Turkey’s Erdogan, Caliph-in-Waiting: West Must Submit To Allah! Hamas’s Major Ally…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

IT takes a particular type of brazen bastard, a Turkish one, to be exact, to behave as if he is destined to lead the Islamic world. In the meanwhile, rivaling the anti-semitic tirades of the usual suspects – the foaming-at-the-mouth Iranian mullahs – Erdogan’s anti-semitism is second to none. Nevertheless, Erdogan’s frothing has been ratcheted up against Israel, even more than usual. Alas, the “Zionist entity” must be destroyed. If he says so…

ASSUREDLY, he is Allah bent on sending another Gaza busting flotilla – backed by the muscle of the Turkish navy – against a blockade that is supported by international law. His goal is to inflame the region during an active genocidal war, using it to ride high onto his seat as Caliph – خليفة.

The people on the Mavi Marmara flotilla were genocidal Jew-hating jihadis

Mavi Marmara

IHH is currently organizing a “Freedom Flotilla II”, four years after the 2010 flotilla to Gaza which ended in the raid on the Mavi Marmara.

DEMONSTRABLY, his thrust into precipitous confrontation with Israel, coupled with his open designs as Caliph, is hardly born of false bravado. It is at one with a basic understanding: yes, heavyweights in the global Muslim Brotherhood Mafia have his back.

As the “Son of Hamas” expounds: “The Qataris are responsible in part for what is going on, and so is Turkey,” he said. “Qatar has been funding Hamas for years and in Turkey lives one of Hamas’ top leaders, Salah al-Arouri, who gave the command to kidnap and slaughter the three Israeli teens in Hevron….”

BESIDES, even though other players are vying for the same top seat, as head of the resurrected Caliphate, just consider it through western eyes, akin to top level CEO candidates vying for the west’s biggest corp opening!

IN light of the above, there is much supportive evidence to the charges at hand. Moreover, as is said, timing is everything and Erdogan believes his time has come, now that Hamas and Israel are at war! He is DEEPLY in the fray. 

AND since it is impossible to blow Islamic smoke in this blogger’s direction …never gonna happen…Erdogan “earned” a well-placed focal point at a major interview. The heat it generated was off the charts.

Wolff Bachner: Ever since Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan came to power in 2003, Turkey has slowly evolved from a secular state to a religious theocracy based on Sharia Law and Islam. Erdogan has taken every opportunity to undo decades of good relations with Israel while supporting Hamas and Jihad. What is going on in Turkey and what is Erdogan’s endgame?

Adina Kutnicki: In answer to the all important question of Turkey, its position as a so called “moderate” Muslim nation and its relationship to Israel, a brief backgrounder is in order. Turkey has enjoyed a “pet” relationship within the west, ever since its membership in NATO began in 1952. And, while the honeymoon lasted a little over 50 years, not too long after Prime Minister Recep Erdogan took over the helm, in March 2003, as Turkey’s 25th PM, the government’s Islamist agenda (from a secular leaning/tolerant nation) reared its head. Their volte face was not done in rapid moves, but akin to the precepts of Stealth Jihad – incrementally, phase by phase.

It is essential to acknowledge that PM Erdogan is a devoted and dedicated leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, as elucidated at Aina.org. He is also President Obama’s BFF, and this is no secret. Indeed, it is more than instructive to view their relationship in global terms, particularly since the rise of Islamism throughout Turkey merges with its entrenchment within Washington’s corridors.

In the words of Commentary Magazine:

“Hamas is a terrorist group in search of a home. Uprooted by the Syrian civil war, and shaken by the Egyptian coup, the Hamas leadership has taken temporary shelter in Qatar, but that tiny emirate is showing every sign that they want the Islamist radicals to move on. So where would a radical Islamist terrorist group dedicated to the eradication of the State of Israel and whose charter endorses the crudest anti-Semitism turn? Perhaps to Turkey, America’s NATO ally and a country whose leader President Obama identified as one of his top personal foreign friends.”

According to Hürriyet Daily News:

“The prime ministry in Ankara was the venue for a meeting between the head of Hamas’ political bureau, Khaled Mashaal, and Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan today. The meeting, which started at 7 p.m. and lasted for three hours, was closed to the press. Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu, National Intelligence Agency (MİT) chief Hakan Fidan, Deputy Undersecretary for the Prime Minister’s Office İbrahim Kalın and advisor Sefer Turan were also present at the meeting, Anadolu Agency reported. The meeting between Mashaal and Erdoğan came around four months after their latest meeting. It came at a time when rumors suggest that Mashaal, currently in exile in Qatar, is searching for another place to live.”

As such, a perfect storm. A union for Allah.

INDEED, a perfect storm is brewing…

The Middle East Is Aflame And With Another Caliphate On The Horizon Using Peace To Deceive Many

The rapid march of the Islamic State or ISIS, from Syria into Iraq has rattled Washington and Brussels. Then we have the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is also heating up. And then we have the world powers continue to wrangle with Iran over its nuclear-weapons program. All this, and then we have Erdogan of Turkey meddling with all these affairs including aiding in the creation of the Islamic Caliphate in Syria and Iraq while “deceiving many” with a false hope of “peace”. By this he is setting the stage to establish the next Caliphate, if he hasn’t indirectly already done so.

But first lets discuss the warmongerings of Erdogan and then we will get to his attempts to deceive by peace. It was only last year that U.S. President Barack Obama chided Mr. Erdogan for “letting arms and fighters flow into Syria indiscriminately and sometimes to the wrong rebels, including anti-Western jihadists.” And as we predicted, the rift between Turkey and the U.S. is on its way, the U.S. is already criticizing Erdogan for his depicting Israel’s attacks on Gaza as having “surpassed Hitler in barbarism”.

Alarmingly, Erdoğan of Turkey still avoids calling the ISIS terrorists and last week, he even called them brothers. “A Muslim would not do this cruelty to another Muslim brother,” Erdoğan said during an iftar dinner. Erdogan wasn’t speaking of the throat-slitting savages killing other Muslims, but that Turkey would not fight any ISIS members, since the savage is simply a “Muslim brother”.

Erdogan is looking more like a “king of fierce countenance” (Dan 8:23) and is acting as if he is possessed by the devil shaping himself to be a candidate for Antichrist.

It was Erdoğan’s government that fostered al-Qaeda-linked or inspired groups in Syria and how they turned out to be a threat for both Iraq and Syria.

Human Rights Watch noted in an October report, “Many foreign fighters operating in northern Syria gain access to Syria via Turkey, from which they also smuggle their weapons, obtain money and other supplies, and sometimes retreat to for medical treatment.”

As Thomas Hegghammer of the Norwegian Defense Research Establishment said that, “Turkey is to Syria now what Pakistan was to Afghanistan in the 1990s.”

Ilir Kulla, an Albanian expert on international security who served the Albanian President said that the jihadists from Kosovo, Macedonia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina who have joined the civil war in Syria and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), adding that Turkey is their main transit route.

Ankara may also be serving as a remote headquarters for the Palestinian terror group Hamas. Senior Hamas figure Saleh al-Aruri “operates out of Turkey, with the backing of the Turkish government,” Ynet reported in October. And a high-ranking Israeli intelligence official confirmed his presence there, adding that al-Aruri is “one of the most important leaders of Hamas” and is “involved in a lot of things including finance and logistics.”

And when it comes to Iran, Turkey is not distancing itself from the terror state, but uniting with it. Amid global financial pressure to convince the Islamic Republic’s leadership to dismantle its illicit nuclear program, one of Turkey’s three state-owned banks, Halkbank, was allegedly executing gas-for-gold transactions with Iran. Turkey in 2012 and 2013 purchased Iranian natural gas in Turkish lira and transferred the proceeds to Halkbank accounts. Iranian traders then used these proceeds to buy gold from Turkey, which was shipped to Dubai before making its way to Iran.

Then, on December 17, 2013, a massive corruption probe in Turkey alleged multiple links between the Turkish political elite and a shadowy business network tied to Iran. One anti-AKP newspaper reported that Reza Zerrab, an Iranian-Azeri businessman, was “accused of being involved in irregular money transactions, mostly from Iran, that total some 87 billion euros.” Using his connections in Iran and Turkey, Mr. Zerrab moved “almost a metric ton of gold to Iran every day for 1 1/2 years” in transactions amounting to more than $28 billion, according to Bloomberg.

It was Turkey that helped the mullahs of Iran attain financial leverage at a crucial moment in the battle over Iran’s nuclear future. Now we can see Meshech and Tubal (Asia Minor/Turkey) ally with Persia (Iran). Ezekiel 38 is taking shape. It is crucial that students of the Bible pay close attention to Ezekiel 30 which points to Lydia (Turkey) and not Russia as commonly thought. We also see Iran (biblical Persia and Elam) nuclear buildup which will end up being used against Saudi Arabia (see Isaiah 21).

Erdogan of Turkey operates by deception, while by action is creating an Islamic alliance. Erdogan uses empty words of deception imploring NATO for assistance in repelling ISIS and opposing by words only an Iranian nuclear bomb while it condemns Israel’s West Bank manhunt by comparing Israel to Adolf Hitler while the U.S focuses on Russia.


It is becoming obvious that when we look at the violence that is taking place throughout the cities of Europe as we see Muslim thugs attempting to burn Paris to the ground and the chaos in the Middle East, it is becoming clear that Jihadist Islam is no longer an aberration. When someone asked the Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan what he thought of Moderate Islam, he sneered, “There is no such thing as Moderate Islam—only Islam.”


Islam today is not only making extinct ancient Christian presence in Iraq, but in Paris, Berlin, Rome, New York, Los Angeles, and wherever, we are no longer hearing, “Death to all Zionists!” We are now hearing, “Death to the Jews!”

Erdogan is behaving very similarly as the Bible describes the Antichrist; while he causes the conflicts, trouble and mayhem, by peace he is deceiving many. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, speaking at the World Islamic Scholars Peace, Moderation and Commonsense Initiative meeting organized by the Turkish Directorate of Religious Affairs recently, called on the Muslim world to unite, work for peace and leave aside sectarian differences. Starting his speech with a referral to Surat al-Hujurat from the Quran, Erdoğan stated that God orders believers to make peace with one another as all Muslims are a single community, without any distinction of caste, creed or color and noted that it is crucial for Muslims to stop killing each other. “We cannot see the application of these orders within the Muslim world,” said Erdoğan, who noted the serious conflicts in Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Palestine, Myanmar, Central African Republic and elsewhere. He added that Muslims are like brothers and sisters to each other and should not betray or lie to one another or steal their belongings, honor or lives.”

All that while he focuses on Jerusalem. “Don’t you feel the pain suffered by Palestinians, oh Muslim world!” exclaimed the prime minister, who stated they turn a blind eye to the Palestinian issue because it does not involve sectarian conflict.

As we stated in the past, if anyone is more poised for such a mission to establish a temporary seven year peace treaty, it looks like Erdogan is a prime candidate, even bringing Sunni and Shia to establish peace. Erdoğan called on the Shia Muslims and told them it is necessary for them to put sectarian differences aside and not be disturbed when they hear the name of Omar, who served as a Caliph after the death of Prophet Muhammad.

Shoebat.com recently reported that Shiites murdered a man because his name was Omar, named after the second caliph of the Sunnis.

It is crucial to note that Turkey is the best candidate to make peace between Shiites and Sunnis because they are Sufi Muslim. The names painted on these plaques in Hagia Sophia are Allah, Prophet Mohammed, the first four Caliphs Ebubekir, Omar, Osman and Ali, and the two grandsons of Mohammed, Hassan and Hussein. The last three (Ali, Hassan and Hussein) are the top Shiite icons. The Turks unlike the Wahhabists adore Ali, Hassan and Hussein.

“We should only recognize that we (both Shiite and Sunnis) are all Muslims” said Erdoğan, who stated that they cannot stand idly when Muslims are killing one another and said it is about time that they say stop to oppressors and aggressors who shed the blood of their Muslim brothers and sisters for the sake of oil, gold, money and rulership.

“We want to put an immediate stop to the shedding of blood” Erdoğan exclaimed, calling all sides to be moderate. He stated that all the conflicts in the Muslim world can be resolved if all Muslims put aside sectarian differences and stood for one another. “We know that peace, prosperity and solidarity are well deserved by the Middle East and are aware that all opportunities are present to establish this” said Erdoğan.

Erdogan is uniting Muslims. But he will fail to complete such mission since due to the linguistic and ethnic differences, they will remain fractured but nevertheless, they will ally under him in the future in hopes to regain Jerusalem.

While Erdogan supports the ISIS, he intends to replace the Caliphate by appointing himself the Caliph and is why Erdoğan also referred to the terrorist organizations which claim to act on behalf of Islam such as the self-proclaimed Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) criticizing them for attacking and slaughtering fellow Muslims based on sectarian differences.

We expect that someday, it will be Caliph Erdogan if he hasn’t already. Erdogan continues to present himself as the next Caliph, or spiritual and political leader of ‘the Islamic world.’ It was Bashar Assad who once said that Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan thinks of himself as a Caliph:

Tayyip Erdogan thinks that if the Muslim Brotherhood takes over in the Middle East region – and especially in Syria – he can guarantee his own political future. Tayyip also personally thinks he is the new Ottoman sultan and that he can control the Middle East as it was controlled during the Ottoman Empire under a new umbrella

MOST significantly, the following was noted and it was not for nothing:

SANS a deep understanding of Benghazigate it is impossible to internalize what is happening in Syria. It is that simple. Yet, that complicated. Headache-inducing.

Nevertheless, once the dots are connected one is able to see from there to here: as to why Obama Inc. not only lied to the American people, but waged an ILLEGAL war in Libya, even though disguised under the “legal” cover of R2P. Samantha Powers devised this “kosherized” scheme, “Responsibility to Protect”, to allow American radicals to upend foreign regimes, those they deemed “necessary” to assist their Muslim Brotherhood partners in crime. Pinkie swears.

Moreover, once their bloody footprints become visible, one can’t help but recognize Turkey’s DEEP nexus and the collaborative efforts between Barack HUSSEIN Obama & his favorite Mid East Islamist, PM Erdogan. Not only that, the least of their concerns are the slaughters of tens of thousands of Christians, just as long as their Sunni Brotherhood partners come out on top. Now, some may rightfully query: if the above is correct, then what took so long for Obama Inc. to VISIBLY arm the so-called Syrian rebels to the teeth? Well, Benghazigate didn’t go off as planned, that’s what happened!

FEW can assert, at least with any credibility, that Erdogan is a “moderate” Muslim leader. And if the following words are not enough, well, nothing will suffice, evidencing Erdogan’s vile animus and wildly dangerous platform:

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğanhas been a vocal opponent of Israel’s military offensive into Gaza over the last several days, but in an interview with CNN International that aired on Thursday morning, he escalated his rhetoric, standing by an analogy he made between the modern Israeli government and the Nazis.

“I completely stand by my comments,” Erdoğan said through a translator, referring to parallels he drew between Israel and the Nazis last week. “You can see that what Israel does to Palestine, to Gaza right now, has surpassed what Hitler did to them.”

REST assured, he is a clear and present danger, both in the Middle East and to western civilization. Mind you, Erdogan is Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s closest Mid East ally, despite any blatherings to the contrary!

Turkey and US relations visibly improved in 2011, reflected by the Obama-Erdoğan friendship, despite strained relations between US ally Israel and Turkey. AP photo

Yup…snug as bugs in a rug!





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AS ISIS aka ISIL swathe a bloody reign of terror across the Mid East – decapitating, immolating many in their wake – the west must finally internalize some ugly truths: these same Islamists are purging fellow Muslims deemed “impure”, raping women and children, even as they capture booty from the dead. In essence, Islamists are butchering fellow Islamists from rival sects and tribes, and without any hesitation or pause. Therefore, in effect, does anyone believe that their ultimate targets, Christians and Jews, will fare any better? If you still think so, well, rethink your assessment and calculus. Wildly off target.

A Muslim group has released its plan to “wipe Christianity from the face of the earth,” Islamize the West and establish an Islamic system of world government – placing those who resist “under a police state.”

The 23-page booklet, “The Global Islamic Civilization: The Power of a Nation Revived,” is the brainchild of the United Muslim Nations International, a group led by Sheik Farook al-Mohammedi. The document outlines a plan for Muslim world domination and the re-establishment of the Caliphate.

MIND you, Sheik Farook al-Mohammedi‘s exhortations, as head of UMN, were publicized in 2012. This is important because such bombastic statements were made BEFORE the recent, incomparable inroads by ISIS aka ISIL. You get the drift?

NOW, before we get to the thrust of today’s commentary, the email exchanges, it is also duly instructive to understand Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s deadly part in the global carnage. How so?

WELL, on the one hand, the current MOST WANTED TERRORIST (akin to Osama Bin Laden, back in the day) is Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, and “dear leader” is, once again, deeply in the fray. Par for his treacherous course, he cut him loose in 2009 from an Iraqi camp. Ahh…the poisonous fruits of the Islamist-in-Chief…the gift that keeps giving!

SO, here we find out that Barack HUSSEIN Obama is (in a direct manner of speaking…for one can wage more effective jihad while out of prison, not unlike his recent release of top Taliban commanders from GITMO…imagine how much carnage they will wreck…all “credit” to the Traitor-in-Chief) responsible for the self-proclaimed leader’s “successful” rise to the top of ISIS aka ISIL. But in the midst of it all, Obama Inc. is supposedly offering a 10 mil bounty on his head.

This uundated handout picture of jihadi leader of The Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, also known as Abu Du'a, was provided by the Department of State. The U.S. government has a $10 million bounty out for the al Qaeda leader

NOT being a suspicious sort, nevertheless, it appears that Obama and his Brotherhood gangsters, both inside and outside his administration (even though certain Brotherhood heads do not recognize al-Baghdadi as the new Caliph) recognize that 5 years on the loose was enough time for him to build his base. Wage his carnage. As an aside, trust State’s assistance, in effectuating his capture, like the plaque…he may be captured in spite of their “help”.

BACK to the promised emails…

WITHIN the “delicate” high-wire act of reporting on all things related to Islamic jihad, it isn’t often that private email exchanges are revealed, especially when they involve contacts. This site has never posted such (shared) exchanges, but there is always a first time. 

NOT only that, but in an Orwellian sense, one has to majorly piss these jihadists off to receive “love notes” from them. Operating in the counter jihadi arena has its pitfalls. But never mind.

FULL DISCLOSURE: as of yet, this blogger hasn’t heard from the featured self- anointed “emir”, but others have been contacted. In any case, being a generous sort, here is some valuable advice for al-Mohammedi, the jihadi: bucko, do think twice before “reaching out” to Dave Gaubatz, it’s not a prudent move!

IN any event, Dave gave this American-Israeli the “heads up” to disclose a recent jihadi rant, but this exchange is one (of several) response from Dave, after al-Mohammedi poked the (counter terror) bear.

From: Dave Gaubatz <>

To: Sheik Faarooq Al Mohammedi <emiratialmohammedi@gmail.com>
Sent: Thu, Jul 10, 2014 5:56 pm
Subject: Re: Brothers the UMN Intl Update from the Khilafah

You are such an ignorant piece of shit.  Why do grown men honor and respect a pseudo Prophet (Mohammed)?  He was a murderer of innocent people and rapist of young children.  Also why do your brave Mujahadeen wear masks? Are they afraid of something?  Like a drone coming in and sending them back to Allah (which does not exist).  There is a God, it is the God of the Jewish and Christian people.  I have asked you before for an interview, but you declined.  When you grow up to be a man and are willing to answer some tough questions, let me know, Dave Gaubatz, 1st U.S. Federal Agent in Iraq (2003)

1.  First question?  Who appointed your dumb ass as a Sheik?

P.S.  Woe, your caliphate has never existed and never will.
On Thu, Jul 10, 2014 at 8:20 AM, Sheik Faarooq Al Mohammedi <emiratialmohammedi@gmail.com>wrote:

من الشيخ فاروق محمدي :
” يا سكان أرض فلسطين ، قدموا أبنائكم “أسود الإسلام” (إِنَّ اللَّهَ لَا
يُغَيِّرُ مَا بِقَوْمٍ حَتَّىٰ يُغَيِّرُوا مَا بِأَنفُسِهِم)
[11:الرعد] ، اسقطوا راية القومية والوطنية وارفعوا راية الإسلام ، أولئك
الذين يقاتلون من أجل قومية او وطنية ليسوا مجاهدين ، المجاهدين هم الذين
يقاتلون لإنشاء الإسلام كدولة،  يجب الكفاح من اجل تحقيق الخلافة لا من
اجل القومية ، قاتلوا لأجل دين محمد صلى الله عليه وسلم واستعيدوا ارض
الإسلام من اليهود ، واعيدوا القدس إلى الدولة الإسلامية وابدا ابدا
لاتتوقفوا عن قتالهم ، أولئك الذين يقاتلون من أجل الدولة والراية
الإسلامية وماتوا على ذلك أولئك هم الشهداء الحقيقيين ، ارفعوا راية
الإسلام ودمروا اليهود ، عندما تقاتل لأجل دين الله فإنك تقهر اعداء
الإسلام وتنتصر عليهم ، والله سبحانه سوف يقدر ويعين على النصر عندما
تقاتل وتكافح لأجل تحقيق الدولة الإسلامية،  اقتلوا اليهود اينما
وجدتموهم ، ومن كان منهم تحت سن البلوغ خذوهم كسبي لكم وقوموا بتربيتهم
على الإسلام ، تبنوهم عوضا عن الخسائر التي تكبدتموها”.

المركز الدولي للأمم الإسلامية المتحدة ،
يهنئ المجاهدين بالضربات الجديدة على اليهود.


Sheik Faarooq al Mohammedi in Response to The Statements made against the Khilafah.Bismillahir Rahmaan Nir’Raheem.


As’salaamu Alaikum Ya Ikhwan ul Mu’mineen, May Allah reward you for seeking the Truth; Almhamdulillah you have been guided to receive this Mubarak news.

The Islamic State was first established by the Noble Prophet Mohammed Sallallahu Alaihi Wa’Salaam and thereafter Succession (Khilafah) to his leadership was established upon the duty of Nubuwat (prophethood).


It is a continuation of the Mission of the Anbiya, the propagation of Islam, the Shariah of Allah to rule over all, after Mohammed Sallallahu Alaihi Wa’salaam there is no more prophets to come, the Khilafah is to preserve and continue with all that he brought.Understand with clear understanding! The aim of Khilafah is to completely liberate Dar al Islam from Kaafir influences by removing the illegitimate rulers over the Muslim World and for Islam to Dominate everywhere.


In reply to the foolish statements uttered by the uneducated ones who are ignorant on the rights of the Islamic State and the Honored Duty of Jihad in the path of Allah, Woe to the mouthpieces of Yahood, the Deceivers! Woe to Yusuf al-Qaradawi who subdues the men of Islam with his lies against the Islamic State, Woe to the Shia Khawarij and their secret Taqiyya agent Zawahiri whom the Americans know hide in luxury mansions of Iran, Woe to the Opportunist, the one who Banks the funding of Kufaar for their sinister plans, Woe to you Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi who sold Islam for money and for his propagation of a Yahoodi created version of Islam. May Allah place Nur in the Kabr of our Martyr Sheik Anwar al Awlaki and reward him with a high rank in Jannah for exposing these deceivers who engage in a Battle for the hearts and minds of Muslims. Oh you who deceive the people of Islam to fight against their own Islamic State! May your hearts be seized by fear of those who followed you as their veils are to be lifted.


Your statements against the Islamic State comes from sheer Arrogance and a hidden hatred for the Ahle Bait. Oh deceivers it is you who have no validity in Islam, it is you who have no authority, it is you who have the blood of Muslims on your hands.


Oh Muslims the Munafiqeen and Dollar Scholars have all jumped on the band wagon to speak against our Islamic State, the State of the Ummah.

“Fighting in Jihad has been prescribed for you as it has been prescribed to those before you,… Al Quran”

Oh men of Islam take heed! you are not a Mujahid if you fight for countries instead of the Islamic State, you are not a Mujahid if you fight for Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iraq, Palestine, Egypt, or any other nationalistic piece of land on man made tyrannical borders so that people who are not our Islamic Leaders may rule and govern over Muslim Land, a Mujahid is one who fights for the Islamic State which was established by Mohammed Sallallahu Alaihi Wa’salaam “Khilafah is a Major Fard of Deen and it has been Firmly established”, if you die fighting for nationalism you die not as a Martyr for Islam,The Martyrs as stated in “Islamic History” are those who have fought for the Superiority of Islam, there is no Jihad if it is not for the
Islamic State.


The Islamic State is a major part of Islam, look not to Kufr Media with blinded eyes but see with clear, open and awakened eyes “They are Against Islam, against Islam being established as a State” those with understanding see their statements with clarity for
what it is and the Munafiqeen reflect the same of their Kaafir masters. Oh Muslims why do many wallow in fear of how they may be perceived for their support of Islam established as a State? Embrace your Deen with a smile, why are you apologetic?  You need not be! This is our State, our Land, the land of Believing Muslims so make Hijrah to your land! Migrate from the West to Dar al Islam. Are you not aware of how Powerful Islam is? Do you not then believe in all of Islam? Are you then not on the Deen of Mohammed Sallallahu Alaihi Wa’Salaam?


The Islamic State was established by our beloved Nabi Mohammed Sallallahu Alaihi Wa’salaam and the Khilafah (succession) to lead on with “his” legacy is a duty upon the entire Muslim Ummah. Establishment of Islam as a State it is one of the Major Faraaid of Deen.

To speak against the Islamic State is a Major sin, “Establish the Religion and be not divided therein – al Quran” Islam is established through the Islamic State as taught and practiced by Mohammed Sallallahu Alaihi Wa’salaam.


If you disagree then surely you studied a phony version of Islam created through a Kaafir University so your intellect may be subdued to slave mindedness of a conquered person, in essence “You are a Colonial Coconut, a puppet of Crusaders” Establishment of the Islamic State is Compulsory… Support thereof is Compulsory… Oh Muslims Migrate from the lands of Kufaar and come to your homeland. We don’t need Kufaar nor Munafiqeen to tell us what Islam is and what it is not and we need not be apologetic about our Deen.If our beloved Nabi Mohammed Sallallahu Alaihi Wa’salaam had lived amongst us today in this era, he would have led us himself in Jihad against the enemies of Islam for the crimes they have been committingagainst the Muslim Ummah throughout the world. Without doubt Kufaar and Munafiqeen would have sought to kill him as they have tried during his lifetime. Islam is a Powerful Deen, it is naturally feared by disbelievers and Shaytaan as well because Islam brings Truth against their Falsehood.


Islam does not recognize Arab Nationalism, Indian Nationalism, African Nationalism, American Nationalism, European Nationalism, Australian
Nationalism… Allah Subahanahu Wa Ta’ala created only One Race! The Human Race and He divided us into many Beautiful Nations so we may know one another “per region”.


The world belongs to Allah, Islam is for all of mankind, Islam unites us all on the basis of hadith. Ash’Hadu an la illaha ill Allah Wa Ash’Hadu Ana Mohammedan Abduhu Wa’Rasulu Imaan (faith), Islamic Monotheism the path to Jannah. Oh Muslims be weary of Kufr Media and the onslaught of statements by Munafiqeen (Hypocrites) concerning the establishment of Khilafah. Statements against the establishment of the Islamic State itself is a sin, a crime against the Deen of Islam especially when its basis is that reflecting the Khilafah Rashida.


Take heed and understand with clarity that those who fight for nationalism and a law other then the law of Allah are not Mujahideen, their death is not that of Mujahideen and they die not as Martyrs who fought for the superiority of Islam but they died a death of Lagwy (vanity), Dar al Islam is a land not based on national borders imposed by Kufaar and Munafiqeen and the tyrants of their like.


Oh my family I call upon you first! Heed the call of Ameer
al-Mu’mineen, Sayyidina  Abu Bakr al-Hussayni al-Qurayshi al-Baghdādi and serve in the Khilafah as our forefathers have served in every succession.


Sheik Faarooq al Mohammedi
UMN Intl Rep.

PATRIOTS, even though this sounds so alien to your ears, rest assured, the likes of al-Mohammedi is potentially as dangerous – if given an opening – as Osama Bin Laden and his successor, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the WORLD’s MOST WANTED TERRORIST. Otherwise, Dave Gaubatz, premier counter terrorism expert, would not have given him the time of day!

We must stop jihad online because these groups target our children through social media.”

– Dave Gaubatz, terrorism expert

The Islamist-in-Chief Jaw-Jaws Iran To The WMD Finish Line In A Side ‘Deal’ With Syria: Allah’s/Devil’s Bargain With America’s Foes…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

WHEN this period in time is recorded for all posterity, rest assured, the anti-American, pro Islamic actions of Barack HUSSEIN Obama will become manifestly visible. Clear as a bell. Not because revisionists (via historicism) won’t try and whitewash/Allah-wash his crimes, but they will be unable to. The results will be too stark for any (historical) cover up.

But before we seep into the muck, please recall these ominous, chilling words from America’s Islamist-in-Chief, and do take a moment to let them sink in – for time immemorial: In his book he stated without guile: “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction….The quote comes from page 261 of the paperback edition of “The Audacity of Hope.”  Now that that is settled, much of what passes for ‘mismanagement’, ill conceived winds, inept advisers, and so called parsing, is no such thing. His malfeasance, throughout his entire stewardship, is nothing short of premeditated. 

Still, in order to accomplish his ultimate goal, bringing down America, economic chaos has to unfold, resulting in the deconstruction of the military, ostensibly due to a lack of funds. Yup. As such, his first order of business, back in 2008, targeted the economic edifice: DHS and America’s Deconstruction Via Valerie Jarrett: Domestically and Foreign Police-Wise

In tandem, almost as a well orchestrated American death dance, Barack HUSSEIN Obama set out on an unprecedented Muslim outreach tour in Cairo, back in 2009. Consequently, he acted as a shield for Islamic regimes, more as a Muslim Caliph, as opposed to the leader of the free world. In an effort to diminish America, via apologies, his emphasis targeted its (non)exceptional status, making sure to let the Muslim world internalize: the U.S. is no better than even third world countries.

Mind you, despite a volte face, he currently opines during the Syrian crisis: yes, America has to lead the world in demonstrating that chemical weapons can never be tolerated! All of a sudden the opposite is the case. Isn’t that peachy. But his patriotic sentiments are utter gall and rubbish, for the kiddies are just gum under his shoes, his infamous ‘red line’ be damned. Alas, his Brotherhood Mafia, the ‘rebels’, need assists. 

But never mind, despite braying leftists – and with the Jewish left cheering him on – the Islamist-in-Chief is not only gunning for America, but Israel too, as he boxes in the only stable nation in the fiery Mid East – pincer-like. More than a pyromaniac.This acute assessment was blared at the inception of this blog and again, back in November 2012, before the fateful election.

So, here we stand, transfixed, as the leader of the free world throws off the ‘yoke’ of America’s leadership (commencing in his first term), and its poisonous fruits will soon blow back via WMD’s; gifted through the POTUS’s jaw-jaw! Meanwhile, Iran and Syria (and their proxies) become ever more brazen under the protective umbrella of Russia’s strong man, Putin. He’s the master. Yes, he is. Most significantly, there ARE global repercussions, when the heretofore leader of the free world abdicates America’s exceptionalism!

Obama-Putin deal didn’t stop at chemical Syria: US eases sanctions on nuclear Iran

DEBKAfile Exclusive Report September 11, 2013, 11:59 AM (IDT)
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani

Iran, and not just Russia and Syria, is taking advantage of President Barack Obama’s decision to refrain from military force against Syria to collect a shower of diplomatic and political dividends.

The new Iranian president Hassan Rouhani announced Tuesday that the coming meeting of the General Assembly opening in New York later this month “may prove the perfect setting to reignite talks about the nation’s nuclear program.“ The US Treasury Department accordingly lifted a string of sanctions restricting humanitarian and athletic exchanges between US and Iranian NGOs and environmental projects, as a counter-gesture of good will.
Washington was not put off when that comment proved to be an exercise in image-burnishing for the benefit of the West. That same day, the Iranian president declared his country would not give up “one iota of its nuclear capabilities.”

DEBKAfile’s Iranian sources disclose that the posturing on all sides provided the façade for the secret exchange of messages between Washington, Tehran, Moscow and Damascus. They focused first on a Russian pledge to bring Assad’s chemical arsenal under international control and destroyed. This was followed by Tehran consenting to engage in direct dialogue with Washington when the next UN General Assembly session opens in New York on September 23.
Rouhani, who has consistently refused to enter into direct talks with Washington on his government’s nuclear program, said Friday, Sept. 6: “Initial steps in the future of nuclear talks may be taken in New York and then these talks will be pursued by the Group 5 + 1.”

DEBKAfile: For President Obama, the two issues – the disposal of Syria’s chemical weapons and resolution of the nuclear controversy with Iran – were closely interwoven in his quiet exchanges with Vladimir Putin, which emphasized the diplomatic, non-military route.
The Russian leader appears to have assured Obama that an agreed formula for defusing the Syrian chemical weapons issue without military force would provide the key to progress in nuclear talks with Iran.
Our Iranian sources report that Tehran was in on all stages of the discreet Obama-Putin discussions on Syria: High-ranking Iranian officials were present in Damascus and Moscow throughout, and points of agreement were brought to Tehran for approval.

After freezing sales to Iran for years at US and Israeli insistence, Vladimir Putin has finally decided to release the sophisticated S-300VM anti-ballistic missile weapons to Iran instead of the S-300PMU Tehran requested, DEBKAfile’s military and Moscow sources report. The Russian and Iranian presidents have arranged to meet Friday, Sept. 13, in Kirgizstan….spelled out herein as well…Russia ‘to renew offer to supply S-300s to Iran’!

RESOLVED, once Israel is targeted it becomes much easier for Obama’s Brotherhood Mafia – the Muslim world in general, the side which he admits he would stand by ! – to march on America. Readers must internalize what the priorities of Islamists are, and what animates them most. As such, a march on Jerusalem is their first stop – the ‘Little Satan’ – submission-wise. After which, going after the biggest prize – the ‘Big Satan’ – becomes more than doable. Don’t believe it, fine. The west has been duly warned.

DESPITE all the above, the absolute onus lies atop Israel’s leadership, as it is they who are tasked to protect Israel, our Jewish patrimony. Instead, year after year, under PM Netanyahu’s leadership, he spent his tenure attached at the hip with the Islamist-in-Chief, understanding full well that his designs are distinctly in the Islamic camp, yet too terrified to unleash the tether. Thus, this blog warns the world: Barack HUSSEIN Obama is a clear and present danger to Israel, but it is Israel’s PM who is tasked with ensuring that its ‘red lines’ are NOT crossed !

IF lovers of Israel/Zion truly want to understand the extent of the dangers – aside from listening to self serving political ‘messaging’ – look no further than to an interview, at Inquisitr.com, with a close associate: Confronting Israel’s Precarious Future: An Interview  With Dr. Martin Sherman. Study it.

Shiver us timbers….