America’s Death Dance With Islamic Devils: Blowback Via Political, Military, & Academic Ties. Qatari Nexus Exposed. Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

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REALISTICALLY speaking, dancing with one devil may be the necessary extraction of coinage for an outcome which benefits the greater good. Understood. Such is the case when law enforcement grants a reduced sentence to a “lesser” criminal, but only in order to reel in the bigger fish, so to speak. And while it is hardly judicious bargaining – most inherently, for victims directly affected by said deal-making – it pales in comparison to political leaders who dance with Islamic devils, each of whom are as dangerous as the other, and have an untold capacity for killing millions. 

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MAKING matters exponentially more catastrophic, US leaders (never mind all the rest throughout the west) have yet to imbibe the advice of the greatest military strategist (and philosopher) of all time – Sun Tzu. In fact, his words are as resonant today as they were centuries ago, circa 544 – 496 BC. 

SO much so, the above quote can be found on Page 10 of “BANNED: How Facebook Enables Militant Islamic Jihad.” It was used as an attribution (one of 3) for this investigative journalist’s/counter-jihadist’s book. Intrinsically, it serves as a book-end to the 2 other attributions. They are:

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BOTH of which lead to the overriding cited attribution:

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THE point being, then (centuries ago), as now, Mohammedans are wrecking havoc across the globe, and with no end in sight. Ominously, western leaders have failed to learn their requisite lessons. The west’s landscape has gotten so dire, a trickle of academics – miracle of miracles – are beginning to take note. Better late than never.

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SO whether it’s deals made with Iran’s devils, the Wahhabists of Saudi Arabia, or another Mohammedan regime, the fact remains that those who are steeped in Islam will turn on the west – be it directly, through proxy arms, or in the shorter, intermediate, or longer-term.  

IN this regard, Qatar enters the limelight, but not for the right (western) reason. In other words, in order to paint the Saudis (and other Sunni regimes, to one degree or another) in a more “reasonable” light after Trump’s much ballyhooed visit to the region, the emphasis was placed upon the multi-billion financial deals procured for US defense contractors and other businesses, never mind the fact that these top-flight weapons, will, sooner or later, be used against U.S. interests! But business is business, as crowed by the administration.

IN tandem, the boycott against Qatar (led by Saudi rulers, and with other Sunni powers in tow) catapulted onto center stage, an unprecedented Sunni alliance to smack down Qatar’s collusion with Iran. Yes, Sunni nations finally agreed that economic boycotts and blacklists can squeeze Qatar into a corner. This is well and good – for them. But it has nothing to do with a well-orchestrated (and purposefully designed) supposed symbiosis with America, as a step toward western values. Far from it. It is totally in their self-interest(s) to do so. Apples and oranges.

BUT before we jump over to Qatar – an epicenter of global jihad – and the ongoing US relationship with this Islamic devil, it must be understood that Saudi Arabia (and Turkey, in alliance with other Sunni regimes) has never stopped its support for ISIS and its hydra fronts – such as, Hamas – even though countless blather otherwise. Just close your ears.

INDEED, the Wahhabi kingdom is fully “at war” with Iran and its Shia proxies, as has been the case for centuries on end – while Shia and Sunni powers battle for hegemonic rule. Nevertheless, indubitably, the ties that bind Wahhabism run through ISIS’s leadership and its doctrines. Hence, the inviolate nexus between Saudi Arabia and ISIS! 

BACK to the Qatari cancer…..and its little known (unless, one has been following the non-captured media) vise-grip on U.S. interests.

IN the main, this anti-American disaster is inextricably linked to greedy politicians, big business interests, and, as always, enabled by leftist-fascist academics and assorted so-called “thinkers.” 

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  • To be exact, September 14, 2014, Qatar catapulted onto this site’s radar. It was not for nothing. A highly regarded and connected (Israeli) counter-terror associate gave a shout out, with an urgent request to place a laser beam on Qatar. As such, it came to this investigative journalist’s attention that the US Chamber of Commerce is in bed with Islamists. Fact-based. Believe it or not. The evidence can be found here. Resultant, since the Chamber is a 501 (c) (6), its donors can remain anonymous. Effectively, it means that they can accept foreign contributions, and with all due attendant ramifications. Not only that, it is an “open secret” that the Chamber – as a lobbying behemoth among behemoths – enabled Qatar (and other Islamic regimes) to more than generously fund the Chamber’s “pet” projects, with the “stipulation” that they parrot the Qatari regime’s Islamic line. Do you see where this is going?? Quid pro quo, but on mega steroids!
  • Similarly, along these jihadi lines, how many know that Qataris were “bag-men” for those who plotted 9/11/01, in the run-up and during its aftermath? Well, now you do! You can read all about the treacherous “in-bed” relationship between US heavyweights and assorted Islamic devils here. An encircled nation.
  • Speaking of encircled, the kiddies are a prime focus of Allah’s Muslim Terrorists, and this is beyond a shadow of a doubt. So much so, to the point that Qatar is a main funder of Common Core, as are their leftist-fascist counterparts. For the record, PEARSON Publishers (others alike) whore for endless cash. Yup.
  • Lo and behold, US academia is inordinately steeped in cash from a host of jihadi nations, and Qatar is in the forefront of said pay-offs. Go figure. But leading the fray are institutions that have no compunction about having campuses within a nation which is rife with the most proficient terror sponsors in the world! Wow. They include: Cornell University’s Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar, Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service, Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism, the Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar, Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar (School of the Arts) and Texas A&M University. Trust, not an iota of America’s exceptionalism is being taught at their Qatari affiliate campuses.
  • Along said treacherous terrain enters BROOKINGS, yes, that bastion of anti-American “thinking”, the darling of leftist-fascists! And, wouldn’t you know (alas, do recall the above bullet-point: “Qataris were “bag-men” for those who plotted 9/11/01″), Philip Zelikow, one of BROOKINGS closest affiliated academics, a “leading light”, was the Executive Director of the 9/11/01 Commission! As previously noted: oh, what a tangled web of leftist/jihadi collaboration between officialdom/academia and the MB!
  • Phew….but, we haven’t even gotten to crooked Hill & Bill’s Qatari connections, and they run as wide and deep as one’s nightmares can phatom. That horrific. In this regard, who isn’t familiar with the slush house of all slush houses, the Clinton Foundation? Suffice it to say, even among the criminal so-called elite within Washington’s cesspool, well, this Bonnie & Clyde duo tops the list. But before we segue to the Foundation’s inexorable ties to Qatar, do recall this treachery: “Clinton Inc. Sells Out America To Brotherhood Mafia.” Them’s fighting words….
  • So, without further ado….Clinton’s charity confirms Qatar’s $1 mil gift while she was at State Dept! And, it is just the tip of their Qatari connections!

NOW, aside from the accumulation of weighty evidence (some of which is cited, in so far as America’s dealings with this or that Islamic devil via concomitant blow back, aka knock-on effects, is concerned – 9/11/01 ring a bell?), an urgent question must be asked and answered: pray tell, can non-Muslims pinpoint (just by eye-balling, or even if Mohammedans are one’s neighbors or fellow workers) within the Muslim-American community who the jihadis are within their midst? Didn’t think so….

BY extrapolation, the follow-on query must become: what’s to done?

  • In a nutshell: completely restrict entry to followers of Islam (regardless of point of origin), and deport all those who have been identified – in any way whatsoever – with jihadi activity, or are associates thereof. Indeed, “guilt by association” is a relevant indicator and predictor. Too damn bad.
  • Increase, yes, increase, surveillance in their communities. Specifically, mosques, schools, businesses, etc. – wherever they congregate – are fair game. OMG….can you hear the gnashing of the fascist-left’s teeth, and the hue and cry of “Islamophobia” from Allah’s Muslim Terrorists and their propagandists??
  • Dare it be stated: for the safety and security of America (which is the last bulwark of western civilization), when, not if, push comes to shove – internment!

BUT for those who still remain on the fence, wondering: how can any person who values America’s founding ethos of freedom and liberty suggest the above “heretical” policy prescriptions, do remember this: we are at war, stupid !!

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MOST significantly, this is a war against a nihilistic ideology, Islam. When polled, it was found that 25%, 825,000, of 3.3 mil Muslim-Americans (and growing) agreed with the following: “violence against Americans in the United States is justified as part of the global Jihad!”

AGAIN, who are the crazies? Are they the clear-eyed, well-informed individuals who (may – or may not – reluctantly) accede with what has to transpire? Or, are those who prefer to die under the sword and banner of “Allahu Akbar” –  for the sake and appearance of multicultural madness with Islam’s warriors – truly out of their minds?

NOT even a contest…..

IN the meanwhile, tragically, the Trump administration can’t see the forest from the trees, despite all their rhetoric to the contrary. How so? Let’s just say that by accepting – instead of vitiating, rightfully so, as Commander-in-Chief – hundreds of “refugees” from Iran under HUSSEIN’s devilish deal, the national landscape got that much more dangerous, if you dare imagine. Insanity knows no bounds. It has no party address.

President Trump is preparing to accept hundreds of refugees from Iran and other terrorist-connected countries, taking them from camps being maintained by Australia under a deal his predecessor struck, without putting them through the long vetting that usually takes place, according to a report being released Monday.

Some of the refugees have tried to cleanse their social media presence to try to delete red flags that could cost them their chance to come to the U.S., the Center for Immigration Studies report concludes.

A staggering 88 percent of the refugees have some level of mental illness or disorder, according to a U.N. health inspection last year. And the center’s report documents incidents of rape and sexual assault perpetrated by the refugees on locals…..continue here….

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CONCLUSIVELY, whenever Washington’s leaders allow terror sponsoring nations (be they Sunni or Shia) to buy them off, either personally, business-wise, or through funding a military base in an Islamic backyard, inevitably, their swords will point in the national direction. How many times has this proven to be the case? Rhetorical.  

Qatar invested over $US1 billion to construct the Al Udeid Air Base southwest of Doha during the 1990s; it did not have a truly substantial air force of its own at the time. The United States Army Corps of Engineers also awarded over $100 million in Military Construction Air Force (MCAF) contracts for the construction of U.S. storage, housing, service, command, and communication facilities. Qatar’s financing and construction of some of the state-of-the-art air force base at Al Udeid and its granting of permission for the construction of U.S.-funded facilities helped deepen cooperation with U.S. military forces.

INDEED, mega deals are being made with the Islamic devil! 

Amid the continuing blockade of Qatar by its neighbors, the Gulf state on Wednesday signed an agreement with the US to purchase $12 billion worth of F-15QA fighters. A Pentagon spokesman said the deal had been signed during a meeting between Defense Secretary James Mattis and his Qatari counterpart Khalid al-Attiyah. Reports said 36 warplanes are to be provided by Boeing. The agreement came despite the ongoing diplomatic crisis and President Donald Trump’s statement last week that Qatar is a “high-level” sponsor of terrorism. Qatar’s Al Udeid airbase, home to about 10,000 U.S. troops, plays a major role in the US-led campaign against ISIS.

MOST significantly, the sooner Americans (westerners) internalize and admit: Islam is, first and foremost, an ideological and political weapon housed under a so-called religious umbrella – that which its madman, Muhammad, handed down through “revelations” from pagan moon-god Allah – well, the push will be on for western leaders to purge it from their shores. 

INESTIMABLY, unless and until this truth is revealed, rivers of innocent blood will continuously flow throughout the west, never mind the slaughter-fest within Islamic hell-holes!

AND, as always, whenever one jumps into bed with (Islamic) dogs, what else can be expected, other than to wake up with fleas and bitten to the core?

FOR now, that’s a (Qatari) wrap!

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7 thoughts on “America’s Death Dance With Islamic Devils: Blowback Via Political, Military, & Academic Ties. Qatari Nexus Exposed. Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

  1. It’s extremely simplistic, in fact so very damn easy, even a guy like me can surmise. However, most of the general populace have failed to comprehend that Public Enemy Number One, CAIR, is Hamas, aka council American Islamic relations – the Muslim Brotherhood front and unindicted co-conspirator designated a foreign terrorist organization by Muslim majority nations. Yet, the hubris, apathy, and fake media conflation drives the seditious Democrat narratives, consequently, the cultural revisionist or civilization jihad increases the information dominance straight from the M B MANIFESTO “explanatory memorandum and project” extrapolated objectives, including infiltration of cross sections of the American fabric. Culpable are the impotent Republicans, judiciary, and public education. What began with Landslide Lyndon B Johnson’s great society, sadly, from my home republic of Texas, well, one damn thing is perfectly clear: at least LBJ tried to stop communism, wonder what that old son of a bitch would have thought of the usurped emperor Obama and the DEEPSTATE.

    Thanks to your insightful editorial and brave journalist integrity, a simple man like me can read your views, spread them across twitter, and hopefully propagate the truth about Islamist evil which are, in an of itself, truly the existential threat, like Public Enemy Number One – CAIR is Hamas!

  2. I did an article incorporating parts of this superb revelatory piece. In it I said that the some of the Left would gladly pack us off to Auschwitz.

    And or kill us.

    And this VA “shooter” as they call him seems to have fulfilled the prophecy, mere hours later.

    The Left. Everything I needed to know, I learned in Cub Scouts: “Be Prepared.”

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