Islamic “Refugees” Re-settle With Child “Brides”: Will Americans (Europeans) Embrace Pedophilia & Islam’s Full-On Shariah Law? If Not, What Are They Gonna Do About It? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

AS is said, no rest for the weary or the wicked. However, it is up to readers to decide which category this investigative journalist belongs in! Hint: Bone-tired…aching head…but never mind, we all have our own burdens to bear. Besides, who has time for a pity party? Not on this end.

THAT out-of-the-way, here we go again. Ponder this: How many days go by without this site’s reporting on Islam’s barbarism? Almost never and never. Alas, as always, when it comes to Mohammedans and their continuous violence, look, a period hasn’t gone by – for centuries – that Allah’s soldiers haven’t rampaged across the globe. Readers, just check your history books! Therefore, what would make anyone believe that this point in time would be any different? Rhetorical. So, atop said repeated blood-lust, are non-Muslims prepared to react to other facets of their cultural “norms”, namely, pedophilia/rape and child brides, when tens of thousands of “refugees” descend upon over 180 – and counting – US cities? If not, why not? 

EVEN though Allah’s soldiers are busy slaughtering and planning their next jihadi attacks, still, it doesn’t deter their lust for child-sex. It makes no diff whether male or female, they just adapt and adjust. Wait and see.

BE that as it may, let’s differentiate between those who are western based and others who are operating in Islamic theaters of war. The point being, until the likes of U.S. based Brotherhood Mafia soldiers can wage frontal jihad inside America en mass, rest assured, they perform Islam’s mandates in a myriad of ways via stealth tactics. This is a fact.

WHAT is also true is the absolute linkage between Islam and child-sex, and much of it is traced back to the Koranic teachings of “prophet” Muhammad! Yup.

 EVEN so, do you require hard-core evidence? No problem.


THUS, along this kiddie path, did you know that Islam’s serial rapists/pedophiles are given western cover via a myriad of measures? If not, take a (sordid) peek.


INTRINSICALLY, Allah’s Muslim terrorists are viewing their child-sex Koranic “allowance” via a monetary lens. Say whaaat? Well, they engage in full-blown“pricing lists” for their “wares!” 


PHEW, do you need a shower yet? Not so fast, there’s more. Yes, while they abuse available kiddies, they also marry little girls barely done playing with their dolls. Truly, imagine any other twisted religion which koshers pedophilia, alas, you can’t.

TO wit, under said truth-telling paradigms a national and rational discourse would ensue, if a omerta by Islam’s mouthpieces (at each and every turn, mainly via CAIR) and their leftist apologists wasn’t accepted by America’s top leadership, the heretofore standard-bearer for the west. Resultant, the dangerous underbelly of Islam is left intact, failing to reveal two core western-saving imperatives: firstly, the unmasking of Islam as a religion, per se. Concomitantly, its essence, as a full-on quasi-religious doctrine for political control, is shielded from public discourse.

SECONDLY, officialdom’s mouthpieces – back benched by the media’s megaphones – would never exert the same blackout, if Jews or Christians followed a “prophet’ whose life was based upon a pillaging and raping war lord. Said incompatibility with western norms would be front page news, ad infinitum, as would be necessary. Yet, in today’s upside down world, Islam is protected, butpissing on the two religions which underpin western civilization is acceptable and gaining steam. As is said, here is where the rubber meets the road.

MORE specifically, CAIR’s Brotherhood Mafia, Islamists-in-suits, are always front and center, until their own soiled laundry is on display. But never mind, don’t fret, they have their (officialdom) “proteczia” at the highest levels. No one should underestimate what this means.

CAIR leader Ahmad Saleem, a Muslim youth coordinator, was also one of the men arrested. Investigators said the men all went to a home in Clermont with the hopes of having sex with a child. The car Saleem traveled in had a license plate that said, “Invest in children,” according to investigators.continue reading

NOW, readers recognize that leftists and their ilk believe that anything, and everything, goes. Pedophilia, no problem.  The re-definition of “marriage”, whatever. Not happy with your sex, “re-assign” your preference. And so on…hence, they lock arms in this and that anti-western thrust.

THE point being, multicultural devotees have ZERO boundaries, thus, “(im)moral” equivalence between cultures is endless. And, despite Islam’s “koshering” of rape-jihad, they are lent leftist cover. Moreover, in the main, to Mohammedans, the greatest reward accrues to those who adhere to blood-lust. Atta boychiks…female jihadis alike! Indeed, in this bloody arena they are treated as equals, unlike all other aspects of Islamic law. Go figure.

TO wit,  it is into this hell that so-called “refugees” and their child “brides” have entered Europe and are on their way to America too. Have NO doubt about this.








Muslim Child brides in forced marriages from the Middle East are turning up in refugee centers in The Netherlands, and Dutch authorities are at a loss on how to deal with the problem. Social workers are faced with a horrifying dilemma: return girls as young as 13 to their middle-aged husbands and, in the process, turn a blind eye to what would be government-sanctioned child rape; or break up families?


Many girls, some as young as 13, have turned up in Dutch asylum centers with their much-older husbands. Although Dutch law doesn’t allow girls to marry until 16, it also recognizes foreign marriages of younger girls if the marriage is legal in the bride and groom’s country of origin.


Dutch politician Attje Kuiken is appalled, and wants the law updated to protect refugee child brides from what she sees as sexual abuse. “A 12-year-old girl with a 40-year-old-man – that is not a marriage, that is paedophilia. We’re talking about really young children, girls 12, 13 years old who are victims of legal sexual abuse in their home countries.

Dutch immigration minister Klaas Dijkhoff is working on getting his country’s immigration laws updated to only recognize foreign marriages if both partners are over the age of 18. In the meantime, child brides are proliferating among the migrants.


AS is often mentioned at this site, a major component of jihad is cultural aka stealth infiltration and penetration. This is not for nothing. It is along said torturous and twisted path that the most damage is wrecked upon western nations, be it America or another. In effect, before non-Muslims realize what is happening under their noses, a total shift in society has taken place. And if a recent exhibit is required, look no further than here: “Shariahville, USA: Cities ‘Surrender’ To Islam!” 

IN this regard, unless westerners take off their blinders and start to educate themselves about Islam’s underpinnings, Shariah Law, they will be unable to beat back against an eventual takeover. Inherently, Muslims who are already rooted within any given community should be thwarted from political, educational, or societal-changing posts, irrespective of PC backlash. After all, what is more important, name-calling or saving ones community? It goes without saying, fighting “refugee” resettlement should be a patriot’s HIGHEST priority. And if it means coming to blows with officialdom or what not, so be it. Besides, where is it written that the price for freedom is cost-free?

MOREOVER, those who refuse to execute their civic duties dare not feign shock… shock…when their communities are taken over by Shariah-compliant forces! Not only that, but this site can guarantee that the same city council Islamic takeover in Hamtramck, Michigan will repeat and repeat, if Americans refuse to take PRO-ACTIVE action. In other words, the oft mentioned knock-on effects are coming to “any city USA.” No doubt.

Within hours of the historic election, Muslim political organizer Ibrahim Algahim was caught on video giving a chilling warning: “Now we show the Polish and everybody else, that…” he said, as cheers drowned out the rest of his words. (See video link)

CONCLUSIVELY, to solidify matters, the following are inherently intrinsic points, never to lose sight of: Once Islam’s barbarians gain strength through numbers, basically, tipping the “balance of power” within any community, rest assured, western freedoms upheld by the Constitution will absolutely – emphasis placed – succumb to Sharia Law. It will not happen overnight, but through a “phased plan” and approach.

RESULTANT, whether or not Americans (westerners, in general) eventually want to adhere to Islamic dictates will become irrelevant. Moot. Most significantly, once they gain power, again, through stealth or frontal jihad, child “brides” – as one societal overhaul – will become the “norm.” Everything else which comes with living under Islam’s boot and sword will follow suit!!

SHIVER America (the west) timbers.


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