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[INTRODUCTION BY ADINA KUTNICKI: If there are still “doubting Thomas”  types out there — re the absolute nexus and collusion between the red-green axis — the following report should dispel said skepticism. Or not.

At the very least, it will square the circle, so to speak, by reeling in the corporate media mob in the collusive and corrosive process. But, first things first.  Alas, listen up to EXHIBIT NUMBER ONE: LA is front and center at the 0:48 mark, so, hang on….

Indeed, how many have heard about the totalitarian edicts from LA Mayor, Eric Garcetti (among countless others, no less), now that he feels empowered enough to let loose his inner revolutionary voice? Mind you, each step along the “process”, the goal-posts have been reset: Yes, “flattening the curve” has now become finding a cure!!

‘LA will never be completely open until we have a cure’: Mayor Eric Garcetti sends terrifying warning to Angelinos one day after health director extended county lockdown by three months

O RLY?? Now, let’s think about what’s really going on, that is, by asking ourselves: Why in the world are the likes of Target, WalMart, Home Depot, plus other mega corps allowed to open their doors in Demster “lock-down” states/cities, yet, mom and pop outlets are forbidden? Could it be that decimating the middle class, the owners of said establishments, is key and core? Could it be that creating another permanent “dependent class” — aside from the gimme-gimme segment of non-taxpayers — is foremost in their minds? And, that’s for starters….] May 13, 2020

Democratic Mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti, accepted a huge stack of money from Qatar, a country with a history of funding terrorist organizatons, and the mainstream media is completely silent. Qatar has granted Garcetti’s ‘Mayor’s Fund of Los Angeles’ $5 million dollars as his ‘Angeleno Card Program’ expands. Currently, this socialist program is providing impoverished families $1,500 due to the economic fallout of the Coronavirus panic.

According to KTLA, Garcetti congratulated Qatar for the donation, especially since it ‘coincided with the start of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan.’ The Los Angeles mayor thanked Qatar for a “truly generous humanitarian gift.” Garcetti seems desperate for cash as Los Angeles County has tyrannically decided to continue the stay-at-home order through July.

Over recent years, Qatar has proven itself to be a supporter of Islamic terrorist groups. The Middle East country has provided support to Hamas, the Taliban, and the Muslim Brotherhood. It was also harbored several Muslim terrorist leaders, such as former Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal. Qatar gave the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood $7.5 billion dollars between 2013-2014, according to CounterExtremism.

In 2018, President Donald Trump stated, “Those countries are stopping the funding of terrorism that includes UAE, it includes Saudi Arabia, it includes Qatar and others. A lot of countries were funding terrorism and were stopping it. It’s getting stopped and fast.”

Democrats and Terrorist Qatar

Garcetti’s financial relationship with the terrorist-backing country of Qatar is not the only Democrat with such ties. Not surprisingly, the Clinton Crime Family, notoriously known for their ‘pay-for-pay’ schemes, have financial ties to the Islamic terrorist-loving country.

As Wikileaks dumped former Clinton Campaign Chair John Podesta’s emails, the Clinton-Qatar relationship came to light. One specific email detailed how Qatar delivered a a $1 million dollar email to Bill Clinton for “WJC’S birthday.” The email also stated that Qatar wanted to “see WJC ‘for five minutes’ in NYC.” One could only wonder why a terrorist funding nation wanted to meet Bill Clinton.

Paul Joseph Watson –Bill Clinton gets $1 million dollar “birthday check” from Qatar, the country where it’s legal for husbands to beat & rape their wives.
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While Hillary Clinton was running for president, it was revealed that the Clinton Foundation received between $1 million and $5 million dollars over several years from Qatar. The U.S. State Department had no documentation of the Clinton Foundation registering Bill’s $1 million dollar birthday gift from Qatar, although the Clinton’s were supposed to report the money for government review.

The Clintons are not the only Democrats with cozy ties to Qatar. It was revealed in 2019 that six Democrats, in 2018, ‘took an all-expenses paid trip paid for by the government of Qatar,’ according to the Daily Caller. Although four of the Democrats disclosed this trip, two did not.

Democratic House members, Jim Himes of Connecticut and Donald Norcross of New Jersey, did not disclose their paid trips to Qatar. Both Democrats hold important positions in the House of Representatives. Norcross is on the House Armed Services Committee, and Himes is on the House Permanent Select Committee On Intelligence.

For three years, the Democrats have tried to pin foreign meddling hoaxes on the Trump Administration and have jailed patriots, like Michael Flynn. However, Democrat-Qatar ties are an area the mainstream media rarely exposes.


As to the Qatari nexus to the red-side in Congress, it is hardly “news” at this end. Consider hereherehereherehere, and so on and so forth.

Just tying the noose….

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