DHS’s TARGET Bank: Retired Military Officers Issue DIRE Warnings…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

IT has never been the case – at least up until HUSSEIN Obama catapulted into the White House – that (mostly retired) military officers issued warnings against a sitting administration. Not only are said missives unprecedented, but they decidedly place a target on the backs of those issuing them! Regardless, they refuse to stay silent, and for that we should all give them a mega thumbs up and attendant support, come what may.

BUT let’s also add a DHS whistle-blower to their target bank. O M G !

INCLUSIVE in this growing list of “non-compliant” (retired) officers is…. 

Terry M. Hestilow, a retired Army officer with nearly 30 years of service under his belt, as well as combat experience in both Vietnam and Afghanistan issued a dire warning to all Americans.

The following warning was posted on Hestilow’s Facebook page:

I fully intend to address this in far greater detail within days, but ask yourself, with all the law enforcement available in the United States, who the DHS is preparing to declare war on inside the U.S.?

With the massive purchases of almost 3,000 new armored vehicles (MRAPs) and 1.6 BILLION rounds of ammunition, with associated weapons,who in the U.S. do they intend to kill? Short answer: You and me! Anyone they think is standing in their way to impose a new Marxist government! Anyone who stands for the U.S. Constitution!

We must demand that our representatives (Senators and U.S. Representatives) stand firm and immediately force, by law if necessary, the DHS turn over their arsenal of war making equipment to the Department of Defense.

Nothing justifies this massive arms build up of an agency whose jurisdiction is internal within the United States of America! They are preparing to go to war against American citizens!

Don’t wait on people like John McCain or Lindsey Graham to recognize the threat! Citizens you must demand Congress act to force these weapons, ammunition, and armored vehicles be turned over immediately to the DoD! Then let us dissolve the DHS (or SA, or SS… whatever you call them)!

Hear me, America. The DHS can only be preparing to declare war on us with the arsenal of weapons and equipment they are purchasing as they methodically dismantle our legitimate military made up of patriotic Americans!

If I live and still have a page to speak out on later this week, I will discuss a proper Constitutional response in a couple of days. Standby. Out.

Captain Terry M. Hestilow, United States Army, Retired

Of course, this comes on the heels of the news that DHS is purchasing 2,717 ’Mine Resistant Protected’ vehicles for urban use.

In light of the Obama administration’s push for gun-grabbing legislation, a flurry of “multi-agency training drills” inside our cities and towns, the dismissal of several well-respected military leaders and the purchase of urban tanks, along with 2 billion rounds of ammunition…

One need not be a conspiracy theorist to be genuinely concerned about the imminent threat to our freedoms, as well as to our very lives.The Last Great Stand…

MOST significantly, the aforementioned reference to “multi-agency training drills” is beyond demonstrative and indubitably frightening. In the main, how many are aware of an unprecendented upcoming military drill during July 15 to Sept, 15 called ” Jade Helm 15″? Well, here’s the poop and scoop:

FOREWARNED is forearmed…pay particular attention to the areas deemed “hostile” on page 6 – http://api.ning.com/files/KhhA6XZToLr5zaN2egGNMn5TydObT1k5rdMSHvpu*xv59EDKMkurdSp1EvK7kqORZH91WrhgwGsDt1zwRWBJiF82vRytGGVp/JadeHelmMartialLawWW3PrepDocument1.pdf

IT will encompass the entire American Southwest. Yup, you read that right. But to what end? It is described thusly:

“Jade Helm is a challenging eight-week joint military and Interagency (IA) Unconventional Warfare (UW) exercise conducted throughout Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah and Colorado.”

Thomas Mead, the operations planner for the U.S. Army’s Jade Helm realistic military training has publicly stated that “We have Army Green Berets, Navy Seals, Marine Special Operations Command, the 82nd Airborne Division and we also have some of our interagency partners such as the DEA, FBI and the Joint Personnel Recovery Agency (JPRA) that will be working with us.”

The use of Green Berets, Navy Seals and Special Operations Command forces speaks to the unconventional composition of the overall makeup of this group. Among the many duties for these three Special Operations groups include infrastructure raids, assassination of key enemy personnel, reconnaissance, and extraction of key enemy personnel for detention and/or intelligence gathering. It is the latter duty that has me concerned as there has been much discussion over the execution of a “Red List” in which key resistance figures would be kidnapped and “dealt with” in advance of the implementation of martial law. A detailed analysis of the language of Jade Helm has convinced me that we are looking at the implementation of the “snatch and grab” of key resistance figures to the coming marital law. My sources have told me that in past drills of this nature, Red List extraction troops are helicoptered in the early morning hours (e.g. 3AM) land, offload personnel and extract the intended targets, SWAT team style.

In the Jade Helm section entitled What to Expect, operation planners state that the public should anticipate “Increased aircraft in the area at night“, and “May receive noise complaints“. What aircraft would be loud enough at night to guarantee noise complaints? My vote would be the helicopters. And who would be on these helicopters at night? What time are snatch and grab activities historically held? And who typically conducts snatch and grab arrests? The answer to these questions would be the special operation forces, which in martial law, would be the Gestapo version of the Green Berets, the Navy Seals and Marine Special Forces as they arrive at your home at 3AM.

Role players will be participating in Jade Helm. In fact, the same section goes on to state that “Some individuals (i.e. civilian insurgents) may conduct suspicious activities…..” What would constitute a “suspicious activity for the purpose of this drill? Would it consist of pretending to be dragged off to a FEMA camp? Would it be engaging in simulated insurgency activities associated with guerrilla war strategies? There are so many possibilities and they are all associated with civilian resistance against a tyrannical force.

Not only is the use of three special operations forces suspicious with regard to Jade Helm, but more notably is the announced use of JPRA, and this is frightening event. The Joint Personnel Recovery Agency (JPRA) maintains a series of training school sites whose subject matter includes:

“Prisoners of war; hostages and DETAINEES (emphasis added); evasion and escape; search and rescue; Prison survival techniques and experiences; geography and cartography, natural science, ethnology, and country studies; terrorism; military and Naval science; natural and emergency medicine.”


BUT regardless of the precise target dates to upend America, DHS is well positioned to do so. And before you proceed any further, listen to this hooked up whistle-blower/informant and digest its (fluid) moving parts: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CYDLRR7FZFw

AFTERWARDS, let’s just continue along this frightening trajectory via a short list of names, out of many, who agree that Obama Inc. is purposefully purging high level patriotic officers. The urgent question is: to what end?



General McCrystal


General Ham




NO one should be naive enough to believe that an actual firing squad is not in the offing, for patriots who refuse to “stand down”. Thus, the inherent alarms re DHS and their plans of action:

SO consider the facts at hand and you can decide:


WHY in heaven’s name are so many experienced patriots raising their own alarms…is it that they realize who DHS is laser focused on, perhaps those who “stubbornly cling” to the Constitution?


AND in light of fact one, how about untold purchases of (domestic) heavy ammo   – yet to be explained, by any person in an official capacity as well as unprecedented in scope?


What about the militarization of police forces throughout the U.S., actually steps to prep for Martial Law? Such planning is required, for once the shit hits the fan – whatever its “precipitating” factor – “law and order” must be restored.


BUT let’s not forget about DHS’s penchant for dumping thousands of convicted criminals, illegals to boot, into America’s streets! To what end?

A + B. 1 + 1.

IN the main, if a patriotic leader was at the helm; if patriots were not defined as “domestic terrorists”; if loyal commanders weren’t purged; if the militarization of local police was not a factor, the above drill would be questionable, but not in the same frightening realm.

BUT there’s more. Aside from military officers, Sheriffs are equally concerned, and the following is emblematic of their growing alarm:  

A video posted to YouTube Saturday shows what appears to be a Washington state deputy sheriff explaining that armored vehicles are needed by police departments to confront “Constitutionalists” with firearms. According to Infowars’ Mikael Thalen, the footage was shot in Spokane Valley, Washington, a community that sits between Spokane and the Idaho state line.

CONCLUSIVELY, DHS is a malevolent behemoth targeting patriots and whistle blowers!

The tyrant will always find a pretext for his tyranny,” so said Aesop in the “The Wolf and the Lamb,” Aesop’s Fables. HUSSEIN Obama, what say you?

AS to the true underlying nature of DHS, HUSSEIN Obama’s goon squads, pay heed to Ayn Rand’s prescient words:

A statist is a man who believes that some men have the right to force, coerce, enslave, rob, and murder others. To be put into practice, this belief has to be implemented by the political doctrine that the government—the state—has the right to initiate the use of physical force against its citizens. How often force is to be used, against whom, to what extent, for what purpose and for whose benefit, are irrelevant questions. The basic principle and the ultimate results of all statist doctrines are the same: dictatorship and destruction. The rest is only a matter of time.  Ayn Rand


Americans, Military Personnel, In Cross Hairs Of ISIS! What, If Anything, Will The FBI/DHS Do?Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

in the name of allah

{re-blogged at Islam Exposed}

ANY American who believes that Obama Inc. will come to their aid when threatened by jihadists and revolutionary leftists is simply delusional. Off their rocker. It would be akin to relying on arsonists to suddenly morph into firefighters, Superman-like. It ain’t gonna happen. This is the case, regardless of any public pronouncements that they are “on the job”. Oh yeah.

AS a matter of absolute record, this investigative journalist knows from first hand experience that America’s domestic front arm, the FBI, is ignoring Islamic threats to those who are reporting them in FULL detail. This is a fact. Defy anyone to argue otherwise. Indeed, Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s FBI and DHS are captured (Brotherhood) operations. This is not smack talk.

CONSIDER the following as this site’s due diligence reporting, and as ample warning to Americans: recognize what you are up against and be prepared to take care of your families/interests. You are on your own. Yes, this assertion comes from a personal knowledge base involving several interfaces with the very same FBI.

IN this regard, it must be recognized that the work being done at this site (in tandem with other avenues) is fraught with certain risks. Nevertheless, not all threats are alike and some rise to a higher level than others. Minefields all over the place. Hence, they are reported to the relevant authorities.

NOW, understand that this is being done in various ways, but most importantly, one assisting on this end possessed the highest security clearance from U.S. intelligence agencies in his prior line of work. Others have equally related intelligence credentials, yet they cannot convince the FBI to investigate said Islamic death threats. You got that? 

Nonsense!!! You are in our hitlist.. Run as far as you can because we are coming for you soon…

A Letter to my puking Jihadi .Adina is my sister in this fight. She snaps her FINGERS AND I WILL BE STANDING RIGHT BESIDE HER…YOU HAVE THIRTY DAYS TO RUN FROM HER. After thirty days I will track you down like the swine pig you are. Then you become nonexistent and are no longer a threat to my friend and sister.
Don’t mess with her or your world will crumble. Dave G. Ferrum, Rd, Ferrum, VA 24088 (one house on my block) Stay strong Adina, this jihai will no longer bother you.. Dave Gaubatz

SO the inherent question for Americans relying on the aforementioned agencies is: if said contacts (mind you, they have all come back with the same reports) are forced to act on their own – due to a NEGATIVE deaf, dumb and blind response from the so-called front arm agencies – then what chance does the average citizen have of gaining their assistance/cooperation? Is this clear enough? 

BUT back to ISIS and their threats against U.S. military and their families, and on American soil too. And in light of the above, read the following alert with a more nuanced eye:

The FBI has delivered its strongest warning about ISIS to date, warning military members in the US about potential terrorist attacks against them.

A government bulletin Sunday night warned of attacks against the military where they live, stating fresh intelligence: “The FBI recently received reporting indicating individuals overseas are spotting and assessing like-minded individuals who are willing and capable of conducting attacks against current and former U.S.-based members of the United States military.”

How are military members to respond? They are to respond by scrubbing their social media accounts of references to their military service.

The federal bulletin said:

“The FBI and DHS recommend that current and former members of the military review their online social media accounts for any information that might serve to attract the attention of ISIL [ISIS] and its supporters.”

What has officials concerned is a repeat of attacks in Canada from last month, when two Canadian soldiers were killed in separate incidents by ISIS followers.

The FBI and DHS believe that such attacks may “embolden” and “motivate” ISIS supporters.

ISIS spokesman Abu Mohammad al-Adnani said in late September: “Do not ask for anyone’s advice and do not seek anyone’s verdict. Kill the disbeliever whether he is civilian or military, for they have the same ruling. Both of them are disbelievers. Both of them are considered to be waging war.”

Some in special operations and other parts of the US military have already scrubbed or deleted social media accounts beginning last August, when the bombing of ISIS began.

MOST significantly, Americans should not confuse the warnings being issued by the FBI and DHS with actual ! protection. In other words, view it as covering their backsides from what they know is being planned on the ground from this and that intelligence gathering. But reality is a far cry from both preventative measures and paying heed to those who are already being threatened! 

BASICALLY, the following linked interview spells out the ISIS threat level, regardless of the warnings from the FBI/DHS. And from the same counter terror security expert, here is some practical advice, relative to what must be done in light of the overall threats heading America’s way:

It is my professional opinion and analysis that Americans be prepared for dirty radioactive bombs to be set off in various cities simultaneously in the near future. You must have sufficient food, water, emergency supplies, and of course firearms and ammunition stored. Paper money and credit cards will become useless. The commodities that will be valuable are items needed for basic survival. Guns, ammo, food, water, gasoline, gold and silver are what you should be stockpiling.

Do not expect your government to be able to or have the will to protect you and your family after dirty bombs are exploded in America. Senior leaders of our government already have predestined safe areas to run to when they will be needed most. They will be hiding in safe havens when you and your families are fighting for your survival.

ASSUREDLY, these agencies are efficient at “mop ups” after the fact, but that’s the extent of it. Above all else, they have been ordered to “stand down” by Brotherhood infiltrators within the top agencies.

A report from Joe Biggs in early September indicated that a terror threat had been identified on the Southern U.S. border just outside of El Paso, TX. According to Biggs, the Vice President of the Border Patrol Council was reportedly silenced by Federal administrators and told to keep quiet about the possibility of Islamic State militants organizing for an attack within the domestic United States.

For their part, the Obama Administration completely denied the reports. On Tuesday DHS issued the following statement:

“There is no credible intelligence to suggest that there is an active plot by ISIL to attempt to cross the southern border”

But less than 48 hours later the Gateway Pundit reports that the U.S. government did, in fact, apprehend four suspected terrorists with ties to the IS organization on the border.

Congressman Jason Chaffetz broke this shocking news Wednesday that four known terrorists were apprehended at the US border in Texas on September 10 – the day before the 13th anniversary of the 9-11 attacks.

Chaffetz questioned Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson on whether he is “aware of any apprehensions of suspected or known terrorists.”

Johnson dodged the question.

Tonight, Rep. Chaffetz told Megyn Kelly there were four terrorists arrested crossing the US border in Texas on September 10.

“There were actually four individuals trying to cross through the Texas border, who were apprehended at two different stations, that do have ties to known terrorist organizations in the Middle East.”

According to a report from Fox News on Wednesday evening, additional credible threats have been identified and they are looking to strike Americans inside of the U.S.  The report says that IS related terror cells have been given instructions to identify and slaughter American military personnel by locating them via social media networks:

A law enforcement bulletin obtained by FoxNews.com warned that Islamic State fighters have increased calls for “lone wolves” to attack U.S. soldiers in America in recent months, citing one tweet that called for jihadists to find service members’ addresses online and then “show up and slaughter them.”

In one example cited in the bulletin, a British jihadist encouraged radicals still living in the West to use Facebook and LinkedIn to find and target soldiers.

“You could literally search for soldiers, find their town, photos of them, look for address in Yellowbook or something,” the tweet read. “Then show up and slaughter them.”

Apparently, terrorist threats from lone wolves only matter if they are born and raised in the United States.

Local sheriffs and Border Patrol officials have been warning of terror threats on the Southern border for quite some time. Reports that individuals from Afghanistan, Iran and other hotbeds of terrorism have been captured crossing into the United States via Mexico have been circulating for quite some time.

The United States is still facing a major threat. You might be surprised to learn who agents are catching trying to cross the border from Mexico.

The above report was from May of 2010, so “credible threats” of terrorists attempting to use the southern border as an entry point into the U.S. is nothing new.

We now have confirmation from a U.S. Congressman who says that four people with suspected ties to terrorism have been apprehended in the United States on our southern border.

How is it, then, that DHS and the Obama Administration refuse to admit that a credible threat to America’s security exists?

All of this begs the question: What the hell is really going on here?

Is this a politically motivated denial in an attempt to downplay the gaping security hole the Obama administration has left in the Southern United States as a result of their immigration policies?

Or, as some have suggested, are certain officials within the United States facilitating the entry of these individuals who mean to do us harm in an effort to further the police state agenda that took hold after the attacks of September 11th.

NOT only that, but the very same agencies who identify patriotic Americans, including active military/vets, as “domestic terrorists”, are hardly the go to address for safety measures. Agreed?

DON’T you feel safer now? 


The Constitutional Convention Of 1787: A Comprehensive Encyclopedia of America's Founding


EVEN as an expat (but clearly a highly involved U.S. citizen) the words “We the People” still resonates, eliciting goose bumps. And those who understand its subtext likely feel the same. In effect, this is what separates patriots from the socialist, Marxist, communist leaning riff raff who support the Radical-in-Chief’s “transformation” designs. Words do matter. Actions matter even more.

That being said, it is impossible not to recognize the grave danger America is in, the heretofore “guard dog” of liberty and freedom. Assuredly, once its leaders go astray, it is not a matter of if, but when its pillars will fall. And while this is the longed for dream of radical leftist revolutionaries (and their Islamist helpmates), it is the stuff of nightmares for many millions of patriots – this one included.

Nightmare One:

From the onset of the reign of Barack HUSSEIN Obama, the nightmare has gone from moderately high to RED HOT. Most recognize that their revolutionary train was set in motion decades ago by no less than the POTUS’s helpmate, Billy boy Ayers, head of the radical domestic terror group, the Weathermen! Talk about full circle. Of course, the bag man has always been George-the-devil-incarnate Soros.

Nightmare Two:

Those who doubt said full circle connections would do well to reconsider: DOMESTIC TERRORIST,BILL AYERS,ENTERS THROUGH OBAMA’s “BACK DOOR”:DEBORAH LEFF VETS PRESIDENTIAL CLEMENCIES! 

Nightmare Three:

And isn’t it patently obvious why a 2nd Constitutional Convention is an absolute necessity, especially when Obama Inc. terms patriots “domestic terrorists”? How much clearer can the hooligans in charge be? Consequentially, the nation-saving need for redress is long overdue!

Michigan Marks the 34th State Necessary to Commence a Constitutional Convention

By Michael Thomas | Storyleak

The following news alert conveys what is perhaps the most important development in these United States of America this year … this decade … this millennium.  Truly, it does not get any bigger when the appropriate legal mechanisms have been triggered to initiate a Constitutional Convention.  The upshot of this extremely profound and unparalleled initiative implemented by 34 states is as nation-transforming as it is highly consequential for every American citizen.

Regardless of where this US Federal Government-altering procedure goes regarding the proposed Balanced Budget Amendment, the message that it sends cannot be misunderstood: We the People are fed up with business-as-usual in Washington DC!  That said, the Obama Administration has so operated as a lawless tyranny that the ultimate outcome from this state-driven process was rapidly advanced perhaps by several years.  Thank you, President Obama.  It appears that he has unwittingly become the ‘change agent’ that he promised to be … only not quite in the way that he planned.

Whereas Barack Obama did promise the USA ‘Hope and Change‘, the real change that he is likely to experience in his lifetime has no historical precedence in US history. The inevitable revolution being waged by the states — at the insistence of their citizens — does not ignore the impelling influences by the previous Bush Administration. Back-to-back despotic and rogue administrations served to show the American people just how far the political class has fallen.  It is now quite clear, to virtually everyone concerned, that there is no hope for their ‘brand’ of leadership, and therefore no lasting and much-needed change can be expected under their watch.

For those who comprehend the defining moment at hand, it is still premature to celebrate.  The politicos and powerbrokers, corporate titans and business magnates, financiers and bankers, lawyers and lobbyists, will do everything in their power to subvert the upcoming process of realignment.  They will do everything in their power to sabotage the originally conceived Constitutional Republic from taking shape.  They will seek to disempower both the states and people, as they have always done.  Therefore —>


From TRN News:

The most important political development in 200 years was triggered last week, when the state legislature of Michigan became the 34 th state to demand a “Constitutional Convention” in the United States. Under Article 5 of the US Constitution, if 2/3rds of the states call for such a convention, (meaning 34 states) it MUST take place. During such a convention, the ENTIRE Constitution can be changed; nothing is off-limits. This would even allow the States to dismantle the federal government without its consent, and repudiate the debt which that government has incurred! When it voted for the convention last week, Michigan became the 34 th state, thus meeting the requirement.

A goal has been reached behind what would be an unprecedented effort to amend the U.S. Constitution, through a little-known provision that gives states rather than Congress the power to initiate changes. This [may be] the most significant political development in the entire world in the last 200 years.

At issue is what’s known as a “constitutional convention,” a scenario tucked into Article V of the U.S. Constitution. At its core, Article V provides two ways for amendments to be proposed. The first – which has been used for all 27 amendments to date – requires two-thirds of both the House and Senate to approve a resolution, before sending it to the states for ratification. The Founding Fathers, though, devised an alternative way which says if two-thirds of state legislatures demand a meeting, Congress “shall call a convention for proposing amendments.”

The idea has gained popularity among constitutional scholars in recent years — but got a big boost last week when Michigan lawmakers endorsed it.

Michigan matters, because by some counts it was the 34th state to do so. That makes two-thirds.

In the wake of the vote, California Republican Rep. Duncan Hunter pressed House Speaker John Boehner on today to determine whether the states just crossed the threshold for this kind of convention. Like Michigan lawmakers, Hunter’s interest in the matter stems from a desire to push a balanced-budget amendment — something that could be done at a constitutional convention.

“Based on several reports and opinions, Michigan is the 34th state to issue such a call and therefore presents the constitutionally-required number of states to begin the process of achieving a balanced budget amendment,” Hunter wrote.

“With the recent decision by Michigan lawmakers, it is important that the House – and those of us who support a balanced budget amendment — determine whether the necessary number of states have acted and the appropriate role of Congress should this be the case.”

If two-thirds of the states have indeed applied, the ball is presumably in Congress’ court to call the convention.

But Article V is rather vague, and it’s ultimately unclear whether 34 states have technically applied. In the past, states like Oregon, Utah and Arizona have quietly voted to approve the provision in their legislature.

But some of the 34 or so have rescinded their requests. Others have rescinded, and then re-applied.

Alabama rescinded its request in 1988 but in 2011, lawmakers again applied for a convention related to an amendment requiring that the federal budget be balanced. It was a similar story in Florida in 2010.

Louisiana rescinded in 1990 but lawmakers have tried several times, unsuccessfully, to reinstate the application since then.

It’s unclear whether the applications still count in these scenarios.

Some constitutional scholars like Gregory Watson, an analyst in Texas, say once states ask, there may be no take-backs.

“There is a disagreement among scholars as to whether a state that has approved an application may later rescind that application,” Watson told The Washington Times. “If it is ultimately adjudicated that a state may not rescind a prior application, then Ohio’s 2013 application for a Balanced Budget Amendment convention would be the 33 rd and Michigan’s 2014 application would be the 34th on that topic.”

Others say if a state changes its mind, it can no longer be part of the 34.

Even if the requisite number of states have applied, questions remain about how such a convention would work — and whether, as Michigan wants, such a convention could be limited to only discussing a balanced-budget amendment.

It still may be a long shot, but some analysts are warning about the unintended consequences of such a move.

In Louisiana, Budget Project Policy Analyst Steve Spire argued against the state’s resolution, saying the convention could permanently damage the nation’s political system. What he calls “damage” others call improvement.


The USA now finds itself at a critical moment of the American Experiment. Since the 2000 election of George W. Bush, the divisions between red and blue states have never been so wide and deep. The socio-economic conflicts, political acrimony and philosophical arguments between people of different political persuasions and religious stripes are as intense and reconcile as ever.  Given this volatile state of affairs, there must be a new forum in which to rationally discuss and objectively debate the future of the nation.

To our thinking, a full-blown Constitutional Convention may be the only way out of the current political paralysis. Where such a forum may be exploited by those with selfish and/or narrow interests, the states can act as a gatekeeper to ensure proper and proportionate representation. At the end of the day, the people must be represented in full force, or else such a convention will be an unsuccessful exercise in futility.

Now the challenge will be to determine to hold a conference in an ‘unbiased’ location. Or, through a digital format using all the tools available on the internet to keep the dialogue flowing and open to all US citizens. In this way, the corporate media cannot screen out their own prejudiced problems areas or filter in their favorite biases. They are already guilty of giving very little reporting to such an important and historic opportunity, which has emerged from the constitutional crisis they  shamelessly helped to create.

Perhaps the time has come for the USA to assume the form of constitutional republic that it was designed to be.  Although this nation purports to export ‘freedom and democracy’ around the world, our brand of democracy has become totalitarian in nature vacillating between fascism and communism, relentlessly bogged down in political correctness, and administered by leadership that is perennially addicted to deception.

Clearly, the time has come for a renew form of governance and political economy which truly serve the citizenry; not the other way around.

And even though the main impetus for this 2nd Constitutional Convention arose out of frustration over Washington’s inability to implement a balanced budget – a cornerstone to America’s economic future – the fact of the matter is that patriots understand what is really at stake. The heart of the struggle lies within a runaway, renegade, anti-American regime which protects those who shred the Constitution – on a regular basis – and backs those who desecrate the flag: Americans now “racist” for waving American flag!

And while clearly there are some states which still require to complete their due diligence “paper work” re joining this nation-saving, historical happening, the fact of the matter is that a movement is full steam ahead. It is only a matter of time, before history records the most important occasion of the century. Auspicious.

Caveat: this site claims no expertise in the logistics of the above (unlike in the arena of Islamic jihad and geo-politics), so there may be disagreement, among said experts, how we get from there to here. Nevertheless, there is NO disagreement, among patriots, that the underpinnings for such a momentous occasion are more than in the air! Onward and upward….