Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s Volte Face Re An (Imminent) Attack On Syria: The Global Implications. Where Does Blow Back Factor In? Everywhere. Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

The concept of geo-political blow back is an oft-repeated refrain at this site. It is not for nothing. For since this address immerses itself in geo-politics, as well as having a laser focus on Israeli and American interests – as events relate to the Mid East in particular and world politics in general – the 360 volte-face from the leader of the free world, Barack HUSSEIN Obama, is resoundingly, alarmingly resonant. It qualifies as an earth shaking point in time for the leadership of the free world, in effect, America’s abdication of the mantle as the world’s superpower. Stick a fork in it…

Make no mistake, this was ‘The One’s’ plan all along, from the moment he entered 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and soiled the People’s House. It will need more than a fumigation when (wifey and Obama’s anti-American crew) Obama Inc. finally departs, willingly or otherwise. This is the case, even if Congress gives the go ahead to exhibit a smoke and mirror’s show over Damascus.

But before we get to the inherent geo-implications, let’s remove something off the table: the POTUS, even though he demurred ‘right makes might’ (a play on words of the refrain, ‘might makes right’), he was full of nothing short of hot air and DANGEROUS hooey and phooey. Ever the poser, he tilted his chin in the air, evincing a sign of ‘righteous’ indignation. As if.

Significantly, he cannot have it both ways: how can he (he can’t, other than through verbal diarrhea) justify entering into a war in Libya sans Congressional approval, whereby Qadaffi – loony as he was – was not gassing anyone, having previously relinquished his WMD’s? Huh and duh? Paradoxically, it was due to the Libyan leader’s fear of America – a once mightily feared hyper-power – that he gave them up. Moreover, as a DIRECT result of injudiciously bombing Libya, Americans were slaughtered. Hence, Benghazigate.

NOT only that, but a massive arsenal of ManPads have gone ‘missing’, and some of them are reportedly showing up, you guessed it, in Syria. So, what exactly was considered ‘right’ about entering said war – again, without Congressional approval – to put forth the massive ‘might’ of the American military? Nothing. But this is what shakes out when a POTUS is also a Liar-in-Chief. The twisted tales…and the pressing quest to empower one’s Brotherhood Mafia, as America becomes a laughingstock before the world. As an American too, livid doesn’t even begin to describe how this feels, witnessing the debasement and degradation heaped upon the greatest liberal democracy in history. Simply put, due to the man-child, America has become a shadow of itself. A stripped shell. It may never recover.

Readers, know this: America’s hands – even prior to Obama Inc., but accelerated under his rule and with both parties in bed – are not clean, as its leaders fight a proxy war to implant another agenda, one which runs through Syria! Again, the lie about seeking Congressional approval has more to do with pressure brought to bear by the ‘Russian bear’ – no pun intended – than any other balderdash/smokescreen.     

Nevertheless, and most revealingly, as the mullahs and assorted terror groups watch/crow in glee, the fantasy of Obama Inc. having Israel’s back is stripped naked. Better late than never. With blinded eyes and much jaw-jaw from Obama Inc., Iran’s mullahs are getting closer to their genocidal plans – to wipe Israel off the map. They have every intention of doing so, and no amount of fantastical thinking will obviate this truth.

To be sure, the nonsense that ‘red lines’ mean anything but colors on a chart, has proven itself to be a dangerous delusion, a ploy. Hey Bibi, where have all the ‘red lines’ gone? Besides, if they mean less than squat in relation to Syria and its chemical warfare, what exactly do they portend for Iran’s genocidal program and the Islamist-in-Chief’s much heralded ‘promises’? Asked and answered. Fool me once, shame on you…

As such, DEBKAfile Intelligence’s latest analysis is more than worth the read.

Obama’s climb-down on Syria attack spells “military nightmare” for allies Israel, Turkey, Jordan

DEBKAfile Special Report September 1, 2013
Israel's Chariot tanks on the Golan

Israel’s Chariot tanks on the Golan

US President Barack Obama’s about-turn Saturday night, Aug. 31 on the planned US military operation against Syria’s chemical weapons has shaken up the volatile Middle East balance of strength, spelling for Israel, Jordan and Turkey what Western and Israeli military sources called the day after “a military nightmare.”
Syria, Iran and Hizballah are let off the hook by the lifting of the imminent US military threat against Bashar Assad over his use of chemical weapons on Aug. 21. Not only that, but the threesome have won an unforeseen tactical advantage: President Obama’s turn to Congress to authorize that attack gives them at least a fortnight for launching a pre-emptive strike against US forces and its allies.
Syria and Hizballah’s defenses are already upgraded against the projected US strike and their forces on peak readiness. Rather than hanging around and waiting for the US Congress to go through with a debate, which only starts in the week of Sept. 9, they are fully capable of forcing the pace on their own terms, with the object of getting the US operation cancelled altogether.
Russian President Vladimir Putin, for his part, will not waste the opportunity for pursuing further advanced weapons transactions with Iran and Syria.

A high-ranking Israeli office commented Sunday that the three hostile allies, having achieving an indefinite postponement of the American military threat with Moscow’s help, can be expected to press their advantage with further diplomatic and military mischief. Trouble looms for Israel, Jordan and Turkey if  Russian and Iranian intelligence experts estimate that an aggressive move will strengthen the hands of the US lawmakers opposed to US military intervention in Syria.

Syria’s allies may deduce that high war flames in the Middle East will stoke the anti-military congressional faction’s pressure on the administration to keep American out of the region. They will argue that even the very limited action proposed by Obama would be enough to drag America deep into the Syrian mire.

Two Republican senators have already come forward as nay-sayers. Directly after the president’s speech, John McCain and Graham Lindsey said they would vote against any limited military action in Syria short of an offensive for toppling Bashar Assad.

September is a sensitive month in Israel because most of it is taken up with festivals, starting in Rosh Hashanah, followed by Yom Kippur and then the Feast of Tabernacles.

DEBKAfile’s military sources say that the government and military command decided in hectic overnight discussions to take no chances. Against possible negative repercussions from the US president’s bombshell, they decided to maintain the high state of security and military preparedness along Israel’s borders with Syria and Lebanon.
The three-tiered anti-missile system therefore remains in place and the gas mask distributions stations were reopened to the public Sunday morning.

mention what this means for Israel and Iran as to his promises…link israel imperiled…

Evidently, the high art of rhetoric scores points in debate teams, as well as in liberal academia’s faculty lounges, where echo chambers replace thoughtful inquiry and incisive examination of the facts at hand. This was precisely what the world witnessed (both the civilized and the not so civilized), as many stared transfixed at the spectacle of the leader of the free world opining how outraged he was over the horrors of chemical warfare in Syria (HUGE mental note: regardless of which side has dirtier hands; the ‘rebels’ or Assad’s henchmen…and Al Qaeda is DEEPLY in the ‘rebel’ camp, let us dare not forget that), yet, he now needs ‘permission’ to stop the horrors, even though he doesn’t technically need their approval, nor did he seek any when he just didn’t feel like doing so. He might as well just stick his finger in the air and see which way the (political) wind is blowing, you know, to do the ‘right’ thing.

Equally egregious will be the blow back which will eventually emerge from his shilly shallying; an obvious strategic advantage is now part of Syria’s (Iran’s, Hezbollah’s, Russia’s, etc.) immediate war plans – the Islamist-in-Chief’s gift of time. None too incidentally, the geo-political message sent to both allies and rogue regimes is nothing short of catastrophic. Breaking it down to its bare bones, one would be hard pressed to find any world leader who currently takes America seriously, or has ANY reason to trust its word, even if the wayward Commander-in-Chief belatedly gives the go ahead to strike.

By the way, a serious Commander-in-Chief understands that America’s first class military assets would be better spent attacking the head of the snake. Alas, after 5 plus years in office, Iran’s genocidal regime is within a hair’s breath of becoming a nuclear power. 

In a nutshell, while the Poser-in-Chief strove to emit a ‘thinker’s’ pose in the Rose Garden, he exposed himself as an empty, vacuous vessel, and an unworthy adversary to angst over. Most essentially, there is no reason for the mullahs in Iran, the crazy leaderhip of N Korea, or any other rogue regime to lose any sleep over America’s POTUS. IF they weren’t sure before – about the lack of resolve from the Coward-in-Chief – they are now, ‘red lines’ beside the point.  

In reality, anyone worthy of leading the free world should surely understand the basic ‘Law of the Middle East jungle’, the most volatile region in the world. Essentially, the only one worth paying any heed to is the ‘strong horse’, and ANY show of hesitation is not seen as ‘thoughtful’ statesmanship, but evidence of weakness. And, that, my friends, is the cardinal lesson taught by Mid East power brokers, whichever Islamic country America finds itself up against.

This is precisely why Washington’s continual dictates to Israel to use ‘proportional force’ against genocidal foes has been a miserable and deadly (littered with thousands of Jewish graves) failure. Only the mother of all smack downs works in this region. Yet, this blogger places the onus squarely on Israel’s leadership, for it is they who are sworn to protect the citizens.

So, if anything positive comes out of the above American/global fiasco, well, perhaps Israel’s joined-at-the-Washington-hip leadership will finally ! surgically remove the excess weight. 

For all the above, and most especially for his attempts to bring down America, he should be remembered as the most craven POTUS in U.S. history !

UPDATE: Additional sobering food for thought, as if the above didn’t already prove how far removed from reality Israel’s political fantasists are ““It should be understood,” said a high-ranking source, “that the brakes applied suddenly Saturday night on a ready-to-go US strike against Syria was a watershed event in US-Israeli military relations and a game-changer for the Middle East at large”…..

11 thoughts on “Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s Volte Face Re An (Imminent) Attack On Syria: The Global Implications. Where Does Blow Back Factor In? Everywhere. Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

  1. Looks like Barack Obama “tripped” over his own “red line” that he drew! Someone needs to buy this clown a new coloring book to keep him busy and make sure the red crayons have been removed from the box!

  2. File this under For What It’s Worth: NBC’s Chuck Todd is reporting that Obama was ready to order a strike in Syria until he was convinced not to by top adviser Denis McDonough, his chief of staff.

    I’m afraid you are quite right that Israel cannot count on Obama having Israel’s back. It’s about time Israeli politicians came to grips with that fact.

  3. Obama is not the dumb arse you think him to be, Look what he’s achieved.He is taking America down ,He’s causing chaos all about.Why,Because that’s the Plan.He is a Muslim,Don’t you get it!!! And evil to boot. Bob NZ

    • Do we really need to see the “papers”? In thought, word, and deed, Obama has long since proven who and what he is. The problem is that too few are listening.

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