News for Fort Hood shooter Lopez a convert to islam

[Note:every alternative site which links to the shooter’s conversion to Islam has gone poof…why??]

ANOTHER major act of jihad targeted the soldiers at Fort Hood – 5 years after Major Hassan, a “soldier for Allah” , perpetrated an Islamic terror attack – and mowed down its personnel. In no uncertain terms, said terrorist acts shine a spot light on intersecting and pernicious failures within the Pentagon. And since the Pentagon is subservient to the Commander-in-Chief, well, the buck stops at his derelict, anti-American door. Damn these leaders to hell. And back. 

In this regard, it is all too convenient to point to PTSD, albeit a serious disorder which effects countless others. This illness is commonly attributed to war veterans and high risk law enforcement personnel, but they are hardly the only grouping prone to said affliction. ANY serious stress factor, including drug and alcohol addiction, can trigger it.

Be that as it may, this site’s investigative contacts are affirming:Lopez was a convert to Islam. Yet, Washington and their captured media are attempting to keep a lid on the most relevant info to explain Islamic-inspired mass killings at U.S. army bases. How dare they.

MOST coincidentally, what should rational folks attribute to the FBI’s hunt for another ! jihadi recruit at the very same time as Lopez’s terror attack:FBI, military hunt ex-Army recruit suspected of plotting ‘Ft. Hood-inspired jihad’!

Coupled with the above, how insane, irrational and anti-American is it to designate any army base a GUN-FREE ZONE? Have Pentagon heads gone mad, or worse? You decide:OBAMA’s PENTAGON STOMPS ON ITS SOLDIERS/OFFICERS ALIKE: MUSLIM-AMERICAN SOLDIERS CODDLED.A NATION BETRAYED!

Like sitting ducks in a shooting gallery….


Master sergeant: ‘People shooting at us and we can’t return fire’

The unthinkable has happened at Fort Hood, Texas, the site of a 2009 terror massacre that killed 14, with another mass shooting leaving four dead and 14 people injured Wednesday at 4:25 p.m. CDT at the U.S. Army’s largest military installation.

The shooter, identified as 34-year-old Ivan Lopez, is among the dead. Lopez reportedly died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound and had been wearing an Army combat uniform at the time of the attack. Lt. Gen. Mark Milley, III Corps commander at Fort Hood, said the shooter was a soldier who was under evaluation for post-traumatic stress disorder.

Six injured soldiers are being treated at Scott & White Memorial Hospital in Temple, a city about 20 minutes outside Fort Hood. According to hospital officials, the victims have a variety of injuries, including multiple gunshot wounds to the neck and abdomen.

The local newspaper, the Killeen Daily Herald, ran the following photo of a man named Spc. Ivan Lopez at Fort Hood in 2010. At the time, he was in the Warrior Transition Brigade, described as “command and control, primary care, and case management for warriors who have suffered injury or illness while serving as a member of the U.S. Army.”

The brigade’s website states, “We ensure the each Service Member receives the appropriate medical care and administrative processing that is needed to return to duty. Return to their units or their community and their Families in a timely manner and with respect.”

The FBI and ATF responded to the scene of the shooting. While it was happening, soldiers began jumping over fences to escape the attacker.

Fort Hood, a sprawling Army post next to Killeen, Texas, was under a shelter-in-place order most of the evening. Sirens sounded across the post, warning, “Close your windows! Seek shelter immediately!”

Master Sgt. C.J. Grisham, who spoke exclusively to WND as he was attempting to leave Fort Hood, expressed frustration at the military’s gun-free policy for soldiers.

He told WND, “What really bothers me is that the very people who are trained to take out armed attackers are left defenseless to do just that, which is to take out an armed attacker.”

Grisham, who also confirmed that he’s the founder and president of Open Carry Texas, tweeted earlier in the day, “This reminds me of Afghanistan: People shooting at us and we can’t return fire.”

He said, “As you may know, Fort Hood is a gun-free zone and soldiers are unable to defend themselves. Someone tell that to the shooter please.”

For several hours after the shooting, soldiers sat in traffic jams, stuck in their cars as they tried to leave through the crowded gates of the post.

President Obama issued a statement Wednesday evening saying, “Obviously we’re following it closely. The situation is fluid right now. But my national security team is in close contact with not just the Defense Department but the FBI. They are working with folks on the ground to determine exactly what happened to make sure that everybody is secure. And I want to just assure all of us that we’re going to get to the bottom of exactly what happened.

“Any shooting is troubling. Obviously this reopens the pain of what happened at Fort Hood five years ago. … We’re heartbroken that something like this might have happened again. … The folks there have sacrificed so much on behalf of our freedom. Many of the people there have been on multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. They serve with valor; they serve with distinction. And when they’re at their home base they need to feel safe. We don’t yet know what happened tonight, but obviously that sense of safety has been broken once again. And we’re going to have to find out exactly what happened.”

Washington Examiner writer Charlie Spiering tweeted, “After addressing Fort Hood shooting, Obama is going to another Chicago fundraiser – abt 55 supporters in attendance, contributing up to $10k.”

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel called the event a “terrible tragedy.”

Just 24 hours prior to the shooting, Fox News had reported, “The FBI is searching for a recent Army recruit believed to be planning a ‘Fort Hood-inspired jihad against U.S. soldiers.’” It’s still unclear whether that threat is related to the Wednesday attack.

In 2009, Army psychiatrist and Islamist Maj. Nidal Hasan, who called himself a “mujahedeen,” or holy warrior, shot 43 people. The Obama administration labeled it “workplace violence,” not terrorism. Hasan was convicted and received the death penalty in August 2013.

Authorities have already concluded, as they did in the Hasan massacre, that the April 2 attack is not related to terrorism.

On Nov. 5, 2009, Hasan shouted “Allahu akbar!” (“Allah is greater!”) and brutally murdered 14 people (including an unborn baby) and injured 29 others at Fort Hood. Hasan described himself as a soldier who “switched sides,” claiming he was acting to protect Islamic insurgents from American aggression.

Hasan had been on federal officials’ radar screen for at least six months prior to the shooting over postings he made on the Internet. He likened a suicide bomber who kills women and children to a soldier who throws himself on a grenade to give his life in a “noble cause.”

Intelligence officials also intercepted at least 18 emails between Hasan and the radical American-born cleric Anwar al-Awlaki. Hasan told al-Awlaki in one of the emails, “I can’t wait to join you” in paradise. He also asked al-Awlaki whether it was appropriate to kill innocents in a suicide attack, when jihad was acceptable and how to transfer funds without attracting government notice.

As WND reported, nearly four years after Hasan’s brutal attack, he received free helicopter rides from the local jail nearly every day, lived in a private room built to accommodate his medical needs, wore a beard against Army regulations, traveled with his own security detail, had received numerous trial delays and collected a full salary of about $80,000 a year – all while many of his victims said they’ve been forgotten.

IN the same lying manner in which Major Hasan’s Islamic jihadi spree was attributed to “workplace violence”, so too was Washington’s Naval Yard MASSACRE (Spt. 2013) swept under Obama Inc.’s carpet…nothing to see…moving right along.

In the main, the latest Islamic terror attack will be attributed to everything BUT jihad, and his Hispanic surname will be their “proof”. Now, who doesn’t know that the family lineage, the color of one’s skin, has NOTHING to do with who is a Muslim or not. Leftist fascists and their Islamist cohorts – that’s who. But never mind. The fact of the matter is that it is a mendacious lie to claim that one is a “racist” if one links jihad to Muslims/Islam. 

How so? Race doesn’t even enter the equation, unless one prefers to hide behind leftist and Islamic bugaboos. The red and green alliance.

Dear readers, just tell the truth, raise your voices and proclaim:anyone who follows Islam has NO business in the U.S. army. Period. Why? Because those who do follow Islam are mandated to wage jihad against the infidel; the Great Satan. One way or another, they are incapable of pledging allegiance to the United States of America. Simple as that. For real proof: Ask the Expert with Paul “Dave” Gaubatz – Islamic-Based Sleeper Cells in the U.S. and Israel and the Prevention of More Islamic-Based Terrorist Attacks

Trust your “lying eyes”




MUCH has been written – at least at this site – regarding Obama Inc.’s treachery, particularly through their co-opting of the Pentagon; the U.S. military’s forward arm! Talk about perverting the military’s mission statement

Along this dangerous trajectory one can find so much evidence (re the above) it boggles the mind. Spitting bullets herein. Let’s just lay out the indictment. Plain and simple.

Indictment Number One:

How many recall the Pentagon’s dishonorable treatment to an honorable officer/soldier, back in 2012, yet he was hardly alone in being treated like an enemy, rather than a hero:Lt Col Lakin, a hero & a role model protected freedom, yet he was treated with core contempt. Why? He was unwilling to sacrifice America’s Constitutional values.

Indictment Number Two:

On the other hand, a U.S. “soldier for Allah” was not only treated with kid gloves, but paid jizya too!

Indictment Number Three:

Landing straight at Benghazigate’s (annexed) compound, jihadi connections to U.S. military trainers lead directly to Syria’s chemical war chest!

Indictment Number Four:

YES, when the so-called Commander-in-Chief is busy romancing jihadists, is it any wonder that his Pentagon is duly enamored, as is his Sec of State? Kerry’s State Dept. welcomes Syrian (“clerical”) jihadist! Royal treatment too. And, who said it doesn’t pay to be an Islamic jihadist?

Indictment Number Five:

Assuredly, the Brotherhood Mafia is a TOP priority for Obama’s Pentagon, regardless of its Al-Qaeda offshoots.The Pentagon’s collusion with the Muslim Brotherhood Mafia!

Indictment Number Six:

Besides, how much more evidence is needed to prove the traitorous leanings of Obama Inc.? Perhaps this will make a dent: U.S. Marines are training al-Qaeda-linked Syrian jihadists in Saudi Arabia. 

Indictment Number Seven:

Still, others require additional proof, so, through a commentary re VONVO, a deceitful upstart media forum, the Free Syrian Army’s Al-Qaeda links were exposed:

Let’s also just posit that VONVO is foolish enough to believe that media“watchdogs”  (one doesn’t earn a “Watcher’s of Weasels” award for nothing, scroll down to Non-Council winners, if interested) aren’t in the loop. Are they living in fantasy land? But sometimes this site has to back track too, as the case herein. In essence, the Turkish/Iranian players were exposed first, whereas the Syrian “guests” should have preceded them. No matter.

NEVERTHELESS, what tack did VONVO take, even though they were forewarned that their Turkish mouthpiece was/is Muslim Brotherhood connected? Well, after the FSA forum they upped the ante, knowing full well that “eyes” were on them. They went ahead with Adnan Oktar’s Muslim Brotherhood backed mouthpiece! What does that they tell you? and which part of the alternative media equation – don’t give terrorists air time – don’t they get? Brass balls.

EVEN so, this American-Israeli is anything but ungenerous, here we go again for future reference:

Building Block One:

YES, Syrian “rebels” are tied to Al Qaeda and play a key role in the war. For heavens sake, the reflexive (terror coddling NY Times) recognizes as much! 

Building Block Two:

But if a blood oath is gonna make the diff for VONVO, so as to recognize what’s what, all they need is to just listen to the Syrian rebels, as they pledge loyalty to al-Qaeda!

Building Block Three:

Straight from the jihadi commander’s mouth…what could be clearer: Free Syrian Army commander says al Qaeda is ‘welcome’!

Again, the relevant question is: what are they – VONVO – up to?

Free Syrian Army Fighters Speak Their Mind on Vonvo (highlights) – 


Thus, if VONVO  still expects to stake a claim and to offer itself up as a legitimate and reliable alternative media platform – so far, not looking good…that’s an understatement – in effect, to play in the big leagues, its founders would do well to QUICKLY learn their requisite lessons. And being “wet behind the ears” is NO excuse. Confabbing and lending legitimacy to terrorists is a non-starter, unless one is Al Jazeera or of similar Islamic ilk.

VONVO must urgently recognize they are wading into serious and deadly business. They must take to heart these words: this arena, in particular, is not a kiddie’s playground, one in which aggressive, recent college grads can arm themselves with a “whatever it takes attitude” to get the job done and that is that. Trust this (free) advice.

MOST significantly, once an entity enters the fray, they bear the onus – as a media “go to” address – for whatever shakes out from their enabling. Held to account. One becomes responsible for presenting interviewees in an accurate light, whatever the case may be. Choose them wisely. 

On the other hand, if the business model is ANYTHING goes, well, then the public has a right to know this too. They will. Notice has been served…a gift, so to speak, from one media platform to another.

Besides, those who are foolish enough to believe that any publicity IS good publicity – they would be wrong! NOT in the terror business…and this advice can be taken to the bank.

MEMO to VONVO: one lies down with (terror) dogs, one wakes up with (more than) fleas. Learn the above lessons well! 

To wit, does the Pentagon care one iota about the “Free Syrian Army’s” slaughter of Christians or any other “infidel”? And, what will they do with their newly amassed U.S. trained strength (courtesy of American taxpayers), other than utilize their finely honed skills to attack Israel (Jews worldwide) too? Haven’t we been there and done that? Courtesy of Gen. Keith Dayton, the PA/Fatah terror junta turned around and targeted Israel’s Jews! Pentagon, less than six degrees separated – from bloody terrorists.

U.S. training Free Syrian Army in Jordan — a group that violently targets Christians

Feb 7, 2014


The U.S.-backed Free Syrian Army — those are the “moderates,” you know. How moderate? This moderate: in July 2013, Free Syrian Army fighters entered the Christian village of Oum Sharshouh and began burning down houses and terrorizing the population, forcing 250 Christian families to flee the area. Worthy News reported that just two days later, Free Syrian Army rebels “targeted the residents of al-Duwayr/Douar, a Christian village close to the city of Homs and near Syria’s border with Lebanon….

Around 350 armed militants forcefully entered the homes of Christian families who were all rounded-up in the main square of the village and then summarily executed.” And in September 2013, a day after Secretary of State John Kerry praised the Free Syrian Army as “a real moderate opposition,” the FSA took to the Internet to post videos of its attack on the ancient Syrian Christian city of Maaloula, one of the few places where Aramaic, the language of Jesus, is still spoken.

This is just the faction Obama is backing. This is America’s shame.

“West bankrolls Free Syrian Army fightback,” by Tom Coghlan and Norhan Keshik for The Times via The Australian, February 8:

THE West and Gulf states are funding a new military offensive by rebel forces around Damascus in an effort to throw the Assad regime on to the back foot before a second round of Syria peace talks.

The assault marks an attempt by the Free Syrian Army and its allies abroad to reassert control after months of rebel infighting.

The timing of the attack, codenamed “Geneva Horan”, comes amid fears Bashar al-Assad will give little ground at the negotiating table while he has the upper hand on the battlefield.

FSA forces yesterday posted online videos of rebel tanks, heavy mortars and rocket launchers pounding what were said to be government positions on highways near the town of Athman, north of the city of Daraa, close to the Jordanian border.

The attack involving 18 rebel brigades was accompanied by a fresh influx of money and weaponry channelled through Jordan, where the US has established a training base for the FSA, say rebel field commanders. It includes $57 million in cash to pay the rebels.

Monzer Akbik, a spokesman for the rebel Syrian National Coalition, refused to be drawn into specifics. “There are things that are better not to be announced,” he said. “I don’t really want to go into the details of funding. We have friends – our friends in the West and our brothers in the Gulf.”…

The FSA has been seen as an increasingly peripheral presence on the battlefield while Gulf powers including Saudi Arabia and Qatar channelled the lion’s share of funding and weapons to hardline religious factions such as the Islamic Front. Late last month, the US approved a supply of a big shipment of arms to rebels in Jordan….

Powerful jihadist groups announced their own northern offensive yesterday. The Islamic Front, an alliance of factions that includes the al-Qa’ida-aligned al-Nusra Front, declared the start of “Operation Truthful Promise Approaches” in Aleppo yesterday….

Alas, electing an anti-American POTUS not only has deadly consequences, but ones fealty and allegiance DOES matter, multi-culti crap aside:OBAMA’S “UNCLE SAYID” SPILLS ALL:CONFIRMS THE POTUS’S ADHERENCE/ALLEGIANCE TO ISLAM!

Consequentially, when the leadership stinks from the head up, the Pentagon BETRAYS its sworn mandate, through their failure to protect U.S. Citizens. Instead, they target those (Christians & Jews) who refuse to bow down to Allah. What’s going on?

EVER more indicting, OBAMA’S Pentagon has been smuggling planeloads of Muslims into America, and rescinding the military’s “DRESS CODE” for the benefit of Muslim-Americans.

More than treasonous…and this is why Chuckie boy Hagel was brought on board:Chuck Hagel’s Underbelly Gutted!