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WHILE few can accurately target the exact date when the FSA, Free Syrian Army, turned from quasi-secular leaning (in Islamic-speak – during their previous incarnation – they were not yet into head chopping…) into Al Qaeda affiliated, we, those whose business it is to know, do recognize that the FSA of 2011 is NOT the FSA of 2013-2014. And herein lies the crux and the thrust of today’s commentary.

But before we get to today’s latest media disaster, let us hark back to a previous commentary, one which placed the very same VONVO in this site’s cross hairs on Jan.16, 2014 – not a prudent move on their end. Some are slow learners. Oh well.

Along this trajectory, VONVO’s founders transgress from one terror propping foray to another (they previously hosted jihadis of like-mind, but with this and that non-related topic in between…alas, first things first), as if either tone-deaf or devil may-care. Interesting (business-model) tack. You think?

So, either as a refresher for this blog’s dedicated readership or as an intro for new readers, let us step squarely into their poop, but don’t blame the messenger for the stench.

Do pay special heed to the following excerpts from Jan. 16, 2014 (alongside others of equal import at this same commentary linked below) via its non-varnished truth-telling:

“For a brief overview – as well as a primer – for the newly initiated,Ceylan Özbudak is not a newcomer to this site. Nor is she a newbie to other related venues. 

 Building Block Two:

 “Ceylan Ozbudak works with the controversial Islamic leader Adnan Oktar, also known as Harun Yahya. One of Oktar’s announcements has been his desire to build a temple for all religions on Jerusalem’s Temple Mount.

 Ozbudak suggested that Turkey can mediate between Israel, the Palestinian Authority, Egypt, and other surrounding countries for peace. She added that Turkey could protect the Jewish people’s right to live in Israel as well as manage the region. But will this grandiose plan work and does Israel want to give up much of its sovereignty to be protected by the former Ottoman Empire?

Ozbudak hosts a television show called, ‘Building Bridges’, with a variety of other young Turkish women. They have stated on the program that in order to ensure peace, “we believe that this can only be done through a Turkish Islamic Union, where all the countries will be independent in their states, but they will be under one roof and Turkey will be the spiritual leader of this Turkish Islamic Union”

The show airs on A9TV, which states on its website that it “has been set up to build up love, justice and solidarity among people and our main aim is being pioneer for peace all over the world by using the unifying policy of Turkish Islamic Union. In every show youwatch you will feel this policy clearly.”

It is now time to segue over to a recent explosive interview, whereby the aforementioned “hottie” and her “Oktarette’s”…(a pet moniker for those who pimp for Adnan Oktar’s “Building Bridges”) are all duly exposed:

Building Block Three:

But let’s start with Aylin Kocaman, one of the buxom “Oktarettes”, and her CLEAR threat to Lisa Michelle; a Zionist activist, who happens to be an administrator at several well-trafficked Facebook sites. The aforementioned Aylin does more than just purr. The threatening message-rant was lobbed in a supposedly pro-Israel Facebook group. Sickening.

Word for word, Lisa Michelle was sent the following threat (now offline) from Aylin Kocaman, in a post dated 5/25/2013. But no matter, we screen captured it.

Aylin Kocaman voices her threats:

“Lisa, you are so naive my dear. You probably thought that our silence towards your insults will not be responded at all. You are wrong. We made a pretty good research about you and something about your personal life amazed us. I am sure it will amaze many people around you. Don’t worry I will share it in public soon just like you did the biggest lies about us. The difference is I will be announcing the facts about you while you are spreading lies about us. I want you to taste this. You might have underestimated us. Apparently if you did your research sufficient enough you would find out that we have great possibility and power to reach every information in the world. I think, you thought insulting Muslims would be easy. Maybe for you it is easy to insult Muslims in Afghanistan, since you think they are powerless, but we are powerful my dear. You made a grave mistake.”

Lisa Michelle responds:

“Are you threatening me, Aylin? I have nothing to hide, and I am not insulting Muslims. I’m raising awareness about the truth. Larry [an adminstrator at the Facebook site], do you see that I was just threatened?”


As to Ceylan’s tag team, here is the Iranian-American’s bonafides:

Building Block Eight:

Dr. Majid Rafizadeh is an Iranian-American scholar, author and U.S. foreign policy specialist. Rafizadeh is the president of the International American Council. He serves on the board of Harvard International Review at Harvard University and Harvard International Relations Council. He is a member of the Gulf 2000 Project at Columbia University, School of International and Public Affairs. Previously he served as ambassador to the National Iranian-American Council based in Washington DC.

Listen up: key herein is the Ambassadorial connection (see bio clip directly above) to the National Iranian American Council and who they front for. You guessed it…the mullahs. Already exposed, a heads up to Reza Aslan: National Iranian American Council confirmed as front group for Iran’s bloody Islamic regime.

It gets even dicier, as said Iranian scholar has been a frequent, and fawned over, guest of the “girls”. And if the above “on and off” love-fest between Turkey and Iran (as described at the onset) is understood for what it is, Dr. Majid Rafizadeh has every reason to feel comfy, and this doesn’t even account for their bodacious loveliness…..”


NOW that a recap of the initial commentary regarding VONVO is starkly clear, let us catch up to (current) speed, as it is the reason for today’s piggyback commentary, Jan. 28, 2014. Its basis is two-fold: to reveal the core findings from VONVO’s (Jan. 25) Turkish-Iranian show, and then to segue into the FSA debacle, albeit aired 2 weeks prior ! Some things – even at this site – fly under the radar, but usually not for long.

Know this: upon listening to the Turkish Muslim Brotherhood backed guest, in tandem with the Iranian co-guest, VONVO’s host, Max Ringelheim, didn’t even ask ONE probing question re their backgrounds. Other than a cursory vanilla-laced one, as if interviewing those whose resumes mimic either a boy or girl scout, he kept his hands off their backers!

In the main, while the reigning Turkish Barbie doll-like hottie offered her “sage” advice – and with the Iranian doc mostly nodding in agreement, but offering his own Ivy League gobblygook prescription to give it an authoritative twist – who would have guessed or saw this one coming: they BOTH agreed that Turkey is THE major player in the region, the only state actor who can stop the Syrian bloodletting! Hocus-pocus-like, as indicated within the Jan. 16, 2014 commentary, it was “predicted” that their agreement was in the bag: as occasional allies, enduring rivals: Turkey’s relations with Iran are complicated.

Moreover, here is some additional food for thought, re the cooperative efforts between the Turks and Iran’s mullahs – Turkey voices will to expand energy deals with Iran during PM Erdoğan’s visit

IF the above isn’t emblematic of Turkish and Iranian tet a tets…meeting of minds…well, get a load of this:Israeli Intel Chief: New Al Qaeda bases in Turkey provide easy jiahdist access to Europe!

Lest VONVO’s Ringelheim decides to deflect, weave and bob, this site spells it all out, both for him and his team.  NO way will VONVO be allowed to confabulate and confuse the public with cries of “citizen journalism”, as obfuscation for giving a platform to jihadi terrorists!

Across the globe, individuals’ thoughts and beliefs are censored. Many get punished by their government for speaking out. But Vonvo.com gives them a place to speak free of persecution and the chance to hear the voice of their “enemies,” not the voice mass media gives them.

Oh really, whom are they kidding, as they jump onto the latest milieu in journalism, feigning the need for the “other side”, the “enemy”, to “explain” themselves? What are they precisely aiming for; a venue for the perpetually aggrieved, hyper-fueled Islamic terrorists to feel comfortable at? Well, if this is the case, just man-up and say so. This blogger doesn’t have the time, inclination or patience (this should be apparent by now) for pussyfooting around. Too many jihadis to out…their enablers too. Green (Islamists) and red (radical leftists) alike.

Moreover, they would be well advised: don’t dare conflate VONVO’s mission with the desire to aid/broaden the world’s discussion, as opined at their site: “the voice mass media gives them” is distracting and the “enemy” needs face time and its voice heard. Have mercy.

EARTH to VONVO: the mass media are busy protecting jihadists, as they coddle them in bubble wrap, already calling them “freedom fighters”! Holy jihad!

For the umpteenth time, how much heavy lifting should even be exerted, in order to set a so-called media platform on a straight journalistic path? Agreed?  

Now, consider, once again, the following timeline: the above expose’ was posted on Jan. 16, 2014, whereas the confab with Al Qaeda/FSA terrorists took place a few days before. Well and good.

Let’s also just posit that VONVO is foolish enough to believe that media “watchdogs”  (one doesn’t earn a “Watcher’s of Weasels” award for nothing, scroll down to Non-Council winners, if interested) aren’t in the loop. Are they living in fantasy land? But sometimes this site has to back track too, as the case herein. In essence, the Turkish/Iranian players were exposed first, whereas the Syrian “guests” should have preceded them. No matter.

NEVERTHELESS, what tack did VONVO take, even though they were forewarned that their Turkish mouthpiece was/is Muslim Brotherhood connected? Well, after the FSA forum they upped the ante, knowing full well that “eyes” were on them. They went ahead with Adnan Oktar’s Muslim Brotherhood backed mouthpiece! What does that they tell you? and which part of the alternative media equation – don’t give terrorists air time – don’t they get? Brass balls.

EVEN so, this American-Israeli is anything but ungenerous, here we go again for future reference:

Building Block One:

YES, Syrian “rebels” are tied to Al Qaeda and play a key role in the war. For heavens sake, the reflexive (terror coddling NY Times) recognizes as much! 

Building Block Two:

But if a blood oath is gonna make the diff for VONVO, so as to recognize what’s what, all they need is to just listen to the Syrian rebels, as they pledge loyalty to al-Qaeda!

Building Block Three:

Straight from the jihadi commander’s mouth…what could be clearer: Free Syrian Army commander says al Qaeda is ‘welcome’!

Again, the relevant question is: what are they – VONVO – up to?

Free Syrian Army Fighters Speak Their Mind on Vonvo (highlights) – 


Thus, if VONVO  still expects to stake a claim and to offer itself up as a legitimate and reliable alternative media platform – so far, not looking good…that’s an understatement – in effect, to play in the big leagues, its founders would do well to QUICKLY learn their requisite lessons. And being “wet behind the ears” is NO excuse. Confabbing and lending legitimacy to terrorists is a non-starter, unless one is Al Jazeera or of similar Islamic ilk.

VONVO must urgently recognize they are wading into serious and deadly business. They must take to heart these words: this arena, in particular, is not a kiddie’s playground, one in which aggressive, recent college grads can arm themselves with a “whatever it takes attitude” to get the job done and that is that. Trust this (free) advice.

MOST significantly, once an entity enters the fray, they bear the onus – as a media “go to” address – for whatever shakes out from their enabling. Held to account. One becomes responsible for presenting interviewees in an accurate light, whatever the case may be. Choose them wisely. 

On the other hand, if the business model is ANYTHING goes, well, then the public has a right to know this too. They will. Notice has been served…a gift, so to speak, from one media platform to another.

Besides, those who are foolish enough to believe that any publicity IS good publicity – they would be wrong! NOT in the terror business…and this advice can be taken to the bank.

MEMO to VONVO: one lies down with (terror) dogs, one wakes up with (more than) fleas. Learn the above lessons well!




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