Iran’s DEATH Program, (Mostly) Via Its Centrifuges, Spins On: Courtesy of Barack HUSSEIN Obama & His Linkage To Syria!…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

HOT on the heels of a recent commentary, The Islamist-in-Chief Jaw-Jaws Iran To The Finish Line In A Side Deal With Syria: Allah’s/Devil’s Bargain With America’s Foes (9/13/2013), its basic thesis was confirmed through various strategic analysts, as well as (inadvertently) through Sec of State Kerry’s sprint to ‘reassure’ PM Netanyahu, yes, America has Israel’s backIn a pig’s eye.

And herein lies a force multiplier of evidence: one only has to sift through Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s doublespeak, as he claims to have Israel’s back, thus, recognizing its taquiyya spewing content and intent. Yet, if one requires a top level pile of evidence, what should one discern from the Islamist-in-Chief’s TOTAL abandonment of Iran’s true democracy seekers, you know, the patriots he left to die, in 2009, as they tried to throw off the Iranian boot from their necks, even as they pleaded for America’s help? Asked and answered. 

To further the indictment, the abandonment and the betrayal, there are no ifs, ands or buts as to Obama’s intentions, all the while tightening the screws on America’s ally, every ‘reassuring’ step of the way. Liar, liar pants on fire! His actions should lead any rational observer (not even necessarily a supporter of Israel) to conclude: the Obama White House is a clear and present danger to Israel, regardless of ones political/ideological persuasion.

Indeed, geo-political maneuverings are always a ‘game’ of high stakes poker, yet some moves are more incendiary than others. Now, if one wants to measure in terms of lowest to highest, in relation to global blow back, look no further than the push to tie Israel’s (mighty, highly capable) hands: keep them off Iran’s nuclear program!

Obama pushes Syrian chemical diplomacy for a nuclear Iran – overriding Israel’s concerns

DEBKAfile Special Report September 15, 2013
Kerry briefs Netanyahu on Syria chemical deal

Kerry briefs Netanyahu on Syria chemical deal

US President Barack Obama did not wait for the Kerry-Lavrov agreement of Saturday, Sept. 14, for the eradication of Syria’s chemical weapons, to demonstrate its feasibility. The next day, he jumped in to tell Tehran that “there’s the potential for diplomatic solutions to arms standoffs,” in an interview with ABC TV.

“The Iranians understand that their pursuit of a nuclear weapon is a far larger issue for us than the use of chemical weapons in Syria,” he said. “My suspicion is that the Iranians recognize they shouldn’t draw a lesson that we haven’t struck [Syria] to think we won’t strike Iran.”
But that is exactly what they have understood from the way he backed out of a US military strike on Syria – and so have Moscow and Damascus.

Obama also revealed that he has exchanged letters with the new Iranian president Hassan Rouhani, but did not reveal their content. He added: He (Rouhani) understands the potential for a diplomatic solution to his country’s disputed nuclear program but will not “suddenly make it easy.”
In Jerusalem, US Secretary of State John Kerry was mindful of the torrent of criticism landing on the deal he struck with Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in Geneva Saturday – both at home and in the Middle East. The Syrian rebels and their backers accuse the US of betraying and ditching them in mid-war.

After meeting Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu for four hours, Kerry came out with a statement that Syrian violations of its commitment under the chemical weapons convention and its reuse of this weapon of mass destruction would make its government liable for a UN Security Council action under Chapter 7 of the UN Charter, which allows military force.
DEBKAfile’s sources note that this phrasing does not appear in the text of the US-Russian accord concluded Saturday or Geneva; not does it match the version of the accord presented by the Russian foreign minister. So a rejoinder from Moscow will likely not be long coming.

In reply to complaints that the chemical accord has done nothing to stop the Syrian civil war and the massive bloodshed now in its third year, Kerry said it was only the first step and diplomacy would continue to be pursued to bring the war to an end.
The US Secretary, who left for Paris after his long meeting with Nentanyahu, said he would be updating four allied foreign ministers on his accord with Lavrov – his British and French and also his Saudi and Turkish opposite numbers. Riyadh and Ankara, like Jerusalem, have so far chosen to keep their doubts and objections quiet.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said alongside Kerry that Syria must be stripped of chemical weapons to make region safer. But for diplomacy to have a chance to work it must be coupled with a credible military threat.

Avigdor Lieberman, Chairman of the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Security Committee, commented that after Damascus submits its inventory of chemical stockpiles and other sites next week, as Kerry has promised, it should be compared with the lists drawn up by Israeli intelligence.

DEBKAfile: This suggestion is naïve. The Syrian inventory will first go to Moscow and after it is confirmed, referred to Washington. The Obama administration will refrain from any action that might torpedo the deal with Moscow at this early stage by questioning Syrian and Russian veracity.

Despite all the words of assurance pouring out of Washington about the credible military option in place both for Syria and Iran, the Obama administration is determined not to let Israel or any other Middle East critic upset its diplomatic momentum – either for Syria’s chemical weapons or Iran’s nuclear drive.

Most intrinsically, the Islamist-in-Chief bared his fangs via a poison pill, having purposefully (through his surrogates) revealed Israel’s ‘secret base’

DESPITE Obama Inc’s manifest ill will, there are methods which PM Netanyahu can utilize to cripple Iran’s death program, yet hardly in a ‘conventional’ manner. This can be done without the ‘cooperation’ of BARACK HUSSEIN Obama. The pressing/only question is: does Bibi have the stones to pull it off? 

Time (very soon) will tell – Bibi’s do or die moment.

UPDATE: this just in….Obama softens on nuclear Iran: Keep components, just promise not to weaponise them! Thus, there is NOTHING left to speculate, especially on this end.

Bibi, let loose Israel’s weaponry…as you keep quoting Hillel, “If I am not for myself, who will be for me? But if I am only for myself, who am I? If not now, when?” Ethics of the Fathers, 1:14

ADNAN OKTAR’s ISLAMIC ‘PEACE’ ACTIVISTS EXPOSED: The Hunt Continues – A Jewish/Israeli Imperative, An American Concern Too…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

There are many tugs of war – varying degrees of pitched battles – raging across the presses, and no more so than at social media sites. And while several issues are exceptionally noteworthy, two incendiary ones bear watching at this address. Like hawks.

Those who keep abreast will find that both topics are intertwined, though evinced from seemingly divergent directions. A focus, an eagle eye, on anti-American red/green alliance cyber forces is an American/western imperative. It is also central to this blog’s ‘mission statement’, clearly stated herein – ” Hopefully, my effort will enlighten Israelis and Americans (and the west in general) to the dangers posed by our common foes. These dangers are fueled exponentially by the morphing of the Red/Green alliance – radical leftists and Islamic jihadists.” Some of their handiwork is demonstrated within The Donning of Burqas At A U.S. School Near You: The Pernicious Effects of The Red/Green Alliance. No wishy-washy, finger-in-the-air poppycock to explain this ‘unexpected’ turn of events at America’s public schools, whereby the holier than thou separation of church and state incontrovertibly doesn’t include separation of mosque and state! Malignant traitors.

Concomitantly, while Islam’s shock troops are laser-targeted on lulling westerners to sleep with sharpened knives at their throats/necksthey added another equally lethal twist: grabbing a hold – mostly ala honey-laced lullabies – of Jewish/Israeli audiences, as well as those who support them. How so? Let’s count the ways.

Through a concerted media blitz – via all mediums, and most noticeably at social web sites – they fully demonstrate that their guile is off the charts. Confidence galore. They know their (‘peace’ at all costs) Jewish audience well.

Consider: Exhibit Number OneThe Jewish Press (Other Jewish/Israeli Media Outlets) Has Mega Explaining To Do: Are They Covering For Islamic Supremacists? as heartburn inducing treachery. It must be asked: is the Editorial board at The Jewish Press sitting on their brains; do they have wax in their ears; are they being blackmailed; or are their gatekeepers just plain terrified, forced to act as Islam’s promotional/propaganda agents? Got to be one of them…pick your poison. In fact, they have upped the ante, and this is going to get nasty, at least for their bottom line. See what else these Jewish media denizens let loose, all on behalf of their ‘benefactors’, attempting to convince their worldwide Jewish readership (and other supporters) that Islamic rule was a most benign period. This American-Israeli is spitting bullets, so to speak.

Yet, the following is just a sampling of their recent malfeasance: When Will The Muslim World Stop Blaming The Jews For Its Problems  (cited below at the Jerusalem Post too, as Adnan Oktar’s crew makes sure to SATURATE Jewish media), is piggybacked, the very next day, with this Islamic air washing: Prerequisites For Muslim-Jewish Reconciliation. How sweet, even as The Muslim Times immediately (what else did they expect) exploited this Jewish coverage. Intrinsically, this is KEY at the above Islamic website “It is a website to present Islam to the Christian, agnostic and atheist readers, in a user friendly fashion:” In other words, the goal therein is to uphold the main principle – alongside jihad – of da’wa, ‘submission ala outreach’. By the bye, have more than a tad of experience with their proselytizing, evidenced within The Muslim Student Association: Islamic Student Arm Of The Muslim Brotherhood Mafia, but this is just the tip of said experience/exposure. So, let us give a round of applause to The Jewish Press for fulfilling Allah’s mission. To be sure, many advertisers will be giddy with delight – or not.

Okay now, we can’t forget about Exhibit Number Two, as Israel Hayom also became ensnared, but apparently learned its lesson via some prodding and nudging. Let’s hope so. Nonetheless, keeping a watchful eye…Adnan Oktar’s Islamic Mouthpieces Receive Another (Jewish) Gift is beyond jaw dropping. The evidence within is appalling. Dangerous to boot.  

But just when you thought Jewish media couldn’t stoop/appease any lower, along comes the Jerusalem Post, once again, lending a platform to one of Adnan Oktar’s high profile shills (alongside Aylin Kocaman) – Sinem Tenzayar ! Read past the highly misleading drivel emitted through this Turkish ? (others are working on confirming her identity…can’t do everything!) hottie’s honey trap – When Will The Muslim World Stop Blaming The Jews For Its Problems? After all, Sinem’s (read: Adnan Oktar, on whose behalf she parades herself) support for Muslim Brotherhood mouthpieces is well documented! Most intrinsically, actions speak louder than vacuous, self serving, taquiyya-driven fairy tales. Alas, her ‘tweets’ are a tad more forthcoming. Peer within.

NOT to be lost in the ongoing investigation is the ‘interesting’ tag team between Michelle Cohen and her Turkish pretty boy sidekick, Ahmad Ibrahim. They play/meet in the sandbox at Israeli Frontlinea supposedly pro Israel FB group page, one which has all the outer packaging of a ‘peace’ oriented site, but is nothing of the sort. What better way to infiltrate/penetrate, gain the confidence of your enemy, than to sweeten them up? You can catch more flies with honey…Mind you, this blogger/investigative journalist has full respect for a few who have crossed professional paths herein, yet are FB ‘friends’ of Israeli Frontline, nonetheless, they have NO idea that it is really Ahmad’s (hidden) domain/hunting ground. Regardless, if one is not immersed in ‘this and that’ underbelly, yes, it is easy to be deceived. Hence, the heavy lifting at this blog and elsewhere. Sigh.

Back to Michelle and Ahmad’s (‘strange’) symbiotic relationship. This should set some of the record straight – sans any Islamic jive talk – found within Michelle Cohen’s personal FB page. Hmm.

Ahmad Ibrahim, Conchita Yashasha is right, Michelle Cohen is a true Israeli Jew and great enough to know the truth and ban all Atheist Communist false Jews from her group .

Michelle Cohen advocate Peace and Love in the Middle East

  • Conchita Yashusha, ahhaahahah Michelle Cohen knows the truth , and Ahmad will soon publish a list of anti Israeli frontline people and atheist Comunist zionist …….
    You must be afraid now ……. remember she already ban a few communist Atheist zionist Jews from her group
    These people are in trouble now …… take care
    Conchita Yashusha Michelle Cohen support good people , not hate like you > A true Jew like Michelle Cohen respect Yeshua and Mohammed the prophets of Islam .
    Atheist Zionist like you are a shame ……… Michelle Cohen is a true Israeli ……. not you !!
  • Ahmad Ibrahim Well said Conchita !
    • Ahmad Hussein I m not gay and Michelle Cohen is a true peace Israeli lover , she knows it
      Israeli Frontline doesn’t allow haters and Islamophobics like you, she banned all Islamophobic and anti peace Zionist atheist from her group .
      I hope Michelle Cohen will post and allow more of us in her great Israeli group and keep banning Communist Atheist Zionist from her Israeli frontline great group with only true Israelis ….. Michelle Cohen is a true Israeli , you are an atheist Zionist

      Unlike · 2 · September 8 at 8:26pm

    • Ahmad Hussein Well said Michelle Cohen , you are a true Israeli and knows the truth to ban all Atheist and Darwinist Zionist against Obama from your great group
      Thank you so much
      I will later give a list of all Darwinist , Communist Zionist against Michelle Cohen
    Ahmad Hussein Michelle Cohen invited me in her great Pro Israel group to promote peace , love and understanding and have banned already many Islamophobic haters from here .
    This group have nearly 10 000 pro Israel members
    Think about this !


    Oh my, their verbal diarrhea…as ‘zionist’ Jews are labeled ‘false’ Jews, with the communists and atheists thrown in for good measure. KNOW this: it is the ‘zionist’ Jews they object to, the others are easy pickings! Indeed, the well coiffed Ahmad is coming to Michelle’s defense – once again! – and is threatening to make ‘lists’ …. “I will later give a list of all Darwinist , Communist Zionist against Michelle Cohen.”

    Seguing a bit, this blogger must give some shout outs to the above crew: Ahmad, hey bucko, what ‘s up with your threat to make a ‘list’? To what end? Of course, you are all about ‘peace’. Hmm. And, to their sidekick, Conchita, thanks a bunch for confirming that ‘dear’ Michelle, the gatekeeper at a supposedly pro Israel group, is, in your words, ” A true Jew like Michelle Cohen respect Yeshua and Mohammed the prophets of Islam . Atheist Zionist like you are a shame ……… Michelle Cohen is a true Israeli.” Moreover, Conchitala, your own FB page reveals what your true proclivities/intentions are –…birds of a feather…Hey, never had such an easy investigation before, you all are so accommodating, as you prove my/our thesis. Thanks a heap.

    Incidentally, Israeli Frontline is the only other ‘like’ at ‘bedroom eyes’ – Ahmad’s – FB page, aside from his ‘like’ for Building Bridges/A 9, where he is front and center anchor and producer. – It is also Adnan Oktar’s fiefdom. Imagine that. How curiously delightful. But there is more…yet, timing is everything.

YET, the question few dare to ask – even those who are supposedly in the pro Israel camp – is: why precisely are the ‘peace’-obsessed words, purred from ‘soldiers for Allah’, directed at Jewish/Israeli media sites, when, in fact, it is the Islamic community which needs to learn how to behave peacefully? In other words, if ‘peace’ is their TRUE objective, why sell to those who are in the cross hairs of Islamic jihad, and not the other way around? In effect, their ‘sweet nothings’ are not inner, but outer directed.

Bulls eye.

In the main, let’s wrap things up – for now- with the following MEMO to all Islamic ‘peace’ posers: rest assured, the pro Israel, Zionist camp is monitoring…ready to report/pounce on all your taquiyya-laden dangerous hogwash. Yes, ‘soldiers for Zion’ are here, there and everywhere…watching…waiting – for both the Islamists and their helpmates! And, for good measure, to all Islamic supremacists – Turkish-Islamic Union devotees in particular – a ditty of a song just for you, but don’t dare forget its meaning/message… ! These are the ‘real’ Jews/Zionists – you got that, Ahmad & gang – and they don’t take too kindly with being messed with. They can’t/won’t be intimidated.


 UPDATE: Just received this from a ‘birdie’, it is a message in Arabic, sent from ‘peace’ activist Ahmad (cited above)…

  • قريب ستعلمون مدى ظلمكم وحقارت طباعكم تجاه اهل ارض فلسطين من المسلمين والنصارى يا يهود احذفو قناتي احذفو ردودي ولكن اعلموا ان اهل الارض اجتمعت على بغضكم وعرفوا انكم سفاكين لدم ارهابيين تقتلون النساء والاطفال العزل بالطائرات انتم تعلمون انكم ما انتم الا مجموعة سفله قتله مخربين اعداء للإنسانية ويلكم من الله ياويلكم من نار ستحرقكم في الآخرة
    And its translation is:  the land of Palestine is to the Palestinians – you should be out of the land of Palestine – the land of Palestine is for Muslims and Christians – you are killing women and children – the Jews have no mercy – but in the future – we expel you from the land of Palestine, and this will happen soon.
    A message from this blogger: case closed!