Obama Brings America To The Brink:Dirty Bombs & Race War On Tap.How Should Patriots Respond?Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

BURYING one’s head in the sand is never a prudent move, most especially when life and death hangs in the balance. Western civilization too.

SO as ISIS burrows inside America, is it far-fetched to posit: are dirty bombs heading in America’s direction? Of course they are. As such, failure to heed Dave Gaubatz’s warnings will have dire consequences for all Americans, and ultimately for the west.

Dirty Bombs in America
By: Dave Gaubatz
30 Nov 2014

We have a hard time imagining a radioactive dirty bomb being exploded in an American school, church, synagogue, sports stadium, or shopping mall. The sad thing is Islamic terrorists have been imagining this for years. They have radioactive dirty bombs already in place in America.

There has been some speculation that the American government has been provided proof by Islamic terrorists that they have dirty bombs readily available in America. While a U.S. Federal Agent after 9/11, we were informed the Islamic terrorists do have this capability and would use them when they the feel it is in their best interest. After all it does not take a genius to make a dirty radioactive bomb.

Is there anyone aside from Al Sharpton (CAIR Supporter) and his ignorant followers and MSNBC’s Chris Matthews who do not believe members of the Islamic faith would hesitate to explode a dirty bomb in an American public school? Islam promotes terror and there is no better way to serve Allah than to kill non Islamic believers and to sacrifice their own life as needed.

Islamic based terrorists have provided ample evidence the world over that they have no problem behaving like rabid animals. They have killed thousands upon thousands of innocent women and children.

Islam teaches it’s followers that to please Allah, you must destroy the Jewish and Christian enemies of Islam. Evidence has been obtained that reveals Islamic terrorists desire to go after the hearts of the American people. The hearts of course of the American people are our children.

If one of Satan’s followers set off a dirty bomb at an American sports stadium what would be the reactions of our government and law enforcement? You could count on our government and law enforcement to overreact, and of course they are no more prepared to protect America from these acts of violence than they are to protect the innocent business owners in Ferguson, Missouri.

You could bet that martial law would be instituted. There would be an attempt to disarm American citizens. It is my analysis that this action will trigger a civil war in America. The war will be a fight pitting patriotic Americans against the rogue U.S. government, law enforcement, and Islamic terrorists (and their supporters).

When Americans realize their country and their rights are being destroyed in front of their eyes, they will act. No patriotic American desires this, but they will not allow America to be taken from their children by power-hungry government leaders and the satanic animals of Islam.

It is my professional opinion and analysis that Americans be prepared for dirty radioactive bombs to be set off in various cities simultaneously in the near future. You must have sufficient food, water, emergency supplies, and of course firearms and ammunition stored. Paper money and credit cards will become useless. The commodities that will be valuable are items needed for basic survival. Guns, ammo, food, water, gasoline, gold and silver are what you should be stockpiling.

Do not expect your government to be able to or have the will to protect you and your family after dirty bombs are exploded in America. Senior leaders of our government already have predestined safe areas to run to when they will be needed most. They will be hiding in safe havens when you and your families are fighting for your survival.
What can be done now to hopefully get our government into serious action against Islam and it’s terrorists? Obama, Holder, and Sharpton have stepped forward and advocated protests, marches, and riots to advance civil rights in America. We should follow their advise and organize millions of patriotic Americans to march on DC and demand our country be secured.

Of course Obama and his cronies did not mean for middle class white Americans to stage any type of protests, he only meant for ghetto thugs to gather and fight to destroy the very fabric of America.

THE above is hardly scare-mongering, if only. It is in the offing and it is only a matter of time.

Adding to the whirlwind, guess what just cropped up out of Ferguson’s pre-planned chaos, courtesy of the Race-Baiter-in-Chief and assorted hench people? As expected, Muslims were arrested in Ferguson in a plot to bomb and kill the Saint Louis County Prosecutor and Police Chief! 

The UAE designated terror groups Hamas-CAIR, MAS called on imams (prayer leaders) nationwide to devote at least a portion of their khutbas (sermons) to Ferguson. In October, pro-terror groups joined CAIR’s Ferguson jihad. All Islamic terror attacks are preceded by incitement by religious elders.

Olajuwon Ali and Brandon Muhammad wanted to acquire two more bombs, the sources said, but could not afford to do it until one suspect’s girlfriend’s Electronic Benefit Transfer card was replenished.

Alleged plot included bombing Arch, killing St. Louis County prosecutor, Ferguson chief, By Christine Byers and Robert Patrick, Post Dispatch, November 27, 2014 8:15 am  •

ST. LOUIS • Two men indicted last week on federal weapons charges allegedly had plans to bomb the Gateway Arch — and to kill St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Robert McCulloch and Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson — the Post-Dispatch has learned.

Sources close to the investigation were uncertain whether the men had the capability to carry out the plans, although the two allegedly did buy what they thought was a pipe bomb in an undercover law enforcement sting.

The men wanted to acquire two more bombs, the sources said, but could not afford to do it until one suspect’s girlfriend’s Electronic Benefit Transfer card was replenished.

Note the mainstream media doesn’t name the men.Olajuwon Ali and Brandon Muhammad.

Nor did they show any pictures of the arrested. But they were found on counter-jihadblogs:

IN tandem, look who else chimed into the Ferguson jihad; anti-semitic, racist extraordinaire and anti-American Louis Farrakhan, an inciter (not unlike Sharpton and Obama & gang) for decades! Yes, he exhorted: we will tear this g-d damn country apart! 

CAN you imagine the utter temerity….but he knows that the Anti-American-In-Chief has his back.

SIGNIFICANTLY, atop all of the above dangers certain signals are hard to miss, especially when the Pope (representing over a billion Christians) prostrates before Islam too! Kneeling. OMG! 

Pope Francis stood Saturday for two minutes of silent prayer facing east in one of Turkey’s most important mosques, a powerful vision of Christian-Muslim understanding at a time when neighbouring countries are experiencing violent Islamic assault on Christians and religious minorities.

His head bowed, eyes closed and hands clasped in front of him, Pope Francis prayed alongside the Grand Mufti of Istanbul, Rahmi Yaran, in the 17th-century Sultan Ahmet mosque, shifting gears to religious concerns on the second day of his three-day visit to Turkey….

NOW, no disrespect meant to those who follow the Pope’s teachings, but you gotta wonder: what the hell was he thinking, as he bowed eastward ! in one of Turkey’s most important mosques?

AS if on cue, like deranged Carmen Miranda’s, yes, the media babbled their familiar and dangerous refrain; the Pope’s Turkish foray was coined as a “gesture” of “outreach” for “multi-cultural” understanding. Hogwash. In a pig’s eye. Egregiously, the fact of the matter is that one side is slaughtering the other non-stop, while the other is begging for any gesture of reconciliation! Can you believe it? Has the world gone mad? Rhetorical.

LET’S just place all our western cards on the table, regardless of which G-d you believe in, or don’t believe in. Just view one side as a desperate, ravaged dish rag; a pathetic and jilted lover. See the other as its predatory and abusive bed mate. Pushing the analogy a step further, one side was never faithful to begin with, yet kept up the charade long enough to bleed the compliant and pining partner dry. Still, the browbeaten side is clinging to a fantastical “reconciliation”. Where is the west’s pride, honor and belief in their civilization? Hide nor hare.

NOT only that, but Erdogan’s Turkey (this is NOT Mustafa Kemal Atatürk’s Turkey, for heavens sake) is the last place that Christian leaders should submit! Again, have they no shame? Besides, haven’t they heard about Turkey’s role in the global Brotherhood Mafia’s quest for world domination? Not to be indelicate and uncharitable, has the Church collectively lost its mind and spine? 

IN other words, since the leadership of the free world is in bed with anti-western forces, and since the titular head of Catholicism has succumbed, what else will hold Islamic jihad at bay? Not much.

WESTERN civilization, wherefore art thou? Barely on life support…

7 thoughts on “Obama Brings America To The Brink:Dirty Bombs & Race War On Tap.How Should Patriots Respond?Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

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  2. call me Pollyanna but I think HLS & cops are preparing for just such events. Beyond that (new world order- UN takeover) I don’t know.

  3. I think after the RC church has groveled & tried to make friends & the “other” does something awful then they will feel good about fighting back . It will be a “righteous” war according to Vatican.

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  5. This pope is not that bright. He is also a progressive, South American version. John Paul II was the last pope with a spine and beliefs in what the RC church teaches.

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