SAVING AMERICA: Is A Military Coup The Way Forward? Analyses Of Nation-Saving Measures. Commentary By Adina Kutnicki


STIPULATED, whenever one envisions the term “military coup”, images of jack-booted soldiers conjure up. Yes, historically, it has been the case that strong-arm tactics were used in unstable and dictatorial regimes, and with little benefit accrued to the citizens. Effectively, it was akin to changing one poison for another.

AND contrary to popular misconception, the west had its share of attempted takeovers. Still, most recently, what comes to mind is the successful coup in Egypt: On July 3, 2013 Abdel Fattah el-Sisi overthrew president Mohamed Morsi. In reality, as backward and unstable as Egypt has been, and still is, it was more than nation-saving to stand behind this outcome.

IN precise terms, Abdel Fattah Saeed Hussein Khalil el-Sisi…..عبد الفتاح سعيد حسين خليل السيسي‎…..was Chief of the Egyptian Armed Forces from 2012-2014, having served in the armed forces since 1977. But none of this would be of interest to western patriots – other than as a historical footnote – if not for the fact that said military coup has knock-on effects for the most fiery region in the world, arguably, beyond its borders. Mind you, time will tell if said objectives were met, but its basis was (and still is) sound nonetheless.

MORE specifically, previous commentaries re el-Sisi should serve as basic backgrounders, but the following is instructive; a possible template for this commentary’s thesis, even if not an exact parallel due to HUSSEIN Obama’s military “purging”:


IT goes without saying, at least it should, if an Egyptian leader within the cradle of the Muslim Brotherhood Mafia (founded in Ismailia, Egypt by Hassan al-Banna in March 1928 as an Islamist religious, political, and social movement) can declare all out war on its terror leadership and foot soldiers, one should assume that the leader of the free world would do the same. Not so fast. And, as readers will soon recognize, this is not an inconsequential factor to America’s crisis at hand.

SANS a scintilla of a doubt, while Obama Inc. supports the Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt is killing them off. el-Sisi has proven to be more righteous than most American and Western politicians.

MORE specifically, due to all the out-sized dangers demonstrated above, the following commentary bears resonance:

AMERICA’S POTUS is a bonafide Sunni Muslim, like it or not. This is the case whether he is open about it or in the shadows. No matter.
AS such, each and every Sunni (when tactically to their benefit, Shia align with the Brotherhood, but let’s not digress) group operates under the Brotherhood’s (terror) umbrella. In effect, he needn’t be a “card carrying” member to be part and parcel thereof. The aforementioned is the ideological and religious basis for his Mid East wildfires.
THUS, basically, according to his “principled” pathway, it is simply unthinkable to allow President el-Sisi to remain in power, since he is spearheading the Brotherhood’s demise in Egypt. President el-Sisi went so far as to issue an INTERPOL “RED NOTICE” for its spiritual godfather, Sheikh Al-Qaradawi! This is war – between the Islamist-in-Chief and Egypt’s el-Sisi. Understood? Guess whose side this investigative journalist – an American-Israeli, no less – is on??
INTERPOL 2014-12-06 00-22-52
INDEED, Barack HUSSEIN Obama, from the get go, has been hosting (at the People’s House) Middle East Brotherhood leaders, as well as domestic ones. In fact, he feted them at his Muslim “outreach” tour in 2009, at the time that his admin started the putsch against Mubarak via – GO NOW!


PIGGYBACKING the above, individual states – via states’ rights enumerated in the Tenth Amendment – must assert their Constitutional authority to confront HUSSEIN Obama, as well as the inept Congress. So, if additional templates to free the American people from the yoke of an increasingly out of control Executive Branch require studying/mirroring, in relation to the impending Islamization of the nation and enumerable matters, why not follow S. Carolina’s GRASSROOTS model, even when the Governor is operating lock-step with a clearly anti-American POTUS?

A third South Carolina county has barred the door to any Third World refugees being resettled in their community, and at least two others are considering the same move.

The Berkeley County Council unanimously passed a resolution Monday that bars any refugee funds from flowing into that county.

The resolution calls for “all South Carolina public officials to immediately cease and desist” from helping to resettle Middle Eastern refugees anywhere in the state until the legislature can act on the issue and pass legislation reflecting the will of the people.”

Anderson and Pickens counties already passed similar resolutions.

Two more counties – Greenville and York – are expected to vote soon on similar resolutions.

South Carolina is the only state that gives local governments the option of rejecting, not necessarily the refugees, but the state and federal tax dollars that flow to their aid when they are resettled in a city.

The U.S. takes in 70,000 refugees per year for many years and President Obama has said he will up that to 85,000 in fiscal 2016 and 100,000 in 2017. These refugees are hand-selected by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Antonio Guterres. The majority come from Muslim populations in Iraq, Iran, Syria, Afghanistan, Burma, Democratic Republic of Congo and Somalia although others include Hindus from Bhutan and a small number of Christians and Buddhists.

Obama’s Syrian refugees have proven most controversial, because of the presence of a large jihadist army in that country affiliated with the Islamic State, al-Nusra Front and al-Qaida. He has agreed to accept at least 10,000 Syrians for permanent resettlement in more than 180 U.S. cities and towns in fiscal 2016, with the promise of many more in 2017.

The U.N. has already selected nearly 20,000 Syrians who are waiting in the pipeline bound for the U.S.

But unlike most states, South Carolina is pushing back. Not from the top, as its Republican governor is cooperating with the Obama administration, but from the grassroots…..

Gov. Nikki Haley, a Republican, has come down on the side of Obama’s State Department, saying she trusts the federal government’s ability to vet the Syrian refugees.

Haley’s comment came despite warnings to the contrary from the FBI.

The latest warning came just last month when FBI Director James Comey stated before a congressional hearing that the U.S. government has no ability to screen the Syrian refugees because the U.S. has no boots on the ground in Syria and the nation’s law enforcement system is in shambles.

“The challenge we’re all talking about is that, we can only query against that (data) which we have collected,” Comey told the House Homeland Security Committee on Oct. 21.

“If someone has never made a ripple in the pond in Syria in a way that would get their identity or their interest reflected in our database, we can query our database until the cows come home but there would be nothing show up because we have no record on it,” Comey continued.

“You can only query what you have collected.”

An earlier warning was given by one of the FBI’s top counter-terrorism officials, Michael Steinbach, to Congress on Feb. 11.

Haley hasn’t listened to the FBI’s warnings.

Media coverage ‘appalling’

The Post and Courier of Charleston, for instance, attributed fears about vetting the Islamic refugees to local Republicans, not mentioning that Obama’s own FBI director has said it’s impossible to vet them.

The Daily Beast ran a story under the mocking headline, “South Carolina town has no Sryian refugees, tells them to GTGO anyway.”

Lauren Martel, an attorney from the Hilton Head Island area, said the media coverage has been appalling.

“They’re trying to marginalize what’s going on in Berkeley County and box it in as sort of a Republican issue,” she said. “Once South Carolinians know what’s really going on, they don’t like it, because there’s a lot of people you wouldn’t expect don’t think it’s a good idea. It’s not a liberal-conservative issue. It’s an American issue.”

Martel said Berkeley County, like Anderson and Pickens before them, were smart to act before any resettlement agency opens shop in their area and announces that refugees are on their way. At that point, it’s too late.

“You have to know your rights before they come over here. Once they come, possession is nine-tenths of the law, it’s too late,” she said. “It’s easier to fight for something you have – your liberty, your rights – than to get it back after it’s gone. We have to stop this thing before they get on the airplanes and over here.”

Not a partisan issue

In fast-growing York County, which borders Charlotte, North Carolina, the resolution will also be introduced, possibly at next week’s council meeting.

Paula Daly, a York County activist who moved to the area from Michigan 10 years ago, also sees refugee resettlement as a nonpartisan issue.

“It bothers me that the media, they try to make it a partisan issue, like right versus left, when that’s not what this is at all,” she said. “This is an American issue. I’m an American. The refugees that are coming here over the next few years, and 200,000 is the last number I read that Obama wants to bring in here, and our governor signed that contract for next year to bring in 165 refugees, we don’t know where they will come from but if they’re Muslim they support Shariah law, they’re not compatible with our Constitution, just the complete opposite, and they do not assimilate.”

York County is famous for being the home of Islamburg, a Muslim enclave devoted to shadowy Pakistani cleric Sheik Mubarak al-Gilani, who controls a Sunni sect called Jamaat al-Fuqra and its U.S. front group, Muslims of the Americas, WND has previously reported….continue reading

CONSEQUENTIALLY, is it out of bounds, hysteria-induced, or even hyperbole to posit: Is a military coup the way forward to save America? More pointedly, if you replace – musical chair-like – Muhamed Morsi…محمد محمد مرسى عيسى العياط….with HUSSEIN Obama, would there be any discernible diff, other than one is the leader of America, while the other served as a front-man for the Brotherhood Mafia, who happened to be deposed by a former military commander? 

MOST significantly, it has already been proven – six ways to Sunday – that HUSSEIN Obama is a bonafide Brotherhood “made man.” Thus, how righteous would it be, nation-saving, for America’s military leadership to at least man-up as much as the current leader of Egypt, a basket-case on a good day and worse on a bad one!


AS to the Islamist-in-Chief’s military “purging,” yes, this is surely a large hurdle to overcome. However, while top brass are his yes-men, it is also the case that many officers a few levels beneath the hierarchy (Think: Lieutenant Colonel and down), as well as the boots on the ground soldiers, are itching to remove him from power. Couple said restlessness with a growing segment of former military personnel – up and down the chain of command – who want little more than the chance to remove him as Commander-in-Chief, well, the numbers and support rise to the nth degree.

A retired three star Flag Officer recently stated he knows of certain unnamed individuals within the Armed Forces of having at least considered the possibility of an armed coup d’état aimed directly at of Barack Obama, as reported by the on-line news portal Government Executive on Nov. 4, 2013.

A former top general and current executive at the Family Research Council says members of the military have considered staging a coup d’état against president, but will not because of civilian control of the military.

NEVERTHELESS, even though it would be technically against the Constitution for the military to take over the reins – since its stated provision is for a civilian to be in charge – well, the fact is that desperate times call for desperate measures. And considering that HUSSEIN Obama has been shredding the Constitution to pieces from day one, what exactly would be illegal about such a nation-saving course?

ADDITIONALLY, suffice to state that this investigative journalist is in close contact with groupings of former enlisted and officer types, chiefly, within the Marines. Indeed, the chatter is constant, as to the imperative to take over the reins for a prescribed period of time – until the “dust” settles – and before it is too late. Apparently, the consensus is that even though there is “only” a little over a year to go until his reign (of terror) is over, it is more than enough time for him to execute stepped-up damage. 

EVEN more so, if one prefers a clinical “diagnosis”, the following places the situation into stark perspective: ” HUSSEIN Obama’s Iran Deal: A Forensic Analysis Reveals Unhinged Rage, A Lethal Danger.”

MOREOVER, as an adjunct to the above, it is beyond any rational discourse to think that the Narcissist-in-Chief is going to go “quietly into the night” ala most POTUS’s in their “lame duck” end-term. But to further enlighten re the national calculus, this site recommends – as a mandatory read –  with the utmost urgency “Beware The Attack Of The Wounded Duck! Why Obama’s Post-Political Phase Means It’s Not Safe To Go Back Into The Water!” A deadly serious analysis. 

READERS, patriots alike, this site can’t think of a damn reason why the main thesis within shouldn’t be the way forward. And just because the assessment is that the military would, by necessity, have to start the process, it is patently obvious that patriots must lend their support as “second-string” players, so to speak. What say you?

CRANK it up –

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Rescuing America and Israel from Obamanism. What’s To Be Done? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

GIVEN that America is currently viewed as the waning (heretofore) superpower of the free world, it is urgent to resuscitate it to its former standing. Civilization-shaking. Basically, few would disagree with said tragic, albeit realistic, diagnosis, other than those who wish America and Israel ill will. Both nations are parallel bookends to western civilization via Judeo-Christian values.

IT is into this earth shattering moment in time that Professor Paul Eidelberg’s sage wisdom and advice enters the fray. His unparalleled prescriptions to return America (with knock-on effects to Israel) to its rightful place is borne via a profound understanding of America’s founding principles and founders. Framers. He is the “master” of this domain, resultant, this investigative journalist is grateful that he is one of a core group of associated experts attached to this site

AS to Islam, well, his groundbreaking policy paper, Islam and Blood, attests to the same efficacy. Presenting…

Rescuing America and Israel from Obamanism

Prof. Paul Eidelberg

(Author of A Discourse on Statesmanship)

In his First Inaugural Address on January 20, 2009, President Barack Obama declared that America is “a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus, and non-believers.” However, authentic Islam regards all non-Muslims as “infidels,” indeed, as “apes” and “pigs.” Moreover, Islam regards all women as mere sex objects. Furthermore, so perverse and monstrous is the Islam’s fixation on lust that Ayatollah Khomeini endorsed instructions to bestiality and necrophilia. 

Preview YouTube video Islamic Sexuality A Survey Of Evil 

Consideration of these sources must modulate any realistic American and Israeli foreign policy.

Given the nature of Islam as displayed in these Quranic sources, the election of Barack Obama, a self-professed Muslim, is of world-historical significance. His having been elected twice as President of the United State by a substantial majority of American voter signifies the decay, and perhaps the ultimate demise, of, America, the only nation that can curtail the ongoing spread of international anarchy and prevent the global ascendancy of totalitarian Islam.

Islam has a burgeoning population of 1.5 billion Muslims whose only salvation – and perhaps that of Western Civilization – consists in the renunciation or evisceration of that politicized religion, which sustains the power structures of some fifty Islamic regimes – a fact that augments the power of Barack Obama.

A clear and most ominous sign of things to come appeared the day before Obama’s first inaugural address, when he brazenly said he would bring the American people a new Declaration of Independence, one that will be free of petty thinking, prejudice, and bigotry!

In view of what this monumental arrogance portends, let me say before writing another word, that more and more Jews are going to leave America, in consequence of which, ten unopposed Donald Trumps could not put the America’s humpty-dumpty economy together again.

America cannot survive, let alone prosper, without the creativity and versatility of her Jewish population. (Contrast the regimes whose subjects bow to Mecca, while Obama is doing everything to disembowel – let others say “mongrelize” – America.

That Obama is of dubious American birth, that he may lack solid legal grounds for occupancy in the White House, or that he merits impeachment, is beyond the purview of this article. More pertinent is the fact that Obama’s father was a Muslim. Since Islam prescribes patrilineal descent, hundreds of millions of the world’s 1.5 billion Muslims regard the President of the United States as one of their own, even though his dubious profession of Christian faith makes him an apostate, to put it kindly. Truth be told, the President of the United States is a pagan (and not a very refined one). This is the said reason why Obama is a visceral hater of Jews, whose ethical and intellectual monotheism since Sinai made them the greatest enemies of paganism.

That Obama scorned the American Declaration of Independence only proves that he has no serious attachment to the Judeo-Christian ethos. No one should be surprised by his pagan attitude toward same-sex marriage, a derivative of his moral relativism, the doctrinal basis of egoism, and of Obama’s notorious narcissism. As the psychiatrist Max Nordau shows in his book Degeneration, moral relativism fosters egoism, hence the narcissism all-too-conspicuous in Obama’s face and intolerance of criticism.

Not only Arab leaders despise Obama. So do European leaders, even though they share his multicultural moral relativism. This university-bred doctrine has made Europe a motley group of post-Christian nations. Europe’s declining birthrates and its mushrooming plague of mosques is poetic justice;  payment for Europe’s deeply ingrained Jew-hatred culminating in the genocide of the Nazi holocaust. Europe has earned the curse of Islam. However, the Death of Europe calls to mind Iran’s malediction of Death to America, and this we must prevent.

Jews are fleeing Europe. Their only refuge is Israel. This should reverse Israel’s inane policy of territorial contraction called “land for peace.” Israel is now in a race for time quickened by Obama’s green light to a Nuclear Iran.

What might a fearless, discerning Prime Minister of Israel do in this “moment of truth,” which, if ignored or treated in conventional ways, promises the death of Western Civilization? Death is what Obama’s hatred of Israel and America portends.

Needed in radical times like these is radical political thought. Here is something to exercise the minds of political analysts who are more than politically correct academic scribblers.

Assume that Israel’s mellifluous and intelligent Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, is not the fortuitous but the providential antithesis of America’s clueless, teleprompter President, Barack Obama. From this apolitical starting point, let us go on to say that Israel’s Jewish Prime Minister is mysteriously prompted to act on the not very mysterious idea that Israel’s, as well as America’s salvation (which Obama has systematically sought to undermine), demands the initiation of a comprehensive strategy whose implementation requires the highest qualities of statecraft, qualities which have mysteriously surfaced and inspired Mr. Netanyahu.

Of course, I am engaging in what may generously be called a “thought experiment” of dubious value. However, to relieve the boredom purveyed by the descriptive political science of modern times, as opposed to the normative political science of the classics, let us go even further and embrace a quasi-Jewish political science that combines the art of the possible with the art of the impossible, bearing in mind the narrative about Abraham, who set out from a pagan city to tell people about monotheism.

And although, unlike Abraham, we have not been “called” to take this new path, let’s ignore the idolatry of conventional wisdom and, like Abraham, think for ourselves about what Israel would do if led by a farseeing and intrepid Prime Minister who knows that, from a naturalistic point of view, time is running out, and that like Nachshon, he will have to jump deeply into sea to win a miracle, such as that which was won in Entebbe.

First, Israel must be ready to neutralize Iran by a preemptive strike of Iran’s command and control centers.

Second, Israel must be ready to employ the technical means of overriding the electronic guidance systems of enemy missiles.

Third, the Israel Defense Forces must simultaneously eliminate the threat from Hezbollah in Lebanon, which Iran has supplied with thousands of rockets via Syria. (Israel is in a race against time.)

Fourth, Israel must take steps to accommodate, in Judea and Samaria, Jews fleeing from the Jew-hatred spread by Europe’s burgeoning Muslim population, as well as by Obama’s pro-Muslim appointments to U.S. government agencies. This will require Israel to (1) eliminate the Arab terrorist cells in Judea and Samaria (J&S); (2) impose Jewish law over this ancient Jewish land; (3) pass a “homestead” act in J&S making parcels of this land available at a minimal price to 50,000 Jews from Israel’s crowded cities, linking this to the settlement of another 50,000 Jews from abroad, with a view to promoting their mutual assimilation and Jewish national unity; (4) promote urban development in Judea and Samaria to which American capital investment should be encouraged arrangements favorable to investors and developers.


REST assured, the health of a nation is predicated upon several lynch pins. At its core, the views held toward personal responsibility impinge upon the value assigned to freedom and liberty. In turn, a “contractual” understanding exists, one in which the role of the government becomes limited, juxtaposed against it being both parent and guide.  

IT is this tug of war, push and pull, which the likes of totalitarian leaders akin to HUSSEIN Obama and his Islamic counterparts join hands, aside from other factors. And if history is any guide, successful nations, like America and Israel, internalize the above divergences verily well. 

AT the end of it all, sach ha’kol, it is up to freedom seeking people – within America and Israel – to decide which fork in the road they will take. Either way, sacrifices will have to be made. Yet, the costs of inaction will be much more burdensome and onerous, and they will reverberate for generations to come.

NOT only that, history will be very unforgiving to those who remain silent. It is agreement. Step up. Time is of the essence!



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