here, these are bureaucrats making rules,” Whitehead said. “Congress is not voting on it. There is no representative government going on here. This is autocratic rule by oligarchy.”

Based on President Obama’s comments and the actions of his administration, Whitehead said he can only guess who will get slapped with the “extremist” label. It won’t be Louis Farrakhan, leader of the Nation of Islam, who recently implored his followers to “stalk and kill” those white cops who have killed black suspects.Will Louis Farrakhan, leader of the Nation of Islam, who has openly called for his followers to 'stalk' and ' kill' certain cops, be branded an "extremist" by Obama's new czar?

Will Louis Farrakhan, leader of the Nation of Islam, who has openly called for his followers to ‘stalk’ and ‘ kill’ certain cops, be branded an “extremist” by Obama’s new czar?

‘Be careful what you say on Facebook’

“Anybody with a gun now, in my opinion, is an extremist, at least as viewed by this government,” Whitehead said. “You’re going to be watched. Be careful what you say on Facebook. The wrong kind of joke will put you on the extremist list, because the government agents – I will tell you this – they do not have a sense of humor.”

Whitehead said Google’s latest multi-million dollar contract from the National Security Agency is telling. Facebook is also used by the government.

“Everything is shared. There’s nothing that disappears. Everything goes into the cloud. The police agencies will say they only keep data for a year or six months, but it’s always there,” he said.

He said Obama has pumped more than $100 million into the federal “smart cities” program, which will be run by advanced fusion centers or real-time crime centers.

“Once you enter a smart city, all your data will be downloaded from your cell phone without you knowing it. Facial recognition software-scanners will scan your face,” he said. “The big corporations all want this, and some banks are starting to use that already. So everything about you will be known. There will be no privacy left. You add to that drones and what they can do. Man, we live in an algorithm universe. We’re all data bits now.”

Fighting crime before it happens

Whitehead said the Strong Cities Network, which was announced by Attorney General Loretta Lynch at the United Nations on Sept. 30, will play a pivotal role but it will be subtle.

“They’re not stupid enough to dress up U.N. police in blue helmets. They’ll use local police,” he said. “The U.N. officials will move into the fusion centers and run it through Strong Cities Network. This is one big program you’re looking at, very large.”

If you want to see the future of law enforcement, watch the film “Minority Report,” a drama about “pre-crime” fighting police engaged 24/7 with a population addicted to social media and the Internet, Whitehead said.

“They’re already saying ‘we’re going against violent extremists,’ but who are they?” Whitehead said. “Well automatically under the Obama administration you are an extremist if you own a gun.

The ultimate goal of the NSA is “total population control,” according to William Binney, the highest-level whistleblower to ever come out of the NSA. Binney, one of the agency’s leading code-breakers during the Cold War, made this statement at a conference in London in July 2014. He left the NSA after Sept. 11, 2001, when he became disgusted with the NSA’s targeting of Americans instead of foreign enemies and he said the NSA “lies about what it stores,” the Guardian reported.

“They want to be able to predict future behaviors of all citizens,” Whitehead said.

And the administration has already admitted it is using behavioral psychologists to design federal programs in a way that subtly influences people’s behavior.

“Obama wrote an executive order that the government wants to ‘nudge’ people to be involved in certain programs, and they admitted in that executive order that they’re working with behavioral psychologists to do this,” Whitehead said.

The brains behind these mind-control programs belong to Cass Sunstein, the former Obama adviser who wrote the book on “Nudge.” Britain is the world model, with “Nudge squads” that influence people to perform certain tasks and think certain ways, Fox News reported.

“So we’re dealing with an entity that has no idea about representative government. They’ve made up their mind who constitutes an extremist, and an extremist is a terrorist, an enemy of the state,” Whitehead said. “Veterans are already on the list, as are abortion activists, tea-party activists, constitutionalists. I know the vets are because we have them calling us every day.

“These are all things that should be debated openly, but now you’re having cities moving into U.N. programs, police being federalized and internationalized and now targeting their own people as enemies of the state,” he added. “I’m a student of history, and I see us repeating history. We’re following the Chinese model, which is basically the old Soviet model.”

Fitton said the Obama administration has effectively put certain groups “on notice” that they will be watched, and watched closely.

“They will all be tarred as being terrorists. By including any sort of one-off that had nothing to do with anything but one person having an animus as ‘right wing,’ it shows you they’re not really interested in combating terrorism,” he said. “All crime becomes terrorism in that respect. It’s basically hijacking taxpayer resources to intimidate an opponent of the government’s policies. Those who respect the First Amendment and value it ought to be very much concerned.”…continue reading

MOST significantly, DOJ’s Loretta Lynch is fully on board, and this is certainly not a shock. In fact, if she wasn’t a like-minded anti-American surrogate she wouldn’t be heading DOJ, akin to Eric Holder her predecessor! 

AS previously evidenced at this site, Lynch is up to her neck in “legalizing” “world policing”, albeit, under the cover of “Strong Cities Network.”  Bottom Line: Forewarned. Forearmed.


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Obama Inc. Preps For 100,000 “Refugees”; Massacres By ISIS Assured! Panthers Waiting To Pounce; The Nexus. Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

JUST like in any successful operation and outcome, preparation is key. Yes, how many of us have told our precious kiddies: Practice, practice, practice! Similarly, albeit exponentially graver, in order to bring a nation to its knees, the ground must be carefully prepped towards a tipping point. Trust, it is.

IN this regard, it is not accidental, nor incidental, that several force multipliers are in place for a catastrophic outcome, the results of which will make 9/11/01 resemble child’s play.


ALONG this volatile terrain, only the comatose, kiddies and highly infirm are unaware of the (purposeful) evisceration of America’s southern border, that which allows countless illegals to pour into the nation. The ramifications (beyond obvious economic factors and “garden variety” criminal activities) are largely non-calculated by the general public. As such, they revolve around a combination of narco-terrorist smuggling operations with all its attendant price-tags, and with ISIS and Hezbollah mixed into the forefront of said calculus. In tandem, drug cartels have spread out to “all points USA” through HUSSEIN Obama’s open sesame and gateway.

ISIS in America 6


MOST ominously, a road map to ISIS’s Mexican base – and how it came to pass – has been detailed at this site. Indeed, “ISIS is making preparations to strike U.S. southern border states” was written in Aug. 2014.

AMERICA’s compromised borders are not the result of an operational inability to control infiltrators, whether under the guise of kiddies or not. The absence of proper controls were designed to aid and abet the overthrow of America, both through an unbearable crush of illegal aliens, further coupled with an ability to ferry Islamic terrorists for whatever havoc they have in store. Sounds bizarre, yes, but not from an Anti-American-in-Chief’s perspective.

MOVING right along…the poisonous fruits of HUSSEIN Obama’s labors are prepping to explode. As indicated, a two-prong probing is in place within America and poised inside Juarez, Mexico.

IN fact, as a main hub for narco-terror (alongside the tri-border region of Latin America), MS-13 became a front center concern at this blog. This site is anything but Johnny-Come-Lately.

ISIS: "We are here and we are funded by your government through Swiss banks".


EFFECTIVELY, as related in Dec. 2014, “ISIS (and attendant jihadi tentacles) is embedded in America” and planning multiple terror attacks. Mind you, this prognostication took place a full 5 months before their opening shot in Garland, Texas. Dead on.


AND, as predicted, only a few months onward, an ISIS hyper-alert was blared from these pages, relative to narco-terrorists and their direct nexus to jihadi smuggling!

DEMONSTRABLY, all of the above is the nexus to the seemingly disparate wildfires under the tenure of HUSSEIN Obama, and the footprints to Hillary’s (illegal) private email server housing State Dept. classified secrets. The twists and turns.

CONSEQUENTIALLY, it is due to this incendiary mix that readers should take the time to view the following clip, at least those who are concerned about America becoming the next regional wildfire….read the whole thing….

ATOP said illegal alien onslaught, Obama Inc. is preparing for upwards of 100,000 ! so called “refugees” to converge upon America. G-d have mercy.

Obama has ordered that America take in 70,000 Islamic refugees. Just today press secretary Josh Earnest said that the United States would “accept at least 10,000 refugees in the next fiscal year,” which begins October 1st. But the whole number that has been authorized is 70,000. But John Kerry, in a closed-door meeting said that the number could be raised even higher, to 100,000. According to one report:

Earlier, Secretary of State John Kerry, said at a closed-door meeting on Capitol Hill that that the total number of refugees taken in by the United States could rise to more than 100,000, from the current figure of 70,000.

When these “refugees” come, what do you think will happen but ISIS terrorists being in the states? The French police are already looking for an ISIS agent amongst the refugees who are heading for England.

An Islamic State combatant believed to be in Calais is being actively hunted by the authorities. … He left Syria at the end of August and hopes to reach Britain where he intends to commit terrorist acts. …He is the subject of most wanted person notice and is considered a threat to state security.

Hungary’s most popular national TV channel, M1, reported Tuesday Islamic terrorists are amongst the refugees and are disguising themselves as refugees:

Islamist terrorists, disguised as refugees, have showed up in Europe. [The] pictures were uploaded on various social networks to show that terrorists are now present in most European cities. Many, who are now illegal immigrants, fought alongside Islamic State before!

MIND you, the out-sized dangers from Muslim “refugees” has been exhaustively explored at this site. Still yet, few realize how media propaganda played a part in softening up the western public. Yes, the now “iconic” photo of the drowned Syrian boy…oh me, oh my…whose papa was a people smuggler! You got that? 


The father of drowned Syrian toddler Aylan Kurdi was working with smugglers and driving the flimsy boat that capsized trying to reach Greece, other passengers on board said, in an account that disputes the version he gave last week.

Ahmed Hadi Jawwad and his wife, Iraqis who lost their 11-year-old daughter and 9-year-old son in the crossing, told Reuters that Abdullah Kurdi panicked and accelerated when a wave hit the boat, raising questions about his claim that somebody else was driving the boat.

A third passenger confirmed their version of events, which Reuters could not independently verify.

“The story that (Aylan’s father) told is untrue. I don’t know what made him lie, maybe fear,” Jawwad said in Baghdad at his in-laws’ house on Friday. “He was the driver from the very beginning until the boat sank.”

He said Kurdi swam to them and begged them to cover up his true role in the incident. His wife confirmed the details.

Jawwad said his point of contact with the smugglers was called Abu Hussein. “Abu Hussein told me that he (Kurdi) was the one who organized this trip,” he said.

Amir Haider, 22, another Iraqi who said he was on the same boat, confirmed Jawwad’s account and identified Kurdi as the driver. He told Reuters by telephone from Istanbul that he initially thought Kurdi was Turkish because he was not speaking, but later heard him talking to his wife in Syrian Arabic.

A photo of Aylan Kurdi’s body in the surf off a popular Turkish holiday resort prompted sympathy and outrage at the perceived inaction of developed nations in helping thousands of refugees using dangerous sea-routes to reach Europe, many of whom have fled Syria’s four-year civil war.

NOT only that, the revolutionary left – part and parcel of the Demster’s political machine – worked assiduously towards manufacturing “Black Lives Matters”; a conglomerate of domestic terror groups designed to fracture the nation, alongside all relevant pressure points. Fissures.

BLM activists seen standing on U.S. flags. 

In a video posted to YouTube on Tuesday, a Black Lives Matter activist declares that it’s now “open season” for killing white people and police officers. Showing an image of black people standing on the U.S. flag, the host of the BlogTalkRadio program talks about “picking off” police officers.

“And,” the host says, “there’s nothing” that white people can do about it. “His day is up,” the unidentified host adds, speaking of white people.

“We will witness more executions and killing of white people and cops than we ever have before,” the host said. “It’s about to go down,” added the host, referring to themurder of Harris County Deputy Sheriff Darren Goforth and the Virginia shooting in which two employees of a television station were gunned down. The host of the program even found Goforth’s murder “funny.”

“It’s open season on killing white people and crackers,” the host added, echoing sentiments issued by leaders of the radical New Black Panther Party. The poster of the video, an individual who calls himself “Col. Hannibal Smith” of illwriteit.com, said that BlogTalkRadio “promotes terrorism” for allowing their services to be used by the group.

This is not the first time radical groups have issued calls for murder. As we have reported many times, leaders of the New Black Panther Party have called for white people to be murdered. One even advocated murdering white babies by bombing nurseries.

In 2013, we reported that an employee of the Department of Homeland Security advocated genocide on his personal website. “Warfare is eminent, and in order for Black people to survive the 21st century, we are going to have to kill a lot of whites – more than our christian (sic) hearts can possibly count,” Ayo Kimathi wrote.

Recently, Black Lives Matter protesters were recorded chanting, “pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon,” a clear call for violence against police. The group claims they weren’t calling for violence, but the claim appears to have fallen on deaf ears….continue reading….

TO wit, few can seriously contend that race relations in America aren’t at a tipping point, and due “credit” must be given to the Race-Baiter-in-Chief. Indeed, this proposition is so easy to prove, heck, a precocious junior high student can win said debate. Hands down.

FOR more shocking revelations (wholly ignored by HUSSEIN Obama and his FED agencies, even to the point of backing them), the following is indictment-worthy, and on multiple criminal charges. Domestic terrorism charges would be the starting point, if an anti-American regime wasn’t gripping the helm.

VIA the Black Riders Liberation Party FB page, an offshoot of the domestic terror group, the Black Panthers

General T.A.C.O would like to announce the drafting in of Black Riders – new National Field Marshall – Eric Sheppard!!!
Help us keep him free on the streets… IT’S ON! We need recruits everywhere, to ride on pig terrorism… Join Now… Be A Panther At War… For The Hearts and Minds of the People! Be a Member inbox or email us at blackriders1996@gmail.com-
Black Riders – New Generation Black Panther Party for Self-Defense! RBG 4 LIFE! Black Power! All Power to the People!


“REVOLUTION BUILDS IN STAGES; IT ISN’T COOL OR ROMANTIC; IT’S BOLD AND VICIOUS; IT’S STALKING AND BEING STALKED— the opposition rising above our level of (revolutionary) violence to repress us, and our forces learning how to counter this repression and again pulling ourselves above their level of violence. That process repeats itself again and again until finally the level is reached where the real power of the people is felt and the (white supremacist) ruling class is suppressed.” Quote by George Jackson from Blood in my Eye



RBG 4 LIFE! ! !


general taco black panther party

SO here is the upshot: The most criminal malfeasant regime in U.S. history has precipitated (unless brought down post-haste) an unimpeded onslaught against the American people. Via a combination of criminal aliens/narco-terrorists; Sunni/Shia jihadists; “refugee” invaders, and a conjoined race war with black domestic terrorists in the mix, the regime’s actions ensure that the next 9/11 will end America as we know it. The notion of recovery from such an epic disaster is akin to fantasy land. What will remain of the nation can best be described as an empty shell, of what was once the greatest nation in the history of freedom and liberty. Take it to the bank.

IS it any wonder that close to a third (29%) of Americans support a military overthrow of HUSSEIN Obama and his dictatorial, anti-American regime? Faster…faster…

(Here is a photo of one of the terrorists, who is said by Hungarian media to be disguising himself as a refugee)


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Obama Inc.’s (ISIS) Intelligence Analysts: CENTCOM Falsifying Intel! Why? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

IT is urgently imperative for Americans (other patriotic westerners) to internalize how the higher ups in the U.S. Defense and Intelligence communities, CENTCOM, have betrayed them. Now, while the focus of this commentary is on HUSSEIN Obama’s admin, the fact remains that this (intelligence) treachery has been ongoing, at least since peanut farmer Carter took over the helm. Yes, THAT vile anti-semite and anti-American. Patience, dear readers.

AS forewarned on enumerable occasions – the latest on Aug. 30, 2015 – Obama Inc.’s complicity and culpability re intelligence manipulation on ISIS (Iran alike) has been more than instructive. 

WHILE ISIS goes from strength to strength…מחיל אל חיל…., “seemingly”, the strongest nation in the world can’t beat them back in the heart of the Mid East. Now, put on your thinking caps and ponder: How can this be? Has the world turned upside down? In a word, yes….

IN the main, the basic reasons for their force strengthening are clear, even though others will never be known. But no one should be foolish enough to opine: Well, they are so brutal, therefore, what can be done? Hogwash. After all, let’s just agree that a few well-placed, pin-pointed MEGA ordinances – from U.S. high-flying aces, and that’s for starters – can wipe out column after column of their (other adversaries alike) advancing forces. And to suggest that this is difficult for said high charging pilots is double hogwash. After all, their satellite imagery, plus other intel, can surely lead them to the exact locations required for targeting.

NEVERTHELESS, in a nutshell, you need to put forth an additional query to get closer to the truth: IF you helped to create a super star team, would you want to see it beaten, let alone participate in its demise?? Of course not.

NOW, not only has Obama Inc. shaped and assisted them, but the military has been ordered to “tread lightly.”

MOREOVER, aside from a few swipes and jabs, the fact remains that not ONE source of their money supply has been wiped out. And considering that convoy after convoy hauling oil – their major source of funding – has gone unscathed, what does that tell you? What about all their oil fields, why are they still operational? Is the U.S. military lacking tactical ordinance to set them ablaze? Not only that, but why would the military, under the purview of the Commander-in-Chief, leave behind a treasure trove of hardware, upon turning tail from Iraq? Who did they think would inherit said booty?READ REST OF STORY

RESULTANT, U.S. spies aka intelligence analysts (btw, a domain and terrain that this investigative journalist is, well, more than familiar with….let’s just leave it at that) are coming close to a revolt, realizing full well how their data and analysis has been manipulated and downright falsified F/B/O ISIS and the Islamic Caliphate! Hey, what took them so long to come forward? Mind you, the intelligence manipulation/fabrication is NOT news on this end.

BE that as it may, here’s the latest:

It’s being called a ‘revolt’ by intelligence pros who are paid to give their honest assessment of the ISIS war—but are instead seeing their reports turned into happy talk.

More than 50 intelligence analysts working out of the U.S. military’s Central Command have formally complained that their reports on ISIS and al Qaeda’s branch in Syria were being inappropriately altered by senior officials, The Daily Beast has learned.

The complaints spurred the Pentagon’s inspector general to open an investigation into the alleged manipulation of intelligence. The fact that so many people complained suggests there are deep-rooted, systemic problems in how the U.S. military command charged with the war against the self-proclaimed Islamic State assesses intelligence.

“The cancer was within the senior level of the intelligence command,” one defense official said.

Two senior analysts at CENTCOM signed a written complaint sent to the Defense Department inspector general in July alleging that the reports, some of which were briefed to President Obama, portrayed the terror groups as weaker than the analysts believe they are. The reports were changed by CENTCOM higher-ups to adhere to the administration’s public line that the U.S. is winning the battle against ISIS and al Nusra, al Qaeda’s branch in Syria, the analysts claim.

That complaint was supported by 50 other analysts, some of whom have complained about politicizing of intelligence reports for months. That’s according to 11 individuals who are knowledgeable about the details of the report and who spoke to The Daily Beast on condition of anonymity.

The accusations suggest that a large number of people tracking the inner workings of the terror groups think that their reports are being manipulated to fit a public narrative. The allegations echoed charges that political appointees and senior officials cherry-picked intelligence about Iraq’s supposed weapons program in 2002 and 2003.

The two signatories to the complaint were described as the ones formally lodging it, and the additional analysts are willing and able to back up the substance of the allegations with concrete examples.

One person who knows the contents of the complaint said it used the word “Stalinist” to describe the tone set by officials overseeing the military’s analysis.

Some of those CENTCOM analysts described the sizeable cadre of protesting analysts as a “revolt” by intelligence professionals who are paid to give their honest assessment, based on facts, and not to be influenced by national-level policy. The analysts have accused senior-level leaders, including the director of intelligence and his deputy in CENTCOM, of changing their analyses to be more in line with the Obama administration’s public contention that the fight against ISIS and al Qaeda is making progress. The analysts take a more pessimistic view about how military efforts to destroy the groups are going.

The large number of analysts who complained to the Pentagon inspector general hasn’t been previously reported. Some of them are assigned to work at CENTCOM, the U.S. military’s command for the Middle East and Central Asia, but are officially employed by the Defense Intelligence Agency.

The complaints allege that in some cases key elements of intelligence reports were removed, resulting in a document that didn’t accurately capture the analysts’ conclusions, sources familiar with the protest said. But the complaint also goes beyond alleged altering of reports and accuses some senior leaders at CENTCOM of creating an unprofessional work environment. One person who knows the contents of the written complaint sent to the inspector general said it used the word “Stalinist” to describe the tone set by officials overseeing CENTCOM’s analysis.

Many described a climate in which analysts felt they could not give a candid assessment of the situation in Iraq and Syria. Some felt it was a product of commanders protecting their career advancement by putting the best spin on the war.

Some reports crafted by the analysts that were too negative in their assessment of the war were sent back the chain of the command or not shared up the chain, several analysts said. Still others, feeling the climate around them, self-censored so their reports affirmed already-held beliefs.

“While we cannot comment on the specific investigation cited in the article, we can speak to the process. The Intelligence Community routinely provides a wide range of subjective assessments related to the current security environment. These products and the analysis that they present are absolutely vital to our efforts, particularly given the incredibly complex nature of the multi-front fights that are ongoing now in Iraq and Syria,” said Air Force Col. Patrick Ryder, U.S. CENTCOM spokesman. “Senior civilian and military leadership consider these assessments during planning and decision-making, along with information gained from various other sources, to include the insights provided by commanders on the ground and other key advisors, intelligence collection assets, and previous experience.”

Two of the officials who spoke to The Daily Beast said that analysts began airing their complaints in October in an effort to address the issue internally and only went to the inspector general when that effort failed. Some of those who complained were urged to retire, one official familiar with the report told The Daily Beast. Some agreed to leave.

In recent months, members of the Obama administration have sought to paint the fight against ISIS in rosy hues—despite the terror army’s seizure of major cities like Mosul and Fallujah.

“ISIS is losing,” John Allen, the retired Marine general charged with coordinating the ISIS campaign, said in July.

“I am confident that over time, we will beat, we will, indeed, degrade and ultimately destroy ISIL,” Secretary of State John Kerry said in March, using the government’s preferred acronym for the group.

“No, I don’t think we’re losing,” President Obama said in May.

Yet a growing group of intelligence analysts persisted with their complaints. For some, who have served at CENTCOM for more than a decade, scars remained from the run-up to the 2003 war in Iraq, when poorly written intelligence reports suggesting Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, when it did not, formed the basis of the George W. Bush administration’s case for war.

“They were frustrated because they didn’t do the right thing then” and speak up about their doubts on Iraq’s weapons program, the defense official told The Daily Beast.

INCONTROVERTIBLY, HUSSEIN Obama and higher-ups are the enemy within!

AND with all of the above out in the open, does anyone believe that the Muslim ummah isn’t aware of the – once in a lifetime – gift that the Islamist-in-Chief is handing them, one which will expand (and export) the political ideology of Islam westward, and that their time to do so is NOW?  


Keleti, Budapest

Luxury IS 

BACK to the nation-shattering nexus between Carter and HUSSEIN Obama….

CONSEQUENTIALLY, the same Zbigniew Brzezinski was national security adviser during Carter’s term via the rise of Iran’s mullocracy, and so too he is deeply involved with the shaping of the current administration’s foreign policy. Why is this germane? More importantly, how could it not be?


IN the main, it was Carter, under Brzezinski’s tutelage, who catapulted the Islamic Republic into the theocratic sword of Shia Islam. They are enamored with Marxism and Islam; universalistic ideologies that totally reject the notion of the nation-state. Both ideologies are militaristic and absolutely expansionist. Both are anti-American; the ties that bind. And this is why, under Carter, the defense budget was lowered, and America became a much more target-rich nation. Basically, both Presidents lowered America’s defensive posture to conform with their anti-American worldviews.

AS succinctly elucidated by Professor Paul Eidelberg, an American-Israeli political scientist and a patriot extraordinaire: 


As a crypto-Marxist, Brzezinski deplores the nation-state. His book Between Two Ages: America’s Role in the Technetronic Era, declares that “With the splitting and eclipse of Christianity man began to worship a new deity: the nation.  The nation became a mystical object claiming man’s love and loyalty.  The nation-state along with the doctrine of national sovereignty fragmented humanity.  It could not provide a rational framework within which the relations between nations could develop.”  Brzezinski sees the nation-state as having only partly increased man’s social consciousness and only partially alleviated the human condition.

“That is why Marxism,” he contends, “represents a further vital and creative stage in the maturing of man’s universal vision.”  Marxism, he says, “was the most powerful doctrine for generating a universal and secular human consciousness.” Embodied in the Soviet Union, however, Communism became the dogma of a party and, under Stalin, “was wedded to Russian nationalism.”

Although Brzezinski poses as a humanist, he makes a most inhumane statement by saying that: “although Stalinism may have been a needless tragedy, for both the Russian people and Communism as an ideal, there is the intellectually tantalizing possibility that for the world at large it was … a blessing in disguise.”!!! Brzezinski could as readily say: “Yes, Muslims slaughtered more than 200 million people, but Islam brought hundreds of Christian, Jewish, Zoroastrian, Hindu, and Buddhist communities under a single universal vision, that of the Quran”!!!

SIMILARLY, HUSSEIN Obama is a devoted Marxist-Islamist. It (partially) explains why he barely taps Islamic jihadists, and refuses to identify Islam as the root behind worldwide terror. It is why he welcomed Castro’s Cuba into America’s “warm embrace”, and supports Marxist regimes worldwide. Birds of a feather.

MOST significantly, in the same manner in which HUSSEIN Obama’s surrogates manipulated and outright falsified intelligence re ISIS and its capabilities, so too they worked feverishly to make sure that Iran’s mullahs received the “deal” of the century. And on a related note, HUSSEIN Obama, surrogates alike, who do you think ordered the hit on this outspoken Iranian activist in Texas?

INHERENTLY, his overriding goal has always been to ensure the spread of Islam’s umbrella, be it under the Sunni or Shia axis. Now, ask yourselves: Is it a coincidence that Sunni ISIS (alongside the entire Brotherhood Mafia) morphed into a mega threat to the west, at the same time that Iran’s mullahs became nuclear empowered under his “proverbial” wings?? 

obama-isis1.jpg (620×320)

DO pigs fly?

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HUSSEIN Obama’s “Refugee” Dumping Ground: HOT U.S. Sectors, Mosques & More. Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

BEFORE we delve into the whys and wherefores, it must be noted that a very clear pattern is emerging, re the so-called “refugees.” Yes, there are people who are truly running for their lives. Agreed. Yet, there are 57 ! Islamic nations, and most have shuttered their borders. True, a wave already fled into Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon, but can no longer do so. On the other hand, the rest, the wealthiest of all, have said: NO CAN DO. Why?

Muslim countries

Five of the wealthiest Muslim countries have taken no Syrian refugees in at all, arguing that doing so would open them up to the risk of terrorism.

Yet amidst cries for Europe to do more, it has transpired that of the five wealthiest countries on the Arabian Peninsula, that is, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain, not one has taken in a single refugee from Syria. Instead, they have argued that accepting large numbers of Syrians is a threat to their safety, as terrorists could be hiding within an influx of people. Sherif Elsayid-Ali, Amnesty International’s Head of Refugee and Migrants’ Rights, has slammed their inaction as “shameful”.

He said: “The records of Gulf countries is absolutely appalling, in terms of actually showing compassion and sharing the responsibility of this crisis… It is a disgrace.” None of the Gulf States signed the 1951 Refugee Convention, which legally defines a refugee as “A person who owing to a well-founded fear of being persecuted for reasons of race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political opinion, is outside the country of his nationality”. However, they have taken refugees in the past.

Twenty-five years ago, hundreds of thousands of Kuwaitis fleeing Saddam Hussein’s invasion were given refuge. According to Arabian expert Sultan Sooud al-Qassemi: “in Abu Dhabi, the government rented out entire apartment blocks and gave them to families for free.”

Instead the countries, all of which are within the Top 50 list of wealthiest nations by GDP, have opted to donate aid to those affected by the crisis. According to the Daily Mail, the UAE has funded a refugee camp in Jordan giving shelter to tens of thousands of Syrians, while Saudi Arabia and Qatar have donated funds, food, shelter and clothing to Syrians in Lebanon, Turkey and Jordan.

Total donations from the Gulf States are believed to total £589 million, less than a quarter of America’s £2.8 billion, and a fraction of the £65 billion they spent on defence in 2012 alone. The UK has handed over £920 million so far, but the Prime Minister yesterday pledged to increase that figure to £1 billion. He also promised to take in thousands more refugees.

MORE than revealing….

IN any event, it is also indicative that acute dangers are ever-present, in allowing entrance to a crushing amount of Muslims into western nations. Mind you, it is not insignificant that wealthy Islamic nations understand what it means to open their gates – giving a tailwind to terrorist in-flows – even while they hector the west to open theirs! The utter gall.

NOT only that, has anyone bothered to question a key element to the pressing human onslaught, that is, the very robust and youthful males clamoring at western borders, and what their rallying cries mean? Take a peek. Folks, don’t get distracted and misty-eyed over the hand-wringing from so-called do-gooders. To hell with them.

“Get out of the way, you infidel dogs. Prepare to be our slaves. We’re here in force and we call the shots from now on.”

It’s our dream that there should be a caliphate not only in Syria but in all the world and we will have it soon, God willing.

Islamic State extremists are taking advantage of developed nations’ generosity towards refugees to infiltrate Europe, he said.

Refugees were applauded as they arrived in Germany this weekend having made the journey through Hungary and Austria.

The lethal ISIS gunmen use local smugglers to blend in and travel amongst a huge tide of illegal migrants flooding Europe.

HIJRAH, anyone? 

W T F…now that some realize what’s what, let’s move along to HUSSEIN Obama’s plans for America, ala creating a “dumping ground” within the nation. Indeed, his Mid East wildfires are right on target, and they are bearing trans-formative fruit.

SO the URGENT question becomes: What’s the game-plan re the manufactured crisis, even if it appears otherwise?

WELL, this site has already prepped much of the ground work…seek and you shall find. But for the uninitiated, it is hardly a secret that California, NY and Texas are jacked-up Brotherhood Mafia states – whose leaders are seeking global domination – and with a corresponding number of mosques to hasten said plan. Nevertheless, other states are rapidly following suit, and Massachusetts is a prime jihadi player. Moreover, the southern “Bible Belt” is of particular interest to HUSSEIN Obama, as is Middle America. In effect, he has ALL of America in his Islamic cross hairs!! Never doubt this assessment.

Bvt0VfqCYAAaPCp.jpg-largeTHUS, it is into this hellish vortex that Americans find themselves, and patriots must be on the forefront of their communities to stop the planned Islamic invasion – or else!


Mosque construction is a way to stake-out territory often in advance of the arrival of any large population of worshipers of Allah.  The mosque actually serves as the magnet for further migration to that location (the Hijra).  Mohammed instructed his followers to migrate, to spread Islam, not just from country to country, but also from town to town and neighborhood to neighborhood…..(blogger’s note: this is precisely why a very small Muslim community initially buys up a large tract of land for its proposed Mosque and “community center”, in anticipation of an overflow pouring in, either this way or that way….hmm…)

ISLAM is dark green

ISLAM is dark green.

Find out how many refugees your state has received this fiscal year (as of July 31st), here.  Wow!  It looks like OHIO has moved into the #6 spot—gee! I wonder why?  Do they really think they will get all of those new registered voters signed up in time for the 2016 election?  Ohio is pretty high up on the mosque map too!


Remember readers that the numbers depicted on this map only represent refugees brought to your state by the resettlement contractors. The numbers do not include those moving in to your state as ‘secondary migrants’ (refugees resettled elsewhere who decide to move to your state).  They do not include asylum seekers or successful asylum seekers (called asylees) or the ‘unaccompanied alien children.’

BUT if things still aren’t clear, as to HUSSEIN Obama’s game-plan, consider the plight of Christians fleeing from an actual obliteration – a Mid East Holocaust – and his obdurate refusal to grant sanctuary to authentic refugees. Absolutely, it is a mirror and a window into what is at stake, akin to HUSSEIN Obama’s proverbial (Islamic) finger found below: The nexus.

PATRIOTS, one and all, it is not only American women longing to hear the same 3 words, trust, males are wishing the same!
Carolyn S. Jackson's photo.


(Incontrovertibly, HUSSEIN Obama is rendering the “one-finger” Tawhid Muslim hand sign of silently saying the Shadaha, “The only god is Allah and Mohammed is his prophet!” Yes, the Index finger extended vertically, symbolizes “one god” …the very same ISIS hand signal….see above…and below…)

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